Monday, August 24, 2020

Elon Musk can't even recycle his own excrement.....

Elon Musk can't even recycle all those plastic litihum cars he's polluting the biosphere with right now much less all of his colleague Bill Gate's 8 billion dirty needles everytime a cold is going around. And that is the new abnormal we live in as we witness mass species extinctions.Musk has received too many dollars and his 'chicks' for free for so long he now suffers from delusions of grand manure,The best contribution he could make for the planet would be not to reproduce.
Who is going to recycle all that plastic and silicon and lithium and scarce minerals from his solar trinkets when he is dead and gone ? Who is going to recycle all those burned fossil fuels and nuke waste that generates electricity for his cars  and mines his lithium from Bolivia,etc, ? Does he plan to put his chips in the brains of the lithium miners in Bolivia as well  or are we Americans the only 'lucky' ones ?
Elon Musk can't even recycle his own excrement and gawd knows he's full of it.American brains run on phosphates etc. NOT silicon and because our brains are not in tune with our genes,(which also run on phosphates),we have mined all our Florida phosphates in the last century and Trump's Florida resort is next door to a radioactive phosphate mining disaster that his feeble brain is not even cognitive of.
Delusions of grand manure indeed.
And silicon chips,unlike the brain and life, are not self organizing,
(negentropic), and replicating systems anymore than Musk's cars or solar panels are but instead require factories and toxic chemicals to manufacture.What an idiot.I nominate Musk,Bezos and Gates to be the new three stooges.Too bad we're condemned to be the butt of their bad jokes.

We needed a tutor,
 So we built a computer,
 And programed ourselves not to see,
The hate and the lying,
The dead and the dying, 
A silent majority, - Graham Nash