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Sandy Hook Newtown:Zionist Chabad Lubavitch Bitch Veronique Pozner and Catherine Hubbard

Sandy Hook Newtown:Zionist  Chabad Lubavitch Bitch Catherine Hubbard and Veronique Pozner

Did Catherine Hubbard get a tattoo of the LIVE Noah Pozner on her butt like Veronique Pozner and plant a tree on the bodies of holocausted Palestinians as well ?
Even though tattoos are taboo to the white Europeans who erroneously call themselves 'Semites' it was Nancy Lanza who first started the fad by telling a boyfriend she was getting one before she allegedly was murdered by Adam Lanza who used to 'play date' according to mother Beth Israel and CNN with Adam at his house.
Maybe that young Zionist Chabad Lubavich bitch drove poor Adam over the edge or was it his wicked GE Capital,etc., money laundering parents and their extremeupper class decadence that did it ? And remember 'poor' Veronique Pozner accompanied by Zionist Russian-Israeli Jewish mafioso of Chabad Lubavich and her daughter who upon hering of the 'tragic' death of poor Noah at the hands of  Adam Lanza immediately ran out to celebrate the economic windfall by getting tattoos ? REAL 'JEWS' DON'T GET TATTOOOS  - ONLY CHABAD LUBAVITCH BITCHES DO THAT VERONIQUE!What must poor Lennny who she was already been cheating on with any scum low enough to be involved with her thinking ?!
And are Veronique and her perverted 'Jewish' brother still fighting over all that cash they conned out of believers of their Barack Obama,U.S.government 'drill' ?
Apparently while the hipocrite pseudo-rabbis of the Chabad Lubavitch mafia officially decry tattoos as being againsdt their 'religion' or criminal cult - they find it perfectly acceptable if your child is murdered and you want to go out and celebrte the event........

Does anyone in Sandy Hook know? Surely, she isn’t six years old but is a few years older, 9 or more. Some 15 of the other children have been found alive and well. It would be ideal, too, to ensure that Ms. Hubbard is also in alive and in good

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Sandy Hook — 26 December 2013
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What Happened to Sandy Hook’s Catherine Hubbard?
Preliminary post: to be updated as soon as possible
What is with this Sandy Hook cabal spreading such vast lies all over the world?
On what basis would people lie about the death of a child, fabricating it? Would anyone deem this acceptable behavior?
Some of the photos appear to be heavily photoshopped. Here is the fraudulent interview for review:
100% fake: no trauma for this person. The money is rolling in to the various foundations. Psyop (ABC) news is assisting that fraud through such videos, the intonations, ‘the most beautiful child ever’, and similar inanity.
Don’t just watch the video; watch and carefully listen. See that these criminal elements are attempting to undermine people’s thinking, strictly for malicious gains. The culprit: the Zionist cabal.

No one believes a word that she says, as she spouts these fabrications. Note the obvious speaking from the corner of the mouth.
Believable? Hardly.
Who was on their knees? No one at the fire house was bowing down before the creator, that’s for sure: and the overhead photos prove it.
catherinehubbardparentsint3 catherinehubbard-090s
Photoshop madness? Look at the man’s hand:
These various photos for the purposes of investigating just what happened to Catherine Hubbard, who seems to have gone missing. It is highly likely that this photo has been altered or artificially created through Photoshop, the anomalies surrounding her head being glaring.
Is the Hubbard boy’s hair manipulated by the Photoshop paint-brush? What are these defects seen next to her hair?
The more dramatic issue is Mr. Hubbard’s hand. Surely, those fingers were added artificially through cut-and-paste. There can be no other explanation for the dramatic change in coloration.
Was this an attempt to create a false trail for a child younger than her real age? Where is the Hubbard family hiding her, now?
These fingers are added on via photoshop.
Not normal: artificial identities?

Real or photoshoppped?

The point is, where is Catherine Hubbard? She was not seen at the Super Bowl, like her brother:, Freddy:
Does anyone in Sandy Hook know? Surely, she isn’t six years old but is a few years older, 9 or more. Some 15 of the other children have been found alive and well. It would be ideal, too, to ensure that Ms. Hubbard is also in alive and in good spirits.

CORRECTED: Sandy Hook’s Jessica Rekos is No

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