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WTC,Pentagon,9/11: Black Boxes Found?

WTC,Pentagon,9/11: Black Boxes Found? 

It is interesting that the U.S. 'government' ,or mass murderers and war criminals who run it,

on one the hand denied ever finding the black boxes with flight crucial  data at the site of the 

former WTC and yet claim to have found the black boxes on the plane that they allege to 

have hit the Pentagon.This is probably because no plane actually hit the Pentagon -(it was 

probably another type of weapon such as a missile) - and they have a greater need to claim

or lie that a plane did the damage there whereas the WTC had both local witnesses who saw the 

tragedy unfold for hours in NYC and SAW people jumping from the WTC there whereas the 

Pentagon event happened so fast that they needed to lie about finding the black boxes in order to deceive the public into believing a plane actually hit the Pentagon as well,just as occured at the WTC which was more closely observed and documented over a much longer part of that day on 9/11/01.
Note that besides the miraculous survival of a passport beloging to one of the alleged 'Islamic terrorists',even
a computer belonging to a Ann Nelson on the 104th floor of the WTC SUPPOSEDLY SURVIVED THE COLLAPSE AND WAS LATER PICKED UP IN THE RUBBLE 104 FLOORS OR MORE BELOW !

StevenWarRan: Another Cantor Winner: Ann Nelson

May 19, 2012 – She worked on the 104th floor of the WTC as a bond broker for Cantor ... For a long time, Ann Nelson's laptop computer remained dark.

The WTC Tragedy Turned Journalism Professor Anne Nelson
Dec 13, 2001 – Columbia, News, Press Release, Anne Nelson had never written a play. ... wait for her two children to go to bed and then head to the computer.

Hope, Saved on a Laptop -
May 17, 2006 – Ann's parents, Jenette and Gary Nelson, say the laptop remained unopened because they are not computer savvy. But it was more than that, ...

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WTC Black Boxes Found? - YouTube
Sep 9, 2011 - Uploaded by Neuromancer1943
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura: Season 1 Episode 2 ...

Strange Case Of The Black Box And The Indestructible Passport
The term "Black Box" is used for these pieces of equipment. ... the passport "flew away", out of the hijackers pocket, down a few blocks from the WTC grounds.

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    Dec 12, 2004 – BLACK BOX COVER-UP ... a retired New York firefighter, found three of the four “” among the  rubble before January 2002.
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    i was thinking the black box data recorders would only have to be as tough and as strong as the wtc steel in order to survive the collapse intact ...

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          2 say they found 9/11 'black boxes' (Philadelphia Daily News) Two men who worked extensively in the wreckage of the World Trade Center ...
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          Oct 2, 2001 – Instant Messages To Israel Warned Of WTC Attack. ... The Black Boxand the Indestructible Passport: All four Black Boxes were supposedly ...
        3. FBI Tells 911 Rescue Worker To 'Shut Up' Over Finding Airplane ...

          Government claims 'black boxes' from the doomed 911 flights were never found. ... three of the four "black boxes" among the WTC rubble before January 2002.


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