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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.,Peter Lanza,Governor Malloy, Tattoo-ed Lubavich Bitch Veronique Pozner::Chabad-Lubavitch is a criminal organization, an organized crime ...‎ Traducir esta página The following information is an example of just one organized criminal operation of the Chabad-Lubavitch organization. Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville Iowa, ...

Sandy Hook,,Newtown,CT.,Peter Lanza,Governor Malloy, Tattoo-ed ChabadLubavitch Bitch Veronique Pozner: Chabad-Lubavitch is a criminal organization, an organized crime ...‎ Traducir esta página

I used to have play dates with Adam Lanza. In his house. In my neighborhood.

Connecticut Dan Governor Malloy,just another Chabad Lubavitch bitch.....

  1. Govenor Dan Malloy Praises Chabad - Chabad Jewish UConn

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    WATCH Short clip of Govener Dan Malloy praising Chabad HERE! ... a special event marking the Lubavitcher Rebbe's 18th “Yahrtzeit” (Anniversary of Passing).

  2. Sandy Hook: GovDan Malloy, the Pozner's and the Israel ...

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    11/3/2013 - 6 publicaciones - ‎2 autores
    israel chabad Dan Malloy Veronique Pozner(former Haller and Vabner) ... theLubavitcher Rebbe's 18th “Yahrtzeit” (Anniversary of Passing).

The following information is an example of just one organized criminal operation of the Chabad-Lubavitch organization. Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville Iowa, ...Just thought all the Chabad Lubavitch bitches of Sandy Hook Newtown CT. and the Governor Malloy who has aided and abetted them should know what we know and what they never had an excuse for NOT knowing.This goes for CNN's Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper and CNN's UK Rupert Murdoch Fox News pedophile suspect Piers Morgan as well who interviewed Sandy Hooker bitch Alex Israel daughter of(ha,ha,you can't make this up),Beth Israel another Newtown Chabad Lubavitch bitch,who claims to have 'play dated' with Adam at his mommy's house.Does this mean the mythological Adam Lanza was Jewish or does Chabad Lubavitch bitches have privilege of having 'goy boy toys' as well as tattoos !?

  1. Sir Jim'll Fix It Alright: As Honourable Paedophile and Provider ...

    Oct 15, 2012 - Even Piers Morgan laughed-off potential warnings of Savile's under-aged habits while editor of the Sun's Bizarre Column in the early 90′s.

  1. Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Adam Lanza Girlfriend Alex Israel

    Jul 13, 2013 - Sandy Hook Alex Israel HOAX I Am Adam Lanza's Mother hoax. ... a blow job or something or other when they used to play date' at his house ! ... Alex Israel who easily obtained an interview in London with CNN'S and Rupert Murdoch's. phoney British 'journalist' Piers Morgan.: Beth Israel (bethiz) on Twitter.

  1. Twitter / alexisrael: I used to have play dates with ...

    Dec 14, 2012 - I used to have play dates with Adam Lanza. In his house. ...@alexisrael Did you also know Ryan and Lanza family well? Reply; Retweet ...

I used to have play dates with Adam Lanza. In his house. In my neighborhood.

Twitter / alexisrael: I used to have play dates with ...

Dec 14, 2012 - @Van_Tieu did not know them well at all. Lived in my neighborhood during my time at Sandy Hook Elementary. Had a couple playdates.

CNN Sandy Hook Setup/ Alex Israel interview - YouTube

Mar 17, 2013 - Uploaded by jim T
CNN Sandy Hook Setup/ Alex Israel interview .... Has Adam Lanza Even Been Alive The Last 3 Years?by ...

  1. Chabad-Lubavitch is a criminal organization, an organized crime ...

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    The following information is an example of just one organized criminal operation of theChabad-Lubavitch organization. Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville Iowa, ...

  1. Trustee Files Suit To Stop $1.5 Million Allegedly Looted From ...

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    30/6/2011 - Chabad-Lubavitch of Greater Mercer County (also known as Chabad of Princeton) received at least 129 payments from Agriprocessors over a ...

  2. Chabad Charities That Allegedly Laundered Millions Of Dollars For ...

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    3/5/2013 - Colel Chabad received more than $4 million from Agriprocessors in the two.... House Arrest To Visit Grave Of Dead Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe ...

  3. Chabad Mafia Rubashkin Agriprocessors Worker Abuse - YouTube

    20/7/2011 - Subido por 1godnews
    CBS News reports on the Chabad Mafia RubashkinAgriprocessors Worker ... Dancing at the International ...

  1. W Bush,Chabad-Lubavitch,Agriprocessors: Kosher Guns,Drugs,ICE ...

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    17/6/2008 - Fitting that ICE is also a slang term used for methamphetamines in ... the same Chabad Lubavitch that G.W. Bush praised and celebrated
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  2. "Elder Brothers" Caught Manufacturing Methamphetamine at their ...

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    14/5/2008 - Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse is Chabad Lubavitch-owned--yes, the same Chabad Lubavitch that G.W. Bush praised and celebrated ...

December 24, 2013: Convicted Orthodox Drug Smuggler Given Right To Expand Pre-Sentencing House Arrest To Visit Grave Of Dead Chabad-Lubavitch Rebbe
Comments: 13 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim 
A Chabad-affiliated Staten Island drug kingpin whose smuggling and trafficking operation brought in upwards $6 million per week at its height has been given permission to expand the terms of his pre-sentencing house arrest to visit the grave of the...

December 23, 2013: Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal: They Sided With The Abusers
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"In the 1990s, the father of two victims at Yeshivah College formally complained to Rabbi Glick (about Kramer) and he refused to take action. The school principal advised the father that he wouldn’t even suspend Kramer from the teaching staff...

December 21, 2013: Government Asks Judge To Sentence Agriprocessors Supervisor to As Much As 6 1/2 Years In Prison
Comments: 3 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal 
Government notes car extortion scheme, sexual abuse and harassment along with Amara's immigration charges. Hosam Amara Government Asks Judge To Sentence Agriprocessors Supervisor to As Much As 6 1/3 Years In Prison Shmarya Rosenberg • “Agriprocessors was a business...

December 20, 2013: Chabad Puts Tefillin On Santa Claus
Comments: 22 | Categories: Chabad , Chabad & Christianity 
Make of this picture from Chabad of Coconut Creek, Florida what you will. Link. [Hat Tip: Joe Dorfman.]

December 19, 2013: Video: Happy Holidays From Chabad
Comments: 24 | Categories: Chabad , Chabad & Christianity , Humor , PARODY & SATIRE 
The rebbes of Chabad-Lubavitch wish you happy holidays in a new parody video. [Hat Tip: Reuven Fischer.]

December 19, 2013: Chabad Pedophile David Cyprys Sentenced To 8 Years In Prison
Comments: 6 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
David Cyprys, who raped and abused students at Chabad's Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne, Australia and who was enabled and protected by Chabad leadership there, was just sentenced to 8 years in prison. Cyprys was convicted of raping one boy and...

December 19, 2013: Chabad Rabbi Sues Child Sex Abuse Victim For Defamation
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
In a writ lodged in the Victorian Supreme Court this week, Rabbi Abraham Glick accuses victims’ advocate Manny Waks of defaming him in a series of online articles and Facebook posts. Rabbi Glick has alleged Mr Waks published articles that...

December 18, 2013: Haredi Mohel Botches Bris, Causes “Life-Changing Injury” To Child
Comments: 82 | Categories: Chabad , Circumcision , Crime, etc. , Haredim 
The boy’s parents “witnessed the entire gruesome and torturous event” and rushed their son to the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s Children's Hospital for emergency reconstructive surgery. The child also had to have leech therapy. Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg Haredi Mohel...

December 16, 2013: Chabad Pedophile Was Assaulted In Prison, Attorney Says
Comments: 8 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Convicted Chabad serial pedophile David Cyprys was in a Melbourne court earlier today for the first part of his sentencing hearing. David Cyprys Chabad Pedophile Was Assaulted In Prison, Attorney Says Shmarya Rosenberg • Convicted Chabad serial pedophile David...

December 15, 2013: Haredi Rabbi Beats Sex Assault Charges After Victims’ Rep Allegedly Tries To Extort Rabbi’s Family
Comments: 10 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Sefardim 
The 80-year-old former chief rabbi of Kiryat Bialik, Aminadav Krispin, was cleared of a string of sexual assault, sexual harassment and witness tampering charges after the court learned that a representative of the three alleged victims of the rabbi had...

December 15, 2013: Alleged Chabad Pedophile To Sue Anti-Abuse Activist
Comments: 38 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Avrohom Glick, a former principal at Chabad's Yeshiva Center in Melbourne who was, until last week, still on staff there as a senior rabbi, is reportedly suing anti-abuse activist Manny Waks for defamation – even though police have questioned...

December 9, 2013: Chabad Yeshiva Student Arrested And Imprisoned For Draft Dodging
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Religion 
Another haredi yeshiva student – this one an 18-year-old Chabad hasid – has reportedly been arrested by military police and imprisoned for draft dodging. Chabad Yeshiva Student Arrested And Imprisoned For Draft Dodging Shmarya Rosenberg • Another haredi yeshiva...

December 9, 2013: Former Chabad Principal Arrested, Questioned In Child Sex Abuse Probe
Comments: 11 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Avrohom Glick allegedly repeatedly raped at least one student in the Yeshivah College of Melbourne's synagogue in the 1980s. Rabbi Avrohom Glick The Age reports: One of Australia's most respected rabbis has been stood down from Melbourne's prestigious Yeshivah...

December 8, 2013: Alleged Arrest Of Major Chabad Figure In Child Sex Abuse Case
Comments: 27 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
A major figure in Chabd in Melbourne, Australia was allegedly arrested and questioned by police about child sex abuse at Chabad's Yeshivah Centre there. From Tzedek's Facebook page: We can now confirm that a major figure within the Melbourne Yeshivah...

December 8, 2013: Child Sex Abuse Allegations And Coverups At Chabad's Yeshiva Center Allegedly Date As Far Back As The 1950s
Comments: 13 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"…Rabbi Uri Kaploun a former teacher of the school, who is alleged to have sexually abused students at the Yeshivah College in the 1950s. It is alleged that upon learning of multiple and ongoing complaints by parents and students against...

December 6, 2013: Iconic Porn Star Putting On Chabad Tefillin?
Comments: 19 | Categories: Chabad 
The iconic porn star Ron Jeremy is allegedly captured in this photo putting on Chabad tefillin and saying Shema. The picture is making the rounds on Facebook and in emails. I can't vouch for its authenticity:

December 6, 2013: Famous Chabad Mohel Allegedly Botched Bris, Permanently Damaged Child
Comments: 52 | Categories: Chabad , Circumcision 
Rabbi Eliyahu Shain, a famous Crown Heights-based Chabad rabbi-mohel, allegedly botched the circumcision of a child, causing that child "great physical pain and mental anguish and loss of enjoyment of life” and permanent damage. Rabbi Eliyahu Shain Famous Chabad Mohel...

December 4, 2013: Giant Chabad Menorah Joins A Christian Nativity Scene – With Chabad’s Blessings
Comments: 40 | Categories: Chabad , Chabad & Christianity , Hanukkah 
“We have an almost-life-size Nativity scene, and the [Chabad] hanukkia stands behind it, as a celebration of Jesus’s Jewish roots. We love it. It’s just beautiful." A Giant Chabad Menorah Joins A Christian Nativity Scene – With Chabad’s Blessings Shmarya...

December 3, 2013: Chabad School Loses Tax Exempt Status For Allegedly Giving Out More Than $10 Million In Fraudulent Donation-In-Kind Tax Receipts
Comments: 7 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. 
“…The CRA [Canada Revenue Agency] audited the operations of [the Shmuel Zahavy Cheder Chabad in Toronto] for the period from July 2007 to June 2009. In a letter dated October 25, 2011, the CRA identified numerous specific areas of non-compliance...

December 3, 2013: Major Chabad Daycare In Toronto Unlicensed, Allegedly Deceptive
Comments: 4 | Categories: Chabad , Child Safety 
In its parent handbook, Chabad's daycare claims that as part of the private Hebrew Chabad Schools, it is registered with the Ministry of Education – but what it allegedly hides from parents is that it is not licensed or inspected....

December 1, 2013: Major Chabad Supporter In Britain Gets No-Prison Sentence For Sexually Abusing A Minor Girl And Making Child Porn
Comments: 7 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
The 52-year-old recently pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual activity with a minor girl, as well as three counts of making indecent photographs of a child and two counts of possession of extreme pornography – and then walked free...

November 27, 2013: Video: 5 Years After Mumbai Terror, Nanny Who Saved Moshe Holtzberg Stays By His Side
Comments: 32 | Categories: Chabad , Terrorism 
5 years after the wave of Mumbai, India terror attacks that killed 156 innocent people – including a Chabad rabbi and his pregnant wife – the nanny that saved the infant son of those Chabad shluchim is still by the...

November 27, 2013: Chabad Child Sex Abuse Victim Condemns "Unaccountable And Immoral" Chabad Leadership
Comments: 10 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"…Since the Yeshivah leadership has clearly not acted to address the issue of accountability in any way, shape or form, it is our duty as a community to act. This is NOT about being against the Yeshivah (and/or the Chabad)...

November 25, 2013: Mumbai Chabad House, Shuttered Since Terror Attack In 2008, To Reopen As Café And Museum
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Terrorism 
Chabad House in Colaba [a neighborhood in Mumbai, India], one of the six targets of the bloody 26/11 [2008] terror attacks, will reinvent itself in less than six months as a restaurant, a community hall and a museum to the...

November 25, 2013: Brooklyn D.A. Gives Probation-Only Sentence To Chabad Pedophile With 8 Page Charge Sheet
Comments: 17 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Outgoing Brooklyn D.A. Charles J. Hynes gave a Chabad pedophile with an 8-page charge sheet that includes second degree incest a 10-year probation-only sentence. Please click to enlarge. Case summary and sentence: 8 Pages of criminal charges against Donin: Jewish...

November 24, 2013: Chabad Messianists Open "Women Only" Coffee Shop In Afula
Comments: 9 | Categories: Chabad , Israel , Women & Judaism 
"Therefore, we opened a place that is meant for women, to empower women, doing so by explaining the unique and special powers granted to her by the Lord.”

November 24, 2013: NYPD, NYC Downplaying Severity And Racial Nature Of "Knockout" Attacks, NYPD Source Says
Comments: 1 | Categories: Antisemitism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim 
“Look, we’re at the end of the road. All [Kelly] has to do is run out the clock the next five weeks. The last thing anyone wants is a major racial eruption in the last five weeks of the administration.”...

November 21, 2013: Israel To Indict Kahane Website’s Editors, High Court Orders State To Explain Why Chabad Settler Rabbis Were Not Indicted For Racist Book That Incites Violence
Comments: 19 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Israel , MO & Chardal 
Israel’s High Court of Justice ruled Wednesday that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and the State Prosecutor's Office have three months to explain to the High Court why Rabbis Yitzhak Shapira and Yosef Elitzur, the authors of the racist book Torat...

November 20, 2013: Chabad Rabbi Starts Food Safety Kosher Seal
Comments: 2 | Categories: Chabad , Haredim , Kosher Business? , Kosher Scandal 
The Rabbi said the existing Kosher certification program, , has been using client contracts for many years that require commitments by Kosher certified manufacturers that they comply with all applicable government food-safety regulations. "Under Kosher Check," he said, "Approval will...

November 20, 2013: Accused Chabad Pedophile Allowed To Leave Australia For L.A. On $1 Million Bond
Comments: 11 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Daniel Robert "Gug" Hayman was granted permission to leave the Australia despite being charged with a third offense relating to the indecent assault of a 12-year-old boy. Daniel "Gug" Hayman The Sydney Morning Herald reports: A businessman accused of sexually...

November 19, 2013: Chabad Rabbi Sues Oligarch Over Real Estate Deals
Comments: 14 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. 
One the richest oligarchs in London, the Ukrainian Gennadiy Bogolyubov, is being sued by his own Chabad rabbi, Yonah Pruss, over real estate deals worth hundreds of millions of pounds. Rabbi Yonah Pruss Chabad Rabbi Sues Oligarch Over Real Estate...

November 16, 2013: Video: Hundreds Of Haredim Riot In Jerusalem In Support Of Arrested Rabbi
Comments: 6 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Israel , Sefardim 
Hundreds of largely Sefardi haredim blocked a main road in Jerusalem tonight and rioted to protest the arrest of Rabbi Yoram Abergel, who allegedly conspired with a mobster to extort rabbinic opponents – and, perhaps, try to have them killed....

November 15, 2013: Another Chabad Child Sex Abuse Arrest Made
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
A former youth worker at Chabad’s Yeshivah College in Melbourne, Australia, 28-year-old Aron Ezriel “Ezzy” Kestecher, has been charged with a string of child sex offenses against boys. Aron Ezriel “Ezzy” Kestecher wearing a Chabad Youth T-shirt Another Chabad Child...

November 13, 2013: Abuse Victims Allegedly Paid Hush Money By Jewish Community, Police Say
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
“We have information that people who may have been victimized may have entered into agreements for payment with other people not to disclose, report or come forward." NSW abuse victims may have got hush money Joshua Levi • AJN VICTIMS...

November 13, 2013: Child Sex Abuse Victim Who Fights Against Sex Abuse Coverups Speaks At National Rally Against Abuse
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , MO & Chardal ,Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"On behalf of many victims and survivors of child sexual abuse within Jewish institutions, I would like to acknowledge and thank the Victorian Government for launching this Inquiry. With today’s publication of the Inquiry’s report, we can of course celebrate...

November 12, 2013: Video: Wave Of Anti-Semitic Attacks Hits Crown Heights
Comments: 10 | Categories: Antisemitism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim 
A wave of anti-Semitic attacks and graffiti has hit the heavily Chabad hasidic Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn over the past two months. But, police ask, are these attacks really hate crimes? Are they even connected? Or are they childhood...

November 11, 2013: Rabbinate To Revoke Kosher Certificate Of Café Owned By Evangelical Christian Over Missionary Allegations Brought By Extremist Group
Comments: 7 | Categories: Chabad , Christian Missionaries , Haredim , Israel 
The complaint originated not with the Rabbinate itself but with the extremist Chabad-influenced Yad L'Achim organization, which fights Christian missionary activity, cults and intermarriage – often through racist and bigoted propaganda of its own. It claims the café hosted proselytizing...

November 10, 2013: Can Children Be Better Protected At Chabad’s Yeshivah Centre?
Comments: 18 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Can children be better protected from child sex abuse at Chabd's Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne and its counterpart in Sydney? A social worker familiar with the situation argues that despite Chabad promises to do better, children in Chabad's care –...

November 8, 2013: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tewel Pleads Not Guilty
Comments: 20 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tevel, a married Chabad-ordained rabbi has been returned to New York from California – where he worked in a youth center that caters to Iranian Jewish teens – to face felony child sex abuse charges. Rabbi Menachem...

November 7, 2013: After The Whistle Has Blown, Victim, Family Face Chabad Harassment, Not Support
Comments: 10 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"You might think Manny Waks would be a hero for breaking the silence about child sexual abuse within Melbourne’s ultra-Orthodox Jewish community this year. Several abusers have been exposed and two have been jailed.…You might also think the Chabad community...

November 5, 2013: Accused Pedophile, Newly Released On Bail Pending Trial, Gets Honor In Chabad Synagogue
Comments: 20 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"We believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to adhere to their religious beliefs and practices, but questions must be asked. Importantly, how is it that Mr Hayman was given this honour on the day he was released from...

November 4, 2013: Businessman Arrested In Chabad Child Sex Abuse Case
Comments: 4 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Police in Sydney, Australia have arrested and charged a 49-year-old businessman, Daniel "Gug" Hayman, with charges related to child sexual abuse allegedly carried out at a camp affiliated with Chabad’s Yeshiva Centre in Bondi. Daniel "Gug" Hayman Businessman Arrested In...

October 31, 2013: Rubashkin Fundraising Video Features Accused Pedophile
Comments: 9 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Kosher Scandal ,Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tewel (Tevel), arrested this week in Beverly Hills and awaiting extradition to Brooklyn to face charges of sexually abusing a teenage boy, is prominently featured in this fundraising video for convicted felon Sholom Rubashkin, the former Agriprocessors...

October 31, 2013: Youth Center Linked To Chabad To Hold Prayer Gathering In Support Of Accused Pedophile
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tevel (Tewel) is accused of sexually abusing several young teen boys. He was arrested earlier this week at the JEM youth center in Beverly Hills, California with regard to one of those cases and is expected to...

October 31, 2013: Family Of Chabad Abuse Victim Relocates To Avoid Harassment From Chabad Community
Comments: 16 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim ,Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
"I am bitterly disappointed to share that due to the ongoing harassment, intimidation and discrimination from leaders and members of the Yeshivah Centre, which has effectively led to my parents’ excommunication from their community of almost 30 years (carried out...

October 31, 2013: Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tevel Arrest Record
Comments: 5 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
The accused child molester (whose last name is lso spelled "Tewel") is being held without bail in Los Angeles pending extradition to Brooklyn, New York. Tevel worked at a Beverly Hills center for Iranian Jewish teens run by Chabad rabbis....

October 30, 2013: New Horrific Animal Abuse At Rubashkin-Linked Israeli Kosher Slaughterhouse Shocks Israel
Comments: 11 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Israel , Kosher Business? ,Kosher Scandal 
Israel has yet another horrific kosher slaughter scandal, this one involving Soglowek – the company that once considered buying Agriprocessors. Birds are kept in rusted, bent and damaged cages causing many to trap wings, legs and even heads in the...

October 29, 2013: Alleged Chabad Molester Arrested In Beverly Hills
Comments: 19 | Categories: Chabad , Crime, etc. , Pedophilia & Related Crimes 
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Tevel (Tewel) was reportedly arrested today at the JEM Center in Beverly Hills. Tevel will be extradited to New York City where he will stand trial for allegedly sexually abusing children in the Chabad community of Crown...

October 25, 2013: Racist Anti-Obama Emails Allegedly Circulated By Chabad Followers From Crown Heights
Comments: 38 | Categories: Bigotry & Racism , Chabad , Crime, etc. , Haredim 
"…He'll mess up our streets from Nostrand to Troy But what do expect from a goy We will be stranded by the dozens He wouldn't do this to his Muslims But remember halacha And say a brocha When you see...

C H A B A D   M A F I A

Chabad-Lubavitch is a criminal organization, an organized crime mafia

The following information is an example of just one organized criminal operation of the Chabad-Lubavitch organization. Agriprocessors Inc., in Postville Iowa, was the largest kosher meatpacking plant in the USA prior to the immigration raid of May 12, 2008, the largest in USA history, where more than 400 workers were arrested.
Agriprocessors is a Chabad-Lubavitch operation that supplied, just before the raid, about 60% of the kosher beef and about 40% of the kosher poultry in the USA. On April 2008, KAJ suspended their kosher certification of the food produced at the plant despite the huge amounts of money that they were offered. The problems with the kashrut at the plant were initially discovered in 2004 by PETA, an organization that is opposed to animal cruelty.
agriprocessors not kosher
But O-U continued giving their kosher certification, despite the fact that most Orthodox Jews in the USA no longer considered the products as kosher. The question is a question of money. How much money was the O-U offered for giving these criminals a kosher certificate to products that were obviously not kosher? And this of course underlines the main reason Chabad cannot be stopped: MONEY! and corruption. For how many years did the Jews in the USA unknowingly eat non-kosher meat products because of this Chabad operation?

Chabad-Lubavitch involved in the largest immigration raid in history!

700 ARRESTS POSSIBLE AT AGRIPROCESSORS; LARGEST IMMIGRATION RAID IN HISTORY; DRUGS AND WEAPONS VIOLATIONS ALSO ALLEGED (May 12, 2008) - Agriprocessors is owned and operated by members of the Chabad organization.
illegal drugs production in agriprocessors
Hundreds arrested in Iowa immigration raid (May 12, 2008). Postville, Iowa - A raid by federal immigration officials at the nation's largest kosher meatpacking plant may have resulted in as many as 700 arrests, immigration officials said Monday. Agents from U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement entered the Agriprocessors Inc. complex in northeast Iowa Monday morning to execute a criminal search warrant for evidence relating to aggravated identity theft, fraudulent use of Social Security numbers and other crimes.
About 200 [Chabad] Hasidic Jews arrived in Postville in 1987, when butcher Aaron Rubashkin of Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood reopened a defunct meat-packing plant with his two sons, Sholom and Heshy, just outside the city limits. Business boomed at the plant, reviving the depressed economy while pitting the newcomers against the predominantly Lutheran community.
illegal immigration raid at agriprocessors
Claims of ID fraud lead to largest raid in state history. Postville, Iowa - The largest workplace raid in Iowa history Monday resulted in the arrest of more than 300 people and reignited the debate over immigration. As two law enforcement helicopters hovered overhead, dozens of federal agents descended on Agriprocessors Inc., the nation's largest kosher slaughterhouse. Monday's raid involved 16 local, state and federal agencies, led by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). They executed search warrants related to criminal activity, as well as a civil search warrant for people believed to be in the United States illegally.
A federal search warrant said immigration officials have filed almost 700 complaints about immigration violations and criminal activity by workers at the Postville plant. The activity spans a two-year period, and some workers face multiple allegations. Federal officials allege that as many as three-fourths of the company's workers at the end of last year were using fraudulent Social Security numbers. Last November, the search warrant said, ICE agents interviewed a former Agriprocessors supervisor who said some employees were running a methamphetamine lab in the plant and were bringing weapons to work. Another source alleged worker abuse, officials said in the warrant. In one case, a supervisor covered the eyes of an employee with duct tape and struck him with a meat hook. The worker, who had entered the country illegally from Guatemala, was not seriously injured. He declined to report the incident for fear of losing his job, the warrant said. Another plant worker told federal officials that undocumented workers were paid $5 an hour for their first few months before receiving a pay increase to $6 per hour. The minimum wage in Iowa is $7.25 an hour. The plant, which produces kosher and nonkosher meats, opened in 1987 when butcher Aaron Rubashkin and about 200 [Chabad] Hasidic Jews from New York took over a defunct meatpacking plant. Hasidic Jews follow strict laws. It is a branch of Orthodox Judaism.
the main difference between Israel and the USA
Agriprocessors' Child Labor Investigation Reveals "Egregious Violations Of Virtually Every Aspect Of Iowa's Child Labor Laws" - Attorney General Asked To Prosecute To The "Fullest Extent Of The Law".
DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The Iowa Labor Commissioner's Office said Tuesday that it has uncovered dozens of child labor violations at the nation's biggest supplier of kosher meat. Labor officials said their investigation, which spanned several months, uncovered 57 cases of child labor law violations at the Agriprocessors kosher meatpacking plant in Postville, where nearly 400 workers were arrested this spring in the largest immigration enforcement operation in U.S. history.
illegal child labor violations at agriprocessors
The types of violations included minors working in prohibited occupations, exceeding allowable hours for youth to work, failure to obtain work permits, exposure to hazardous chemicals and working with prohibited tools. "The investigation brings to light egregious violations of virtually every aspect of Iowa's child labor laws," Dave Neil, Iowa Labor Commissioner, said in a statement. "It is my recommendation that the attorney general's office prosecute these violations to the fullest extent of the law."
Evidence Shows Agriprocessors Officials Helped Falsify Workers' Documents Postville, Iowa - Federal agents who raided the Agriprocessors meatpacking plant here in May found evidence that the company's human-resources department helped provide false immigration documents to its workers. The agents said they found stacks of fraudulent resident-alien cards in the human-resources department. Most of the cards, also known as green cards, appeared to have been made by the same forger.The plant's owners and top executives have not been charged in the case.
Rubashkin Workers Said Forced To Grant Sexual Favors For Promotions, Shift Changes. Chaim Abrahams, an Agriprocessors representative, declined to address the allegation of sexual favors in exchange for job-related requests. "As with any legal matter, Agriprocessors cannot comment about any specific allegation," Abrahams said in a written statement. Slavery, Rubashkin style.
rape and sexual abuse at agriprocessors
Sexual favors allegedly expected from some Postville workers. Reports that there was an expectation of sexual favors at Agriprocessors Inc. are beginning to emerge from workers at the Postville meat processing plant, and advocates for immigrants in Postville today are trying to collect and validate the stories. Sister Mary McCauley said workers have said that "there was sexual abuse, that there's propositioning."
Federal agents raided Agriprocessors Inc., a kosher meat-processing plant, on Monday in the largest single-site immigration bust in U.S. history. Arrest warrants were issued for 697 people who work at the plant. Federal agents detained 389 in Waterloo, charged 306 with various fraud-related charges, and released 62. Twenty-one remain in custody pending immigration hearings. Since the raid, stories of how employees were mistreated has emerged, including verbal abuse by supervisors. Last November, the federal search warrant released after the raid said, Immigrant and Customs Enforcement agents interviewed a former Agriprocessors supervisor who said some employees were running a methamphetamine lab in the plant and were bringing weapons to work. Another source alleged worker abuse, officials said in the warrant. In one case, a supervisor covered the eyes of an employee with duct tape and struck him with a meat hook.
CBS News On Agriprocessors Abuse Of Workers 

More information about the criminal ways of the Chabad movement, and the Agriprocessors story, can be found - Rubashkin Scandals.

An interesting story about Agriprocessors and Rubashkin was published by a Professor of Jewish Studies. The story concludes:
The revulsion that non-Orthodox Jews in the Upper Midwest have for the [Chabad] Hasidim of Postville is visceral and undeniable. Over and over, while talking to non-Orthodox Jews in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area - arguably the Jewish community outside of Postville that has the most at stake in this story - I have heard one constant refrain. "How could this have happened?" they ask rhetorically. "I'll tell you...," and then their voices drop a register: "These [Chabad] Hasidim do not think their workers are human beings."
What these Jews are saying is probably the deepest and darkest secret of the entire story.
This is a tale of [Chabad] Hasidic Jews who are utterly at odds with what most Americans understand as modernity. They learn from their most sacred text, the Tanya (published in 1797 by the founder of Chabad Hasidism, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi) that "the souls of the nations of the world, the idol worshippers, derive from unclean husks and have no goodness in them whatsoever."
This xenophobic teaching, an intolerant note hiding within the otherwise fetching melody of Chabad Hasidism, is spun differently for different audiences. But it indicates what can happen when business proprietors armed with a chauvinistic mystical theology that denies the humanity of non-Jews face off against the "laws of the land." Such behavior might pass unnoticed in the cloistered brownstone neighborhoods of Crown Heights, but in the open light of the prairies, there will be an inevitable clash of civilizations.

Dear Arthur --- and all Jews of whatever color clothing, hats, and yarmulkes, and no yarmulkes (June 1, 2008). The water dripping effect on concrete - first it stains, then an indentation forms - then a hole; and over time, it cracks. Yes - water can crack concrete over time. So, let's add up the Rubashkin "water dripping" effect on our society. 1- No kosher slaughterhouse is permitted to have a non-kosher division under the same roof. 2- A long and vile record of documented and recorded intentional, undue animal abuse. 3- Recruiting and hiring illegals - a crime! 4- Selling chicken, knowingly - bacteria and feces laden. 5- Serious credible allegations of physical abuse of their employees. 6- Selling fake ID and Social Security cards on their premises. 7- Having created a network of people selling fraudulent documentation - permitting illegal entry in to the USA. 8- I tell you this with authority. The KAJ left Rubashkin because there was mass co-mingling of kosher and non-kosher meat - and sick animals - which rendered them dangerous to eat and non-kosher, were sold as kosher. Many continuous allegations from insiders that the shochtim were unreliable - because of the quotas they had to fill - and incompetence. 9- Every Rubashkin truck driver had thousands of spare "glatt kosher" labels on their trucks. WHY?! 10- I happen to know that the Rubashkins are not so closet Meshichisits! WHO CARES? I DO! They are posul eidus at chupas - and by definition - kofer b'ikur! I'm certain that there are some nice Rubashkins. I don't condemn the name - I condemn the vile acts. I condemn their belief system - trying to pass themselves off as a legitimate sect of Judaism. I knew and revered your uncle and his Rebbetzin Necha. I took the rebbetzin shopping for Shabbos on Kingston Av - Minkowicz. I helped her pick out a hat for the Rosh Yeshiva at the hat store on Kingston, Mr. Mike - and bought seforim with her for the Rosh Yeshiva at Drimmers. I sat around their kitchen table as the rebbetzin and my rebbe traded verbal jabs lovingly. I completed a good part of the Shulchan Aruch Harav (the Chaya Adam, the Mishna Berurah and the Ben Ish Chai are derivative works) with your uncle at his residence, on Eastern Parkway and Brooklyn Av., over an almost five year span. I attended many a "fabrengen" at the behest of my father and your uncle. I had "yechidus" with the Rebbe four times, prior to becoming a member of the Chai Club for nine years. (that allowed me another nine private meetings) I learned Tanya as a teenager - as was taught by the tzaddik RSFM ztvk"l (zchuso yagen aleinu) in Yeshivah Torah Vodaath. AND THEN LUBAVITCH COLLAPSED as a Jewish sect. The incubation period was over (Freud), and it became "Moshiach was the Rebbe" psychotic movement ---- and I said NO THANKS - I'M OUTTA HERE! I believe with my whole heart, that dementia, neurosis and delusional behavior overtook the genius and Gaon - Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson - as it did with all the previous charismatic Moshiach psychotics. While the legacy of his chessed lives on - the destruction of his sect as "Torah Jews" is his legacy. He permitted this delusion and mass psychosis to fester and inebriate the mindset of thousands of Jews - creating Jew-style Jews. Yes, Lubavitch has the most soup kitchens for anybody that appears Jewish. No mean feat! Judaism - NO! A cult with many good and kind people - yes! TRUST THEM WITH KASHRUTH - NO!.... And only a minuscule portion of the story has been told! B'yididus, UOJ

Agriprocessors Rubashkin NOT Kosher Part 1
Agriprocessors Rubashkin NOT Kosher Part 2

Contest: A $100,000 US Dollar prize will be paid to anyone who can find even one respectable Israeli Rabbi who says that Chabad is Jewish. You will never find any such Rabbi, but try to find it anyway as an educational exercise if you still think that Chabad is Jewish.

chabad mafia
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