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Chabad Lubavitch Mafia and Peter Lanza's GE Sandy Hook Crime Family ,Newtown,CT.:Trentacostas & The United Way

Chabad Lubavitch Mafia and Peter Lanza's GE Crime Family and Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Trentacostas & The United Way

I came across this commetary re GE and Newtown,CT.'s incestual financial connections on which also brought to my attention the significant but generally overlooked fact that all those weird Adam Lanza photos were done by one Newtown Chabad Lubavcitch bitch named Kateleen Roy.Remember that it was the Russian Israeli Jewish mafiosi of Chabad Lubavitch who accompsnied the
over tattooo-ed  Non Semitic White ' Jew'  Veronique Posner in her phoney funeral for Noah Pozner that was also besides raising fraudulant donations for the 'grieving' Veronique and her daughter, (who celebrated little Noah's death by immediately getting tattoos that are against the Jewish religion even according to the mafiosi Chabad Lubavitch cult),thewy also set up another fraudulant fund raiser to 'plant trees in Israel' on the dead bodies of their Palestinian victims there........And Chabad Lubavitch Jewish cult crime family is also responsible for the pain and anguish of all those Guatemalan wage slaves they mistreated in Agriprocessors plant in Iowa a few years ago while simultaneously operating a very 'un-kosher' slaughter house operation and having actually had cows with mad cow disease on the property.They also appear to have been operating a meth amphetamine lab on the premises operated by several 'illegal' foreign undocumented rabbis
both of which were protected and covered up by the DEA and ICE.It was Chabad Lubavitch who ran the house in Mumbai suspect of giving a safe house to DEA connected  American Jew David Headley who oraginzed the murder of almost 200 people in Mumbai and was called India's '9/11'.Chabad Lubavitch not only with strong criminals ties in the U.S. particularly the New York area but with origins in Vladmir Putin's Russia who he also protects,were also according to themselves the 'first responders' at the Moscow airport a couple of yerars ago when over 30 Russians died in a terrorist bombing blamed on 'Islamic terrorists',of course.
Because Adam Lanza's father is allegedly a GE Captital money launderer named Peter Lanza who also appears to have encouraged Adam to take up and contiue his shooting and target bpractice activities it is not a stretch to say that the Sand Hook Elementary massaxcre if it did indeed really happen - never would have happened had it not been for the corrupt and decadent anti-social values of GE and its employees,particulary that of Peter Lanza,in the first place !

Sandy Hook:Trentacostas & The United Way

  • sushieq says:
    Bittercritter: I hadn’t seen the GE article (or been aware of the level of GE’s involvement, to be honest). Included in the series of photos accompanying the article was a picture of “an unopened letter addressed to those who lost loved ones in the Sandy Hook shooting”. I wonder how many of those unopened letters there were that went unopened and if any had money inside? I also wonder how, exactly, they’re keeping track of donated funds, especially funds that were sent anonymously? This is kind of a sick thought, but this could be a good way to launder a one-time-only bunch of money…a small fortune coming in from “nowhere”, totally untraceable. Will taxes be paid on this money anywhere down the line? How about the donated items…I wonder what will be done with all that stuff, how it’s to be valued, and how the value will be applied?
    I’m downloading all of the newly released reports, but I don’t know how anyone will be able to go through it all…there is so much information, and I bet a lot of it is redundant. It will be interesting to see what comes of it.
    Happy New Year to all.
    • -swansong- says:
      You might like this one, too.
      The selectmen also spent a few minutes getting to know Ms Alzapiedi, who, along with GE Capital staffers Elizabeth Rallo and Newtown resident Tom Kelleher, will be assisting the town with added responsibilities that have developed since 12/14. The three were among a large number of GE Capital staffers who asked to be part of a support team.
      The company employs approximately 150 Newtown residents, according to Mrs Llodra. Among them is Martha Poulter, who has been leading a special team at GE Capital looking into the best ways company talent could be brought to bear for the community.
      From establishing a municipal recovery portal to providing local ticket distribution logistics for special Yankee and Red Sox games dedicated to Newtown, a trio of loaned executives from GE Capital took on a slew of assignments too intensive for local officials to appropriately handle with skill and efficiency.
      All the best for the New Year to you and yours :)

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