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Sandy Hook Newtown Child Identity Theft:A Girl Fraudulently Named Hsu and Obama,Malloy Government Terrorism Against Mrs. Gaubert and her innocent daughter

Sandy Hook Newtown Child Identity Theft:A Girl Fraudulently Named Hsu and Obama,Malloy Government Terrorism Against Mrs. Gaubert
Sandy Hook — 04 April 2013
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Updated, error in photo analysis corrected, April 5, 2012
No One Died: The Allison Wyatt-Madeleine Hsu Fraud
This post will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that no children died at Sandy Hook. Simply put, if the death of one child was faked, moreover, if that identity is also a fake, then, the entire claim for a massacre is a hoax.
People are fed up with this fabrication known as the Sandy Hook hoax. Yet, among all the tyrannical acts, lies, and deceit there is some good news. No one by the names Allison Wyatt and Madeleine Hsu died at Sandy Hook on Dec. 14, 2012. That reduces the potential school-yard massacre victims to 18.
Both these identities are fabricated. That is proven by the illicit media itself through its own photographic uploads.
Recall from the previous post No Sandy Hook Children Died that in pre-published write-ups on SIPA Press and it was stated that there were between 18 and 20 child victims of the massacre. Were the perpetrators unsure at that time, apparently six months before the event, that they could fill the other two identities?
In the case of Madeleine Hsu SIPA, as well as REX, couldn’t keep its falsifications straight. Incredibly, Madeleine was pictured by both SIPA and REX as two different people: one of obvious Oriental descent and the other of Anglo descent. See the clear and unprecedented fraud, here:
SIPA/REX Photo, #1

SIPA/REX Photo, #2
This fakery is glaringly clear. Both images, entirely different people are attributed to Madeleine Hsu. Credit for this attribution isn’t a specific photographer but, rather, the international entities themselves, REX and SIPA.  They prove themselves frauds with their own postings.
It says victim Madeleine F. Hsu in both pictures. Also, there is this commentary in both images of her being “one of the last of two child victims to be identified…” Yet, how were they identified, incredibly, “by photograph?” Who saw the photographs, the coroner? How about Governor Malloy? Did he get a chance to see those two photos? No one else did. Moreover, there is surely no reason to take SIPA’s/REX’s word for it.
Now, a message to SIPA, REX, Coroner Carver, President Obama, and Governor Malloy: Why not produce those two photos of the deceased to dispel all doubt? How about it, Governor Malloy? Up to the challenge? They were identified after all by photograph in a different way, that is fake photos uploaded by SIPA/REX for media consumption. Was the reason for being “not sure about the other two” because of not being certain you could get away with it? Did the Mossad not have a certain case for the other two fake identities, perhaps until the last moment.
The evidence for their concern regarding the last two identities is significant. In this regard the spies blundered severely. They called this person Madeleine Hsu:
Importantly, note their commentary, that this photo, though it is not Madeleine Hsu or even remotely similar to her, “has been posted on Facebook on a page set up in her memory.” Set up by whom, presumably the Mossad and CIA? Note also all the critical key words in place from the outset.
They also called her, notably in the DailyMail and dozens of other outlets, Allison Wyatt:
Here is another example, where major publications, like the UK’s DailyMail, give an alternative identity to the girl in the pony tails:
It clear says the opposite of the SIPA/REX upload, which is that the little girl in the pony tails is Allison Wyatt. Therefore, she at this time has two identities, Allison Wyatt and Madeleine Hsu.
To reiterate, this was the uploading source of those photos, SIPA-WEX, timestamp as noted:
She is neither of these persons. Nor has any harm come to her. This girl is fully alive and well and is yet another victim of Zionist machinations. Her name is Lilly Gaubert and the fraud against her was discovered by her mother, Cathy Gaubert:
According to Mrs. Gaubert her daughter’s picture was robbed from her flickr page without her consent. That image was then associated with the child’s death as well as attempts at fundraising. Mrs. Gaubert made an appeal to have all such mis-use of her daughter’s pictures, those uses associated apparently with her being a victim and/or fundraising, purged from the Internet:
This led to investigations of fraud and deceit regarding the Sandy Hook perpetrators with YouTube videos of great popularity by Scott Walker and Royan Rosche:
Mrs. Gaubert has a huge case against SIPA/REX and their handlers for stealing her picture from the Internet, causing her and her family great distress. Originally, it was speculated that it was a random act and that it just kept popping up on Facebook sites, being shared, randomly. This post proves that this is not the case and that, rather, it was a malicious, premeditated act, that is to use a kind of likeness that agents of SIPA/REX found on the Internet and then insidiously stole. REX/SIPA is taking full credit not only for the procurement or taking of this photo but also for the rights to sale. How many thousands of dollars, therefore, did SIPA/REX make on this wicked fraud? SIPA was virtually bankrupt at the time. Were promises made for the role in this criminal activity?One more time for the absolute and legally binding proof:
Those are precisely the SIPA and REX logos, taking full credit for this larcenous fraud, the SIPA one in red. For further confirmation of their criminal acts
here is the extract from the enlargement off the side panel of the picture, adding additional proof of fraud against these corrupt ones:

These vile ones placed a copyright on Mrs. Gaubert’s daughter, earning unknown thousands of dollars. In fact, she has a right to all that money plus damages.
The real Allison Wyatt?
In fact, there is no real Allison Wyatt, that is her entire identity is a fraud. Even so, months ago her face was selected for this false flag act, demonstrating that REX and SIPA are clearly perpetrators:
Just when did they decide she was a FINAL VICTIM, on June 15 or December 14? All evidence points to the fact that it was well before the purported event. Here is a marked-up version of the same:

the birthday cake could possibly have been cropped in and is fake, just as is her image and the chair. Another possibility is that the The cake is real (better analysis), and this is a real birthday celebration; there appears to be a part of a person’s hair to the right screen.
Thus, when the scam was in its early stages there were originally two Allison Wyatts listed in the media systems. This would indicate that these vile ones had difficulty putting these final two identities together. These are not the blog’s words or pictures but, rather, are derived from the perpetrator’s sources themselves.
Yet, is the photo real? She does bear somewhat of a resemblance to Lilly Gaubert. Is there some type of corruption involved, here? There is one obvious defect, which defies explanation. What is this cord of color/hair: it is completely straight with hard edges? Real or artifact: let the experts decide.

There is no hair which behaves like that. Thus, some degree of manipulation was involved.
Another view of the psyops birthday party, pink cake with 6 candles to commemorate being a six-year old. As pointed out by a poster there is a hand in the far left frame; this is a real cake with real candles as can be seen by the smoke from the candles from blowing them out:
Therefore, there is no one in existence named Allison Wyatt who was an actual victim of a Sandy Hook shooting, and, surely, no such individual exists by that name who was murdered on that day. Early uploads of the photos demonstrate great confusion by the media sources, using a picture of an entirely different person to represent her.
Thus, everything associated with this name is a grand fraud, especially any fund raising efforts. Every dime collected is done through vile extorsion and is representive of a criminal enterprise:
Did anyone see the mind control commentary about the goldfish crackers? Then, this, too is found on the site:
A bit of psyops mind control.
Someone needs to contact the Allison Benefit groups and inform them of the extorsion. They must refund all donors, because this is the least that must be done to honor the children (even the fake children, whose pictures and identities have been used in vain):
Here is yet another isolated picture of the girl, if it is the same person. No picture exists of Ms. Wyatt with an adult. Note also the use of the same hair pin in each of the photos. This is surely a fabricated picture.
Here is Cathy Gaubert’s lovely family. At a minimum she is due a retraction and apology AND all funds collected while malicously using her daughter’s photo.
Post to be updated as soon as possible.
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  1. That’s smoke above the candles and the pink line is probably a balloon. Stay on target, don’t let the photoshop fiends trick you in to seeing decoy artifacts. There are plenty of other provable evidence worth exposing. Great work…
    Great summarization on these 2 drones.
    • That smoke makes sense now! And it says nobody is around, yet theres a hand clapping off to the side which means she most likely just blew out the candles.
    • Note: the post should read that the picture of the cake is real because of the detection of the smoke. It is not an uncommon prop, RE: Sandy Hook children, to see a cake with five or six candles with no adults or recognizable parents in view.
      • The little girl pictured here is Lindsay Fox (spelling unusual) her brothers name is Matt Fox and his images were used to represent Jack Pinto . In some or most cases the families involved simply used pictures of family members children at younger ages . In the case of Lindsay and Matt for example they are both years older now.
  2. The pic of the little girl next to last on bottom, is supposedly taken at the funeral for one of the Newtown kids. Stranger and stranger.
  3. AMAZING. You have ONE COMMENT on this amazing page and work… It SICKENS ME TO NO END that if you were to do a story on how large Justin Bieber’s %$#@ was this morning, you’d have 1,000,000 hits. This just proves how stupid the human race is… This was CLEARLY a hoax. I have done a ton of evidence on this as well as 9/11 and I know a hoax when I see one. WHERE are these people NOW? I bet they have tickets to ISRAEL, where they BELONG!!! Or, did they go to South America where the jet stream won’t carry the chemicals from the sinkhole, Fukushima, the Pacific garbage patch, China, the BP oil gusher?
    If the average “Joe” had the finest CLUE at how corrupt our governments TRULY were? They would either want to murder them or just hang themselves!!!
    It is AMAZING that after EVERY one of these events, a “donation” box is set up “to honor” the VICSIMS… Still, not ONE TEAR has been shed. See, if people weren’t all the same, we might have a prayer. No wonder why the Georgia Guidestones calls for LESS than 500,000,000 people. If they knew back then how automated everything around us was, they might only want 100,000 people!!! 100,000 just to drive truck around and deliver their FOOD and MONEY to the rich!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gene Rosen is a good #$% actor!!!
    • To Margot Kidder: If you are, indeed, THE Margot Kidder then use your celebrity status to help unindoctrinate the masses of people who have been hypnotized by that CIA tool called ‘hollywood’. This is what celebrity status entails; Great responsibility. It matters not what those operatives have done to your name…most people see through their machinations at this point.
      If you are not THE Margot Kidder, please, use your own name and do not engage in the smearing or abusing of another’s name. It is not honest.
      To Dave: You are 100% accurate in your understanding. Everything is about control or lack thereof, as in the abdicating of personal responsibility and acquiescing to Asymmetrical Power Structures that have no inherent value to what we call Life or the living of it. Monarchy and organized Religion were the first tools used for control. Political Structures were erected later as an extension of the two former constructs of hierarchy. We need NO structures of hierarchy when we are fully autonomous and working from a place of reverence for all life and the wisdom intrinsic to this station.
      To Lucky: The enemy resides within yet we have been led to believe that all things…..negative and positive reside outside of our person, i.e., heaven/hell, good/bad. These qualities are alive and well within each and every soul evolving on this planet. While it is a very positive act to point out the destructive nature of a being’s actions it is never a positive act to hate the soul behaving very badly. It is more positive to work on ourselves and spend copiuos amounts of time dedicated to our personal evolution…this way we are not about the business of projecting onto others our fears. You must ask yourself, Lucky, “How did I not see this before it got to this point? What part did I play in this charade? Was I willfully ignorant or just abjectly ignorant?”
      Each one of us, on this planet, is responsible for where we find ourselves at this time. As soon as we take full responsibility we can then stop the finger pointing and begin to heal what ails our hearts and minds: Subservience to the Asymmetrical Power Structure.
      I came here to help those indoctrinated by showing what it looks like to grieve a beloved child. I want to help my fellow human in their awakening. I know all too well that those in control have wanted to make us into their image; uncaring, unloving, cynical, arrogant and destructive.
      I know all too well that we have been deliberately led down the wide path towards our own soul destruction….but, we have allowed ourselves to be led. This is a personal fault. They just found the way to lead us through appealing to our lower selves.
      I came here to offer my personal experience for the purpose of helping others to understand ( not believe ) what it looks like…what it feels like…to outlive your child, and, yet, I cannot fully articulate and convey the depths of my anguish and anger. I want to burn this world down in my grief! I want to destroy the world that destroyed my son!
      In my grief I want to create a world where there is no “war” for any mother, father, daughter, son, sister or brother to experience. Where is the legislation to BAN WAR!!!!!???? The HYPOCRISY IS BLINDINGLY ACUTE!!!
      I want to create a world of loving, caring, reverent beauty that allows for the floursihing of all life….not just the life some deem valuable based on economic or hierarchal status!
      In my grief I want to understand how we came to be at this point in our existence so that we may never arrive at this ugly and despicable place again. In my grief I want to change and need others to change so that we may cooperate to create a world that is worth bringing children into.
      Anyone with half of a heart, brain or conscience would know that a gun did not kill anybody but the person behind it was the force that pulled that trigger…..that engineered that weapon of destruction. Anyone with awareness would understand that this western society breeds a new sociopath everyday by the very roots of it’s structure. Depravation from birth breeds all kinds of psychosis. Spiritual depravation, emotional depravation, physical depravation and mental depravation is the cause of all dis ease in this world. Our soil, upon which we nourish future generations, is depleted of every valauble nutrient in which that child must grow in health. What a monstrous world of evil ( the antithesis of LIVE ) we have designed and supported with out time, money and thoughts! It must CHANGE!
      Lao-Tzu says this; “First, we must do our own personal work, then we tend the necessary work of our family, then our community, then the world.”
      In order to do our “own personal work” we must spend a great deal of our precious time in a state of introspection. We must work on refining our energy so that it finds many creative outlets. Creative energy is nothing about creating what makes one personally happy. The act of creating must be an act of devotion to humanity and especially to children and all creatures who have no voice or choice in this process of creating! That would mean that all destructive forces must be eradicated from, not only the world, but from the mind that created the negative force for de-structing.
      Alcohol, synthetic drugs, pornography, bigotry, misogyny, Asymmetrical power structures ( whether in name only or with perceived authority ), allopathic medicine without the consideration and incorporation of naturopathy are all forces of de-structing the soul and temple of the human. Go to the root of any force of negativity or destruction and you will find a system of anti-life.
      Show the destructive force of lies and deception! It is an important part of our growth! Name the destructive acts and call them by their correct name! This is actually for our benefit in the end because it means we can never arrive at this place again if we see this for what it actually is. If we do not take responsibility for being duped to such a profound degree then we will continue to do the same thing over and over “expecting different results”. We will continue to see the problem as outside of ourselves rather than one emanating from within.
      How many times must we arrive here at this very same place that has been recorded in man’s history?
      How many times shall we play this game of blame, and then, acting on that self righteous indignation, act in ways not unlike those who are in the business of self destructing and killing love?
      Maybe it is time to move forward and create the world that we actually want? Maybe it is time to stop investing so much time and energy into bringing these people to “justice” ( there is no justice system on this planet….and really, should we not develop one that is more in line with who we truly are? ) and divest them of any perceived power by simply disenfranchising them?
      Those with celebrity status have an opportunity at this most auspicious time to use this status for the benefit of their fellow human. They have an obligation to themselves as well as others to assist in creating a more loving environment. Celebrity status is not an entitlement…neither is an office of “power”.
      In reality they ( those in “official” positions of power ) have no power that we do not give to them with our investment of time, energy and money.
      Yes, they have big guns, tanks, bombs, biological weapons and such forces of destruction but who helped to build them? Who helped to give them birth into this world?
      Take away from them the very thing they need to survive; Their authority and perceived power. No one has to harm another in this act. Just come together to create a world that does not include their vision.
      Love and self awareness is and will always be the answer.
  4. whoever wrote this is an idiot!
  5. Thanks for the better perception. will correct as soon as possible.
  6. excellent work! I forwarded this to my email list and added the following comment:
    “….Near bottom of page is a fraudulent fundraiser for Sandy Hk “victim” Allison Wyatt . It is absolute fact (see below) that Allison Wyatt is alive and the perpetraitors stole her facebook photo and plastered it all over the TV, mass media, etc. claiming she was one of the alleged elementary school ‘victims’ and was ” shot and killed at Sandy Hook “! There is surely suficient info provided by the fraudsters in the below advertisement for their “benefit” and for “donations” to track these con-men down and indict them ;viz., “…Steve Demartino % TransAct Technologies Inc., 2319 Whitney ave, Hamden CT etc….with exact address and phone number as you can see below! (PS is ‘TransAct’ a play on words since the whole Sandy Hook scam is an ACT across (trans) the USA/world?) dc…..”
    • I got the info and will check it out. Thanks Dave.
  7. The scammers’ primary goal is money and profits, which can be maximized by having PROFIT CORPORATIONS hiding behind “non stocks,” or “not for profits.”
    The most infuriating and blasphemous corporate scams are the “corporate Christians,” as detailed below in a press release.
    A HIGH LEVEL ZIONIST / MOSSAD OPERATIVE / TERRORIST is ANNE LEVITMAN, who moved to FAIRFIELD, CT, from NEW YORK CITY, in 2010, as she SET UP SHOP to distribute pay offs and “hush money” prior to the SANDY HOOK HOAX, which may have actually been the PREMEDITATED MURDERS of ADAM and NANCY LANZA, reportedly MURDERED in New Hampshire on December 13, 2012.
    Another MAJOR PLAYER is believed to be NOT-FOR-PROFIT thief KEVIN WILCOX, a former DEPARTMENT of DEFENSE HONCHO who lives in exclusive NEW CANAAN, CT. This suspected FINANCIAL TERRORIST is hiding behind a non-stock TAX SHIELD
    known as “The Bridgeport Rescue Mission, LLC,” a bogus CORPORATE “Christian” TAX SCAM.
    Here’s contact information for WILCOX and his thieving “mission” below, from the CT SECRETARY of STATE’s OFFICIAL WEBSITE at :
    Business Inquiry
    Business Inquiry Details
    Business Id: 0284191
    Business Address: 1088 FAIRFIELD AVE., BRIDGEPORT, CT, 06605
    Mailing Address: BRIDGEPORT RESCUE MISSION, P. O.BOX 9057, BRIDGEPORT, CT, 06601
    Citizenship/State Inc: Domestic/CT
    Last Report Year: 2012
    Business Type: Non-Stock
    Business Status: Active
    Date Inc/Register: Mar 05, 1993
    Name/Title: Business Address: Residence Address:
    View All Principals(4)
    Business Summary
    Agent Name: JAMES D. WATSON
    Agent Business Address: 481 PEQUONNOCK ST, BRIDGEPORT, CT, 06604
    Agent Residence Address: 2007 NORTH AVE, BRIDGEPORT, CT, 06604
    it’s not the money and profits they are worried about, it looks that way, but that is a short sighted thought.
    It’s the contol, they print the fucking money! Surely I do not have to explain how the Federal Reserve works? It’s never the money, it’s the control !
    the PTB control and print our money, they can print any amount they want. It’s clearly control they are after !
    Saying the PTB are in for mainly profits, is akin to getting caught in the left, right debate. Dem VS Rep. There is no right or left, it’s all the same people
  9. Thanks Dr K and all. All Israelis in America are the enemy. Please watch, “NDAA Equals Treason”, found on line.
  10. jack, usually we say “money and power,” which includes your perspective.
    Regarding money, THERE IS NONE, considering that America is approximately $16.7 TRILLION in debt! Some foreign nations are suing the USA now for actual GOLD to replace our worthless notes and bonds. And Obama just gave the North Korean dictator $2 billion or so, to incite another “false flag.” See TOM HENEGHEN’s blogs.
    Back to the subject. Here is the CONTACT PAGE for TransAct Technologies, Inc. at , which has multiple E-mail addresses to send information to Mr. Steve DeMartino. Of course, we suspect he’s just another co-conspirator.
    Art McNamara, for CT Global at and
    CT America at with the “Sandy Hook Scam” update broadcast on Saturday, April 6, 2013, 1 pm Easter. All are welcome.
  11. ken
    I can’t wait to watch 60 minutes. I hope that I will not throw something threw my new 40′ flat screen.
  12. CT AMERICA has CALLED OUT and EXPOSED 60 Minutes ZIONIST / CIA / MOSSAD SLAVE SCOTT PELLEY (and many others) on the March 6, 2013 global broadcast at
    CTA NAMED SUSPECTS and LOCATIONS of the suspects, as they did on other CT AMERICA BRAODCASTS at
    The MADELEINE HSU / ALLISON W. SCAM was also exposed, as was MR. DeMARTINO, accused of STEALING an innocent girl’s photos, in order to STEAL MONEY.
    Here’s a recent press release:.
    CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at
    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    these issues in upcoming presentations at
    Worldwide Release April 6, 2013
    To The International Criminal Court Prosecuters at The Hague and
    The World Press:
    These are opinions based on known facts.
    60 Minutes Zionist-owned slave SCOTT PELLEY (living in Connecticut now) , and his CIA / ISRAELI MOSSAD murdering cronies to be charged CRIMINALLY and SUED for MULTI-BILLIONS.
    Hear CT America’s historic April 6, 2013 CTA Global Broadcast at , and archives at
    CTA’s Global Discussion Forum at
    CT AMERICA’s in-your-face investigators and researchers have AGAIN exposed the SANDY HOOK, AURORA, TUCSON, and 9/11 ISRAELI MOSSAD / CIA / BUSH-CLINTON CABAL MASS MURDERERS and GLOBAL THIEVES, including GEORGE H.W. BUSH aka Hitler-groomed Nazi spy GEORGE SCHERF, Junior, and ZIONIST / MOSSAD punk SCOTT PELLEY, the owned, bought, and paid for 60 Minutes globalist propagandist.
    Hear the historic CTA Global Broadcast, being mass-dsitributed WORLDWIDE, at
    Episode Information
    CTAmerica’s Global Discussion Forum at
    Hosted by: CTAmerica
    Title: SANDY HOOK SCAM: Prosecuting, Suing, and Jailing the Zionist Perpetrators
    Time: 04/06/2013 01:00 PM EDT
    Episode Notes: CT America will discuss the irrefutable evidence against the Zionist thugs who perpetrated the Sandy Hook scam, which may be the murders of ADAM and NANCY LANZA. CTA will name suspects, discuss the pretrial investigations and research, and instruct the audience on how to file complaints and requests for investigations with CT, federal, and international officials.
    Art McNamara, Joe Sansone, and colleages
  13. Our colleagues are now calling out CORPORATE CHRISTIAN FRAUDSTERS, who played a major role in the SANDY HOOK SCAM and COVER-UP.
    Press release:
    CT Global and Dorazio Consulting – Greater NYC and Phoenix and
    colleagues at
    CT America’s Global Discussion Forum will regularly expose
    these issues in upcoming presentations at
    Worldwide Release April 8, 2013
    To The International Criminal Court Prosecuters at The Hague and
    The World Press:
    These are opinions based on known facts.
    CT America EXPOSED the BLASPHEMOUS CORPORATE CHRISTIAN CHURCHES in the historic April 6, 2013 CTA Global Broadcast at , and archives at
    CTA’s Global Discussion Forum at
    UPDATE: INFAMOUS CHRISTIAN-ZIONIST MOLE JAMES DAVID MANNING ( aka “Uncle Ruckus,”of THE ATLAH CHURCH ( in NYC’s HARLEM, is arguably the MOST NOTORIOUS Israeli Mossad church operative and financial terrorist.
    This despised “Good House Nigger” for TYRANNICAL ZIONISTS has scammed MULTI-MILLIONS from VICTIMIZED DONORS, and now faces a $10 MILLION DOLLAR DEMAND LETTER and MASSIVE LAWSUITS for FRAUD, CONSPIRACY, and other claims.
    MANNING’s doting “wife” ELIZABETH SARAH MANNING ( hails from the CORRUPT STATE of CONNECTICUT, home to many CHRISTIAN SANDY HOOK THIEVES, such as the child-molesting Satanist – “Pastor” SOLOMON – of NEWTOWN FAME. See for details on this loser.
    We are certain that many other blasphemous “Corporate Christians” are complicit in the SANDY HOOK SCAM and COVER-UP, especially 501(c)3 entities that “front” for profit corporations. However, we must first establish reasonable / probable cause.
    BE CAREFUL NOT TO JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, these are only SUSPECTS at this point.
    BLACK ROCK CHURCH in Fairfield, CT, timed the construction of its pending NEW MEGA CHURCH with the SANDY HOOK HOAX, and is suspected of complicity and pay-offs in the cover-up.
    BLACK ROCK’s DAWN BREHM (see Staff list at, is the wife of KNOWN COVER-UP KING (and possible “crisis actor”) PASTOR HENRY BREHM, of BLACK ROCK’s sister gig – FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH of FAIRFIELD at
    Both of these alleged “churches” have a close relationship with the not-for-profit BRIDGEPORT RESCUE MISSION LLC, another not-for-profit “front” for CORPORATE MONEYGRUBBING THIEVES.
    Art McNamara, for CT Global
  14. Absolutely unbelievable that people can twist facts around to come up with fabricated nonsense like this story and others on this site. You constantly say you’ve “proven” facts, but no such proof has been made, merely some odd assumptions on your part.
    • its all out there on the net. just because youre too lazy to check it out and run it by the reasoning part of your brain and instead decide to talk people down. which really is just a subtle form of verbal abuse, doesnt mean that it does not exist. just because you deny something, doesnt mean it doesnt exist.
      • Out there “on the net” You are beyond stupid. Just take a trip to Newtown and talk to the parents, go to the school… SEE the evidence. You friggin’ dumbass.
  15. If no one died, where are the children?
    • The children didn’t exist. They made up names and used kids pictures found on family pages and some of the pictures were photoshopped a little. Even the group school picture with Adam Lanza as a kid was photoshopped together. There is a theory going around that Nancy Lanza had only one child. Adam seems to have disappeared several years ago and Ryan showed up without a history. There are no picutres of the two boys together. Is Ryan’s name Ryan Adam Lanza? Is the Adam Lanza as a “freak” character a complete fabrication? Who really killed Nancy Lanza and is she dead?
  16. Believing all this is much easier than facing the reality that such a tragedy did happen. Helps me sleep at night.
    • it would be a tragedy either way. but apparently with your attitude, you wouldnt see it that way unless your (MSM, Official lie) version was true.
  17. NOW WE KNOW WHY THEY NEEDED 26! They needed 26 victims because the boston marathon has 26 miles and each was to be dedicted to a victim. It’s like a product tie -in, each manufactured disaster has echoes of other massacres in order to “propel the propaganda”(like G W Bush likes to say).
  18. Blaring out this fabrication, propaganda, conspiracy analysis is more SICKENING and TRAGIC than the actual Sandy Hook shooting Event itself.
    You all have no idea how much pain the family and friends of Allison Wyatt are dealing with. Not only is it disrespectful to them but to actually pick apart her birthday photos and beautiful artwork is beyond disgraceful.
    First of all the “no hair which behaves like that.” analysis is explained by the fact that she is most likely of Irish heritage and those are simply red highlights in her hair reflected by the angle of the camera flash.
    And to degrade her fish artwork is unimaginable, and just heart wrenching to imaging what a wonderful artist she would have been as well as being the most beautiful girl who ever walked this earth!
    I will do what ever it take to BRING THIS PAGE DOWN you bunch of REJECTS. GET A REAL JOB!
    • Perhaps your new here and the truth is like a horrifying alarm to your sleep. More likely you are plain old “how dare you!?” Disinformation. Sorry, doesn’t work with this group , these people are drs lawyers er nurses, prosthetic experts etc. and if you are involved with these Hoaxes , know this, you will answer for them. Time is short people are waking en-mass.
      • My bad, was probably a little rude introduction and seriously, I’m open to all sides of news and information so I didn’t mean to appear one-sided.
        I’m just still trying to comprehend this, real or fiction, and agree there are some anomalies, and you’re absolutely right, this is an alarm in my sleep.
      • I have to admit, I was a little heartbroken and VERY pissed off to see some of these comments. I didn’t know the 2 girls mentioned in this “fraud” so I don’t know for sure if it was faked. I DO however know that the whole massacre wasn’t faked. I know this because Mum was too heartbroken to identify her body, so I did it for her. I know this also because I attended the funerals for my niece and her classmates. So, to repeat what many of you have said the same thing…get your facts straight. And to those of you who continue to insult our grief….bugger off, you heartless prigs!!
      • Insane people come in all walks of life – drs lawyers er nurses, prosthetic experts etc. In my opinion you are all jealous of the attention and will do or create anything to be a part of it. Too bad you can’t do something nice instead of destructive. I am sad for you. Your life must be so shallow and empty.
        • You are fooling no one. Are you attempting to say that children actually died at Sandy Hook? The typical language of a troll is “get a life.” Are you a troll? If so, who do you work for?
    • Wow, I’m not 100 percent convinced but the 6th grader does appear extraordinarily similar to Allison at an earlier age, only her eyes are slightly different.
      So in some ways this is a fitting puzzle piece but either way, I’ve decided to close this out in my mind after 5 dark months and if there was some sinister master plan, would simply be happy knowing that Allison (Lindsay) is alive and well!
      • NRAGED If you understand anything about programming the mind, maybe you will be able to see what they have done, not to just you, but the nation. The brain experiences this as a trauma and readily accepts programming and manipulation . This country is consumed with trash tv and above all themselves. History, not conspiracy bares witness to what is coming next once a government decides it’s citizens are an enemy to their agenda.
        Instead of being a sheep why don’t you help? Start taking the names from articles and research where they go. At the very least, stop persecuting only damn decent people left trying to help us all see our way through this nightmare.
    • can you please provide the images that were once at this link
      You leave a lot of sharp comments.
    • bring some real proofs, little angel. then we can talk
  20. I believe the official story is wrong, too, but there are tons of pictures, for example, of Caroline Previdi and Catherine Hubbard together at various school and other events.
    • Can you provide links to this tonnage of pictures of the two together?

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