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Tis The Season To See Folly:Sandy Hook,Netwon,CT.'s Noah Pozner,Jessica Rekos,, Alive and Chubby

Tis The Season To See Folly:Sandy Hook,Netwon,CT.'s Noah Pozner,Jessica Rekos Alive and Chubby

 Deck the hall with boughs of holly,: Fa la la la la la la la la. 'Tis the season to be jolly,: Fa la la la la la la la la. Don we now our gay apparel: Troll the ancient Christmas carol,: Fa la la la la la la la la. See the blazing yule before us,: Fa la la la la ...


Where's Victoria Soto and Principal Dawn Hochsprung, ?Where's the over tottooed Chabad Lubavitch Jewish bitch Veronique Pozner's and Lenny Pozner's or Reuben Vabner's little bundle of joy Noah ? Huh ? Oh there he is in the photo below.....Hey,he ain't a 'Semite' he's a white kid likedaddy  Reuben Vabner and the over tattooed white bitch who claims to be his mother ! Hoo Hoo Hoo.....Hoe... These Newtown Hoes,(Veronique and her daughter), supported by NY-Russian Jewish Chabad Lubavitch cult immediately going out to get  tattoos on their asses to celebrate Noah's demise should be called Chabad Luba-Bitch-ers.Hoe Hoe Hoe..........

 Sandy Hook,CT.:Tattoos,Nancy Lanza and Veronique Pozner, (alias ...
Mar 9, 2013 - Veronique Pozner seems to have vacated her Newtown residence which ... Also strange that Chabad Lubavitch that has lent her 'moral' support is .... her older daughter had gone for tattoos (strictly against Jewish custom).

The Jewish Journal of Greater L.A.-Dec 2, 2013
And some were upset by the prominent display of the Star of David tattoo on her shoulder. (Under traditional Jewish law, tattoos are prohibited.).

Guess all those fraudulent fund raising campaigns helped fatten em up..........Right Carlee Soto ? Carllee Soto the alleged sister of Victoria,or is she really Obama's Manatos lobbyist (Emile Parker Frank ?)claims to have photos of all the dead kids hands but somehow never mentions the bodies........And Emile Parker Frank has pulled her blog showing the 'Parker' in her name but we still have some of it on my blog and she also changed her Manatos job and her photo on her site........

Sandy Hook – Crime Scene Photos Released to Donna Soto???
12 Mar 2013 by Emperor Constantine
Check this out —> Here is Donna Fagan Soto, mother of Vicki Soto, writing on the official Victoria Leigh Soto Facebook page: ... Link to picture of Carlee Soto staring, tear on cheek, at an alleged crime-scene photo allegedly in the possession of Donna Soto: [link to] Notice also, that the majority of comments are in reply to deleted comments left by ... On top of that, crime scene photos of dead 6-year-old hands that were not even related to her?

 Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro aka Little Black Rambo molesting the 'dead' Emilie Parker shortly after her 'death':

Images for barack obama emilie parker lap


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    Jun 14, 2013 - Re Carlee Soto:Besides posting on her Facebook site about staring at 'hands' of the dead Sandy Hook Children she alo says this.:

    emilie parker frank Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. - wolfblitzzer0 - Blogger
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Emilie Frank (emilie_frank) on Twitter

The latest from Emilie Frank (@emilie_frank). Junior at The George Washington University majoring in Political Communication and Int'l Affairs. Avid reader ...

Sandy Hook— 20 December 2013
Sandy Hook’s Jessica Rekos is Not Dead
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Sandy Hook’s Jessica Rekos is Not Dead
More great news for Gene Rosen and the rest of the Sandy Hook cabal: formerly supposedly gunned down in cold blood Jessica Rekos is alive and well.
She was discovered fully alive in the 2013 SuperBowl, where she performed in the Newtown choir, which sang the patriotic song, America the beautiful.
Here, at there is great pleasure to know that she really is alive and well and did not suffer a disastrous, traumatic – and untimely – death at the hands of some supposed madman.
She is found, here, in the choir. Yet, is that really her?
It is certain that these are the same child. It would be believed that this would be stupendous news for all involved but also for law enforcement and the various judicial apparatus such as the judges and attorney generals. They should be absolutely exuberant at the findings of such posts that, in fact, no child actually died on that infamous day of December 14, 2012.
Don’t her parents know she was there? Because they still act as if she is dead.
Rekos herself doesn’t seem to know for certain the status of her daughter. She’s still in grief over her loss: an actual death according to her and her family.
That was as of December 9, 2013. This article was published some 10 days later. Hallelujah- such stupendous news for the family. Time to rejoice as never before. No more fake grief, which was exceedingly dire, at least according to arch-Zionist New York Daily News:
Nearly 2,000 people — their faces twisted with grief — packed the church…
Among those twisted around like spirals was Krista Rekos herself, Jessica’s mother:
With her sobbing parents, Rich and Krista, wearing black in the front row, Jessica’s tiny white casket was placed before the altar.
Sobbing, really? Twisted in grief, all at the Newtown Church of Satan?
She needs to at least be as happy, now, with this latest news, as she was at the funeral.
Too, shouldn’t they all be happy, all the different Sandy Hoaxers, on Mr. and Mrs. Rekos’ behalf?
Long faces not more: Jesse Lewis, Emilie Parker, Jessica Rekos, and, presumably, Ana Marquez-Greene are all proven alive.
Even the obituary stands corrected. Don’t the Rekos’ know that it is fraudulent? After all, millions of dollars have been extorted on the basis of such a fraud:
It just doesn’t make any sense: fake obituaries, phony funerals, fabricated wakes, corrupt interviews, and treasonous gun control acts.
What is the problem, is all that purple CIA-Mossad psyops scheme driving them out of their minds?
Rachel D'Avino Playground
Major psyops plot, the CIA purple, the photoshopped-in flag, and useless police tape.
No need for any further ponzi schemes, as Rekos helps launch the new money-grubbing Website. Time for instead a Website collecting information on donors before the litigation strikes. Better to give all the people refunds than to end up being prosecuted in court. Zionist moles all, let there be no doubt about it.
Older children were used, but the earlier photos were loaned to the hoax generators to create the gun-grubbing and pro-UN Agenda 21 scam, all for the benefit of Zionist machinations. The hair pattern is the same, and a careful look reveals that the eyebrows are precisely the same, and the eyebrows are among the most distinctive features of the human face. The right eye is narrower than he left and it droops down, which means she has critical expression: seen in both photos. It’s here: no doubt about it.
If she doesn’t regret getting involved in this, as well as her husband, she surely should.
This part of the hoax is solved. It is hoped that the families of Sandy Hoax can finally gain some relief for the sake of their overused ‘grief and anguish’ facial muscles.
There is empathy, here, for the Rekos girl and what she is going through. Regardless, who in this universe would sign on to fake the death of their own child?

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