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Ex-CIA, NSA, FBI Employees Urge Former Colleagues to be Whistleblowers Like Snowden

Ex-CIA, NSA, FBI Employees Urge Former Colleagues to be Whistleblowers Like Snowden

And we also learn that the NSA pervers led by 911 traitor and war criminal Keith Alexander whose Air Force goons allowed Israelis  Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel and Shin Bet of ICTS International to 'guard' Logan Airport through their stock fraud and money laundering operations  that allowed them to take control of Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops etc.,are spying on silly internet games and porn sites on trhe internet to find more demented recruits just like themselves ! We'd be better to start jailing and putting on trial  the ones we already have rather than allowing them to find us more of their murderous Zionist kind.
And while I believe cetain financial transfers should be monitered they should be those of former high level officials such as W Bush and Dick Cheney and Hillary and Bill Clinton and the Israelis and UK scumbags known as the Lords or Lards of London and are mainly Russian-Jewish mafia nowadays and are respònsible for the London tube or subway bombings of 7/7/05 of which many of the same Israelis of WTC,9/11such as the Shin Bet ICTS International goons took part in - and all those suspect in the post 9/11 war crimes and profiteering and the Israelis and their U.S.and EU partners in crime with the likes of REAL Islamofascists such as Sheikh Mohamed Al Rashid bin Maktoum who have taken much of NASDAQ to Dubai along with Dick Cheney's Haliburton who should have their financial transactions and offshore accounts investigated as well as all SEC or U.S.Securities Exchange Commissiomn employees,etc..TYhese are the ones responsible for the massicve theft of former American middle class wealth and they in turn placed or invested it in locales such as China being the crimals and traitors that they are !Note most of t5hose 'business people' with money in China are Jewish or white people wgho lie about being Semites !Madoff's treason and collusion with Israeli government Mossad and financial criminls etc. is much more extensive than what he is supposedly in prson for.He built the internwet stock super highway to a much grwter extent than the bragert pervert and ex U.S.President of Vice Al Gore who loves to cover up for them and receive his bribes just as his Oklahoma parasite Sentor grandfather did in taking bribes and Occidental stock shares from Armand Hammer !And these are the people scum pervs like CIA,NSA Air Force Generals Keith Alexander and Michael Hayden protect and whose huge interntational finamncial transactions and offshore accounts they protect and DON'T INVESTIGATE !
Just as the Zionist or Israeli controlled U.S.IRS or Internal Revenue Service under former  Jewish Zionist Commissioner Douglas Shulman harrassed and jailed a black actor for years as well as middle class  or former middle class Americans while protecting his fellow Zionist hedge fund operators from taxes
and allowing scum like Madoff to operate without ever checkong on his taxes !Also ex IRS Commissoner Douglas Shulman openly covered and protected Israeli 9/11 terrorist Menachem Atzmon from any investigation even though Atzmon had the 'chutzpa'to blatently ask the IRS to give him millions of free dollars
after 9/11 and after all the at least hundreds of millions of dollars he stole from Americans to allow him to buy Huntleigh Security and its contyract to guard Logan Airport and allow or cause 9/11 to happen in the first place ! Ex IRS Commissioimer should be shot by a U.S.Military firing squad and the remains sent to Israerl so they don't contaminate U.S.soil !

Ex-CIANSA, FBI, and GCHQ Employees Urge Former Colleagues ...

The Atlantic-Dec 12, 2013
Ex-CIANSA, FBI, and GCHQ Employees Urge Former Colleagues to Blow the Whistle. Daniel Ellsberg and other former leakers plead for ...

An open letter published in The Guardian features seven signatories—including Daniel Ellsberg, who famously leaked the Pentagon Papers, as well as ex-employees of the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Department of Justice, and GCHQ—urging their former colleagues to follow Edward Snowden's example and blow the whistle on ongoing crimes and misconduct within the national-security state.
One portion of the letter says:
Hidden away in offices of various government departments, intelligence agencies, police forces and armed forces are dozens and dozens of people who are very much upset by what our societies are turning into: at the very least, turnkey tyrannies.
One of them is you.
You're thinking:
  • Undermining democracy and eroding civil liberties isn't put explicitly in your job contract.
  • You grew up in a democratic society and want to keep it that way
  • You were taught to respect ordinary people's right to live a life in privacy
  • You don't really want a system of institutionalized strategic surveillance that would make the dreaded Stasi green with envy—do you?
Still, why bother? What can one person do? Well, Edward Snowden just showed you what one person can do. He stands out as a whistleblower both because of the severity of the crimes and misconduct that he is divulging to the public—and the sheer amount of evidence he has presented us with so far—more is coming. But Snowden shouldn't have to stand alone, and his revelations shouldn't be the only ones.
You can be part of the solution; provide trustworthy journalists—either from old media (like this newspaper) or from new media (such as WikiLeaks) with documents that prove what illegal, immoral, wasteful activites are going on where you work.
There IS strength in numbers. You won't be the first—nor the last—to follow your conscience and let us know what's being done in our names. Truth is coming—it can't be stopped. Crooked politicians will be held accountable. It's in your hands to be on the right side of history and accelerate the process.
Courage is contagious.

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