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Israel,WTC,9/11,ICTS International:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'S Nancy and Peter Lanza both worked at John Hancock

Israel,WTC,9/11,ICTS International:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'S Nancy and Peter Lanza both worked at John Hancock

I'm a big admirer of Lynne at as well as the educated and socially concerned posters and commentators she draws to her blog.That said I wish to point out this comment illicited from a Connecticut resident or former resident who points out what is new to me - that GE Capital and Ernst and Young money launder,Peter Lanza, who is alleged father of Adam and Ryan Lanza by Nancy Lanza also worked at the Israel  ICTS International  connected John Hancock before it was bought by the Canadian and thus UK and Zionist connected Manulife of Canada !Remember that John Hancock as well as a UK Rothschild entity held shares of ICTS International in the offshore and hedge fund accounts that allowed ICTS International of Israelis Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel and other Israeli Shin Bet connected individuals, to buy the airport security firm Huntleigh and its contrasct to guard Logan Airport Boston shorly before 9/11/01 where flights 11 and 175 that are alleged by the U.S.government to have been te very planes that hit the WTC on 9/11/01!Mass murderer and war criminal Menachem Atzmon and his Shin Bet boys still control Schiphol Airport Amsterdam even today and are the ones responsible for allowing Mutallab the Isamic Nigerian 'crotch bomber' to board flight 253 from Schiphol to Detroit on Christmas 2009 that led to Homeland Security bitch Janet Napolitano cracking down on innocent Americans at U.S.airports after the event and TSA agents molesting and undressing young children and aging ill Americans boarding flights around the US in response while the scumbag Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro who calls himself President of the US PLAGIARIZED THE IDIOT MASS MURDERER AND WAR CRIMINAL AND HIS ROLE MODEL W BUSH AND SAID WE NEED TO 'CONNECT THGE DOTS' !
And as I've said before,John Hancock who signed the U.S.Constitution with the largest signature in defience of the British elites and aristocracy who controlled America at that time in the 18th century would be sickened to know that a firm bearing his name funded the very same decadent and perverse UK and European royalty and their ilk,including the retired Netherlands Queen Beatrix and her  son  who replaced her recently who aided and abetted our enemies the Israelis of 9/11! And sickened to know that traitors within our own government colluded with them and their petroleum trafficking corporations BP and Dutch Royal Shell to trick Americans into committing war crimes and atrocities in the Middle East that only aided
Shell and BP to regain their  control of Iraq oil etc. based upon this false flag that we call 9/11!

mel says:

i did know the ..peter lanza sr. … he did work for john hancock in haverhill massachusetts . the reason i know this, is because my husband at the time worked for john hancock, in haverhill mass. i personally had contacts with the senior lanza. i never knew the son, or daughter-in-law, or their offspring. there was a lanza family. there was also a champion family. i grew up in the amesbury, haverhill, newburyport area. these were well known family names.
i do not believe that this sandy hook story is truth though… i have been following this blog for awhile… and your research is great. …thank you.

  • lynne0312 says:

    Thank you for that, Mel. I was able to find verification of the existence of Peter Salvatore Lanza. He had everything one expects to find – past addresses, census information, a history. I can’t find any of that on what would be the son, although I did find a Peter S. Lanza in Massachusetts but his photo doesn’t match the one in this case and he would be about 65 years old now.
    I also found information on the Champions, what would be the brothers if there were a Nancy and they definitely exist but nothing on her. It’s as if she never existed so that is what I believe.
    Thanks again. I really appreciate your sharing that.

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