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Facebook,Michael Moore,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Victoria Soto Sisters have illegal access to Adam Lanza victims photos,Jesse Lewis' Mother takes glass from crime scene ?!

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Victoria Soto  Sisters have illegal access to Adam Lanza victims photos,Jesse Lewis' Mother takes glass from crime scene ?!

 Apparently if Michael More REALLY wants photos of the Sandy Hook crime scene victims he should ask the Soto sisters who apear to or claim to have AND BE STARING AT PHOTOS OF THE SCENE RIGHT NOW....If they are tellling the truth and are in possession of Sandy Hook Elementary crime scene victims I don't see why Michael Moore or anyone else should be denied access to them....

Sandy Hook families rip Michael Moore's call to release crime scene photos

Fox News ‎- by Joshua Rhett Miller ‎- 3 hours ago
Filmmaker Michael Moore's suggestion that showing crime scene photos of the children slain at Sandy Hook will hasten the demise of the National Rifle ...

This below from sandyhooktruth blogsite.To my knowledge no one was allowed access to any photos or anything else due to police state cover up or the court order to keep records sealed.I believe for 3 months.
And yet these floozies working for the Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano Zionist police state called Homeland Security and who are totally untrustworthy to be given confiddential material of such an explicit
nature are the only ones who apparently keep photos of unknown origen,(who took them?),showing human body parts of the Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. ALLEGED SHOOTINGS BY ADAM LANZA.

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Appearantly the Soto family has access to crime scene photo(s) 

“This is why we continue to fight for gun control. This is Vicki’s sisters Carlee is staring at a photo of two little six year old hands from SHS that were blown apart by an assult weapon…..”
On what basis does this family obtain such photo(s). Carlee doesn’t look too effected by the photo and it seems like some professional photographer took her picture.

This is why we continue to fight for gun control. This is Vicki's sisters Carlee is staring at a photo of two little six year old hands from SHS that were blown apart by an assult weapon, she could not take her eyes away knowing this is how those precious children and her sister died. It was not an easy death they did not just die they were shot 3-11 times each. When you vote for your elected officials think of what their stance on guns is, the information is easily available and important for all of us to know. I have the picture of the little hands but won't post it. Carlee said "that picture will be in my head forever". I won't do that to everyone.

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  • This forum has quite a few insightful contributions and theories about what happened at SHES. Virtually all the posts are intelligent and coherent in a world that seems to be losing a hold on reality, or one embracing a reality that blends the fallacies of the power structure with mere tidbits of reality. I agree that SH was a hoax operation. I live in the Newtown area, one town over (I remember the Sandy Hook section of Newtown as being not the most desirable, before McMansion culture took hold), and I’ve noticed that the SH event simply isn’t discussed among locals — it has morphed in a gun control issue or the PR hoopla associated with fund-raisers and the sentimentality/victim industry, both of which are apparently acceptable for discussion. This was the aim of the whole operation. The “mechanics” of what actually occurred on 12/14 is a taboo subject and one is considered macabre, for freaks only. You can make yourself a pariah very quickly in social settings by highlighting inconsistencies of this case. People’s behavior is bizarre, even among coherent rational folks who I’ve known for a long time. My suspicion is that others have questions as well, but simply cannot deal with the implications of a lie so big and ugly. It’s a lie that may even be more disgusting and evil than murdering 20 children (the Josef Goebbels idea of telling HUGE lies). I’d suggest to sleuths that they stick to the basics, even though the loftier theories goad the mind: Where’s the surveillance footage? Where are the lawsuits? Why a police guard for each family? (instead of having other family members/friends over while grieving like most people). Where is the follow up from Peter Lanza and Ryan Lanza? Who/why were those men detained after running from the police? What about the follow-up threats at St. Rose on 12/16? Like all of you, I don’t want to be Winston Smith in a world of PsyOpted zombies. The hard/specific questions must be answered before getting to the even more vile stuff.


    Mother of Sandy Hook victim finds healing in son's life

    Updated 12:53 pm, Monday, January 7, 2013

    Scarlett Lewis never set out to meet President Barack Obama, especially with a broken heart in her hands. But there was a distinct comfort in his presence at Newtown High School, a visible and visceral affirmation of her 6-year-old son's life.

    Just two days earlier, Jesse McCord Lewis had been shot and killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The little boy was one of 20 first-graders and six staff members who died the morning of Dec. 14.

    "I really didn't know what to expect," Lewis said of the president's meeting. "He asked for a picture, and I showed him a picture of Jesse, the one everyone has of him in his soccer uniform. I told him, `I just want you to know he died a hero. He ran into harm's way.'

    "He took the picture and he looked at it. He was quiet for a while, and he finally said, `He looks like a very brave boy and I bet this didn't surprise you at all.' I said, `You're right.' I thought it was very prescient and perceptive of him to realize that."............

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