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NSA,Diane Feinstein:Room 641A, 611 Folsom Street San Francisco,Israeli Mossad,IDF,Unit 8200

NSA,Diane Feinstein:Room 641A, 611 Folsom Street San Francisco,Israeli Mossad,IDF,Unit 8200

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  1. MossadGate: 'NSA Prism' Mossad Spying Cousins Out of the Closet


    Salem-News.Com-Nov 17, 2013
    The US National Security Agency has an Israeli Mossad cousin or two ... But the Unit 8200 Mossad spin-off “corporations” use the Reuters ...

    (SAN FRANCISCO) - In San Francisco the "secret room"
    (SAN FRANCISCO) - In San Francisco the "secret room" is Room 641A at 611 Folsom Street, the site of a large SBC phone building, ... spy operation is the fact that only people with security clearance from the National Security Agency can enter this room.
    Mossad Unit 8200 Prism Spying Scandal longer summary:
    The US National Security Agency has an Israeli Mossad cousin or two “wishing” to come out of the Telecom closet. The Israeli Mossad spin-off companies are all over the planet: Verint, Comverse, Unit 8200 (preceding names Mossad synonyms)... Brasil Telecom, Orange S.A., formerly France Télécom S.A., Egypt Telecom, AT&T, Microsoft, Apple are all ‘infiltrated/compromised’.
    Mossad’s Narus provides AT&T, Brasil Telecom, Egypt Telecom with Deep Packet Inspection equipment (DPI) technology (Spy Ware). Others involved (include but not limited to: Sandvine (Canada), Allot (Israel), Ixia (USA), Advanced IO (Canada) and Procera Networks (USA)
    The NSA leaving data harvesting, data mining and data milling activity to the Mossad is leaving a Fox guarding a Henhouse.
    I really think many “journalists” with “unconscious sympathy” for poor ol’ Israel have been a Mossad-tail wagging a planetary-dog with disinformation. The Bush/Obama NSA is guilty as sin – probably numerous lives were snuffed keeping this secret. But the Unit 8200 Mossad spin-off “corporations” use the Reuters Cartel to pin all of this on NSA. Few articles have Mossad Unit 8200 Prism Scandal in title or body, making 99% of the “Scandal” nothing but propaganda.
    If the US media were monopolized by curious, investigative gentiles, would read: “Earth caught within PRISM Surveillance Program (NSA) caught within Israeli Mossad: Boeing Verint NARUS Palentir NICE PRISM Comserve Pioneer (Oracle?)”.
    Telecom, hardware, software, middleware (Oracle?) companies deny involvement, but IT technicians who run cable satellite and microwave, or use packet sniffers, etc. surely knew something was amiss. The Mossad had and still has a backdoor to such entities as: (Narus) Shanghai Telecom
    “Journalist Receives Death Threat for Talking About Israel”. Not surprising considering the Mossad spun off Unit 8200, which spun off Narus, Comverse, AMDOC's, et al; their "clientele" wink, wink includes major phone/Internet giants in Canada; China; France; Germany; Italy; China & the US. Verint and Narus have telecommunications gear in France; Iran; Turkey; Levant; Syria; Palestine; Israel; Iraq & Jordan.

    Note, numerous telecoms seem affiliated with Unit 8200; individual persons may or may not be affiliated. FYI, only, From

    Yechiam Cohen - General Counsel, AMDOC’s

    Tamir Ginat - APAC Vice President of Sales at AMDOCS | EMEA President at NICE

    Bernard Heuse = Director of Delivery - AMDOC’s jNetX at AMDOC’s Location Nice Area, France Industry Télécommunications

    Senior Oracle DBA at NICE Systems Location Israel Industry Computer Software Avishai Schlesinger's ... AMDOC’s

    Johanna Avraham, MBA's (Canada) professional profile on LinkedIn. Experience: Financial Analyst, NICE Systems; Senior Financial Analyst, AMDOC’s

    Judith Polak's - Controllership of delivery contracts within Enterprise Services in large companies such as Converse, AMDOC’s, ECI, Tnuva, Lumenis, etc. CEO Assistant

    Desislava Marinova discover inside connections to recommended job candidates ... TELECOM Billing IT Jobs - AMDOC’s, CGI, Comverse, CSG, Intec, MaxBill, Openet, Oracle Billing, NetCracker, Eri, TM Forum.

    GSS Div. at AMDOC’s Location Israel Industry Telecommunications Anat Dagan's Overview ... Anat Dagan, Data and Compliance Specialist at Thomson Reuters. Israel.

    Thomson Reuters. Israel is neck deep in Mossad’s AMDOC's and NICE, but will keep you "informed"?

    Ranjit Jha's Overview Current System Lead at Thomson Reuters; Past IT Asset Management Lead at AMDOC’s

    Krzysiek Szymczyk –Warszawa, woj. mazowieckie ... Head of Technology Control Office at Bank Handlowy w Warszawie S.A., Language Resources for Public Security Applications - Verint.     Internal Communication Specialist at Reuters, Intern at Banca Mediolanum SpA Wykształcenie: Community of European Management Schools (CEMS), Warsaw School of ...
    The US Lamestream Media report the French are distressed about having their embassy, national telecom systems, etc. “tapped”. De Dallas a Montreal by Maurice Philipps was published at the same time that France is seething with (justifiable) indignation at Israel and the US. The book makes a strong connection between the JFK Assasination and the Mossad. France’s seething rage at the Mossad Kidon, Pioneer and Unit 8200 in palpable to old school Internetphiles.

    The goal is apparently to infiltrate the computers of individuals in Iran, Israel, Palestine and elsewhere who are engaged in activities that interest Israel’s secret police including military intelligence.  
    Within Israel and the Palestinian territories Flame is implemented by the Shin Bet.   No Israeli police officer would ever investigate a case of an Israeli computer infected with Flame since it would lead to exposing Israeli security services.
    They have received additional reports from customer machines in Austria, Russia, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. . . (excerpt) Israel has neither confirmed nor denied being involved with Stuxnetand Flame.

    Ed Clark - Founded Natsam to lead Amdocs into European IT solutions ... Cegetel, CGI France, Compaq France, France Telecom, Narus Inc., Thales, UshaComm, XaCCT Technologies • Developed, sold, taught management course in telecom CRM and Billing IT

    “Li” is Amdocs vice president, APAC Division, Amdocs company is billing and customer management solutions for leading software ... LinkedIn; Google+; More from Business Wire. Blog; Apps; Canada; UK / Ireland; Deutschland; France; Hong Kong; Italy; Japan; EON: Enhanced Online News ...

    * “Enhanced Online News”? * 'EON' Pop-tart toaster-news…

    Syed Kamran Gardezi discover inside connections to ... International IP Traffic Monitoring System under partnership agreement with NARUS ... Japan Hong Kong Taiwan South Korea China Russia India Pakistan Malaysia

    If California Had a Monopoly on Russian News, Would Average Russian’s Be Served by Said Monopoly? Imagine thousands of Russians discussing business tactics and strategy, while a few hundred telecommunications espionage "Californians" do inside trades on the stock market. Or plan the next middle east land/water/oil/gas grab. Now substitute the Mossadi front companies. In 1997 we could read brilliant Energy White Papers for free from Universities around the globe. But thanks to telecommunications espionage and censorship, mostly you find advertisements for Mossad-affiliated businesses.

  2. Technion's role in US militarization and domestic spying

    Mondoweiss-Nov 18, 2013
    Technion works with a large number of companies in Israel and ... Check Point and NICE were founded by Unit 8200 alumni, and one of ...
  3. Isaac Herzog elected leader of the Israeli Labor Party

    Voltaire Network-Nov 28, 2013
    The grandson of the Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of Israel and son of Israeli ... four years in the elite Electronic Intelligence Unit 8200 of Tsahal and ...
  4. Farewell, informed sources; hello Twitter

    Haaretz-Nov 28, 2013
    With the help of ex-spooks, Israeli-U.S. media startup Vocativ shuns ... served in the Israel Defense Forces' signal intelligence unit, Unit 8200.
  5. Shine keeps mobile devices happy and virus-free

    ISRAEL21c-by Karin Kloosterman-Nov 26, 2013
    While they won't say it to the media, most security technology startups in Israel have a link to Israel's version of the CIA, Unit 8200. But Ron ...

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