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911,NSA,General Keith Alexander,Kobi Alexander and Jewish Bankers:Zionist Monsters

 NSA,General Keith Alexander,Bernie Madoff and Jewish Bankers: Zionist Monsters

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I will normally not post anything from Veterans Today because I have reason to suspect that Major Fraud
and editor  Gordon Duff is himself a money launderer with Zionist connections.He admitted to me that he has direct links to ex CIA Chief Georgwe Tenet who is the one who founded the CIA's In-Q-Tel with the sole purpose of corporate sabotage and takeovers and to 'legitimixze' their long time and ongoing penny stock and other securities frauds and money laundering ops to benefit themselves and their allied terrorists from the UK to Israel,etc..And like George Tenet whgo lied us into the Iraq war Gordon Duff having learned nothing from that and Viet Nam other than that war can be profitable to himself and his also lied about Libya and the need to bomb it and its helpless population back to the 'stone age' or at least into submission to the very Islamofascists that are the allies of NATO unfortunately and a detriment to us as Americans and every on the planet,Duff through his connections to Tenet as well as Agora Inc prostitute Lila Rajiva clearly has links to Agora Inc and National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson with his connections to UK Lards of London,most of Eastern European and Russian origen,as well as to Israel itself. WELL AS TO
Howeveer occasionally a writer has a subject worth posting such as    does here.It should be known but isn't that Bernie Madoff not only was more connected in his loyalties and money launderinfg treweasons to Israel than to the U.U.S.,but he was THE founder of the NASADAQ international internet 'investing' frenzy that has only grown since he helped create it and as Israelis of 911 infamy such as Menachem Atzmon and the eceased Ezra Harel of  ICTS International who 'guarded' Logan Airport Boston that infamous day duee to their and the Israeli governments U.S.incorporated stock fraud that bought Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and its contract to guard Logan and Newark  with money stolen from Americans through that fraud and Israeli government's El Al Airlines collusion in it as well as American Jewish Zionist's and their lackies such as the likes of U.S.Air Force General's Michael Hayden and Keith Alexander's traitous collusion who also have dominated the CIA and NSA,ETC., .....

 The financial writer notes that the average investor also does not have the ability to subpoena or inquire, “’Does Bernie Madoff do trades with you?’ That’s the regulators’ job. That is what we pay taxes for them to do. They are acting on the customer’s behalf, or at least that is their stated mission. They are supposed to have that power, and that curiosity, on our behalf, and they didn’t.” One tell-tale indication that it was more than a lack of curiosity that stopped the SEC from exposing Madoff is the hostility it showed toward Markopolos. True, he had been warning them for more than a decade, asking how, contrary to market fluctuations, in good economic times and in bad Madoff never reported any losses but only consistent profits ranging from eight to 17 percent.  For example, even when the market plunged 40 percent in 2008, taking most mutual funds with it, Madoff miraculously reported that his investments were up more than eight percent for the year. The fact is, Arvedlund believes, “The SEC didn’t like Markopolos personally. He was very smart and was impatient to reveal Madoff for the fraud that he was.” Apart from Ed Manion and Mike Garrity of the SEC’s Boston office, the SEC “took an instant dislike to him. They thought he was arrogant, and they pretty much found any reason they could to dismiss his allegations.” By contrast, the SEC had a high regard for Madoff because he was a pioneer of electronic trading. “The SEC knew Madoff very well,” Arvedlund said. “He was considered kind of a godfather around the SEC, a big advisor to the agency.”.....


NSA and Jewish Bankers: Two Zionist Monsters

Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian has conducted an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretzduring which he declared that
“The cardinal point is that part of the goal of the NSA is to completely eliminate privacy everywhere in the world. Its goal is to make every piece of human communication that is done by electronic means vulnerable to monitoring and surveillance − to collect, store and analyze every message transmitted by people via the telephone or the Internet.
“All the specific revelations are only examples of this: the fact that they collected the telephone records of all American citizens, that they detail every phone call made by every American citizen; the Prism and XKeyscore programs, which show how they can collect billions of pieces of communication every day and store and analyze the things you say, who you say them to, which websites you visit and so on.
Those are the means. The essence is the vast, sealed system of surveillance which is conducted in absolute secrecy.”[1]
Of course, the obvious question the inquiring mind would ask is this: “What’s the problem with that?” Greenwald responded,
“If those with power are capable of monitoring everything we do or say, that means we are very limited in what we can do or say against them. That’s the reason that every tyranny has always used surveillance as a tool to preserve its power.
“The second problem is that it’s a tool of intimidation. If the population knows that it is always being watched, people will have far less motivation to act, because they will feel vulnerable and threatened. The result is a kind of political paralysis among the public.
“The third and perhaps most important thing is that human behavior changes very fundamentally when there is no private space. People who know they are being observed behave in a manner that is far more restrained, narrow and fossilized. They become a lot less free, a lot less willing to test boundaries.
“Supervision and surveillance encourage conformity in people and eliminate something very essential in the human experience, in human nature: the freedom to do things when we know that no one is looking.
“The history of almost every country that exercises surveillance of its citizens is one of extreme abuse of that power. There is no consolation in the thought that the government promises to use that power exclusively against terrorists. Its use is almost always against political dissidents or against people who constitute a threat or challenge to the power apparatus. ”[2]
edward-snowdenWe have seen in previous articles that the Israeli regime is one of the political forces behind the NSA. Edward Snowden indeed found himself drowning in the Zionist river of time but somehow swam against the currents and found a way out.
According to Snowden, people are floating in the Zionist river at their own perils. The end of that Zionist river is the end of American privacy. The end of that river is the end of privacy in virtually the entire world. Now Snowden is warning those who are still consciously or unconsciously floating in that river. He said:
“The surveillance of whole populations, rather than individuals, threatens to be the greatest human rights challenge of our time. A culture of secrecy has denied our societies the opportunity to determine the appropriate balance between the human right of privacy and the governmental interest in investigation.
“These are not decisions that should be made for a people, but only by the people after full, informed, and fearless debate. Yet public debate is not possible without public knowledge, and in my country, the cost for one in my position of returning public knowledge to public hands has been persecution and exile.
“If we are to enjoy such debates in the future, we cannot rely upon individual sacrifice. We must create better channels for people of conscience to inform not only trusted agents of government, but independent representatives of the public outside of government.”[3]
Once again, Snowden here is right in line with rational thought. What he is saying here is firmly compatible with what the Founding Fathers said and defended.
bankersThe NSA’s covert activity, however, gets worse almost every two weeks or so:
“Top secret US government documents…characterize even the most basic political and legal opposition to drone attacks as part of ‘propaganda campaigns’ from America’s ‘adversaries.’
“The entry is part of a top secret internal US government website, similar in appearance to the online Wikipedia site. According to a June interview with Snowden in Hong Kong, the only individuals empowered to write these entries are those ‘with top secret clearance and public key infrastructure certificates,’ special access cards enabling unique access to certain parts of NSA systems. He added that the entries are ‘peer reviewed’ and that every edit made is recorded by user…
“The NSA entry further claims that ‘manipulation of statistics’ over civilian deaths is a frequent propaganda tool of ‘adversaries,’ citing one study that concluded that roughly 9 out of 10 victims from drone strikes are civilians. To contrast such propaganda studies, the NSA entry cites a New America Foundation study concluding that ‘civilians make up about one-third of those killed.’
“The US has previously denounced drone opponents as US adversaries and even terrorist sympathizers. In 2011, the Bureau of Investigative Journalists published a study documenting numerous civilian deaths in Pakistanduring the same time period for when John Brennan, then the chief White House counterterrorism adviser and now CIA Director, had falsely asserted there were no such deaths. Subsequent reports further proved the clear falsity of Brennan’s statements.”
It has been reported recently that the NSA had a “U.S. assassination program,” where it seems to be that people who do not comply with what the NSA does would be exterminated.[5]
The evidence has not been fleshed out completely, but we do know that the NSA has gathered even social-networking data on Americans “to map behavior.”[6] As Gene Healy of the CATO Institute has put it, no one can hide from the NSA anymore.[7]
Here’s the rub: when NSA workers are not spying on Americans, they are spying on their spouses and girlfriends. The Associated Press recently reported:
“Confirming media reports that agency workers used surveillance technology in their private life—a practice jokingly known as ‘loveint’—the NSA’s inspector general, General George Ellard, released a letter to a US senator disclosing details of the romantic snooping.”[8]
In other words, you, the average American, pay your taxes, and that money goes to support people who will be using the NSA to spy on their husbands and wives and girlfriends. Listen to this:
“A National Security Agency employee was able to secretly intercept the phone calls of nine foreign women for six years without ever being detected by his managers, the agency’s internal watchdog has revealed.
“The unauthorised abuse of the NSA‘s surveillance tools only came to light after one of the women, who happened to be a US government employee, told a colleague that she suspected the man – with whom she was having a sexual relationship – was listening to her calls.
“The case is among 12 documented in a letter from the NSA’s inspector general to a leading member of Congress, who asked for a breakdown of cases in which the agency’s powerful surveillance apparatus was deliberately abused by staff. One relates to a member of the US military who, on the first day he gained access to the surveillance system, used it to spy on six email addresses belonging to former girlfriends.”[9]
But that means nothing to people like Diane Feinstein, who is fighting tooth and nail to preserve the NSA’s illegal activities against Americans.[10]
If counter-terrorism is not one of the biggest jokes ever told, then nothing is.
sachsWhat we are clearly seeing here is that if you are against anything that the Zionist regime has cooked up, then you are more than likely to be labeled a terrorist or something equally worse.
Whatever they do, you must accept it. In the Zionist world, free speech and free expression are simply relics of the past.
Whenever the Zionist mob is not in charge, they ask for diversity; but whenever they take control over the academia, they fine you if you ask for just an ounce of diversity.
If you question the “Holocaust” in Germany—like the 73-year old Bishop Williamson has done—you will be fined $2,431.[11] Then you have Zionist shills such as David Cameron who will increase funding for the Holocaust story to stay alive.[12]
Where will Cameron get the money? Well, he will loot the average guy in England. “Up to 146 million Europeans are at risk of falling into poverty by 2025…”[13]
There is more bad news. You, the average American, are going to send your sons and daughters to die not for freedom but for the Zionist regime. Citing again Andrew Bacevich:
“Few of the very rich send their sons or daughters to fight. Few of those leaving the military’s ranks find their way into the ranks of plutocracy.”[14]
And what do all those perpetual wars bring? Bacevich tells us: “civic decay, child poverty, homelessness, illegitimacy, and eating disorders,” where many people are now “overweight, overmedicated, and deeply in hock…”[15]
If you think that Bacevich is just pulling your leg, just read the article by the American Prospect last month entitled, “What’s Killing Poor White Women?”[16] And if you think the Zionist regime cares about what you think, just read about the current situation in America.
Virtually everyone knows that the debt ceiling in America is pathetic and that the country is already in its economic coffin. Obama summoned both parties at the White House precisely because they all know the country is already on the brink of economic collapse.[17]
matt-taibbi (1)Yet in the midst of all this, Netanyahu wants the U.S. to threaten Iran, obviously to produce more bloodshed in the Middle East.
The Zionist regime is currently looting pension funds,[18] and this activity has already sent shockwave across the nation.[19]  But you have to zip your lips.Business Insider has recently declared that “markets are crumbling all around the world as government shutdown gets close,”[20] but the Zionist regime is pushing more wars in the Middle East, including a bloody conflict with Iran. It has also been reported that nearly 5 million people are unemployed in Spain alone,[21] but we cannot focus on this problem because Israel is much more important.
Jewish companies such as Goldman Sachs and Wall Street are largely responsible for the economic collapse, but you, the average American, must use your own retirement money to bail them out.[22]
How do those companies use your precious money? Those Jewish bankers use them to fund drug lords and terrorism! Matt Taibbi of the Rolling Stone reported last February:
“For at least half a decade, the storied British colonial banking power helped to wash hundreds of millions of dollars for drug mobs, including Mexico’s Sinaloa drug cartel, suspected in tens of thousands of murders just in the past 10 years…
“The bank also moved money for organizations linked to Al Qaeda and Hezbollah, and for Russian gangsters…
“‘They violated every [expletive] law in the book,’ says Jack Blum, an attorney and former Senate investigator who headed a major bribery investigation against Lockheed in the 1970s that led to the passage of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. ‘They took every imaginable form of illegal and illicit business.’”[23]
And if you think that the war in Afghanistan has produced democracy, think again. In 1979, Afghanistan was producing only 250 tons of opium. By 2007, when the neo-Bolsheviks took over the country, at least “40,000 tons of illicit opiates have been stockpiled in Afghanistan, mostly to be marketed abroad.
“As of 2012, it was the world’s leading supplier of opium, with 74% of the global market, a figure that was expected to hit 90% as U.S. combat troops leave (and foreign aid flees). In other words, success in an endless war in that country has meant creating the world’s first true narco-state.”[24]
In short, we have reached an intolerable situation. We have the NSA virtually sucking the life out of virtually every American and much of the world by snooping on them, and we have Zombie Capitalist monsters such as Goldman Sachs, Wall Street, Bain Capital, JPMorgan Chase literally cheating the average American.
We have the Israeli regime currently destabilizing the West Bank by destroying Palestinian homes and building Jewish settlements in replacement.[25] Human Rights Watch recently declares,
“Israeli military forces should cease actions in a West Bank Bedouin community that were apparently intended to displace the residents without lawful justification.
“The military demolished all homes in the community on September 16, 2013, and blocked four attempts by humanitarian groups to provide shelters, with soldiers using force against residents, humanitarian workers, and foreign diplomats on September 20.
“Under international humanitarian law in effect in the occupied West Bank, the deliberate unlawful forced transfer of a population is a war crime.”[26]
Seymour-Hersh-Noted journalist Seymour Hersh has recently declared that serious journalism has been hijacked. The only way to get back to serious issues is, says Hersh, to “fire 90% of editors and promote ones you can’t control.”[27]
The New York Times, Hersh continues, “spends so much more time carrying water for Obama than I ever thought they would. Nothing’s been done about that story, it’s one big lie, not one word of it is true. It’s pathetic, they are more than obsequious, they are afraid to pick on this guy [Obama].”[28]
Good point. The New York Times has been sheltering their Zionist president for quite some times now. The New York Times has declared that terrorist activities have dropped because of the NSA.[29] Neoconservative magazines such as the Weekly Standard were already working on this case since last August.[30]
In other words, the NSA should continue its covert operation against Americans.
Yet to say that the NSA actually stops terrorist activities actually begs the question: who is supporting the Syrian rebels/terrorists now? Who is suspending both international law and the American Constitution to support terrorist regimes in the Middle East? Russia? China? Norway? Iceland? North Korea? Or maybe Cuba?
The answer is quite obvious: it is the neo-Bolshevik/Zionist regime in America and Israel that is supporting terrorism. The Washington Post has recently reported that the CIA is currently training the rebels/terrorists,[31]who themselves have more than likely used chemical weapons and put the blame on Assad.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently said,
“We read reports and hear from various sources, semi-official and trustworthy, that some official representatives of a number of the countries of the region surrounding Syria allegedly established contacts and meet regularly with leaders of Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist groups, and also that those radicals have some components of chemical weapons maybe found in Syria or maybe brought from somewhere, and not just on the Syrian territory, but also that chemical weapons components have been brought to Iraq and that provocations are being prepared there.”[32]
Second, the claim that the NSA has actually stopped at least 54 terrorist plots is misleading at best. Keith Alexander has admitted under oath that this is not the case.[33] And after months of denying that the NSA can actually use devices such as cell phones to snoop on Americans, Alexander finally admitted that there is more to the NSA than meets the eye and ear.[34]
Bishop Williamson
Bishop Williamson
In response to the article by the New York Timeson the issue that the NSA has thwarted terrorist activities, one commentator declared, “So? What is your point? Letting an Orwellian police state spring up like a poisonous snake? I think not.”[35]
Precisely. Keith Alexander has recently reiterated his position that “it is in the nation’s best interest to put all the phone records into a lockbox that we can search when the nation needs it.”[36] And at this present moment the NSA is storing your online data for at least one year.[37]
Mark Landler of the New York Times has declared a few days ago that Obama has had a deeply “frustrating private correspondence with the leaders of Iran,”[38] leaving the impression that Washington has always wanted peaceful dialogue and has reached out to Iran.
The simple fact is that it is the opposite! Iran has always reached out to the U.S. Even after the 9/11 attack, Iran sent his deep sympathies to Bush and agreed to fight terrorism. But Bush, in his tyrannical mode, rejected Iran’s proposals.[39]
Moreover, Obama, in some instances, has tried to deal with Iran in a more respectful manner. But the Israeli regime has always tried to tell him what to say and what not to say. In other words, they got him handcuffed.[40]
Even before Rouhani called Obama recently, White House National Security Advisor Susan Rice “informed her Israeli counterpart Yaakov Amidror Friday of the planned telephone conversation U.S. President Barack Obama was to hold with Iranian President Hassan Rohani and then informed him of its contents after it had taken place.”[41]
The United States has to send tell Israel contents of a dialogue between Washington and Iran! That is power. Netanyahu responded by saying that the Iran deal is a trap.[42] Netanyahu declares,
“Just like North Korea before it, Iran professes to seemingly peaceful intentions; it talks the talk of nonproliferation while seeking to ease sanctions and buy more time for its nuclear program.”[43]
As soon as the two Zionist talking heads met in Washington, Netanyahu asked Obama to threaten Iran even more. And he did.[44] Netanyahu, in return, was pleased with Obama’s threatening manner.[45]
Netanyahu went even further to declare that Hourani is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” who does have a “charm offensive.”[46] As Daniel Levy of European Council on Foreign Relations has put it,
“Netanyahu is signaling that there is no realistic deal that would be acceptable to Israel. For instance, a consensus exists among experts and Western officials that Iran’s right to enrich uranium — in a limited manner and under international supervision — for its civilian nuclear energy program will be a necessary part of any agreement. Netanyahu rejects this.”[47]
Jeffrey Goldberg
Jeffrey Goldberg
Even before Netanyahu and Obama met, Simon Peres was already sounding the alarming, saying things like “all options are on the table.”[48] Yet the vast majority of Americans—76 percent of them—would prefer direct talks with Iran.[49]
In all honesty, how does this man sleep at night with all his lies and deceptions under his pajamas? Israel does not even sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, but the same regime is dictating that this or that nation should be sanctioned.
Moreover, the Zionist regime inexorably produced massive death in the Middle East, and it seems that every month they need more blood from the goyim for their bar-mitzvah rituals.
Just last month alone, 900 civilians were slaughtered in Iraq,[50] a country where the neo-Bolsheviks have already established their Jewish heaven on earth. Widespread torture and inhumane behavior continue to be the norm in Libya,[51] where the neo-Bolsheviks made their visit in 2011.
This year alone, 5,740 people have already lost their lives in that country.[52] Last July, 1,000 people lost their lives in the same country. It is almost the same situation in Afghanistan, where thousands upon thousands of civilians have lost their lives. As a result, people are fleeing those countries by the thousands.[53] We see the same thing in Syria, where it has been reported that more than 115,000 people have lost their lives.[54] The war has also produced a form of “sexual jihad.”[55]
What is even more interesting is that the neo-Bolsheviks in America are currently denouncing Hasan Hourani for his cogent essay.[56]Jeffrey Goldberg for example propounds that Hourani “is  attempting to charm the pants off the United Nations, President Barack Obama, world Jewry and Charlie Rose”[57] by saying nice things but doing something else in secret. Brian Williams of NBC propounded the same thing.[58]
Golberg has five reasons as to why we should not take Hourani seriously, but none of those reasons is compatible with the Israeli nuclear warheads programs.
Golberg asserts that Rouhani cannot be taken seriously because Rouhani said 1) he “will not even talk about suspending uranium enrichment; 2) Hourani seems to be a moderate, but that’s what makes him so dangerous; 3)Rouhani wants to pursue nuclear weapons because, according to Goldberg, “it’s in the best interest of Iran’s rulers”; 4) Iran lies about its nuclear program when it declares that it is “un-islamic.”
Goldberg asserts, “mass murder of innocent people is also prohibited by Islam, but Khamenei’s government engages in this practice through its support for Hezbollah and Bashar al-Assad in Syria, among others. The regime also kills many people directly, of course, including peacefully protesting Iranians.”
And finally, Goldberg declares that “the supreme leader is, in fact, the nuclear program’s chief backer.”[59]
In short, The Zionist regime both in Israel and in America is doing the same thing that the Pharisees did in the first century: they are pushing the goyim to do all their dirty work and, as a result, absolve themselves from any responsibility.
After all, did Rabbi Ovadia Yosef declare that “Goyim were born only to serve us [Jews]”? Didn’t he say that “you must send missiles to them and annihilate them”?[60] Didn’t William Kristol say that Obama “is a born-again neocon”?[61] Didn’t Jewish historian Yuri Slezkine of the University of California declare that this is “The Jewish Century”?[62]
Hersh concludes,
“I would close down the news bureaus of the networks and let’s start all over, tabula rasa. The majors, NBCs, ABCs, they won’t like this – just do something different, do something that gets people mad at you, that’s what we’re supposed to be doing.”[63]
This is a sad story but Hersh could not flesh out the fact that the news media is largely a Jewish town.[64] I am sure that Hersh knows that Hollywood, which makes a mockery out of any sacrilegious things in movies such asSweetwater Vengeance (they have yet to ridicule the Talmud in those movies), is also a Jewish empire.[65]
Lloyd-BlankfeinHere’s an interesting thing: the oligarchs think that we have not given monstrous companies such as Goldman Sachs enough credit. Listen to this message by a self-proclaimed Ayn Rand devotee:
“Imagine the effect on our culture, particularly on the young, if the kind of fame and adulation bathing Lady Gaga attached to the more notable achievements of say, Warren Buffett.
Or if the moral praise showered on Mother Teresa went to someone like Lloyd Blankfein, who, in guiding Goldman Sachs toward billions in profits, has done infinitely more for mankind.
“(Since profit is the market value of the product minus the market value of factors used, profit represents the value created.) Instead, we live in a culture where Goldman Sachs is smeared as “a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity. . .[66]
Matt Taibbi, who is not even a Christian, was shocked: “What a world we live in, where Mother Teresa wins more moral praise than Lloyd Blankfein! Who can bear living in a society where such a thing is possible? Quel horreur![67]
Taibbi continued to say, “From tech stocks to high gas prices, Goldman Sachs has engineered every major market manipulation since the Great Depression — and they’re about to do it again.”[68] Taibbi is right.
Goldman Sachs, the Jewish banking and securities firm, came close to being shut down in 2010, but they cleared the issue by paying $550 million to settle their fraud case.[69] It is well known that Goldman Sachs was implicated in a sex trafficking scandal with—the biggest one in the United States.[70] Taibbi ofRolling Stone wrote in 2010:
“The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it’s everywhere. The world’s most powerful investment bank is a great vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly jamming its blood funnel into anything that smells like money.”[71]
People who ought to be in jailed
People who ought to be in jailed. So far, only Madoff got what he deserved.
Former Goldman Sachs vice president Greg Smith, a Jew himself, quit in 2012 after twelve years because he finally had the guts to say that the firm does not serve people but serves what the New Testament calls Mammon.
Smith declared that in order to get promoted in the company, you have to persuade “your clients to invest in the stocks or other products that we are trying to get rid of because they are not seen as having a lot of potential profit…Get your clients—some of whom are sophisticated, and some of whom aren’t—to trade whatever will bring the biggest profit to Goldman. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t like selling my clients a product that is wrong for them.”[72]
Smith continues,
“I attend derivative sales meetings where not one single minute is spent asking questions about how we can help clients. It’s purely about how we can make the most possible money off of them.
“If you were an alien from Mars and sat in on one of these meetings, you would believe that a client’s success or progress was not part of the thought process at all. It makes me ill how callously people talk about ripping their clients off. Over the last 12 months I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as ‘muppets,’ sometimes over internal e-mail.”[73]
Smith’s defection caused a lot of damage to the company, for right after his article appeared in the New York Times, Goldman Sachs’ shares dropped 3.4 percent, costing the company $2.15 billion.[74]
While this move prompted some to say that Smith committed career suicide,[75] he is a courageous man, and others have praised his honesty and boldness.[76] Yet Smith has not been the only whistleblower; accusations against Goldman Sachs were already made in 2011 when it was discovered that Goldman Sachs was “exploiting”clients.[77]
Elizabeth O'Bagy
Elizabeth O’Bagy
But despite the Zionist political power over us, Americans are waking up and beginning to see that they have been lied to.[78] In addition, more and more neoconservative think tanks are beginning to be exposed as hoaxes and propaganda machines. The Elizabeth O’Bagy story is a classic case in point.
The legendary O’Bagy, who served as an analyst for the neoconservative Institute for the Study of War (headed by Jewish neocon Kimberly Kagan) and who was a frequent guest in the Zionist media, kept telling the entire world that she was a Ph.D. student at Georgetown University.
There was one problem: Georgetown had no record of O’Bagy. Once the world knew that she was a joke, the Institute fired her. Here’s the kicker: O’Bagy has been hired by John McCain as a legislative assistant. McCain declared:
“Elizabeth is a talented researcher, and I have been very impressed by her knowledge and analysis in multiple briefings over the last year.”[79]
What probably brought O’Bagy to McCain’s attention was that she had close contacts with Syrian rebel/terrorist organizations and
“her work became widely cited by high-profile figures, including Senator John McCain.
“In a lengthy Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing with Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, and General Martin Dempsey, McCain cited ‘Dr. O’Bagy’ extensively, quoting her Wall Street Journal op-ed, in which she argued, ‘the war in Syria is not being waged entirely or even predominately by dangerous Islamists and al-Qaida die-hards.’
“Indeed, the moderate nature of the Syrian rebels is a trope of O’Bagy’s reports for ISW just as it has been in McCain’s calls on the White House to arm the Syrian rebels. It is said that O’Bagy even orchestrated McCain’s trip to Syria to visit rebel commanders.”[80]
John McCain
John McCain
As Ryan Evans of the National Interest rightly puts it,
“Still, we have to give Senator McCain some credit for his consistency. For a few years now, his view of the world has been largely fictional. At least he now employs an effective specialist in foreign-policy fictions.”[81]
Evans is right. In response to McCain’s article on Putin, Russian politician Dmitry Peskov declared that McCain’s piece is “not intelligent.” He continued to say that
“McCain presents himself as a pro-Russian politician, because he is supposed to support the interests of the people against the oppressing authorities.
“This point is so naïve, and it’s so something from the Cold War propaganda arsenal, that it’s even difficult to explain, why the senator of the USA has such primitive thoughts.”[82]
Glenn Greenwald would probably call that “herd behavior.”[83]
McCain is wrapped around “primitive thoughts” because the neo-Bolshevik/Zionist/neoconservative dream is primitive in its ideological and political form. Those “primitive thoughts” want to drag the world to the Zionist guillotine where millions upon millions will be screaming for their lives like slaughtered chickens.
Perhaps it is time to put those Zionists out of jobs. Perhaps it is time to put them on trial for their crimes against humanity. Let the trial begin!

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Did SEC Porn Stars IG David Kotz, Noelle Maloney Cover Up Israeli Involvement In Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme ?

Did Schumer Shill for Madoff? | The Occidental Observer - White ...
Jan 16, 2011 - H.David Kotz is Jewish and the son of an immigrant indirectly from ... by the Inspector general of the SEC, H David Kotz, about the Schumer call.

 Even from CIA connected website :

 Mary Schapiro Will Step Down As SEC Chairman - Home - The ...
by DailyBail
Nov 26, 2012 - Maloney had just replaced Kotz as Inspector General of the S.E.C., and Mary Schapiro, 34 29 40, fretted over the transition. The Chairwoman slapped Kotz's head from between her slickened thighs. "Jesus, David, not now," ...

 Ex SEC IG David Kotz - wolfblitzzer0 - Blogger
Jun 11, 2013 - Ex SEC IG David Kotz 'Naked Shorting' Female SEC Employees ? ... Inspector General David Kotz Really Inconveniencing SEC Staffers' Ability To Look At Porn, Not ..... Jewish Terrorist Involvement in the Boston Bombing.


 The financial writer notes that the average investor also does not have the ability to subpoena or inquire, “’Does Bernie Madoff do trades with you?’ That’s the regulators’ job. That is what we pay taxes for them to do. They are acting on the customer’s behalf, or at least that is their stated mission. They are supposed to have that power, and that curiosity, on our behalf, and they didn’t.” One tell-tale indication that it was more than a lack of curiosity that stopped the SEC from exposing Madoff is the hostility it showed toward Markopolos. True, he had been warning them for more than a decade, asking how, contrary to market fluctuations, in good economic times and in bad Madoff never reported any losses but only consistent profits ranging from eight to 17 percent.  For example, even when the market plunged 40 percent in 2008, taking most mutual funds with it, Madoff miraculously reported that his investments were up more than eight percent for the year. The fact is, Arvedlund believes, “The SEC didn’t like Markopolos personally. He was very smart and was impatient to reveal Madoff for the fraud that he was.” Apart from Ed Manion and Mike Garrity of the SEC’s Boston office, the SEC “took an instant dislike to him. They thought he was arrogant, and they pretty much found any reason they could to dismiss his allegations.” By contrast, the SEC had a high regard for Madoff because he was a pioneer of electronic trading. “The SEC knew Madoff very well,” Arvedlund said. “He was considered kind of a godfather around the SEC, a big advisor to the agency.”.....



You may not remember or be aware of the fact that the effeminate  H.David Kotz  who many years before joining the SEC used his position as a Peace Corps attorney to cocver up rather  than investigate deaths of Peace Corp workers around the world in Africa and South America and Eastern Europe as well.

Paradoxically shortly after covering  up all other entities and individuals involved in the Madoff scandal the pervert H David Kotz who much reminds me of the  scumbag Anthony Weiner (who thinks of himself as a walking Oscar Meyer Weiner and his Hillary Clinton connected Saudi Arabia bitch-wife Huma Abedin) who recently ran for NY Mayor. Ex SEC IG H.David Kotz led a phoney anti-pornon the internet campaign against other lower level SEC attorneys at the SEC which now appears to be no more than a way of shutting up any potential whistleblowers within that agency that for th most part is among the most corrupt agencies of the U.S. government which of course is among the most corrupt governments in the world........Besides the sleazy bitch Noelle Maloney who either gave H.David Kotz  Monica Lewenski style blow jobs or fucked him with a dildo to climb higher within Mary Shapiro's Bernie Madoff connected SEC and eventually replace him as IG when he went slithering off without explanation into the Washington, D.C. night  - one wonders what the ex hedge fund wife who Koptz so generously handed several hundreds of dollars of SEC dollars to get her reward as a 'whistleblower' ? I can certainly believe the 'blower' part of that title.All I know is that no real whistleblowers have ever gotten any reward.
If anything from my experience as a defrauded investor who could have led the SEC to BILLIONS of dollars stolen in penny stock scams from James Dale Davidson's CIA connected Agora Inc. to Israelis using NASDAQ and its penny stock market to steal and launder American money while committing corporate sabotage and even terrorism in the U.S. - neither Kotz nor any of the corrupt SEC officials appointed by W Bush and now Barack Obama or whatver his name is,would ever give me or any other defrauded inveestor a reward or even get their stolen money bqack.Instead they allow and encourage the criminals you complain about to send you death thtreats !

  1. Security and Exchange Commission Inspector General David Kotz ... › Politics

    Jun 1, 2011 - The Securities and Exchange Commission still has a porn problem. A new report from the SEC's inspector general David Kotz details how three ...

  2. David Kotz, SEC Inspector General, Under Fire For 'Abusive ...

    Dec 2, 2011 - David Kotz, SEC Inspector General, Under Fire For 'Abusive ... from instances of SEC lawyers watching porn on government computers to ...

  3. Report says 33 SEC staff members viewed pornography at work: IG ... › Technology  Tech Policy

    Apr 24, 2010 - Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa), SEC Inspector General H. David Kotzinvestigated 33 employees and contractors for illegal computer usage.

to be continued

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