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Denying Nazi Holocaust IS NOT A Hate Crime And Euro Jews Aren't 'Semites ! Israel's Treatment Of Palestinian Semites IS A Hate Crime !

Denying Nazi Holocaust IS NOT A Hate Crime And Euro Jews Aren't 'Semites ! Israel's Treatment Of Palestinian Semites IS A Hate Crime !

Sure if someone  hurts or physically  attacks someone(s) based on race or even religion that IS a hate crime.However simply denying or not believing an even occured or denies the accuracy of a certain
portrayal of an event dogmatically espoused to be fact such a the Nazi holocaust against German Jews or  the US.,EU or UK  and their ally Israel's official government stories about the events as well as their mass media that even lied about WMDS in Iraq immediately after the event to stir us to genocidal wars in the Islamic Middle Est for the good of oil companies and Israeli Zionists evil ends
then perhaps it is our very governmentsd that now force us to belive their lies who are responsiblenot only for hate crimes but for war crimes !
Angela Merkel who sold German submarines  to Israel for mounting nd transporting and potentially nuclear missilles at any of us it decides is its enemy is indeed a hate crime and war crime against us all including German citizens who are also threatened by her and her Israeli bosses war crimes !She should be in jail NOT the German grandmother mentioned below and German Jewish Zionists who were part of the Nazi regime and who were founders of Israel are the war criminals and their children in Israel are much more guilty for having colluded with and having been part of the Nazi regime than any innocent Germans who also died because Jewish Nazis supported Hitler and many Israelis have family ancestors who thus commited war drimes against innocent Germans and others  they NEVER have to apologise.If exactly 6 million Jews or white European who erroneously thought they were 'Semites' WERE INDEED MURDERED BY THE NAZIS THEN WAR CRIMINALS SHOULD HAVE BEEN PUNISHED WHO WWERE GERMAN JEWS BECUSE MANY NAZIS WWERE GERMAN JEWS !

Anonymous 4 September 2018. A ROLL-CALL OF DEMENTED BRITISH ZIONISTS AND "FRIENDS OF ISRAELPART 1 - #JimmySavile #WilfredKrichefski

  1. Ashkenaz is the ancestor of Ashkenazis who make up roughly 80% of modern Jewry; Japheth-Gomer-Ashkenaz are Germanics not Semites, many of whom believe in Aryan supremacy "God shall enlarge Japheth and he shall dwell in the tents of Shem" Gen 9:27 Why call them Jews?
    Roughly 20% of those who say they are Jews are Sephardic; Sepharvaim replaced Israel under Sargon II; they are Medean, Canaanite, Babylonian, Cuthites listed in 2 Ki 17:30.
    Oriental or Eastern Rite "Jews" are often seen wearing Phylacteries in Iraq/Iran; the cube represents Saturn; they descend from Ham-Mizraim and are once again, not Jewish.
  2. A recent study showed that practically none of the present Jewish inhabitants of Israel are semites. The are mostly Khazars and their people originated in Eastern Europe. The Palestinians are of course semites and that makes the whole slur of being anti-semitic take on a different colour.
  4. Like millions of people, I'm an anti-racist.

    People like me actively oppose racist attitudes, actions and behaviours.

    We call out the structural, institutional and legacy forms of racism in our society.

    It's abhorrent to us that anyone should suffer any undesirable impact whatsoever because of their skin colour.

    It's not only racism we detest and oppose.

    People like me oppose discriminatory attitudes, actions and behaviors that impact people based on age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion and culture. We too oppose the structural, institutional and legacy forms of discrimination that affect many minorities and women.

    Now I'll get to the point.

    What millions of folks like me REFUSE to do, is to buy into this false notion that people ***who are NOT discriminated against because of their inalienable characteristics, but who instead CHOOSE TO SUBSCRIBE TO AND ENACT A POLITICAL "CHOSEN PEOPLE" IDEOLOGY IN THE MIDDLE EAST, and FOR THAT REASON ALONE bring criticism upon themselves*** are to be regarded as having purely inalienable characteristics (race, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion or culture).

    ZIONISM IS NOT A RACE: 'CHOSEN-PEOPLE' POLITICAL IDEOLOGY AND POLICY ENACTMENT IS NOT AN INALIENABLE CHARACTERISTIC. Zionism is not an age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, appearance, disability, ethnicity, national origin, language, religion or culture.

    We shall not be fooled by, or buckle to, those who wish to conflate Zionism with Jewishness (ethnicity, religion or culture) in order to defame we anti-racists as racists.

    Zionists wish to bamboozle public opinion: turning night into day and day into night.

    It is NOT racist to be fiercely anti-Zionist.

    One does, and must, defend Jews as an ethnic group; Jewishness as a culture; Hebrew as a language; and tolerant Judaism as a religious belief system; yet peacefully and respectfully oppose Zionism as a damaging political ideology and policy agenda.

    Love Jews. Defend Jews. Oppose Zionism to the hilt.


    1. if you in fact "LOVE" so-called "Jews" why not share the truth
      with {{{THEM}}}...?

      No one on earth HAS to be a "PROSELYTE" to Talmudic Judaism.

      knowing the truth about the synagogue of Satan MONEY CHANGERS
      and the exit strategy for leaving the stool
      sculpture deity cult compound...John 8:44.

      there are NO "PROSELYTES" to Talmudic Judaism in the FIRST
      five books of the "BIBLE"....

      believing LIES never will change true....

      repeating "JEWISH" lies....will never change true...!!!

      Hating Jesus will never change true...

      Matthew 13:39-43....the ovens of truth.


  5. Israeli geneticists released data showing that modern Ashkenazis are from KHAZAR region of former Caucasus and migrated there from a certain area along the southern Black Sea, home of many present day Kurds. When scientists published the findings, of course an uproar ensued and the govt went around literally seizing magazine copies off store shelves to cover it up. More recently, a younger millenial archeological linguist ratified the claims, saying that much of their language can be traced to a very small in acres area located in the exact same place. The modern Khazar-Zionist-Pharisees are NOT anything Chosen or unique. They fulfill prophecy via Rev 2:9 and Rev 3:9- as the tribe of Great Deception who brings in AntiChrist, certainly nothing blessed or holy
  6. Some comments from the Independent's latest string of hatchet jobs on Corbyn:

    Last week Uri Averny died
    He was the founder of Gosh Salem and has worked tirelessly for peace between Israel and Palestine yet - not a mention - either by the Rabbi or the Independent or other British press. I did mention it on the Daily mail and was not printed on the web site
    Corbyn lead the tributes to this great Israeli, but of course only the Morning Star followed it.

    "Britain fought the Second World War to banish these views from our politics"

    We didn't know about the Holocaust in 1939. It wasn't even a factor in planning D-Day. We 'fought WW2' to stop the Axis powers taking over the world not to 'banish anti-semitism from British politics'. Bizarre. Why are the media allowing this historical revisionism to go unchallenged?

    Based on some of the bizarre opinions from Zionists in the comments someone needs to analyse the intersection of neo-Nazi and Zionist beliefs on the subjects of immigration, multiculturalism, racism, genocide and historical revisionism. If I was a Jew I'd be as terrified of Zionism as much as Nazism given the comparable levels of inhumanity.

    Frank Field is on record praising Enoch Powell. Rabbi Sacks is on record praising Douglas Murray. Douglas Murray is on record praising Enoch Powell. Bishop Peter Selby called Frank Field "the new Enoch Powell". And Jeremy Corbyn is the racist? Why aren't journalists raising these points?

    The ‘fat lady’ (Netanyahu) has already already sung. And yet this bizarre opera continues. How many more quislings are lined up to sing for Israel?

    Quite a few it seems - all LFI members curiously enough.

    Ms Joan Ryan Enfield North MP
    Ms Ruth Smeeth Stoke North MP
    Mr Chukka Umunna Streatham MP
    Ms Louise Ellman Liverpool MP
    Ms Yvette Cooper Normanton MP
    Ms Margaret Hodge Barking MP
    Ms Siobhain McDonagh Mitcham MP
    Mr Tom Watson West Brom MP
    Ms Luciana Berger Liverpool Wavertree MP
    Mr Chris Leslie: Nottingham East MP
    Mr Neil Coyle: Bermondsey MP
    Mr Wes Streeting: Ilford North MP
    Mr Ian Austin: Dudley North MP
    Mr John Mann Bassetlaw MP
    Mr Stephen Kinnock Aberavon MP
    Mr Peter Kyle Hove MP
    Mr Pat McFaddem Wolverhampton MP
    Mr Daniel Jarvis Barnsley Central MP

    "In Tel Aviv’s Yitzhak Rabin Square on Tuesday evening, thousands of Israelis rallied in support of Elor Azarya, the soldier filmed executing a gravely wounded Palestinian last month. Rally-goers shouted anti-Arab slogans such as "Death to the Arabs" and attacked persons perceived as being leftists or journalists."

    Attacking journalists I can understand, you don't want people to see your racist banners otherwise they might come to the conclusion you're a racist. But what is it about the left that zionists hate so much? Is it the insatiable lust for truth, peace and justice for all? They better hope Labour never adopts a working definition of Racism otherwise a few Friends of Israel might find themselves in deep water concerning their associations.
  7. Some more:

    Oh dear …. leaks n squeaks to the press - the titled and priviledged are out in force aren’t they … (all at the expense of the ordinary Jews I might add).

    *Lord* Sacks, who goes on terror marches advocating murder of arabs …

    *Lord* Sugar, doesnt like darker skin-tones, a well-known racist twitter troll …

    *Lord* Blunkett, publisher of the Iraqi torture manual. Just a reliable supply of electricity needed.

    *Dame* Hodge …. the tax dodge, whose company paid 0.01% tax on a UK t/o of £2.1 billion …

    I wonder what these tax dodging millionaires have GOT to lose …. ?

    Drain the swamp, Jeremy … they are terrified.
    You’re doing something right, old boy …

    John Rentoul is related to Sir Gervais Rentoul, the Conservative MP who was the founding Chairman of the 1922 Committee....go figure.

    Is Margaret Hodge’s daughter really a senior news editor at the Beeb and if so does it make any difference to their coverage? What about the polls which show much more anti-Semitism in the Tory party? Why aren’t they news? How about the corresponding fact that anti-Semitic attitudes have actually diminished in Labour during Corbyn’s leadership? Doesn’t that deserve a mention? What about those well-documented links between the Board of Deputies, the Council of Jewish Leaders and the Tory party? Why aren’t they news either? Do these much-quoted “community leaders” with their Tory links really speak for all British Jewry? Or just its more conservative wing? Are dissident voices within the Jewish community, who disagree with Netanyahu’s brand of violent right-wing Zionism, being suppressed just as firmly as pro-Arab voices are?

    Members have given Corbyn an overwhelming mandate to reject Blairism and neoliberalism. Labour voters and members generally respect Corbyn's honest and fair criticism of Israel and many are disgusted by the orchestrated, racist and hypocritical media smear campaign to shut down free speech over Israel by shouting 'antisemite'.

    Whenever you hear the name Margaret Hodge, just think child abuse. As leader of Islington Council, a post she held from 1982-92, Hodge was aware of previous, horrendous child sex abuse in the care homes for which she was responsible, and did nothing about it.
  8. And:

    "Jeremy Corbyn, who on Holocaust Memorial Day 2010 chaired an event whose title compared Israel to the Nazis" which a holocaust survivor - an elderly Jewish man, likened Israeli policy to the nazis. If you were not at Auschwitz then you are definitely less well qualified than Hajo Meyer to comment. To suggest that Jews in the UK face an existential threat is to cheapen the idea of anti-semitism.

    Why you illustrated the article with a photo from Auschwitz I that was a camp and jail (the building) mainly for Polish political prisoners and smaller number of French and
    Greek resistance; and Yugoslav partisans (some awaiting execution)? Holocaust machine was working in Auschwitz II, BIRKENAU. There were located all Auschwitz gas chambers and crematoria.
    A propos the modern anti-Semitism: generally it has a form of Strasserism. The racial and/or religious elements don't exist; no one blames the Jews in murdering Christian children for their blood, and track the Jews for a shape of their noses. The modern Jewish crime - sorry: the Zionist one - is a worldwide financial/banking conspiracy; the NWO and etc. The myth is so common that I found it among Russian National Bolsheviks; young educated Indians in Mumbai, and...Corbyn's Momentum.

    To correct the author.. Anti-Semitism in the UK is amongst the lowest in the world. On the political left and far left it is at the same level as the general population, 3%.

    In the UK the big problem is with the far right. 13% is the far right have strong Anti-Semitic views, seriously worrying.

    The presently definitive 2017 Report on antisemitism in the UK, by the respected Jewish body, the Institute for Jewish Policy Research, states all the above very clearly.

    Furthermore, 1% of UK people think that violence against Jews can be justified. This is the same number who think violence against Hindus is justified. Interestingly 7.5% think that violence against Muslims is justified.
  9. And also:

    I found this quote from Sacks' book particularly chilling.

    "moral consensus disappears and moral conversation dies. Opponents are demonized. Ever-new ‘isms’ are invented to exclude ever more opinions. New forms of intimidation begin to appear: protests, threats of violence, sometimes actual violence. For when there are no shared standards, there can be no conversation, and where conversation ends, violence begins" - Jonathan Sacks, The Home We Build Together – Recreating Society (London: Continuum, 2007)

    If you read it like he's telling you their plan instead of criticising suddenly it takes on whole new meaning. Wolves in sheeps clothing, Blairites pretending to be left-wing while they orchestrate muslim terrorism and bomb muslim civilians..

    Sacks is on the Tony Blair Faith Foundation's Religious Advisory Council. The foundation was criticised in 2014 when it was claimed that two advisers had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.
  10. In related news, those fundamentalist muslims in that terrorist training camp in New Mexico were let go due to a 'technicality' even though police found the dead body of a kidnapped child, evidence of brutal child torture (MkUltra?), the terrorists favourite mass shooting tool the AR-15, and a terror training manual.

    "For whatever reason the state did not obtain a preliminary hearing date within 10 days. It's absolutely bizarre. I would have thought they'd be more on top of things, the way they continued to seek to hold them without bond."
  11. Israel is making a killing selling DNA testing to Jews desperate to prove their heritage.

    "The Israeli State recently announced that it may begin to use genetic tests to determine whether potential immigrants are Jewish or not. This development would demand a rethinking of Israeli law on the issue of the definition of Jewishness. In this article, we discuss the historical and legal context of secular and religious definitions of Jewishness and rights to immigration in the State of Israel. We give a brief overview of different ways in which genes have been regarded as Jewish"
  12. If you ever needed proof Nick Griffin is an MI5 stooge they got him to 'endorse' Corbyn's 'stance' on anti-semitism. I believe propagandists call this Labelling & Guilt By Association.

    "In another awkward development, Mr Corbyn also gained the backing of the former BNP leader Mr Griffin, who said he will vote Labour if the party’s leader resists the “psychotic rush to [World War 3]” in Syria, following the recent chemical weapons attack in Damascus."

    As if Nick Griffin cares about muslim children being bombed, but the half of the country who can't think to save their lives are sold this fabrication that Corbyn and the BNP have the same views..

    hitlers head on body looks photoshopped....... lol
  14. Parliament should debate whether Israel has 'improper influence' over British Politics. Sign if you care about UK democracy.

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and ...

Hitler's Jewish Soldiers: The Untold Story of Nazi Racial Laws and Men of Jewish ... The Transfer Agreement--25th Anniversary Edition: The Dramatic Story of the ... "Through videotaped interviews, painstaking attention to personnel files, and .

German court rejects case of Holocaust-denying 'Nazi grandma'

Ursula Haverbeck au tribunal de Berlin, le 16 octobre 2017
Paul Zinken / AFP
She was convicted in October last year on eight counts of incitement and sentenced to two years behind bars
Germany's jailed "Nazi grandma" Ursula Haverbeck, 89, lost a challenge before the country's highest court, which reaffirmed that constitutional free speech guarantees do not cover Holocaust denial, it was cleared for publication on Friday.
Haverbeck started her latest prison term in May for insisting that Nazi Germany's mass murder of millions of Jews and others was "only a belief" and that Auschwitz was "not historically proven" to have been a death camp.
German law makes it illegal to deny the genocide committed by Adolf Hitler's regime, which in the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp in occupied Poland alone claimed some 1.1 million lives, mostly of European Jews.
Holocaust denial and other forms of incitement to hatred against segments of the population carry up to five years in prison, while the use of Nazi symbols such as swastikas is also banned.
The Constitutional Court ruled on July 22 that "punishment for denying the National Socialist genocide is fundamentally compatible with Article 5 (1) of the Basic Law," which guarantees freedom of speech.
"The dissemination of claims that are proven to be untrue and of deliberately false assertions" was not covered by free speech, the court ruled, adding that Holocaust denial "breaches the limits of peaceful public debate and represents a disruption of the public peace."
The same court, however, also made clear in which cases controversial remarks regarding the Holocaust can be tolerated. Reviewing the appeal of a right-wing internet activist fined for incitement over his Holocaust-related statements, the Karlsruhe-based court decided to cancel the 3,000 euro fine, since his comments did not "pose a danger to public peace."
The man, identified only as S., stated on his online radio station "network radio Germania" that thousands of Auschwitz inmates "voluntarily went with the satanic SS."
But the court ruled that this assertion did not exceed the boundaries of freedom of expression, "even if it refuses to accept recognized historical studies or victims' accounts. Unless such statements threaten public peace, a democratic society should be able to tolerate even "disturbing opinions," the court stressed.
Haverbeck, who was once chairwoman of a far-right training center shut down in 2008 for spreading Nazi propaganda, was convicted in October last year on eight counts of incitement and sentenced to two years behind bars.
She had previously been sentenced on several occasions to jail for denying the Nazi genocide, once declaring on television that "the Holocaust is the biggest and most sustained lie in history".
Last month, the leader of the far-right populist party Alternative for Germany (AfD) said that the Nazi era was “bird shit” in an otherwise glorious German history. His statement was immediately condemned by all other political parties.
In the United States, a Holocaust-denying white supremacist has become the Republican party nominee for a US Congressional seat representing portions of Chicago and neighboring suburbs.
i24NEWS' correspondent in Germany Polina Garaev contributed to this report.

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spanish civil war  rothschild  Neville Chamberlain leon blum  - rothschild-franco falange five arrrow symbol coincidence

Was British Nazi collaborator Chamberlain also aiding Rothschild investments in Spain during Spahish 'civil war'.?
It was only a few years after Rothschild's death that Byron wrote his celebrated lines about the power of finance:
Who keep the world, both old
and new, in pain
Or pleasure? Who make politics
run glibber all?
the shade of Buonaparte's
double daring?
Jew Rothschild and his fellow-
Christian Baring!
Unlike the Barings, the Rothschilds continue to push on with their banking business; they announced the other day a closer integration of their European operations. Until now most attention has been paid to the founder's five brilliant sons - the five arrows on the bank's crest - who, leaving behind one of their number in Frankfurt, established businesses in London, Paris, Vienna and Naples, of which those in London and Paris still survive. But the founder, Meyer Amschel Rothschild, born in 1744 in a dilapidated tenement in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt, was arguably the greatest Rothschild of all..............

The Illuminati and the House of Rothschild - Red Ice

23 ago. 2005 - The German word for 'red shield' is Rothschild. ... significance of the Red Shield (his father had adopted it as his emblem from the Red Flag which was the emblem of the revolutionary ... Five Sons, Five Arrows, Five Directions.

Five Arrows - The Rothschild Archive

The five arrows remain an enduring symbol of the Rothschild name. The first appearance of a bundle of arrows representing the family was in the Austrian patent ...

House of Rothschild
The flag of FE-JONS (during Francoism, FET-JONS), with the yoke and the set of arrows. The colour black represents gunpowder and the red blood


[PDF]Leon Blum and the Spanish Civil War

Apr 17, 2012 - The decision of Leon Blum not to intervene in the Spanish CivilWar is one which has given rise to numerous commentaries and explanations ...

Neville Chamberlain and the Spanish Civil War, 1936–9: The ...
by GA Stone - ‎2013 - ‎Cited by 4 - ‎Related articles
Neville Chamberlain's role in the Spanish Civil War is a neglected subject in the history of the conflict. Yet he wielded considerable influence over Britain's ...

Neville Chamberlain and the Spanish Civil War, 1936–9: The ...
Neville Chamberlain's role in the Spanish Civil War is a neglected subject in the .... and French prime ministers Léon Blum, Camille Chautemps, and Edouard ...

Non-intervention in the Spanish Civil War - Wikipedia

Two influential figures in non-intervention: the British Neville Chamberlain (left) and the French Léon Blum (right). During the Spanish Civil War, several countries followed a principle of non-intervention, ..

Jewish Studies at the Turn of the Twentieth Century: Proceedings of ...
European Association for Jewish Studies. Congress, ‎Judit Targarona Borrás, ‎Ángel Sáenz-Badillos - 1999 - ‎History
This brings us to a second conclusion: Edmond de Rothschild shared the illusion of his ... 30 Leon Blum (1872-1950), first President of the Front Populatn (June ...

Return of the Rothschilds: The Great Banking Dynasty Through Two ...
Herbert R. Lottman - 1995 - ‎Bankers
Socialist deputy Leon Blum summed up the case against Maurice de Rothschild. Both the charges and the counteraccusations called for annulment of the ...

Baron Guy de Rothschild - Telegraph
Jun 14, 2007 - Baron Guy de Rothschild, who died on Tuesday aged 98, was the head .... Léon Blum's Popular Front of 1936, with its self-declared war on The ...

The Untold Inner Life of the First Politician to Embrace his Jewishnes ...

Jul 30, 2015 - No portrait of Léon Blum,” Pierre Birnbaum posits in a new ... but in the grand tradition of Edmond de Rothschild, Bernard Lazare, and André ..

The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812-1941 -

The book reviewed here, The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812-1941, is a ... (Spain), and has considerable research experience in finance and mining, two ... regime that followed the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), and the emergence of a ...

Almadén - Wikipediaén

Almadén is a town and municipality in the Spanish province of Ciudad Real, within the ... Almaden minestopped working in 2002, due to the prohibiton of mercury .... of the Rothschild family firms had previously purchased the quicksilver mine in ... 82,000 mercury flasks was reached in 1941, just after the Spanish Civil War.

The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812–1941 | Request PDF
Request Book PDF | The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812–1941 ... the House of Rothschild had extensive investments, particularly in the mining and railway sectors. .... markets after the American emancipation to the Spanish Civil War.

The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812–1941
Miguel A. López-Morell - 2016 - ‎History
Perhaps fearing for his life, he beseeched Robert Rothschild to look after his family in ... miningproduction levels were maintained throughout the war (Table 10.7). ... output in Spain during the Civil War* ThE hOuSE OF ROThSChIld In SPAIn, ...

Spanish-American War: Trial Run for Interventionism

Aug 10, 2012 - U.S. Secretary of State John Hay called the Spanish-American War of ... Harriman, Carnegie, and Rothschild — were gaining a stranglehold on our economy. .... and divers, it concluded that a submerged mine sank the Maine.

Philipp, Prince of Eulenburg - Wikipedia,_Prince_of_Eulenburg

Philipp Friedrich Alexander, Prince of Eulenburg and Hertefeld, Count von Sandels (12 ...... PrinceHohenlohe-Schillingsfürst stayed on as chancellor until he resigned in favor of Bülow in October 1900, but ..... in a homosexual relationship with the Austrian banker Nathaniel Meyer von Rothschild who liked Eulenburg so much ...

DOC]Rothschild investments in Spain, 1856-1930 - Economic History Society

by MA López-Morell - ‎Related articles
This paper deals with the investments of the Rothschild House in Spain from 1855 to ... That was the case of railway (1855), banking (1856) and mining (1868) ... the protectionist period in 1891, which worsened in 1920 and later in the Franco era. ... back to the financing of the Wellington army during the Independence War.

spanish civil war  rothschild

The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812-1941 -

Niall Ferguson, in his two books on the The House of Rothschild (Money ... regime that followed theSpanish Civil War (1936-1939), and the emergence of a new ...

Spanish Civil War and the House of Rothschild - Freedom Portal › Freedom Portal › Library › History & Civilization

Apr 15, 2007 - 20 posts - ‎4 authors
DESCRIPTION: Here is the flag of the Falange political movement during the Spanish Civil War. The Falange was an authoritarian organization ...


PDF]The Rothschild Network of Commodities: Quicksilver and the Mexican ...

by A Parra - ‎2016
European countries, during the wars in Europe. 2 .... Figure 1: Packing warehouses for quicksilver inAlmadénSpain. ... American markets, in many sectors.

Review of The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812 ... - ResearchGate
Aug 1, 2018 - Full-Text Paper (PDF): Review of The House of Rothschild in Spain, ... Brief review of the operations of the Rothschild Bank in Spain, from the Peninsular War to the .... enues and monopolies, most notably the Almaden mercury ... history and is currently completing a study of Anglo-American think tanks.

The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812–1941 | Request PDF
Request Book PDF | The House of Rothschild in Spain, 1812–1941 ... “La comercialización del Mercurio de Almadén durante el Siglo XIX y el primer tercio del S. XIX”. ... markets after the American emancipation to the Spanish Civil War.

Contact Us ‹ FAQs :: The Rothschild Archive

Between 1793 and 1815, Britain was almost continuously at war with France, ... the rights to the output of the Almadén mercury mines in south-west Spain. At the 

In 1835, during the First Carlist War, the mine was leased indefinitely to the Rothschild Bank. The price paid was high, but one of the Rothschild family firms had previously purchased the quicksilver mine in Idrija (now in Slovenia) from Austria; thus the firm had a monopoly on quicksilver (until discovery of New Almaden in California). Volume was expanded and the metal sold at a substantial markup returning a substantial profit to both Spain and the firm. Spain reclaimed the mine in 1863.[2]
In 1916, a special council was created to operate the mines, introducing new technology and safety improvements. A record production of 82,000 mercury flasks was reached in 1941, just after the Spanish Civil War. The price for mercury decreased from a peak of US$571 in 1965 to US$121 in 1976 making economic planning difficult. In 1981, the Spanish government created the company Minas de Almadén y Arrayanes to operate the mine. In 2000, the mines closed due to the fall of the price of mercury in the international market, caused by falling demand. However, Almadén still has one of the world's largest mercury resources.
Alamden is now a World Heritage Site, Heritage of Mercury. Almadén and Idrija. A museum has been built, including visit to the mines (areas from 16th to 20th century).


The five arrows remain an enduring symbol of the Rothschild name. The first appearance of a bundle of arrows representing the family was in the Austrian patent for arms of 1817 that placed the brothers on the first rung of the nobility. In 1822, the brothers advanced yet further in the ranks of the Austrian nobility, becoming barons of the Empire.

Five arrows appear on the English grant of arms for which Nathan successfully petitioned in 1818 on behalf of himself and all his brothers and their descendants. Nathan's design incorporated a lion (rejected by the Austrians) grasping in its paw a bundle of five arrows.
Many members of the family began to adopt the motif of the five arrows. It appears in letterheads, on bookplates, on porcelain, in jewellery and in countless other decorative ways. Letterheads survive from the mid 19th century which show that some individuals preferred to see the arrows pointing upwards, in spite of the official description of the arrows approved by the Austrian heralds of arms. Although this was purely a matter of personal choice, a cross-channel split of opinion began to develop! The French family and bank gradually adopted 'arrows up' for all uses of the symbol, while the English remained faithful to the 'arrows down' version. So, within the Rothschild group of business, 'arrows down' are used for N M Rothschild & Sons, its subsidiaries and companies in which it has the predominant interest; 'arrows up' for Rothschild & Cie Banque, its subsidiaries and companies in which it has the predominant interest.

But why arrows at all?
The clue is in the work of Moritz Oppenheim, the "painter of the Rothschilds". A sketch in oils depicts the story told by Plutarch of Scilurus who, on his deathbed, asked his sons - five are depicted by Oppenheim - to break a bundle of darts. When they all failed, he showed them how easily the arrows could be broken individually, cautioning them that their strength as a family lay in their unity.

Five Arrows - The Rothschild Archive

The five arrows remain an enduring symbol of the Rothschild name. The first appearance of a bundle of arrows representing the family was in the Austrian patent ...

House of Rothschild
The flag of FE-JONS (during Francoism, FET-JONS), with the yoke and the set of arrows. The colour black represents gunpowder and the red blood.

Re: Spanish Civil War and the House of Rothschild
« Reply #9 on: April 16, 2007, 09:22:04 AM »
What do you think of the Fascist Party using the symbol of the "big Joo?"

Personally I find it quite disturbing.  

From your initial post:

The Falange flag was flown proudly next to the Reichskriegsflagge on that day. The flag we offer measures 59 x 34 inches. It is in mint condition with the Falange arrow yoke designed by Jose Antonio, himself. There are five arrows representing each of the five early kingdoms of Spain drawn together in the yoke of national unity. We don`t know for sure how old this flag is, but we do know it is the legitimate flag of the Falange Party and it is no souvenir piece.

Which came first? The Falange version, or the Rothschild version?
Likely the latter.
Perhaps the entire thing is as simple as Antonio, having seen the Rothschild version, modified it slightly, gave it the history he wished it to have to make it meaningful to his cause, and adopted its use.
I can understand your consternation at the similarity, however, I wonder if the scenario of events as I surmised them were factual, the consternation of the Rothschilds at their symbol being put to use by the Fascist cause!!

This does not, in any way detract from the fact that the Rothschilds were well noted for financing BOTH sides, in any war they were involved with!

No matter who won, they still made money.


Benito Mussolini is quoted as having said: “Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power”.So, even the postulated counterpiece of fascism, communism, is, in fact, state fascism where the dictatorial state owns the corporations instead of capitalists. In fact, fascist Illuminati controlled the central banks  – and thus the Soviet Union.
Let us not forget that “Nazism” was an acronym for “National-Sozialismus”.
fascesroman-fascisFascism is a fascinating and terrifying ideology – yielding insight into the deepest and darkest corners of human nature. It is a materialistic substitute for God, a religion, which is nothing but theology twisting the soul out of man into the service of the state  – the world state and the “Prince of the World” – and its owners: It is to say  letting citizens die for the dream of  the elite of world dominaton.  The dream has a name: The New World order.
rothschild-logoFranco-flagFascism has its roots in ancient Etruria and Rome – above: the fasces (Brushwood bundle) of the Roman lictors and the fascist salute and the all-eating eagle. Right: Franco´s fascist flag.
Left Edmond de Rothschild coats of arms with the 5 arrows of 5 Amschel Mayer Rothschild sons and the ravenous  eagle which roman_eagle_design_by_erebus74-d4t2blysimply eats weaker beings. Below  right: The Roman Eagle
US-eagleIt should also be noted that the US Eagle has 32 feathers right wing, but 33 in its left wing. The 32 feathersrepresenting the number of ordinary degrees of the Scottish Rite, and the 33 feathers representing the 33º of Freemasonry. The tail feathers number 9, the number of degrees in the York Rite. The eagle itself is a prominent icon of Masonry, being used extensively in the Scottish Rite.
Looking just above the eagles head you will see 13 pentagrams within a cloud. The pentagrams are arranged in the shape of a hexagram – or greater Seal of Solomon. The hexagram is a powerful tool used by pagans to invoke Satan. It is also the sign of Anti Christ with 6 points, 6 angles and a hexagon (666). The Great Seal of the US with the above eagle is a present from Mayer Amschel Rothschild to his New World.