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Robbie Parker,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT:Selliing Tech Park To The Military:The Newtown Bee 'newspaper' aids government's cover up,censorship

Robbie Parker,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT:Selliing Tech Park To The Military:The Newtown Bee 'newspaper' aids government's cover up,censorship

If I lived in Newtown CT I certainly would not reward its corrupt owners and editors and 'journalists' by buying that lieing filthy little rag that probably makes its money for aiding and abbeting the fascists who have taken over their local as well as our national government.What has pissed me off most recently is the removal of the article below from their entire 'news' website and after they ALREADY LIED OR TOLD TOO MUCH TRUTH BY REPORTING (IMMEDIATELY  AFTER OR POSSIBLY EVEN HOURS BEFORE ACCORDING TO THE OLD GOOGLE CACHE THAT I COPIED AND PASTED JUST BEFORE IT DISSAPPEARED LIKE THIS ONE WILL)THAT SCHOOL PRINCIPAL WAS ALIVE AND SURVIVED 'ADAM LANZA'S' ATTACK UPON AND MASSACRE OF CHILDREN AND TEACHERS AT SANDY HOOK ELEMENTARY AND THEN REMOVED THE STORY FROM THEIR SITE ! And indeed just as predicted by poster below on,the Newtown Bee has in its 'wisdom' decided to remove the 2008 story on military interest in Newtown property below just as they have changed m,odified and censored their own storieson the Sandy Hook incident from the get go.Had I not copied and pasted their story about a post massacre interview with Princpal Dawn Hochsprung it also would be lost down 'the memory hole'.

Below is  copy of the soon to be disappeared cache of the Newtown Bee 'newspaper' article of 2008 that reports on the US military's interest in Newtown property in 2008 that was only recently removed or censored from the Newtown Bee 'newpaper' website.This is even more interesting in light of the fact that Robbie Parker (the Newtown father who could barely stop laughing ABOUT HIS DAUGHTERS DEATH LONG ENOUGH TO SAY HE DID NOT BLAME GE's PETER LANZA FOR HIS SON'S ACTIONS AND THE DEATH OF HIS DAUGHTER EMILIE AND HOPED THAT THE SURVIVING LANZA FAMILY MEMBERS WERE HAVING A FINE DAY AND NOT UPSET JUST BECAUSE HIS DAUGHTER WAS BLOWN TO PIECES BY ONE THEIR FAMILY MEMBERS) looks very much like the Rob Parker who is employed by a Utah defense contractor that has a business interest in tagging and tracking people and children  !

Robby Parker CSSBB

Robby Parker CSSBB

Quality Assurance Engineer at SpotterRF
Provo, Utah Area 
Departamento de defensa y del espacio exterior

The comments below are from recent post of the Sandy Hook Truth website titled 'Evidence Indicates That Key Officials of Newtown Have Alternate Identities' at the link below.I would just ad that sandyhooktruth may not or cannot cover every aspect of the government sponsored terrorisn that was and is Sandy Hook but I am quite impressed by the high and deep standard of research and investigation coming from that site.  :

Sunny says:
The proposed “Newtown Technology Park” is off Exit 10 of I-84. I have found no map showing its exact location. I just googled “Newtown Technology Park” and “brownfield” together, and got a link to a Newtown Bee article which, of course, comes up “page not found.” However, the blurb about it on the google results page is very interesting. It says:
“Selling Tech Park Prop to the Military? … “They’re interested in considering the technology park. … No one is better at developing brownfields,” Mr. Bolinsky noted. … “Get them out of …”

Hattie says:
Here is a link to the google cache of the article (it probably won’t last long after tptb see it here, it will get scrubbed too):

And sure enough Hattie's psychic abilities are proven as quickly as she writes 'Here is a link to the google cache of the article (it probably won’t last long after tptb see it here, it will get scrubbed too)' and indeed the Newtown Bee removed it just as soon as they discovered it wasof interst to us 'conspiracy theorists'.At least when the Google cache disappears it will be here and hopefully elsewhere for perusal.:

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Selling Tech Park Property To The Military?


By Kendra Bobowick

One of the sites under consideration for an  Army Reserve training base is the High Meadow  at Fairfield Hills, located at the top and center of  this photo.                                                                                                                     —Brendan  Baker photo
One of the sites under consideration for an Army Reserve training base is the High Meadow at Fairfield Hills, located at the top and center of this photo. —Brendan Baker photo
It happened in a hurry.
Following the Economic Development Commission's (EDC) monthly meeting last week, First Selectman Joe Borst requested that the group reconvene to further consider a proposed armed forces reserve center for the technology park site — a roughly 70-plus-acre parcel off of Commerce Road nearing the Deep Brook River.
What's the rush?
"The Army is interested in further discussion," Mr Borst said. "They're interested in considering the technology park." He does not know, necessarily, if the military has "given up on Fairfield Hills."
They wanted their reply by Thanksgiving.
Since the military made known its interest in the High Meadow on the former state hospital campus, the vast open field that rises up on the east side of Wasserman Way, Mr Borst had mailed a reply on November 7 indicating that the meadow was a "hard sell." He noted another property "that would almost meet your requirements." The first selectman indicated the commercial development space at the technology park site off Commerce Road.
Mr Borst quickly met with Conservation Commission Chairman Joe Hovious and EDC Chair-elect Rob Rau — representing the two groups most closely involved with the technology park's potential development. "I asked that they come back with their recommendations by Wednesday [November 26]." (See related Conservation Commission story.)
If the military chooses to locate its center in Newtown, it faces two fast-approaching dates. "They have a completion deadline of 2011, and they need shovels in the ground by September 2009," Mr Borst said.
In his opinion, "We should explore this with open minds."
"We're being put on the spot," said EDC Chairman Chet Hopper. By the end of their short meeting, however, Chairman-elect Rob Rau was satisfied with the motion members had passed unanimously. "The first selectman gave us a directive and we answered it."
After more than an hour, the group unanimously supported a motion on the floor from Mitch Bolinsky. "The Economic Development Commission has considered the request and believes it, and the rest of the town commissions and citizenry, require more information. We request the first selectman call a public meeting of multiboards with [the military] to discuss proposals and consider other alternatives before a well-considered response can be rendered."
Looking at the small gathering of commissioners, he and several others agreed the subject is something larger than the decision of the EDC and conservation alone. "This is a big deal," Mr Bolinsky said.
Facing one another across a table in the Senior Center less than seven days since their last meeting, their discussion prior to the motion illuminated a handful of concerns.
"Is selling this to the military really economic development?" asked Mr Hopper. After a one-time, estimated $7-plus-million for a specified amount of land — a number which the first selectman had asked the tax assessor to estimate based on $9 a square foot — the facility would pay no taxes once in place, Mr Hopper noted.
"We see a loss of sales and property tax forever," added member Ted Kreinik.
Use of infrastructure, such as tapping into existing sewer and water lines, will also use up capacity where the commission hopes to see other business thrive, members agreed. "What if we could have had five or ten more companies come in, and now can have only three?" asked Mr Kreinik.
Mr Bolinsky was terse, taking an unfavorable tone regarding Mr Borst. "This was brought in the back door by the first selectman and it begs the question: What is the objective here?" Is this economic development, he wondered? "Or, the first selectman thinks we need a quick infusion of [$7.2 million]." Raising additional complaints, he noted, "The Army is the worst neighbor anyone could have; they are the dirtiest, most polluting group on the planet."
What recourse does the town have asked, Robert Morey. Shaking his head, Mr Bolinsky offered, "Sure, go sue the government." He concluded, "This is a decision that has nothing to do with economic development."
Mr Rau noted, "We're obligated by legislation to use that land for economic development; that's written in blood."
Relinquishing any say in what happens on the site after the Army moves in also worried commission members. "There is no hope for community control over the land, ever," Mr Bolinsky said.
Why not the Batchelder property, members asked? The vacated, now contaminated property on Botsford Hill Road sits empty and overgrown. "No one is better at developing brownfields," Mr Bolinsky noted. "Get them out of the middle of town." Members remarked that they support the Army, but not in the Fairfield Hills vicinity.
Member John Torok ran down a list of reasons against welcoming the military to the technology park parcel. First, the decision "should not be before us," he said. "It's a one-shot deal with no further revenue, there are other areas [to locate the military base]. Families enjoy the area, that has to be considered." Regarding the first selectman's request, he said, "It's a top-down management style; whatever is done with this property should be a team effort among town agencies."
Members concluded that they needed significantly more information about the Army proposal before beginning to weigh an informed decision. "Part of our due diligence is getting our questions answered," Mr Morey noted.
Again they were concerned about the military seizing the property through eminent domain, but Mr Rau reminded the group that the Army had indicated it wanted to locate to an area that welcomed its proposal.

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