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Newtown,CT.:GE's PeterLanza,Alledged Mass Murdering Son Adam and Sandy Hook Realtor and GECapital Robert Hoagland's druggy son Max and Globe Trotting Wife Lorie

Newtown,CT.:GE's PeterLanza,Alledged Mass Murdering Son Adam and Sandy Hook Realtor and  GECapital Robert Hoagland's druggy son Max  and Globe Trotting Wife Lorie

Man killed by train - Managing Director at GE Capital?

Suspicious death in March, 2013.

Managing Director at GE Capital. Peter Lanza works there.

Kevin Murphy, Finance degree from Yale. (could be Skull and Bones?)

Kevin Murphy, 55, of Darien, was remembered fondly by a colleague at New York merchant bank Brooks, Houghton & Co. for his professionalism and demeanor.

Murphy, a married father of five, worked at Brooks since 2008 and had more than 30 years of experience in the financial sector, having worked at Dominick & Dominick LLC in New York and as a senior vice president at GE Capital in Stamford.

Murphy graduated from Yale University and went on to earn a master's in finance and accounting from Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, according to his company profile.

3/7 article:

3/9 article:

3/15 article:

3/18 article:

3/29 article:

4/16 article:

Did he have any connection to Peter Lanza while at GE Capital?


8 cop cars called to jeremiah rd in sa

Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to ...
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Discussion about Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to ... He worked for GE Capital with one Peter Lanza.

Re: Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to case
Sorry - disappearance date for Hoagland should read 7/28. Still confused by report that he was "last seen" at the gas station.

7/28: Robert Hoagland, possible "ATV" witness, disappears
7/29: Girl connected to Hoagland dies in auto crash (7:45am)
7/29: Malloy releases rare update on Sandy Hook report
7/29: Max Hoagland arrested; held 16 days
7/29: Hoagland neighbor, possible witness, interviewed
8/7: Hoagland neighbor interviewed 7/29 passes away
8/13: Assault and possible murder at 31 Berkshire
8/14: Postal worker Kelly McLean chased and arrested
8/15: Fatal crash on Brushy Hill; Officer Chapman assigned
8/15: Young niece of 31 Berkshire owner dies "unexpectedly"
8/18: Sam Hoagland (another son) leaves country

With the exception of the Brushy Hill crash, all individuals on this list have a noteworthy connection to one--often more than one--other person on the list.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46298105 

Hoagland is not officially missing until the 29th when Lori can't seem to reach him by text or phone after 4PM. Remember they said her flight was arriving early and she says that she landed at 4pm. Waited and was picked up by a cousin? I think. Arrived home around 7ish and then started to get worried. Then Max gets busted trespassing and buying drugs ( in an area known for prostitution, drugs and no trespassing signs...sorry that is really funny to me)at 9:05pm.

But we get a " have you seen this man" photo in a local paper on 7/31. So when did he go missing really? Last seen mowing the lawn by dead puppy neighbor does not cut it as an official reference unless there is a police report saying such a thing....................

Re: Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to case
Too bad none of the neighbors saw the vehicle that came and took him away. Must have been in the middle of the night. Too bad Max wasn't there that afternoon evening and all night.

Bridgeport police spokesman William Kaempffer said the golf was red:

[link to

However, police running the plates that night--before Max's arrest--listed it as gray.

In the audio, Newtown Police had run the plates already, and dispatch says, "I'll run it one more time." He comes back with, "Actually, there was a hit ten minutes ago." Something to that effect.

The timing of that is almost as amazing as Max's deciding to get himself arrested on unrelated charges the day of his dad's disappearance.

Why on earth would they hold a kid in jail for 16 days for trespassing?

Well he was in his car near those Now if he had gotten out of the car and actually started really trespassing I am pretty sure he would still be in jail......

Re: Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to case
Don't know what on earth happened August 24 which got the ball rolling on the search for Mr. Hoagland, but it's coming in hot and heavy now--here's the latest (thanks to fellow researcher DH):

[link to
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 46234362 

Okay this is getting pathetic.

Article starts

"Robert Hoagland's Labor Day tradition was cooking a special-recipe clam chowder for family and friends.

On Monday, Lori Hoagland compiled the ingredients in her husband's place.

"It wasn't as good as his ... but I made it in his honor," said Lori Hoagland, a culinary teacher at Newtown High School for the last three years.

Robert "Hoagy'' Hoagland vanished from the family's Glen Road home 38 days ago. He was last seen mowing the lawn.

Wow they really do read GLP. They are filling in the gaps based on what we say and putting it in the form of an article/story.

I like this

"A neighbor saw him in the yard between 10 and 11 a.m. and heard Max tell his father he was leaving for a few hours, Lori Hoagland said."

Funny Lori did not say that right away. Not until we pointed out how she never mentioned that.

But now here story includes the embarrassment of Max

The couple were struggling with some issues related to their son, who had been in trouble with the law.

Max Hoagland was arrested on a trespass charge in Bridgeport the evening after his father disappeared. Max told police he was looking to buy drugs.

"It was definitely a challenging situation, but not one so desperate that he'd just leave," Lori Hoagland said, adding she and her husband were "completely in tandem'' about how to help their son."

Cute how they happen to mention these things now.

Well another fisking of an amateur writer. They have to quit with these human interest/tragedy stor


Re: Sandy Hook resident Robert Hoagland missing; possibly connected to case
"A couple of weeks later, Hoagland's wallet and the key to the family's Mini Cooper were found hidden in the bedroom."

News to me. The way they first wrote these articles, it made it seem like those items were found very early on, like the day Lori got home. Remember how they were saying his wallet, favourite shoes, etc. were all still at home? They never once indicated that they were missing for a period of time like two weeks!

" Max told police he was looking to buy drugs."

This always cracks me up. Why on earth would Max volunteer that?!..................

STAMFORD - in the news a lot lately. hmmmmm ...
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Oct 5, 2013

Stamford is not far from Sandy Hook....

Lots of things happening in connection with the community of Stamford lately.....

1 A man was arrested with bomb making material in Stamford.

2 The woman who rammed the gate at Capitol hill was from Stamford

3 Peter Lanza just sold a home in Stamford

4 Americare has an office in Stamford . Some say their a front organization for the CIA (gun running for contra and Yugoslovia)

5 There was a recent HOME explosion in Stamford..............

  1. Police, Family Continue Search For Hoagland, Probate Hearing Set ...

    Sep 19, 2013 - ... week continued their probe into the whereabouts of Robert Hoagland, 50, ... in connection with the support of minor children and the spouse.

Sandy Hook Conspiracy: Winter is coming - Updates & News ...

Nov 7, 2013 - Long Thread on GLP regarding Robert Hoagland – (link). Last News from the Newtown ... Peter Lanza Photo Album. Note: Sofia Smallstorm ...

One of those threads led to Bridgeport.

GE's PeterLanza,Alledged Mass Murdering Son Adam and Sandy Hook Realtor and  GECapital Robert Hoagland's druggy son Max  and Globe Trotting Wife Lorie

  • Newtown resident Robert Hoagland has been missing since July 28, 2013. Photo: Contributed Photo
    Newtown resident Robert Hoagland has been missing since July 28, 2013. Photo: Contributed Photo

NEWTOWN -- With a local man now missing almost a month, family and friends are fearing for his safety.
It just makes no sense to them why 50-year-oldRobert Hoagland would leave home July 29 without even taking his wallet or extra clothes. Or a car.
Police Sgt. David Kullgren said Friday Hoagland's disappearnace is still being treated as a missing person case. He said it has not been classified as a criminal matter, but is still an active investigation.
"All I can say is that all leads are being investigated. We are seeking resources of other agencies to ensure all avenues are addressed and all leads explored,'' Kullgren said.

One of those threads led to Bridgeport.
Newtown police have reached out to the Bridgeport police as they seek information, Bridgeport police spokesman William Kaempffer confirmed Friday.
On the day of Hoagland's disappearance, Bridgeport police arrested his 23-year-old son, Max, on one count of third-degree criminal trespassing, state judicial records indicate.
Max Hoagland was the last to see his father in their Glen Road home, his mother, Lori Hoagland, said earlier this week.
Kaempffer said at about 9:05 p.m. on July 29, patrol officers noticed a red Volkswagen Golf parked at 136 Washington Terrace, an area with posted "no trespassing" signs and known for drug and prostitution activity.
When officers asked the man behind the wheel what he was doing there, Max Hoagland told them he came to buy drugs and that he had permission to use the car, Kaempffer said.
Officers then contacted his mother, the car's owner, and were told he did not have permission to use the car.
He was charged with misdemeanor criminal trespassing and held on $2,500 bond.
On Aug. 15, he plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge and was released, according to court records.
About the time Robert Hoagland disappeared, Lori Hoagland was scheduled to return from a 17-day trip abroad in Turkey.

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