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CIA's DailyKos,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT..Victoria Soto:Attorney Monte Frank Related To Emilie Parker Frank,Manatos ?

CIA's DailyKos,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT..Victoria Soto:Attorney Monte Frank Related To Emilie Parker Frank,Manatos  ?

Rose A
Literally all you have to do is look up Allison Wyatt. Seriously if you see this comment just do it. The media stole a picture from a mothers instagram from Washington (I think it was washington) and used it as "Allison's" picture. The mother started telling everyone that her child was fine and well and so many websites CHANGED the picture to a different little girl. Why the fuck would they do that people? Look it up, you can see both images. The girl with the bows in blue is the little child that's alive and well with her mother, and the new image is probably just another random girl that looks like the school photo. Allison Wyatt is the key guys, look into it, do your own research, thank you.

Paradoxical that the alleged Sandy Hook victims of GE Capital exec Peter Lanza's son Adam  use the CIA connected 'livberal' Daily Kos whose founders are penny stock frudsters who should be in jail rather than running a scam website off those profits,is used by Connecticut attorney Montt Frank to garner more publicity for their anti-gun and fraudulent donations campaigns when on the other hand they request the news media and public to stay away from Newtown even one whole year after the event !
Is this Mont Frank related to Texas' and Washington,D.C.'s Emilie Parker Frank of the Obama connected Manatos lobby who is an amazing Victoria Soto look alike and some suspect of being Victoria Soto herself ?

Also paradoxical that little girl posing with Barack Obama at Sandy Hook after the alleged school shooting that many believe is the allegedly dead daughter of Robbie Parker was named Emilie Parker and that the Wshinton D.C. Manatos lobbyist that looks a lot like the allegedy dead Sandy Hook teacher Victoria Soto is named Emilie Parker Frank with the same odd spelling for 'Emilie.And that the Jewish or Zionist Sandy Hook attorney and lobbyist for Sandy Hook parents is named Monte Frank.

Note Manatos and Barack Obama lobbyist Emilie Parker Frank has since changed her linked in photo and job since her liokeness to Victoria Soto was pointed out some months ago.Also her website that included 'Parker' in her name.

Emilie Frank

Emilie Parkerr Frank
Intern at Obama connected 
Manatos & Manatos Lobyists
Washington D.C. Metro Area
Public Relations and Communications

  1. News 12 Connecticut ‎- 59 minutes ago
    On the one-year anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting, friends and family will remember Victoria Soto, the 27-year-old kindergarten teacher ...

 Note the suspect families of Newtown center of financial crimes and criminals such as GE money launderer Peter Lanza for many years claim on one level they 'will not be silent' and on the other they ask everyone to stay away from the scene of the lleged crime and that all evidence of said crime be destroyed !

 'We will notbe silent': Families of victims vow to bring 'Newtown effect' to gun-control debate
 Rousseau, like some other Newtown families, said she wouldn't be in the small Connecticut community on the anniversary of the shooting on Saturday. Town officials have asked media and outsiders to refrain from traveling there to give the townspeople privacy and avoid triggering traumatic memories of the nation’s second deadliest mass shooting.

Newtown is no longer just a place, but a movement

The Guardian-Dec 10, 2013
I feared that we would be hurled back to that awful period following 12/14 when the media overran the Connecticut town no one had heard of, ...

''The day I have been dreading for a long time is almost here. This upcoming Saturday is 14 December, a year since that dark day when evil visited my town killing 20 children and 6 educators at the Sandy Hook School, that wonderful community school down the road from me.
''I feared that we would be hurled back to that awful period following 12/14 when the media overran the Connecticut town no one had heard of, a time when we could not sleep, we spent our days pretending to be strong for our children, and we quietly escaped into the bathroom to cry. But now that the "day" is so near, my trepidation has subsided. At the six-month "anniversary" Newtown Reverend Matt Crebbin ended the interfaith service he led by blaring Bob Marley through the Church's sound system: "One Love! One Heart! Let's get together and feel all right." He was right. Newtown got America together and began building a partnership among communities from coast to coast, all united to reduce gun violence, and, it feels all right – or, at least, a little lighter.'' - Cohen and Wolf Attorney Monte Frank

 Constitutional freedoms must not trample Newtown's grief | Monte ...
Jun 14, 2013 - Monte Frank: Sandy Hook is still coming to terms with the tragic shootings. ... I heard the news Monday, selfishly I did not have the same panic I felt on 12/14. ... our 20 first-graders and six educators riddled with bullets were made public. ..... 2013 Guardian News and Media Limited or its affiliated companie

  1. emilie parker frank Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. - wolfblitzzer0 - Blogger
    Apr 3, 2013 - Emilie Frank. Intern at Manatos & Manatos. Washington D.C. Metro Area: Public Relations and Communications.

  2. wolfblitzzer0: Carlee Soto,Victoria Soto,Emilie Parker Frank,Sandy ...
    Jul 21, 2013 - It appears that Emilie Parker Frank is trying to erase from internet her ... Oct 13, 2012 - President of Washington, D.C. lobbying firm Manatos ...

Team 26 and the Connecticut Effect: An interview with Monte Frank
Mar 17, 2013 - Monte Frank: The idea came to me in the middle of the night shortly ...... Connecticut is diversified, just like Texas, but asking Connecticut to ...
 Monte E. Frank | Attorney Detail | Bridgeport, Connecticut Lawyers ...
MONTE E. FRANK is a principal in Cohen and Wolf's Litigation and Municipal Groups. ... Mr. Frank is admitted to practice in Connecticut; the U.S. District Court, ...
 Monte Frank | The Guardian
Monte Frank is an attorney who lives in Sandy Hook. His younger daughter graduated from the Sandy Hook School two years ago; his older daughter learned to ...
 Monte Frank (MonteFrank1) on Twitter
The latest from Monte Frank (@MonteFrank1). ... Newtown's Matt Crebbin getting ready for the National Vigil at the Washington National Cathedral.
 Monte E. Frank | Attorney Detail | Bridgeport, Connecticut Lawyers ...
MONTE E. FRANK is a principal in Cohen and Wolf's Litigation and Municipal Groups. He represents business and municipal clients in the state and federal ...

The CIA Truth about Kos - Daily Kos - YouTube
Aug 23, 2007 - Uploaded by truthout1020
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga speaking at the Commonwealth Club about his "six months" in the CIA. (June 6 ...

Team 26 and the Connecticut Effect: An interview with Monte Frank

assisting a team member up a long hill
Team 26 riders supporting a team member up a long hill
Photo Credit: Becky Frank
On March 9, Team 26 cyclists left the Reed Intermediate School in Newtown, CT with an important first stop at the Sandy Hook Fire Department to remember the 26 people slaughtered on 12/14 at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Four days and 400 miles later, they arrived in DC with an escort from the Virginia Tech Victims Cycling Team to deliver a message about gun responsibility from Sandy Hook families to the politicians in Washington who need to act. Important rallies along the way included mayors and a VA Tech victim's family, and a key stop was in the city of Baltimore to link suburban and urban gun responsibility issues in a tangible way. The message? Forget about politics. Just get it done.
These elite and dedicated cyclists rode not just for Newtown (where I live) but for Connecticut and all of America. You can retrace their progress on their Facebook page, or by clicking the Team 26 tag here on Daily Kos, where a miniblogathon chronicled their progress.
Some examples of the excellent coverage the ride got can be found here and here.
Having arrived back in Newtown, we are delighted to present an interview with Team 26 leader Monte Frank. Follow us below the fold for a talk with the Newtown resident responsible for creating Team 26.
Daily Kos: How did you come up with the idea for the ride, the support staff, the web page, the rallies... All of them so well executed and in such a short planning period of time?
Monte Frank: The idea came to me in the middle of the night shortly after 12/14. The ride combined my passion for cycling with a strong desire to do something.  In the morning, I called some of my cycling buddies and we were off to the races.  The first task was putting together the team. It was important that our team consist of cyclists capable of doing the ride, but at the same time represent a cross section of America.  For example, our riders are teachers, dads, a mom, a high school junior, a Vietnam veteran, a Newtown Police Officer, and a librarian.  We represent many northeastern states.  Many of the riders brought some formidable skills to the table.  Stephen Badger, an IT specialist, designed the Facebook page and headed up an awesome logistics team.  They went to work planning out the route, hotels, support vehicles, food, permits etc. Greg Meghani handled the sticker sales to fund our hotels, food and gas for the support vehicles.   Meanwhile, I went to work planning for a 400 mile rolling rally. And, we did it.  We held events in Newtown, Ridgefield, Parsippany, Morristown, Frenchtown, Baltimore, College Park and at the Capitol.  Each one was perfect.   The logistics were flawless.
Daily Kos: Did you see the comment from the Facebook page about the spontaneous applause from the Blue Colony Diner (in Newtown at the beginning of the trip) as the team rolled by? Did Team 26 know that support like that was following you everywhere along the route (and here on Daily Kos)?
Monte Frank: We heard about the Blue Colony Diner applause from a post, but did not see it.  We expected strong support in Connecticut and at our events.  What we did not expect was everything else.  On Day 2, we began to sense that the word was getting out.  At the beginning of the day, riders began commenting that a friend or relative from some other part of the country sent a text or an email saying we saw you on the news and great job, or we’re so proud of you.  But, we were in somewhat of a news cocoon, and did not realize the extent of the momentum that was building around us and throughout the country.  Peter was reading the Daily Kos blog, writing his own diary, and telling us about all of it.  I did not have a free minute to read or watch anything.  Peter then suggested that I start tweeting for the live blog, which was awesome.
proclamation from Baltimore SHRoW DAY
Baltimore proclamation
After a send off from the Mayor of Parsippany (a member of Mayor against Illegal Guns) and a police escort, we arrived in Morristown to people on the side of the road clapping for us, to flags out on the street poles, and a group of people, including the Mayor and a Councilwoman on the historic green.  On the way to Frenchtown, we received word that Gabby Giffords tweeted about us.  That was inspiring.   In Frenchtown, we had a really special event with Mayor Warren Cooper and Mike Pohle whose son was killed at Virginia Tech.  Then, we stopped at Wawa in Pennsylvania, and the magnitude of the ride started to hit us. While pouring my coffee, a teenager stood behind me and took a picture of the back of my green and white jacket and I watched her text it.  Outside we were greeted by random people who said they saw us on the news and thanked us.
However, in our wildest dreams, we did not anticipate what would occur the next two days.  On the road to Baltimore, scores of people honked their horns in support. Many others gave us the thumbs-up.  As we rode through Baltimore with a full police escort, people whipped out their iPhones to photograph us or take some video.  It was truly humbling.
When we arrived at City Hall, the media was everywhere.  We were brought up to the Mayor’s Ceremonial Room for a press conference at which the Mayor declared March 11, 2013 “Sandy Hook Ride on Washington Day in Baltimore.” We stood with her proud to represent Newtown and to unite Baltimore and Newtown.
Daily Kos: With the ride complete, your work was only starting. There was lots to do in DC on Tuesday after you arrived. Can you tell us how your day went, with the rider escort from College Park, MD, and the Team 26 riders talking to Congress afterwards? Do you think you accomplished what you needed to? What’s next for Team 26?  
Monte Frank: At College Park, we met the riders from the Virginia Tech Victims Cycling Team for the ride into DC.  We were cold and wet, but the emotional uplift of the union with the VTV riders gave us the warmth we needed to get back on our bikes for the final ride to the Capitol.  When we hit the DC line, we were greeted by another police escort.  This one took us through DC, including right by the White House, en route to the West Front of the Capitol.  The feeling of riding next to Omar Samaha, whose sister was killed in French class at Virginia Tech, through the arteries of Washington with a full police escort halting traffic, is beyond words.  I cannot describe what it was like to speak from the podium with my girls at my side, my team and the Congressional delegation at my back, and all the while gazing out at the Mall.  Being able to deliver and read two letters, one from 32 family members and the other from Chris and Lynn McDonnell, to Senator Blumenthal gave us an incredible feeling of pride and accomplishment.  And, of course, our message was clear: “Please put politics aside, and get it done.”   It was heard far and wide.  Mission accomplished.  More importantly, the Assault Weapons Ban bill, the Trafficking bill and the Background Check bill made it out of committee.  Now that we’re back in Connecticut, Team 26 will support the Newtown grassroots groups, including the Newtown Action Alliance and the United Physicians of Newtown, and work with Coalition groups to keep the pressure on Congress to pass those bills.  In other words, we will continue to grow the Connecticut Effect.  We are also working on some other things which are very exciting.  Please like our Facebook page to join the next stage of our tour.
shot of bike riders helping another rider up a hill
Team 26 supporting Officer Jeff Silver
Daily Kos: Team 26 taught us a lot about cycling and teamwork. One picture in particular you tweeted (with the caption “this is how we roll!”) struck a nerve here at Daily Kos, that of 2 teammates helping to push a third up a long hill with the peloton off in the distance. Can you tell us about where you were and how that iconic picture came to be? And who wore the helmetcam that captured the Baltimore police escort? Monte Frank: All but Officer Jeff Silver of the Newtown Police Department are very experience cyclists.  Most of us race, and train year-round.  Jeff did neither.  In fact, until Jeff started training about 6 weeks ago, he had not spent much time on a bike at all.  But, his determination and resolve was awesome, and the Team rallied around him.  We were determined to get him up the hill and literally pushed him. At one point, I looked down at my power meter and I was generating 400+ watts while pushing Jeff, which is a lot since I weigh 135 pounds.  So, as long as Jeff kept pedaling, we took turns pushing him.  It was totally awesome teamwork.  I wore the helmet cam during the ride.  It actually gave me a little bit of a sore neck, but it was worth it. I enjoyed interviewing Vinnie of Maryland Against Gun Violence on the ride into Baltimore.  If you turn up the volume, you can hear our discussion. I shot video at other portions of the ride, including the ride from College Park to the Capitol.  I will post more video over time.
Daily Kos: We profiled each of the riders and support staff for our readers from your Facebook page, but could you tell us how the Newtowners on Team 26 felt about having so much rider support from outside the town, and not just Team 26 members, but folks from the Virginia Tech Victims Cycling Team, mayors from towns along the way, and well wishers (complete strangers, many of them) along the road?
Monte Frank: I have now met people from Aurora and Virginia Tech. I don’t know how to say it, so I just will.  There is a certain understanding or bond between people from towns that suffered through mass shootings that people who are not from those Towns cannot understand.  I am not diminishing the feelings of others, but just trust me when I say it is not the same.  When we passed the White House and headed to the Capitol, all of the Newtowners and Virginia Tech cyclists rode at the front.  The feeling of unity between us, and the support of the remaining team riding right behind us, was amazing.   As for the various mayors, standing with them was extremely important, gun violence occurs in our cities every day.  Small towns and big cities need to work together if we are going to muster the political force necessary to overcome the NRA’s stranglehold on the gun issue. I viewed the event in Baltimore as the most significant event of our ride, and worked hard on preparing meaningful comments. As for well-wishers, they were plentiful and awesome, and most were complete strangers.  Following the ride, I have thought a lot about the ride and why we succeeded in striking such a strong chord with our community and Americans from coast to coast.  The answer is clear.  America is and has always been about what Grace McDonnell embodied: “Love, Peace and Hope.”  Our ride registered because with every pedal stroke we were delivering the promise of a better tomorrow – that from the ashes of unspeakable tragedy, the American spirit rises above and endures.
Daily Kos: Are you ready to ride again or do you not want to see a bicycle seat for a month? I had to ask.
Monte Frank: I took one day off the bike.  Anything more than that and I would suffer withdrawal symptoms.
Daily Kos: Thank you, Monte.

Originally posted to Daily Kos on Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 06:00 AM PDT.

Also republished by Repeal or Amend the Second Amendment (RASA) and Shut Down the NRA.



Emilie Parker Frank twitter account :


  2. A Hill Staffer checks his phone as Capitol Hill police take aim on the grounds of the Capitol.
  3. A very sloppy report by said an attempt was made to ram the "White House gate." This is incorrect. Incident was 15th and Penn
  4. The American people have the right to look at their US. government right now and wonder what the hell is going on.
  5. RT : Something really surreal about this photo from inside Senate building by CQ Roll Call photographer.
  6. An ignorant congressman, hiding in a cloakroom, is already blaming Democrats for the Capitol shooting.
  7. The female suspect reportedly had a child in the car with her as police chased the vehicle from near White House to the Capital.
  8. : Source says female suspect reported dead on scene at U.S. Capitol
  9. RT : GETTY PHOTO: People run for cover as police converge to the site of a shooting at the Capitol.
  10. CAPITOL UPDATE: Reports say someone tried to ram White House gate w/ car, chase ensued, ended at Capitol Hill. Shots fired, unclear by who

  1. The leadership may not want to listen to TX women, but they will have to listen to me. I intend to filibuster this bill.
  2. Unacceptable “: According to Mayors Against Illegal Guns, 6003 Americans have been shot & killed in 6 months since Newtown.”
  3. approval rating down to 10% showing that true bipartisanship exists only in idealistic fantasy
  4. White House briefing with Obama Deputy Nat'l Security Advisor Tom Donilon and Biden National Security Advisor Tony Blinken #!!!!!
  5. Lunch in the Kennedy Caucus Room where the McCarthy and Watergate hearings were held, as well as where JFK announced presidential candidacy
  6. Dinner at the Cypriot Embassy? Don't mind if I do

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