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WTC,9/11Adam,Peter Lanza:Sandy Hook Missing Realtor Robert Hoagland Conncted To Strange Newtown,CT.Home Give aways of Christmas 2009?

Sandy Hook Missing Realtor Robert Hoagland Conncted To Strange Newtown,CT.Home Give aways of Christmas 2009?

It is another interesting 'coincidence' that on the day of Christmas 2009 when those houses changed ownership that flight 253 from Amsterdam Schphol Airport to Detroit had the 'Islamic crotch bomber' Mutallab aboard tat Barack Obama(paraphrasing the moronic terrorist W Bush) claimed he would 'connect the dots' to when in fact he helped cover up the fact that Mutallab son on an Israeli connected Nigerian banker and arms billionaire was allowed or pushed aboard flight 253 by the Israelis of ICTS International
who were 'coincidentally' the security for Neherlands Queen Bitch Beatrix's Schiphol Airport just as they were 'coincidentally' the 'security' for Logn Airport Boston on 9/11/01.

Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009? « Memory Hole
Sep 13, 2013 - Newtown property records suggest that on December 25, 2009 a total of 35 properties located on and around Yogananda Street in Sandy Hook were ... This makes a total of 35 homes given away on Christmas day of 2009.
 Flight 253 (Underwear bomber) - Whale
British Intel MI5 And MI6 Behind Underwear Bomb Plot ... government false flag we all know as the Christmas Day Underwear Bomber? Kurt Haskell and his wife, two lawyers from Michigan, were on that flight from Amsterdam when the half-wit ... And ICTS shared security duties on September 11, 2001, at Boston's Logan ...
WTC,9/11,ICTS Israel:Barack Obama,Christmas 2009,Schiphol flight ...
Aug 12, 2013 - on Christmas 2009 that set off not only a drone attack campaign in ... ICTS International who allowed the Islamic 'crotch bomber' to board flight 253 ... from Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on Christmas Day appears to have .... Bear in mind that ICTS also shared security duties on 9/11 at Boston's Logan Airport ...

 Mossad Linked to Christmas Fake 'Underwear Bomber' by VICTOR ...
Jan 18, 2010 - Mossad Linked to Christmas Fake 'Underwear Bomber' ... to ignite 80 grams of the explosive PETN on a flight destined for America. ... 19, 2009, Mutallab supposedly felt so alarmed about his errant son's behavior that he ... to perform a "walkaround" without a passport in Amsterdam, ICTS was one of only a ...
to be continued.....

Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to ...

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Discussion about Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to ... He worked for GE Capital with one Peter Lanza.

Robert Hoagland of Sandy Hook, age 50, is missing:

[link to]

This is likely the Robert (Bob) Hoagland who is a real estate agent in Sandy Hook. His wife Lori teaches culinary arts at Newtown High school. The son of Sandy Hook School teacher Laura Feinstein, just commented on his Twitter that he wondered if the missing man was "Hoagland's husband."

Robert Hoagland was last seen at a gas station at 62 Church Hill Rd; he lives a short distance away on Glen Rd:

[link to (secure)]

That road goes right past Sandy Hook School.

Some dots to connect, but it's creepy that a man with knowledge of real estate issues in the area, and who lives right by the school, and who possibly knows (or his wife knows) one of the Sandy Hook witnesses, is missing. Wishing him a swift and safe return.
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Police Seek Missing Man

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