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Missing White Jewish CIA Asshole Robert Levinson Was Ex-FBI Spy In Iran NOT 'Tourist' But Terrorist

Missing CIA Asshole  Robert Levinson Was Ex-FBI Spy  In Iran NOT 'Tourist' But Terrorist

Send a stupid lieing murdering white 'Jewish'  egotistical  scumbag to Iran all expenses paid to plot terrorism and what does the CIA expect ? No doubt a larger budget........Let's send a murdering terrorist CIA wingnut with a Bible in his hand next time ! I guess because this ignorant white asshole had been told or brainwashed since his  childhood to believe  that he was a 'Semite' that he thought he'd blend right into a Middle Eastern country - like a sore thumb !
No wonder why we are the laughing stock of the world besides being considered the world's biggest terrorist  state.And as to those Israeli Jewish Zionists who think running stock frauds and controlling John Kerry's and Jewish homo pedophile Barney Frank's Logan Airport though your phoney and fraudulant ICTS International and alloiwing flights 11 and 175 to take off from their and allegedly carry Egytian Mohamed Atta and his Saudi palsto crash into the WTC on 9/11 is brilliant - IT ISN'T.

T.O.T. Private consulting services: Robert Levinson, Jewish FBI ...
by joe levin
Nov 26, 2013 - Robert Levinson, Jewish FBI agent becomes longest held American hostage in history after more than six years in Iran. Robert Levinson. A retired FBI agent has become the longest-held American hostage in history, more ...

Jerusalem Highway 1 Slowly Being Reopened ... - The Jewish Press › News & ViewsIsrael
by Shalom Bear
2 hours ago - A suburb of Paris honored a man imprisoned for helping to murder diplomats from Israel and the United States. A majority of aldermen in the city council of Bagnolet east of the French capital voted on ... Robert Levinson, a former Jewish FBI agent, was working directly for the CIA on a mission in Iran when he was last seen in 2007, the Associated Press stated in an investigative report. The U.S. government has claimed that Levinson, who is married and has seven ...

Fairy Tales and Ex-FBI Spy in Iran

Whatever Robert Levinson was doing that resulted in his disappearance in Iran over six years ago, the latest explanation of a rogue intelligence operation defies logic, coming across as yet another fairy tale du jour that does no good for an American in captivity who is suffering or gone. The latest explanation is that this retired FBI agent with a knack for cultivating snitches throughout a 28-year career in law enforcement somehow materialized in Iran to recruit a suspected murderer at the behest of a CIA analyst. (For details, see )

The picture painted in the foregoing narrative is that a CIA analyst who had forged a professional relationship with Levinson over the years hired him as a contractor and tasked him to gather intelligence on Iran in a rogue operation. This rogue operation, as the story goes, bypassed all the CIA's mature clandestine collectors and support mechanisms (including basic tradecraft, it would seem) and, significantly, channeled Levinson's reports to the CIA analyst at her home instead of her office.

This narrative has enough holes to rival a minefield, but consider only one neglected so far: How could an intelligence analyst actually benefit from the unvetted yield of an unsanctioned collection effort? It may take a passing conversance with human intelligence collection, reporting, and analyst involvement to spot this discrepancy.

There is a basic pas de deux between collectors and analysts that roughly follows this sequence. Collectors focus their efforts to address intelligence requirements, which are questions that analysts have about foreign intentions and capabilities. When the collectors obtain something responsive to a given requirement, they cite it on the report they write. Meanwhile, the collector's boss and unit check out the report for accuracy and completeness before sending it into the system. This process, in turn, distributes the report to the interested analyst for review and comment prior to dissemination throughout the intelligence community. If the report is particularly good and highly responsive to analyst needs, the analyst ends up using it for a more important analytical product, such as a National Intelligence Estimate. When this happens, the analyst supplies good feedback and positive ratings back to the collector through the system. The collector's report benefits from a high rating or grade, the collector and analyst are both pleased, and the collector is thereby incentivized to produce more reporting along similar lines because (a) there is an audience for it, and (b) that audience is officially rewarding the collector and collection effort.

Now, what is wrong with the picture painted in the latest story? The answer is that there is no way for the analyst in question to actually use the reports Levinson allegedly sent to her home. How can she cite them in any official intelligence study or estimate? Rogue reports are not in the system, have undergone none of the basic vetting that a boss and unit perform for quality control, and do not exist in a way that anyone else in the intelligence community can legitimately use or cite. For this reason alone, the "rogue" collection effort run by an analyst in the way characterized above just does not wash.

The protocols of clandestine collection exist for a reason. That reason is effectiveness, as measured not only by the quality of the yield that they produce but also by due concern for the personal safety of all persons involved in the hazardous task of obtaining useful information from human sources in risky corners of the globe. Iran is a hostile or denied area, and it would be more than malpractice to send any American there on an intelligence mission without extreme caution and preparation. This is why there are overseas stations, station chiefs, tradecraft, and legitimate processes in place to govern the interactions of collectors and analysts alike. Rogue operations are certainly possible in theory, but something is missing in this latest fairy tale. Even if an analyst can bypass the system by using contractors to collect data, that still leaves the analyst professionally unsatisfied unless the resulting yield can enter the intelligence community legitimately. Otherwise, why risk a career and the life of a contractor to gather something you cannot use?

There has to be more to this story. The fairy tale of a rogue operation orchestrated by an analyst just does not hold up to scrutiny.

-- Nick Catrantzos

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