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9/11,ICTS International,Dawn Hochsprung:Who Gave Free Houses To Sandy Hook,Newtown CT. Suspects Christmas 2009 ?

Dawn Hochsprung:Who Gave Free Houses To Sandy Hook,Newtown CT. Suspects Christmas 2009 ?

 Interesting Property Records – Yogananda Street | Sandy Hook Truth
Jan 10, 2013 - There is no record for 13 on the Newtown property records so I'm unable to ... Banks, mortgage and title companies aren't usually open for business on Christmas. ..... and from December 2007 through February 2009, he served on the ... buying and selling, requesting zoning changes etc. in and around the ...


  1. Boston Logan Airport,9/11,WTC:Sandy Hook Nancy Lanza's John ...

    Aug 26, 2013 - wtc,9/11:barack obama,nancy lanza,john hancock,icts international. ... wolfblitzzer0: Israel,WTC,9/11,ICTS International:Sandy Hook . ... Obama's NSA Hoe Susan Rice A danger to us all:Lied.

  2. wtc,9/11:barack obama,nancy lanza,john hancock,icts international

    Dec 21, 2012 - wtc,9/11:nancy lanza,john hancock,icts international ... to connect any pedophile incident to the occurence at Sandy Hook although I keep an open mind. But as I ..... QATAR Shaikh Mohammed al-Thani,Barack Obama,Susan .

    Skim below to find John Hancock board member William Cunningham with an investment  in ICTS  International as well as James Carlin,Patti McGill Peterson and Francis V Knox. Knowing just a little of what Nancy Lanza must have known regarding John Hancock and the Israeli mass murderers of ICTS International and that she could not run nor hide then it is easy to imagine her attraction to guns.Certaiinly the U.S.government of W Bush and Dick Cheney and now that of Baack Obama or Barry Soetoro would offer little confidence either,particularly considering the facts that President of Vice and Catholic Zionist Joe Biden welcomed ICTS International to incorporate in his state of Delaware in 1999 to pull off their infiltration of Logan Airport Boston and Newark New Jersey in the first place and knew exactly what was going on - at least that they were Israeli 'intelligence' that of course didn't haver to really be that intelligent because they were protected at the highest levels of the U.S.government.And Nancy Lanza surley didn't miss the fact that even after these same Israeli terrorists allowed 9/11 to happen at and through Logan Airport Boston and the WTC in NYC,also brazenly allowed or organized the boarding of flight 253 from Schiphol Airport to Detroit by the so-called Nigerian 'Islamic crotch bomber' on Christmas 2009.At that time Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro said using the absurd line of his role model George W Bush that he would 'connect the dots'.......

  3. wolfblitzzer0: WTC,9/11:Zionist Janet Tobin and ICTS International ?

    Dec 22, 2012 - No connection between this Michele Bernadette Lanza and nancyLanza. as far as I know ... United States, Indianapolis, 46240-7315 John HancockFinancial Services ..... Security firms In January 2010, ICTS International, a security firm that ..... Buck .... Ex Newtown,Sandy Hook School District Security Di.

  4. wolfblitzzer0: WTC,9/11,GE,ICTS Israel:Peter Lanza Claims Adam ...

    Dec 31, 2012 - I suppose the child massacre at Sandy Hook Newtown Conecticut has been ... that John Hancock insurance and 'securities' corp that Nancy Lanza was part of as ... securities fraud and money launderers of ICTS International many years since.... QATAR Shaikh Mohammed al-Thani,Barack Obama,Susan .


The first I remember hearing about the strange seemingly 'free' turnover of houses at Sandy Hook Newtown CT. WHERE THE ALLEGED MASS MURDER OF ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN TOOK PLACE ON DECEMBER 14,2012  BY ADAM LANZA THE YOUNG SON OF AN AFFLUENT GE CAPITAL EXEC GONE MAD,was at the website early this year.Apparently others have taken a more recent interest and believe that all these transactions or 'giveaways' occured  on Christmas 2009.
Note Sandy Hook Elemtary School principal Dawn Hochsprung originally interviewed by the Newtown Bee newspaper immediately after the shootings but was then reported dead and she couldn't have given the interview the Newtown Bee originally reported.Also aleged teacher Victoria Leigh "Vicki" Soto is said to have died that day along with other teachers.
It should surely be possible to ascertain the source or sources of this huge Sandy Hook Newtown CT. housing giveaway.
It should surely be possible to ascertain the source or sources of this huge Sandy Hook Newtown CT. housing giveaway.Unless of course this in one of the many normally public facts that the suspect Newtown family 'victims' and the Connecticut State and federal governments have decideded in their wisdom that it is somethiuing we are better off not knowing or something they are better off for us not knowing.
An interesting coincidence is the fact that the Israeli terrorists who guarded Logan Airport Boston on 9/11/01
whose contrct they obtained through a stock fraud operation and Israeli government front company called ICTS International and who have been allowed to operate in the EU and UK no questions asked ever since,just happened to choose that day,Christmas 2009 to aid the boarding of flight 253 from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam that they control to Detroit that very same day Christmas 2009. Coincidentally again is the fact that John Hancock hedge funds held shares in ICTS International at least up until and around 9/11/01 and probably thereafter.Alleged slain mother of Adam Lanza was at one time a John Hancock employeee.

Sandy Hook Evidence: Dawn Hochsprung Interview, December 13th ...
Jan 10, 2013 - Sandy Hook School principal Dawn Hochsprung told the Bee that a .... A quick internet search found Mr. Voket's email address so I decided to ...

How Is Christopher Manfredonia Connected To The Sandy Hook ...
Feb 6, 2013 - Although Christopher Manfredonia's name has been mentioned a lot, ... Barden address and Christopher Manfredonia's name showed up, ... in Newtown around 2009 or 2010…that's around the time Newtown ... There is a Robert Manfredonia living on Yogananda St. The same street Nancy Lanza lived on.

  1. Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009? « Memory Hole
    Sep 13, 2013 - ... include the house belonging to mysterious figure Chris Manfredonia, who ...It's not just Yogananda Street that was given away on Christmas of '09,” ... This makes a total of 35 homes given away on Christmas day of 2009.

  2. Video: Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” in 2009? « Memory Hole
    Sep 13, 2013 - “It's not just Yogananda Street that was given away on Christmas of '09,” ..... Manfredonia didn't own the house in 2009, so the $0 transaction ...

  3. Over 30 Sandy Hook Homes “Gifted” In 2009 (VIDEO) | Alternative
    Sep 17, 2013 - ... include the house belonging to mysterious figure Chris Manfredonia, who ...It's not just Yogananda Street that was given away on Christmas of '09,” ... This makes a total of 35 homes given away on Christmas day of 2009.

  4. How Is Christopher Manfredonia Connected To The Sandy Hook ...
    Feb 6, 2013 - Although Christopher Manfredonia's name has been mentioned a lot, ... Barden address and Christopher Manfredonia's name showed up, ... in Newtown around 2009 or 2010…that's around the time Newtown ... There is a Robert Manfredonia living on Yogananda St. The same street Nancy Lanza lived on.
    More results for chris manfredonia yogananda barden christmas 2009



     Christmas 2009 Mutalab the Islamic 'crotch bomber' allowed to board flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit by same Israeli Mossad agents Menachem Atzmon who allowe 9/11 to happen from Logan Airport Boston on September 11,2001.

    Underwear Bomber Redux - Was Mutallab An Israeli "Secret ...
    Feb 1, 2010 - After repeatedly denying that the Christmas Underwear Bomber™ had any ... attempt to blow up Detroit-bound Flight 253 on Christmas day 2009, or that ... Join us on .... was ICTS (International Consultants on Targeted Security) International. ... Bear in mind that ICTS also shared security duties on 9/11 at ...

    For Whom The Nobel Tolls:Barack Obama,9/11,London 7/7/05 ...
    Jul 24, 2011 - 9/11,Barack Obama,Geert Wilders,ICTS International,London bombing 7/7/05 ... would remind them of his lie about 'connecting the dots' immediately .... Abdul Mutallab to board flight 253 of Christmas 2009 in route for.

    wolfblitzzer0: Israeli Terrorism Again !.WTC,9/11,Needles in Food of ...
    Jul 17, 2012 - It was only as recently Christmas 2009 that the Jewish Zionist haters ... ICTS International allowed the Nigerian 'crotch bomber' Mutallab to ...... However while Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro lied about 'connecting the dots... 

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UK Nigger Barack Obama,Serco:Outsourcing Obamacare To UK Government Military Indiustrial Complex.Why ?

UK Nigger Barack Obama,Serco:Outsourcing Obamacare To UK Government Military Indiustrial Complex.Why ?
UK's Serco and the Militarization of  medicine in Amerikkka.

Note it was Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro himself who told us that he was an 'African-American' BORN IN KENYA  up until the time he ran for U.S.President and ONLY THEN did he change his tune and claim to be born in Hawaii.I have nothing against a REAL African-American who is qualified by birth to run for U.S.President,(such as Cynthia McKinney for instance), but if Obama was telling the truth and he was born in Kenya as he originally claimed then his presidency is and has been illegal since he assumed office.It doesn't surprise me that his CIA handlers chose an 'Anglophile'  decendant of a former servant of the UK Empire in Kenya either.Rembmber Obama has on one hand a mother with CIA connections from her own parents and Obama's Kenya connections link him and his father's side to aiding and abbwetting UK Empirialism even over his or their own black African racial and cultural roots.
Unfortunately the Democats and Republicans are controlled by a far right political elite with ties to the City of London and white Zionists of Israel and chances are all too low that any real African-American or Hispanic or other would be able to qualify to bring any real democracy to to the international fascism that has taken over Amerikkka.

  1. Why Did Obama Use the N-Word to Describe His Grandfather?

    Sep 11, 2012 - House nigger... And by Obama's standard, even his own grandfatheris an ideological sellout deserving of insults and ... Onyango Obama was born around 1895, the very year the British established Kenya as a "protectorate.

Why Barack Obama doesn't much care for Britain – Telegraph Blogs
  1. › News › Politics › Daniel Hannan

    Dec 8, 2010 - President Obama received from Gordon Brown a pen-holder made from ...On the visit to Kenya that shaped his view of the world ... is that he is bitter about the way his grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama... House nigger.".

No one in their right mind would sign up for an 'Obamacare' run by the same military industrial complex 'companies' many with UK 'inteelligence'' as well as CIA and Mossad etc. connections to compile and monitor your every medical appointment and financial data.
Barack Obama's subsidy of and too the UK British Petroleum or BP even after the Gulf oil spill that still has untold affects while at the same time providing U.S.invading forces to BP and Dutch Royal Shell,both Rothschild related oil monopoly entities just adds an other reason to believe that it is Barack Obama's and his Mossad-  CIA handlers who call the shots and Barack is the very 'nigger' he accused his grandfather of being for seeking 'upward mobility' through the ranks of black servitude to his British and Zionist betters in Kenya.
And let's not frget to outsource our government 'financial planning' and 'debt structuring' to a UK firm as well hopefully a Rothschild concern.(Or maybe we already did that around the time of the civil war.......)


Note that former CEO Chris Hyman who uses his South African 'Christian' name to disguise his Indian roots and who coincidentally was on scene at the New York World Trade Center or WTC the day of September 11,2001 when all hell broke loose,has just resigned  :

  1. wolfblitzzer0: WTC,9/11:Serco:Barack Obama's British $1.2 Billion ...

    Oct 1, 2013 - WTC,9/11:Serco:Barack Obama's UK Navy Yard Contractor And $1.2 Billion .... Feb 15, 2013 - (Serco CEO Christopher RajendranHyman's life changed when he ... Israel,CNN,Obamacare,SERCO,NSA Spying:What Did CN.

    Feb 24, 2006 - The Jane Martinson interview: The Serco chief Christopher Hyman is unusual for ... Have you recently travelled on a train in northern England... company's ambitious young chief executive, Christopher Rajendran Hyman, .... Hyman's life changed when he found himself in the World Trade Centre on 9/11.

Serco boss quits as firm seeks new start after scandals
By Christine Murray and Neil Maidment LONDON | Fri Oct 25, 2013 11:48am EDT (Reuters) - The chief executive of outsourcing firm Serco has quit as part of a major reorganisation aimed at rebuilding its reputation with its biggest customer, the British government, following a series of scandals............

The UK government, which accounts for about 25 percent of Serco's revenue, said in July it would not award the firm or rival G4S any new contracts pending a review of existing ones, after an audit discovered they had charged for tagging criminals who were dead, in prison or not being monitored.
The scandal has intensified the debate in Britain over the outsourcing of public services to profit-driven private firms - a key strategy to reduce government spending, but which has also led to a string of embarrassments, such as when G4S failed to supply enough security staff for the 2012 London Olympics.
On Thursday, G4S said its UK chief executive had resigned and been replaced by the group's chief operating officer.

Serco, with over 120,000 staff in more than 30 countries, said on Friday Chris Hyman had resigned as chief executive.......


  Barack Obama,Serco:Outsourcing Obamacare To UK Government Military Indiustrial Complex.Why ?

ALEX BRUMMER: G4S and Serco show ugly face of outsourcing

Fall from grace: The respective chief executives - Nick Buckles (pictured) at G4S and Chris Hyman at Serco - were treated by the stock market as heroes
Fall from grace: The respective chief executives - Nick Buckles (pictured) at G4S and Chris Hyman at Serco - were treated by the stock market as heroeFor a long time G4S and Serco, two of Britain’s largest outsourcing groups, were seen as companies that could do no wrong and the contracts rolled in from home and overseas.
The respective chief executives – Nick Buckles at G4S and Chris Hyman at Serco – were treated by the stock market as heroes.
In the case of Buckles, feeble ‘long only’ shareholders and a compliant board hung on through the debacle of the failed £5.2bn bid for Danish services group ISS and the chief executive’s schoolboy-like testimony before a Commons Select Committee on the company’s failure over security at the Olympics.
The truth seems to be that when you look behind the curtain at the overseas operations there is much that is undesirable. G4S annual general meetings, unhelpfully closed to the media, have long been a target for demonstrators from human rights groups. Now we know why.
The disclosures from South Africa where G4S, among other things, allegedly used anti-psychotic drugs to calm prisoners at the Mangaung prison are disturbing. G4S denies the reports but they make one wonder what the company has been up to elsewhere in Africa.
The picture at Serco is no less disturbing. What is described in the City as low level fraud in Serco’s prison tagging operations is deplorable. Aside from the dishonesty, an outsourcing group that is meant to be helping taxpayers was actually cheating them.
One has to wonder whether the command and control structure at the firm is sufficiently robust for it to be trusted with much more sensitive work at nuclear facilities.
Serco has been rather fortunate in the US in that the failure of Obamacare to get off the ground properly was obscured by the government shutdown. But now the opprobrium over its role has started to roll in. Hyman, at least, stepped down relatively rapidly. But shareholders and the board ought to  make sure he does not escape with a financial package that could be construed as payment for failure.
The common theme in both companies is that of hubris and lazy scrutiny by investors and analysts.
As long as earnings have been on an upward path, no one challenges the ability of fast-growing organisations to cope with the problems of size – especially when the business spreads to far flung places.
G4S has rejected out of hand a £1.6bn bid for its cash transportation operations from Charterhouse Capital Partners as ‘highly opportunistic’. That may well be and G4S may be reluctant to sell one of its core enterprises.
Nevertheless, new chief executive Ashley Almanza should be learning an important lesson. The company he heads has become too big and almost unmanageable. A break-up into specialist enterprises may be the best way of salvaging a very tarnished franchise.

Read more:
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CNN,Obamacare,SERCO,NSA Spying:What Did CNN and Obama know and when...

CNN,Obamacare,NSA  Spying:What Did CNN and Obama know and when...

CNN still hasn't reported on the evil UK corporation SERCO  and Obama's gift of billions of dollars  to therm to run Obamacare even though their real expertise is prisons !And when has CNN or Iraeli prostitute Wolf Blitzer or Anderson Cooper or phoney Iranian -Zionist CIA NSA prostitute Christiane Amanpour ever report the role of Israeli spys at the U.S.NSA ?

Obamacare and NSA spying: What did Obama know, and when did ...

CNN-3 hours ago
(CNN) -- When it comes to leadership and personal responsibility, President Barack Obama has made his stance very clear: "The buck stops ...
NSA scandal highlights Obama's unfulfilled promise
-CNN International-Oct 28, 2013
The NSA and Obama: Who Watches the Watchers?



SERCO,although being investigated in the UK for fraud in relation to prisoner ankle bracelet overcharges and being a major contractor at the Navy Yard at time employee Aaaron Alexis began his alleged mass shooting  and being suspect of being in and around the Sandy Hook Newtown  alleged shooting by Adam son of affluent GE Capital exec Peter Lanza  SERCO a foreign entity more at the beck and call of the Rothschild and Zionist controlled City of London than to the American taxpayer and Obamacare recipient or victim they have no right nor reason to even apply for Obamacare funds much less be given such contracts without even a fair bidding process.Barack Obama is as criminanlly negligent as this foreign entity he dares put in control of American medical bureaucracy.SERCO and its CEO  even turned up 'coincidentally' at the WTC on 9/11.

Serco top Obamacare contract recipient being investigated by British ...

by citizenwells
1 day ago - ... Hall of Shame · ← Obama Obamacare government health care websitenot working, Despots always blame people not systems, Government (especially crony capitalism) is not the best means to do anything well ...


by kate7777

Did the Obama administration know would fail?

Brendan Bordelon 10/19/2013
The British multinational in charge of processing Obamacare paper  applications received a hefty contract boost just days before’s  disastrous roll-out, a sign that the Obama administration may have expected  serious problems with the website.
The Business of Federal  Technology (FCW) reports that on Sept. 26, the Centers for Medicare and  Medicaid Services (CMS) increased their planned payout to Serco’s U.S.  subsidiary by 75 percent, adding an extra $87 million to the $114  million promised for processing initial Obamacare enrollment applications.
The contract documents do not explain the last-minute infusion of federal  dollars, and neither Serco nor CMS would disclose why the agreement was modified  so soon before the rollout..........

  1. Serco saga continues with promise to clean up for prison and ...

    Sep 11, 2013 - The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) and the Directors of Serco have today asked the police to investigate alleged fraudulent behaviour by members of [...] ... Navy Yard shooting victims had long careers there ...

    1. Contract Award – Serco – $70 Million – US Navy - GovCon Wire › Contract Awards

      Oct 20, 2009 - ... Delivery/ Indirect Rate/ Identification/IQIndefinite Quantity will mainly be executed at the Washington Navy Yard. Harry Gatanas, Senior Vice President of the Defense and Intelligence Group at Serco Inc. commented “We are honored to be chosen to support the Navy under this contract... Serco's award is worth $70 million over a five-year period, one-year base and four one-year option periods. Work on the ID/IQ will mainly be executed at the Washington Navy Yard.

Israel and the NSA: Partners in Crime
Documents hint Israelis behind attempt to eavesdrop on France – but America takes the blame
by , October 28, 2013
It wasn’t the US government breaking into the private communications of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy, according to top secret documents unearthed by Edward Snowden and published in Le Mondeit was the Israelis.
A four-page internal prĂ©cis regarding a visit to Washington by two top French intelligence officials denies the NSA or any US intelligence agency was behind the May 2012 attempted break-in – which sought to implant a monitoring device inside the Elysee Palace’s communications system – but instead fingers the Israelis, albeit indirectly:
The visit by Barnard Barbier, head of the DGSE’s technical division, and Patrick Pailloux, a top official with France’s National Information Systems Security, was intended to elicit an explanation for the break-in, which the French media blamed on the Americans. The NSA’s inquiries to the British, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, and other US allies all turned up negative. However, one such close ally wasn’t asked.
As Glenn Greenwald and Jacques Follorou, citing the NSA document, put it in their Le Monde piece: the NSA "’intentionally did not ask either the Mossad or the ISNU (the technical administration of the Israeli services) whether they were involved’ in this espionage operation against the head of the French government."
An interesting omission, to say the least, one justified by the author of the memo with some odd phraseology: "France is not an approved target for joint discussion by Israel and the United States." Meaning – exactly what? This is a job for Marcy Wheeler! But I’ll hazard a guess: the US is well aware of Israeli spying on France and wants nothing to do with it, and/or the author of the memo is simply invoking some obscure protocol in order to justify going any farther.
In any case, the Israeli connection to the NSA’s global spying network – including its all-pervasive surveillance inside the US – has been well-established by Greenwald’s previous reporting on the subject: a September 11 article detailing how the NSA shares raw intercepts from its data-dragnet with Israeli intelligence, scooping up purloined emails and other data – in effect giving the Mossad a "back door" into a treasure trove of information on the private lives and activities of American citizens.
The Guardian published a five-page memorandum of understanding between Tel Aviv and Washington, provided to Greenwald by Snowden: rife with references to the legal and constitutional constraints "pertaining to the protection of US persons," it goes on to state forthrightly that the Israelis are permitted access to "raw Sigint" – unredacted and unreviewed transcripts, Internet metadata, and the content of emails and telephonic communications. While the Israelis supposedly solemnly swear to not "deliberately" target any American citizen, the agreement explicitly rules out a legal obligation on the part of the Israelis to follow the rules:
"This agreement is not intended to create any legally enforceable rights and shall not be construed to be either an international agreement or a legally binding instrument according to international law."
The Israelis are allowed to retain raw NSA data on American citizens for up to a year, as long as they inform the NSA, but when it comes to US government communications – those must be destroyed "upon recognition." This interdict presumably covers the internal communications of our law enforcement officers, but as both James Bamford and Fox News’s Carl Cameron have reported, Israeli penetration of this vital sector is already an accomplished fact.
In his book, The Shadow Factory, and a 2012 Wired piece, Bamford details the NSA’s connections to "secretive contractors with questionable histories and little oversight" which were used "to do the actual bugging of the entire U.S. telecommunications network."
According to Bamford, who cites a former Verizon employee, Verint/Comverse Technology – a company with direct ties to the Israeli government and founded by former Israeli intelligence officers – "taps the communication lines at Verizon." Over at AT&T, "wiretapping rooms are powered by software and hardware from Narus, now owned by Boeing, a discovery made by AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein in 2004." As Bamford puts it:
"What is especially troubling is that both companies have had extensive ties to Israel, as well as links to that country’s intelligence service, a country with a long and aggressive history of spying on the US.
In short, much of the surveillance technology in use by the NSA originated in Israel, and was developed by Israeli companies with ties – direct subsidies, board memberships, etc. – to the Israeli government, and specifically its intelligence services. This would make is easy for the Israelis to construct a “back door” that would give them access to the system. For one early example, the eavesdropping software that allows US law enforcement to wiretap reportedly has just such a "back door," as reported by Fox’s Carl Cameron, one that has enabled Israeli Mafia and others to shield themselves from surveillance. The problem became so bad that, in October 2001 a group of law enforcement officials sent a letter to then Attorney General John Ashcroft warning that the system had been compromised. Cameron reports that the suspects in the 9/11 World Trade Center attacks may have taken advantage of the system’s vulnerabilities: "On a number of cases," says Cameron, "suspects that they had sought to wiretap and survey immediately changed their telecommunications processes. They started acting much differently as soon as those supposedly secret wiretaps went into place."
The agreement between the NSA and the Israelis, then, merely made official what was already operationally true: the Israelis can directly tap into the NSA’s data dragnet, and indeed have been doing so for years. And it looks like Snowden wasn’t the only ex-employee to reveal the NSA’s secrets: according to Bill Binney, a former NSA official cited by Bamford, a "mid level" NSA official "who was a very strong supporter of Israel" turned over the NSA’s "advanced analytical and data mining software" to the Israelis. The big difference, however, is that Snowden didn’t hand it over to a foreign country – he handed it over to us.
In the case of the attempt to penetrate the communications system of the French President, what’s interesting is that Washington said nothing in public about its strong suspicions the Israelis were behind it, even as anti-American sentiment over the incident reached a fever pitch in Paris. US officials were and are willing to sit silently while their country is excoriated, letting Uncle Sam take the heat for our "allies" in Tel Aviv.
Not only that, but the unbalanced relationship between the US and Israel when it comes to intelligence sharing is openly acknowledged by NSA officials in top secret documents unearthed by Snowden and reported by the Greenwald-Poitras-Guardian team:
"On the one hand, the Israelis are extraordinarily good Sigint partners for us, but on the other, they target us to learn our positions on Middle East problems. A NIE [National Intelligence Estimate] ranked them as the third most aggressive intelligence service against the US.”
Both Bamford and Cameron have reported that it is "career suicide" for anyone inside the US government to question the one-sided "special relationship" between Israel and the US when it comes to intelligence gathering. The reason for this is the political power of the Israel lobby, and its ability to target and destroy opposition within the national security bureaucracy. No doubt their unlimited access to our communications has much to do with this: I wonder how many dark secrets they have on our politicians? Anyone who thinks the Israelis would hesitate to use this information, handed over to them so eagerly by the supine US authorities, is being willfully blind.
This is one aspect of the NSA scandal we are hearing very little about, yet the Israel connection may be key to seeing the big picture. So let’s step back, then, and look at the portrait of the Panopticon as painted by the Snowden documents, and reported on by Greenwald and others.
The US has constructed this global system of interception, which monitors, records, and stores virtually all electronic and telephonic communications. It’s an elaborate apparatus, requiring tremendous resources and complex systems that sort, file, and organize this vast databank so as to make it readily available to an analyst sitting in his cubicle at an NSA facility. Sitting in the center of this vast spiderweb, with access to all its manifold threads and extensions, is not only the US government, but, standing behind them, the Israelis – who are spying on us, as well.
The Israel lobby and its amen corner continually carp about how any attempt to negotiate with Iran – or any of their other perceived enemies – is "appeasement." Yet the real appeasers are those in our government who allow Israel to walk all over us, in public and in private – even to the extent of handing them the keys to our entire communications system. I wonder if any of the politicians, both Democrats and Republicans, who are now making noises about the NSA’s surveillance have the courage to buck the Israel lobby and bring up this matter in a public forum. Where is the congressional investigation into this serious breach of US national security? Where are the hearings?
I’m not holding my breath on this one, and neither should you. But let’s just put it out there, for the public record.
You can check out my Twitter feed by going here. But please note that my tweets are sometimes deliberately provocative, often made in jest, and largely consist of me thinking out loud.
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