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U.S. Army Conlractor LVI,Suspect In 9/11 WTC Collapse  Illegal Asbestos Workers,Super Thermite

Twin towers 'built to withstand plane crash' - Telegraph

Sep 11, 2001 - Twin towers 'built to withstand plane crash' A COMBINATION of catastrophic events caused the downfall of the towering landmark that was built to withstand plane crashes.
Aug 21, 2012 - Early design tests confirmed that the Twin Towers could survive the impact of a ... confirm that the Twin Towers were built to withstand the impact from the ... that the plane would impart to the towers in any accidental collision.

Sep 8, 2015 - The military uses thermite in grenades (US AN-M14) for the destruction of vehicles and equipment where their high heat renders vehicles and ..

Lawyers File DOJ Petition Demanding 9/11 Grand Jury Investigation ... Technical analysis of video evidence of the WTC building collapses. ..... York City, saw 45 foot by 45 foot billboard sponsored byArchitects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth…
Nov 26, 2018 - RELATED >> Read/Download the First Amended Grand Jury Petition HERE. ... to the destruction of three World Trade Center Towers on 9/11 (WTC1, ... to the building collapses; and expert analysis by architects, engineers, ..

Who Put Super Thermite in the Twin Towers?

July 20, 2009
The discovery of chips of highly-explosive super-thermite in the dust of the World Trade Center is an essential key to unraveling the entire 9-11 hoax.  Understanding the lies about 9-11 reveals in turn the mass deception behind the wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq and the utterly fraudulent "War on Terror."  One soon realizes that the whole anti-terrorism Zeitgeist of the past 8 years is nothing but a pack of lies.  

The red-gray chips of active thermitic material found in the dust of the demolished towers
The discovery of super-thermite in the dust of the demolished towers opens up the whole can of 9-11 lies.  Dr. Steven E. Jones of Brigham Young University discovered unusual red-gray chips in the dust of the demolished twin towers and along with a team of other scientists published a peer-reviewed paper in March 2009 in which they prove that these chips are fragments from a thin layer of active thermite in the nano-size form, i.e. super-thermite.  This is the powerful explosive that pulverized the towers. Osama Bin Laden certainly didn't put super-thermite in the twin towers, so who did?  This is the question that demands to be answered.
Super-thermite is defined as a thermitic compound in which one of the two main components is in the nano-size range, i.e. less than one-tenth of a micron in size.  The main components of Thermite are generally aluminum and ferrous or iron oxide.  When these components are reduced to nano-size particles and mixed together, they form super-thermite, a highly energetic and explosive form of Thermite.  Other components can be added to the mix to create other effects, such as to produce a gas to increase the pressure of the explosion when the super-thermite is detonated. 

Because of the nano-size nature of the components of super-thermite, it is usually mixed and suspended in a solution that can be applied to a surface, such as the floors and walls of the World Trade Center, as a spray, film, or gel.  The evidence of the super-thermite chips found in the 9-11 dust suggest that this highly explosive solution had been applied as a thin layer to surfaces of the twin towers as a spray.  Who would have done that? 

When it was applied it was certainly not known to all that it was super-thermite, but was probably applied under the guise of being a spray coating of paint, fire-proofing, or some kind of asbestos abatement.  The people who applied the spray onto the surfaces of the World Trade Center certainly had no idea that what they were applying was actually a very powerful explosive film, although they were probably told not to smoke. 

As the application of the super-thermite must have occurred during the months prior to 9-11, I have used FOIA and other means to try to find who could have been doing such work in the towers during 2000-2001.  There was one significant clue at the very beginning.  Two days after 9-11, Engineering News-Record (ENR) reported that an asbestos abatement and demolition company called LVI had done extensive asbestos abatement work in the World Trade Center:
AMEC Inc., Turner Corp. and Bovis Lend Lease were set to assume "lead roles" in the cleanup effort, says Lee Benish, AMEC vice president. "From the very beginning, we've been deeply involved with the city department of emergency services," he says. "They're sorting through who will be doing what." LVI Services Inc., New York City, which has done extensive asbestos abatement work on the towers in the past, is involved in similar work now as well as other cleanup efforts.

LVI was immediately a suspect because it does a great deal of pre-demolition work in which it prepares buildings for demolition.  LVI has done several large demolition jobs with Controlled Demolition, Inc. of Maryland.

I called LVI and spoke with Burton T. Fried, the founder and CEO of the company, and asked him if his company had done extensive asbestos abatement work in the twin towers as reported in ENR.  He immediately denied that his company had done the work saying that another company called AASI had, but he added that they had gone out of business.  (NB -- One of the branch offices of LVI is named ASI.) 

Burton Fried of LVI
I then contacted the authors of the original ENR article to see what they had based their statement on.  Debra Rubin, one of the authors, confirmed the information in the article and told me that LVI, i.e. the company itself, had been the source of the information.  This is quite interesting because ENR and LVI clearly have an on-going relationship in which any substantial error, especially of such importance, would be corrected.  ENR's report is, after all, on the record that LVI did extensive asbestos abatement work in the now demolished twin towers.  This is certainly a very significant error that would have to be corrected -- if it were false. 
Although Fried denied to me that his company had done extensive asbestos abatement work in the twin towers, he has not demanded a correction or retraction from the engineering magazine, a journal of record in the engineering industry.  Furthermore, LVI has continued to do work at Ground Zero, where it has been involved recently in the pre-demolition clean-up of the Deutsche Bank building at the south end of the site. 

We do know that a million-dollar contract for asbestos abatement in the twin towers had been put up for bids by contractors in the fall of 2000, exactly one year before 9-11:

Contract WTC-115.310 - The World Trade Center Removal and Disposal of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tiles and Other Incidental Asbestos-Containing Building Materials Via Work Order Estimate Range: $1,000,000 annually Bids due Tuesday, October 17, 2000. (advertised by the PA on September 12, 2000) 

So why would Burton Fried deny to me that his company had worked in the twin towers but not demand that ENR correct the record?  During the past two months I have tried to reach Mr. Fried by phone and by email to clarify this matter and ask some questions about his company and the work they have done at the World Trade Center, before and after 9-11. 
Although Fried is listed as the company spokesman and person who answers questions for the press, he has not answered any of my emails.  Why is he avoiding my questions? 

I sent my first set of questions to Mr. Fried shortly after the Jones' paper on the discovery of super-thermite was published in March 2009.  The key question was stated thusly: 

The article from Engineering News-Record of September 13, 2001, says that LVI did extensive asbestos abatement work in the World Trade Center.  Is this correct?  Debra Rubin, one of the authors, told me that LVI had been the source of this information for the article.  You previously told me that LVI had not done this work and that a company named AASI had done the work.  Who was AASI and where were they from?  Do you still stand by that statement that you told me that LVI had not done any asbestos abatement work in the twin towers? 


Later, at the end of May, I sent a question to Mr. Fried about his company's million-dollar "research and development" work with the U.S. Army, particularly in 2000:

Dear Mr. Fried, 

The LVI website says that questions from the media should be sent to you.  I have a couple questions about the work LVI has done for the U.S. Army, especially about the millions of dollars of work done in Research and Development.  These questions are for the purpose of an article to be published. 

I would like to ask a few questions about the work LVI Group, Inc. did with the U.S. Army.  In 2000, LVI did about $3 million in R&D work for the U.S. Army, which was the largest part of the total contract for $3.2 million that year. records show that LVI did Applied Research and Exploratory Development (R&D) work for nearly $3 million that year. 

What was the nature of the $3 million in R&D work that LVI did for the U.S. Army in 2000?  Was any of it related to Thermite?  Has LVI done any work of any sort with nano-composite thermite?
In 2001, LVI had a negative amount shown of some $2.8 million with the U.S. Air Force.  Can you tell me what that was about?  In 2002 and 2003, LVI did about $500,000 of R&D with the U.S. Army.  What kind of R&D was LVI doing for the U.S. Army in those years? 

Thank you for your consideration of my request for information about your company's business with the federal government and U.S. Dept. of Defense. 
These questions were sent to Burton T. Fried, Chairman, LVI Services Inc., and to LVI's other press contact, Amy McGahan of Dix & Eaton.  Neither Fried nor McGahan ever responded with one word to a single question.  When I called, Fried was always out.  That seemed very strange.  This was a standard press inquiry.  Here is a company that does a great deal of business with the U.S. military and government but refuses to answer any questions for the press about its reported work in the World Trade Center or the nature of its multi-million dollar research and development contracts with the U.S. Army. 
Why would LVI not want to discuss its work in the twin towers or million dollar contracts with the U.S. military?  To understand LVI, we need to understand the man who runs the company. 


Burton T. Fried is a lawyer who founded LVI Services Inc., as a part of LVI Group in 1986.  Fried (born February 26, 1940, NYC) worked as a lawyer for 10 years before getting involved with LVI in 1974.  He was executive vice president, general counsel and secretary of LVI Group from 1974-86; vice chairman, general counsel, director, 1985-91; and president of LVI Group Inc., 1991-93.  After founding LVI Services in 1986, Fried was president and CEO of that company from 1986—2006.  Since 2006, Fried has served as chairman of the board of LVI Services, which describes itself thusly: 

LVI Services Inc. is the United States’ leading provider of a wide array of integrated facility services, including environmental remediation, demolition and related services for commercial, industrial, multi-family residential and governmental facilities. LVI focuses on projects involving asbestos, lead paint, mold, infection control, specialized environments, hazardous materials, emergency and disaster services, fireproofing and demolition. Founded in 1986, LVI has more than 30 offices across the United States, is licensed in every state, and is experienced in responding to natural and manmade disasters around the world. The company’s annual revenues exceed $380 million. For more information, visit


Fried had a family member who probably helped him at the World Trade Center.  His only brother-in-law, Gary M. Grossberg, was the Port Authority architect and project manager until 1995.  The World Trade Center, which was leased to Larry Silverstein in late July 2001, was actually owned and operated by the Port Authority.  Grossberg's obituary was published in the Star-Ledger of New Jersey on August 1, 2008.  Grossberg was married 51 years to Fried's only sibling, his sister Estelle Fried. 

LVI has a documented history of hiring illegal aliens to do the dirty and dangerous work.  The Times Union of Albany (NY), for example, reported on June 5, 2004, that LVI asbestos workers had been arrested at a "General Electric Co. plant where, federal authorities said, they found evidence of significant asbestos-removal violations."

The investigation is now focusing on the Manhattan-based cleanup company, LVI Environmental Services Inc., and whether it has properly vetted its employees. The eight men arrested on federal fraud charges are from Ecuador and allegedly used fraudulent Social Security cards to obtain asbestos removal licenses from the state of New York, according to the charges. 

Several other workers scattered during the raid and were not caught, authorities said. 

"What we're trying to do is figure out what this very large asbestos abatement company was doing utilizing an illegal work force,'' said Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig S. Benedict. "This wasn't an instance where one worker slipped through the cracks. Given their lack of English (speaking) skills, it is certainly hard to imagine how it could have escaped the attention of LVI officials.'' 

Sources close to the investigation said federal agents found evidence of asbestos violations that included having loads of dry asbestos -- which is supposed to be wet during removal to prevent it from becoming airborne. 

Burton T. Fried, LVI 's president, said he was not aware of the arrests until told about the investigation by a reporter on Friday afternoon. He asked to review a copy of the U.S. Attorney's news release on the case but then declined to return a telephone call seeking additional comment. 
There are many similar stories about LVI being caught employing illegal aliens around the nation and using unsafe practices.  Several LVI employees, usually Hispanic workers, have been killed or badly injured on the job.  The record clearly indicates that LVI is a company that has a long-standing practice of exploiting illegal aliens in very dangerous working conditions.  These illegal practices don't seem to prevent the company from getting multi-million dollar federal contracts with the U.S. government and military.  The demolition company has some very unusual "research and development" contracts with the U.S. military, such as the multi-million dollar R&D contract with the U.S. Army in 2000.  What kind of R&D does a private demolition company do for the U.S. Army?  Did any of these projects involve super-thermite in demolition?

Burton Fried is certainly not talking.

"Industry Firms Pitch in for World Trade Cleanup While Others Account for Employees in Doomed Buildings," Engineering News-Record, September 13, 2001, Richard Korman, Debra Rubin, and Gary Tulac

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9/11:.NY Post Acidentally Reveals Israelis In Control Of Boston Logan Airport Had Warnings But NO Video Survaillance Camaras,Allowed Mohammed Atta To Film Security Months Before 9711.....

9/11 terrorists caught testing airport security months before attacks
By Paul Sperry October 5, 2014 | 2:07am
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9/11 terrorists caught testing airport security months before attacks
Mohamed Atta (right) and Abdulaziz Alomari pass through airport security on Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2001, at Portland International Jetport. AP
Antifa protester fired for his verbal assault on alleged 9/11 widow
How 'Shark Tank' helped this deceased firefighter's dream come true
Protester tells alleged 9/11 widow: 'Your husband should rot in the grave’
Man convicted of helping 9/11 terrorists is all smiles after early release
At least three eyewitnesses spotted al Qaeda hijackers casing the security checkpoints at Boston’s Logan Airport months before the 9/11 attacks. They saw something and said something — but were ignored, newly unveiled court papers reveal.

One of the witnesses, an American Airlines official, actually confronted hijacking ringleader Mohamed Atta after watching him videotape and test a security checkpoint in May 2001 — four months before he boarded the American Airlines flight that crashed into the World Trade Center.

The witness alerted security, but authorities never questioned the belligerent Egyptian national or flagged him as a threat.

“I’m convinced that had action been taken after the sighting of Atta, the 9/11 attacks, at least at Logan, could have been deterred,” said Brian Sullivan, a former FAA special agent who at the time warned of holes in security at the airport.

The three Boston witnesses were never publicly revealed, even though they were interviewed by the FBI and found to be credible. Their names didn’t even appear as footnotes in the 9/11 commission report.

But what they testified to seeing — only revealed now as part of the discovery in a settled 9/11 wrongful-death suit against the airlines and the government — can only be described as chilling.

I said, specifically, ‘These two clowns are up to something. They’ve been taking videos and pictures down at the main checkpoint.’
- Stephen J. Wallace, American Airlines technician
Stephen J. Wallace, a 17-year American Airlines technician, first alerted Logan authorities that two Middle Eastern men — one of whom he would ID as Atta from a photo array following the attacks — were acting suspiciously outside the main ­security checkpoint.
He remembers it vividly. It was the morning of May 11, 2001. One was videotaping and taking still photos of the flight board and the checkpoint from about 25 feet away, while the other was talking loudly in Arabic on a cellphone. The behavior went on for 45 minutes.

Wallace was so disturbed, he walked over to them and asked about the contents of their carry-on luggage, which he described as “brand-new” pilot bags.

“I said, ‘You guys don’t have any of this stuff in your bags, do you?’ ” pointing to a kiosk display of prohibited items.

“One of them said to the other, gesturing at me, called me a rather nasty name in Arabic,” Wallace added, explaining that he recognized the word because “I swear in Arabic.”

They then nervously packed up their bags and raced to another checkpoint, with Wallace hot on their heels. Before they entered the other checkpoint, Wallace alerted several authorities.

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9/11 hijacker Mohamed Atta, who is thought to have flown American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower of the World Trade CenterAP
“I said, specifically, ‘These two clowns are up to something,’ ” he testified. “’They’ve been taking videos and pictures down at the main checkpoint.’”

But authorities never followed up. The men boarded an American flight to Washington, DC.

Theresa Spagnuolo, an American Airlines passenger screener, told federal agents after the attacks that she also observed a short Middle Eastern man — Atta — videotaping the main security checkpoint in May 2001.

“She was bothered by Atta’s filming, so she spoke to her supervisor about it” and he “informed her it was a public area and nothing could be done about it,” the agents said in their investigation.

Her supervisor was James Miller Jr., who would later testify, “It looked weird to me.”

He said he reported Atta to higher-ups, who told him, as he relayed to Spagnuolo, that there was nothing they could do about it.

In fact, airport security had clear authority to investigate anybody surveilling a checkpoint at the time, and such activity should have raised major red flags. Just two months earlier, federal authorities advised airlines, including American, that al Qaeda terrorists typically conduct surveillance before attacking a target.

Instead, the worst terrorist hijacker in history was allowed to waltz through security without anyone stopping him, asking his name, checking his ticket, taking a picture, looking at his driver’s license or passport, opening his bags or patting him down.

The worst terrorist hijacker in history was allowed to waltz through security without anyone stopping him, asking his name, checking his ticket, taking a picture, looking at his driver’s license or passport, opening his bags or patting him down.And Logan had failed to install security cameras at the checkpoint, so an image of Atta and his May 11 visit was never taken.
Four months later, on Sept. 11, Atta passed through the same security checkpoint. His carry-on bag got past screeners despite containing box-cutters and mace or pepper spray. He took his seat in business class on American Airlines Flight 11 unimpeded.

The eyewitness accounts surfaced in a lawsuit brought by the family of Mark Bavis, a Los Angeles Kings hockey scout who died in one of the hijacked Boston flights. Because the case was settled in 2011 for several million dollars and never went to trial, the evidence never aired in open court.

Over the objections of federal authorities, the Bavis lawyers later made the risky decision to dump the FBI interviews and deposition transcripts into the public archives.

The testimony is expected to factor prominently in another 9/11 lawsuit brought against the airlines by the owner of World Trade Center Properties. That case, which is on appeal, is expected to be heard next year.

Paul Sperry is a Hoover Institution media fellow and author of “Infiltration: How Muslim Spies and Subversives Have Penetrated Washington.”

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Mother of six escapes Lev Tahor Jewish 'cult' in Guatemala fleeing to Brooklyn after being told her 13-year-old daughter would be forced to marry one of the leader's sons

THIS JEWISH CULT harrassed and abused and won a court case against a Mayan Mayor of San Juan La Laguna for expelling them from that village several years ago even though the Maya have their own laws that are more ethical than those of the country of Guatemala itself.Had the indigenous community of San Juan La Laguna been respected by the Guatemalan government the Jewish cult would not be committing acts of pedophilia and under age forced marriage which has actually been supposedly made illegal in Guatemala in recent years.Note the photos of women and children dressed like Taliban women in burkas,(or paradoxicaly like victims of a Spanish inquisition), in Daily Mail article below.

Sara Helbrans, 32, was a member of the Jewish ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor sect which is alleged to treat women and children in the group appallingly 

Sara Helbrans, 32, grew up a member of the Jewish ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor sect started by her father, Shlomo Helbrans
He drowned in a river on a trip to Mexico in 2017 and her brother is now at the helm
Her husband is a member of the group based in Guatemala
Sara has fled to Brooklyn with her six children claiming widespread sex abuse and forced marriages in the group
Her husband denies the claims and the cult says she is responsible for abusing her children. She is now battling for custody

PUBLISHED: 15:54 GMT, 20 December 2018 | UPDATED: 18:00 GMT, 20 December 2018


View comments
A woman who escaped from an ultra-orthodox Jewish cult in Guatemala has arrived in Brooklyn and blown the whistle on its alleged 'barbaric and abusive' customs.

Sara Helbrans, 32, had been a lifelong member of the Lev Tahor sect founded by her father until earlier this year.

She was told her 13-year-old daughter would be forced to marry the son of a community leader. Her objections were ignored so she fled to the U.S. along with her six children.

Now she is lifting the lid on the secretive group 's way of life.

Sara Helbrans, 32, was a member of the Jewish ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor sect which is alleged to treat women and children in the group appallingly +9
Sara Helbrans, 32, was a member of the Jewish ultra-orthodox Lev Tahor sect which is alleged to treat women and children in the group appallingly

Helbrans says she was forced to flee from a Guatemalan village where there is child abuse and forced marriages +9
Helbrans says she was forced to flee from a Guatemalan village where there is child abuse and forced marriages

It has led to the start of numerous custody battles and the arrest of five former community leaders, including her brother.

Sara alleges the group from which she escaped, is a cult — and she and her six kids are in desperate need of protection.

'I am very imminently afraid from the cult and what the children's father and other cult members may do now that we are no longer under their power and manipulation,' according to filings she submitted to a Brooklyn court.

Before Sara fled, Helbrans had been a part of the cult her entire life.

Her father, Shlomo Helbrans, founded the group in Jerusalem in 1987 and flourished after he moved the group to the U.S. in the early 1990s.. He drowned in a river on a trip to Mexico in 2017 according to the New York Post.

The community, which believes the Jews must remain in exile, has won the admiration from some for its devoutness but others condemn it to cult-like sect

Sara says the group has continually abused and tortured its members.

It is accused of kidnapping and torturing children and severely restricting the lives and wellbeing of its followers.

Lev Tahor is a radical strain of Hassidic Judaism that believes television and computers are bad and must be avoided.

The group rejects the state of Israel because it views the Jews as a people who must remain in exile.

The sect were based in Canada in 2014 but then had to flee amid allegations of child abuse and suspicions the group was carrying out underage marriages.

They then headed to San Juan La Laguna in Guatemala from which they were also moved on to a different village after similar accusations.

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Israeli Zionism Hateful Form Of Machismo,Ban The Talmud As Hate Speech

Opinion Zionism as a Form of Toxic Masculinity
Toxic masculinity, as in: I, as a self-decreed Alpha, can do whatever the Capital Eff I please, to whomever I please, for whatever personal benefit I can extract, with absolutely no fear of negative consequence

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Dec 18, 2018 6:06 PM
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A Palestinian protester moves the gun on an Israeli soldier out of his face during a protest by Palestinian, Israeli and foreign demonstrators on Road 60, in the West Bank, on May 17, 2014.
A Palestinian protester moves the gun on an Israeli soldier out of his face during a protest by Palestinian, Israeli and foreign demonstrators on Road 60, in the West Bank, on May 17, 2014. AFP
Hamas owes its 'Palestine from the river to the sea' slogan to Zionism
If Zionism were colonial it would have ended long ago
Israel's nation-state law has redefined the self-hating Jew
There's something inside me that I can't seem to get rid of. I push it down, try to pay no attention, but still it rattles around down there, souring the system. Then, over the last miserable couple of weeks, I realized that it's time I brought this up, to the surface, and, at long last, dealt with it.

It's about Zionism. Zionism as a form of toxic masculinity.

Toxic masculinity, as in: I, as a self-decreed Alpha, can do whatever the Capital Eff I please, to whomever I please, for whatever personal benefit I can extract, with absolutely no fear of negative consequence.

As in: I should be able to badger and bludgeon anyone I please, in order to get my way, regardless of the issue, regardless of how many people it hurts, demeans, infuriates, oppresses.

Why? #BecauseZionism.

It has to do with toxic masculinity in behavior, policy, enforcement, in word and deed. In the West Bank, and in Israel proper.

It has to do with just one week, in which right-wing Israeli soldiers attacked and fought with Israeli Border Police, in an effort to forcibly release settlers the Border Police troops had arrested for throwing stones at Palestinian homes in the West Bank.

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You read that right.

>> Hamas owes its 'Palestine from the river to the sea' slogan to Zionism | Opinion

It has to do with settlers pressuring cabinet ministers to attend a protest AGAINST their own government, for not acting fast enough to respond to terrorist attacks by immediately legalizing – in the vernacular, "Koshering" - thousands of settlement homes which even Israel recognizes were built illegally on Palestinian-owned land. Obedient as dogs under a threatening stick, nine ministers, one short of a cabinet majority, attended the protest,

You read that right.

All in the service of Zionism as a form of toxic masculinity – all for the sake of the new Greater Israel, where 2,000 wrongs make a right wing.

All for the sake of Zionism, which has testosteronized into a he-man, screw-everyone-but-us government of the settlers, by the settlers, for the settlers. A government deriving its just powers from the consent of the settlers. And no one else.

It has to do with overstepping – crushing underfoot - all imaginable bounds, just because you can. It has to do with Israel pressuring U.S. state and federal government to enact anti-BDS legislation, and reportedly asking German Chancellor Angela Merkel to act to cut-off German funding to organizations and institutions which Benjamin Netanyahu's office views as critical of its policies – among them, the Israeli news and commentary website +972 Magazine, and, most astonishing, the Jewish Museum in Berlin.

You read that right, too.

>> Racist graffiti sprayed, cars vandalized in West Bank Palestinian village

It has to do with doing all that, and then saying nothing, looking the other way, when a Texas school district allegedly fires a children’s speech pathologist because she refused to sign a pledge not to boycott Israel, prompting a lawsuit over First Amendment rights.

All for the sake of a Zionism which now takes the worst, most obnoxious elements of what may be called the Israeli personality, and glorifies them, to the exclusion of what was once actually positive here.

Meet the New Zionist Man: Deputy Speaker of the Knesset Bezalel Smotrich, of the radical settler-dominated Tkuma faction of the hardline Bayit Hayehudi party.

Famed for: Having called an LGBTQ Pride march a "parade of beasts"; having urged segregation of Arabs and Jews in hospital maternity wards ("It is natural that my wife would not want to lay down next to someone who just gave birth to a baby who might want to murder her baby in another 20 years."); having said that children throwing stones at soldiers should be shot to death, and having declared, regarding Israelis, that God commanded Jews not to sell homes to Arabs.

Current claim to fame: Author of profoundly surreal legislation initially approved Sunday by the Netanyahu cabinet, which would, if passed by the Knesset, magically legalize no fewer than 65 illegal West Bank outposts, supply them with infrastructure, government services, connection to the Israel Electric Corporation power grid, and a Treasury guarantee of a mortgage for any settlers who want to build a new home where they are – as well as effective immunity from official enforcement actions like eviction and demolition.

Or Meet the New Zionist Man: Yair Netanyahu, prospective Knesset Likud candidate, and the potty-mouthed, racist, girlfriend-humiliating, hormone-driven, uber-privileged, colossally arrogant sock-puppet son of the prime minister.

Watch him progress in stature and influence as he publicly advocates ethnic cleansing against millions of Muslims, promotes anti-Semitism against left-leaning Jews, swears on the witness stand like a leave-drunk sailor, and, for dessert, makes obscene gestures in a courtroom,

Watch his proud parents kvell.

Why? 'Cause he's a real man. Cause he's a real rightist. Cause he's Israeli and Jewish and Likud.

>> The Israeli-Palestinian conflict through the lens in 2018 | IN PHOTOS

Because Zionism now equals settlements. And democracy-strangling legislation. Because in order to win the favor of the crucial swing vote of racist ultra-masculine (in their own minds) neo-Kahane neo-fascists and, yes, to win the favor of the settlement movement, Israel's leaders now call for war when the military is against it.

Groveling at the feet of the far-right, beating their chests like male great apes in display, Israel's leaders now want to uproot and expel family members of terrorists - even when the Shin Bet and senior army and police officials have explicitly and repeatedly told the cabinet ministers that the expulsions are counter-productive in combating terror, and are directly in conflict with to Israel's short- and long-term interests at home and abroad.

You read that right.

It's gotten so bad that the discourse of toxic masculinity now also extends to those who oppose Zionism, and who have adopted its aversion to sympathy and compassion for any of those who stand on the other side of the conflict.

So where does that leave me?

It leaves me, and an enormous number of other Jews, orphaned of a homeland, supplanted by well-meaning evangelicals and foreign anti-Semites and other Greater Israel-friendly supporters of settlements and permanent occupation and permanent Netanyahu and permanent warfare and permanent collective punishment and denial of basic rights for millions of Palestinians.

I can tell you this: If this is Zionism, I am so off the bus.

If you'll excuse me, I have some uprooting and expulsion of my own to do. Inside me.

There may be no cure for toxic masculinity, but that's no reason to leave it to fester where it is.

Bradley Burston
Bradley Burston

Haaretz Correspondent

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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Israel spyware used to target colleagues of murdered Mexico journalist

Middle East Monitor-Nov 28, 2018
Colleagues of Valdez are alleged to have been targeted by the Mexican government using the Israeli software to turn their phones into a 

Monday, December 3, 2018

Arkansas' Inslaw Spy Software Stolen By Israel Is Model For Pegasus That Tracked Kashoggi,Killed Clinton's Vince Foster?

Israel spyware used to target colleagues of murdered Mexico journalist

Middle East Monitor-Nov 28, 2018
Colleagues of Valdez are alleged to have been targeted by the Mexican government using the Israeli software to turn their phones into a 

Sep 5, 2018 - According to one of Mr. Kavanaugh's sources, Mr. Foster had been ... was being blackmailed by the Israelis over a secret Swiss bank account.

Sep 24, 1996 - During the Clinton administration, allegations of politicization have ... Inslaw's principal asset is a highly sophisticated software program called PROMIS, a computer ... Following the death of Casolaro, Inslaw Attorney Elliot Richardson ... Vince Foster apparently were linked to both Iran-Contra and Inslaw 

The possible motive for the murder of Hillary Clinton's friend Vince Foster and ... QUINN: Now this software, which was originally called Promis, was stolen from a .... What is, how did Hillary Clinton and the Israeli Mossad and all of this come .

Saudi friend of Khashoggi sues Israeli surveillance company
03 Dec 2018 - 13:59

JERUSALEM: A Saudi dissident has filed a lawsuit against an Israeli surveillance company, claiming its sophisticated spyware targeted him and helped lead to the killing of his friend, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

The suit, filed in a Tel Aviv court on Sunday, follows others previously filed against the company. But because of the dissident's ties to Khashoggi and his high-profile killing Oct. 2 at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul, it is likely to shine a greater spotlight on the Israeli company and the Israeli government, which licenses the export of the surveillance technology.

According to the lawsuit, Omar Abdulaziz, a sharp critic on social media of the Saudi royals and a resident of Canada where he has received asylum, said he was friends with Khashoggi and worked with him on a project meant to rein in pro-monarchy Saudi trolls.

The lawsuit says Abdulaziz received and clicked on a link sent to his phone in June 2018 that he argues exposed his mobile communications to Saudi authorities. It says Abdulaziz faced increased harassment by Saudi authorities after he clicked on the link, including against his family members in Saudi Arabia.

"The spying that was directed against (Abdulaziz) and the disclosure of the content of the conversations and messages between him and Khashoggi through the system contributed in a tangible way to the decision to assassinate Mr. Khashoggi by the assassins at the consulate," the lawsuit states, citing news reports and other sources claiming that NSO Group sold Saudi Arabia the technology in 2017 for $55 million.

Abdulaziz is demanding 600,000 shekels - about $160,000 - in damages from the company, as well as an order preventing it from selling its technology, known as "Pegasus," to Saudi Arabia.

In a written statement, NSO Group said the company's technology "enables governments and law enforcement agencies to fight terrorism and crime." It said it takes "an extremely scrupulous" approach to the sale of its products, which also undergo vetting and licensing by Israel's defense ministry.

"We do not tolerate misuse of our products. If there is suspicion of misuse, we investigate it and take the appropriate actions, including suspending or terminating a contract," it said.

NSO has been under the spotlight for months after dissidents, journalists and other opposition figures have come forward to claim the company's technology has been used by repressive governments to spy on them.

These include Mexican journalists who have already filed lawsuits against the company and an Amnesty International employee who was allegedly targeted by the software.

The new suit comes days after the human rights group said it was considering legal steps to have NSO Group's export license revoked. It said it had made an urgent request to Israel's defense ministry to have the company's export license revoked following the targeting of one of its employees. It said the request was denied.

"We thoroughly reject this inadequate response. The mountain of evidence and reports on NSO Group and the sale of its spyware to human rights-violating regimes is substantial proof that NSO has gone rogue," said Molly Malekar, programs director of Amnesty International Israel.

By continuing to approve of NSO, she added, Israel's defense ministry is practically admitting to knowingly cooperating with a company whose "software is used to commit human rights abuses."


Justice Department records confirm PROMIS scandal’s ties to Israel

Recently released memos lend credence to theory the controversial software was given to spymaster Rafi Eitan
Written by 
Edited by JPat Brown
Justice Department documents recently released by the National Archivesconfirm what some Inslaw witnesses have been saying for decades: that a copy of PROMIS software was given to Israel.
Previous records and admissions acknowledged the fact that the software was given to Israel while insisting that it wasn’t delivered to Israeli Spymaster Rafi Eitan but instead went to Dr. Joseph Ben Orr. According to a Department of Justice (DOJ) memo, however, the man they claim they gave the software to wasn’t in the country at the time. The DOJ later asserted that the records on the two Israelis mysteriously disappeared, leaving behind only a few memos and vague memories. These facts lend a great deal of credence to the statements from Bill Hamilton and others that the phantom Israeli they met was none other than Eitan.
In 1982, two Israelis arrived in the United States and went to the DOJ. According to Bob Roeder, then administrator for the DOJ’s Office of Legal Policy (OLP), the two went to the OLP as part of a prior arrangement that he was unaware of. Instructions came down from Deputy Attorney General Edward Schmults, the number two man in the DOJ, to hire them as “experts.” They were employed and given a GS-15 salary, the highest tier possible before the “executive level,” which is reserved for the civilian equivalent of military generals.
The search efforts went well beyond this, contacting multiple offices and executives and searching record systems that stretched back decades. DOJ’s bottom line was that “records must have been created re these two because they were on the DOJ payroll. But they can’t be found.”
Hamilton and others have identified Orr as being Eitan. According to Gordon Thomas, Eitan admitted the truth of this to him, per Thomas’ book and his affidavit, though the DOJ continues to deny the allegations. According to Jack Rugh (who was criticized by a federal judge for his role in the PROMIS affair) at the DOJ, he had received instructions from C. Madison “Brick” Brewer to provide a copy of PROMIS to “Dr. Ben Orr, a representative of the Government of Israel.”
The documents suggest that the instruction was issued between April 22nd, 1983 and May 6th, 1983. On the sixth, he declared that he had made a copy of the software and would provide it “to Dr. Orr before he leaves the United States for Israel on May 16th.” On May 12th, Rugh provided a package of PROMIS software and documentation to Brewer who provided it to Orr. When the DOJ interviewed Orr in 1993, however, a crucial fact was revealed: according to his passport, he was out of the country during this period.
The memo this fact was recorded in does not seem to have been provided to the House Judiciary based on the Judiciary’s public report.
Orr had reportedly visited Inslaw in February 1983, when he was still in the country, but the man identified in a photo lineup by Inslaw employees wasn’t Orr - it was Eitan. According to the account published by Wired, Orr had been “impressed with the power of PROMIS (Prosecutors Management Information Systems), which had recently been updated by Inslaw to run on powerful 32-bit VAX computers from Digital Equipment Corp.” Yet he never returned and never bought the software. Instead, he received a copy directly from the Justice Department.
When the DOJ reached the real Orr in late 1993, he claimed to still have the tape and seemed to expect it would still be readable. According to one of the DOJ memos, he would be making a trip to the United States in February 1994 and was willing to bring the tape with him. This apparently never happened. A cover sheet dated March 16th instructs Neil MacNeil at the American consulate to give a letter to Orr upon receiving the tape. The attached letter happened to waive any and all claims the DOJ might have against him.
Despite attempts to deny the fact that Rafi Eitan received a copy of PROMIS and to discredit those making the claims, these documents offer the first bit of corroborating evidence from the government that the man who received the copy of PROMIS was in fact the Israeli spymaster.
Read the full release embedded below, or on

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