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To NY Post re Schwab, Agora Inc., James Dale Davidson,and Rupert Murdoch

To NY Post re Schwab, Agora Inc., James Dale Davidson,and Rupert Murdoch
by Tony Ryals ( endoscam [at] )
Sunday Dec 4th, 2005 6:27 PM
Also why don't you ask your employer Rupert Murdoch what he thinks of Mr.Davidson and his honesty ? I would believe it probable that they have met and at least have friends or aquaintances in the same social circles.Now that wouldn't cloud the New York Post's journalistic investigations would it ? Nah.
RBoyd (at)
CC: cbyron (at)
Subject: Who is Bob O'Brien and why ain't he in jail ?

New York Post
December 3,2005
Dear Roddy Boyd,
I have meant to give you my opinion of your,'who is the 'bob o'brien,dirtydirtydeeds,ncansd3 easterbunnyd3, etc. ?',theory for sometime.But one hint is that if he is complementing you(unlike WSJ's Carol Remond who he despises),you must be doing something wrong as far as journalistic and other investigation is concerned.I find it interesting that James Dale Davidson has a dislike of Carol Remond of WSJ only exceeded or equaled by that of 'Bob O'Brien'.Coincidence ?

Mr.'O'Brien' lauds Christopher Byron only for the reason that he hasn't turned his investigative talents in that direction and exposed this fraudulent,'we're being naked shorted',mafia for what they are.I did point out to Christopher Byron at the time he did an article on the CIA and Ionatron however that Agora Inc.,had met with George 'WMD' Tenet in New Orleans at a conference in 2004 and Agora Inc. probably touted Ionatron. Their gave honorable mention to Ionatron and I believe I even saw some German version of Agora Inc. mentioning Ionatron.

At first I thought,according to the 'easterbunny',that you had a good expose' of Mary Campbell Helburn and her nephew and that you had strong reasoning to claim 'Bob O'Brien' to be a Phil Saunders',but I must have been mistaken.You didn't even get an interview with Phil Saunders if I remember correctly.You might note that although I claimed Bob O'Brien was either Davidson or his parrot that I posted one claim for the 'Phil Saunders' argument months back on blogmaverick as well as on spitzer2006 before it was removed from there.And I got my Yahoo accounts deleted every month or so until I gave up and accepted that somehow I didn't have the connections of Pat Byrne and 'Bobo O'Brien'at either Yahoo or I have been forced to stop warning others about ncans and the 'naked shorting' fraud used to divert attention from penny stock pump and dump ops and possible money laundering,in my opinion.

Endovasc,that James Dale Davidson and Agora Inc.touted and dumped from a Schwab account among other places,still claims to be a victim of 'naked shorting' even though it is a fact they even made a post 911, and post Agora Inc. boiler room deal with Bellador Group and its Arizona attorney Ron Logan.And for how much and how many shares no one knows and apparently the SEC doesn't care and they don't have to report in SEC filings.(If I had only known I would never have invested in what I thought was a promising Stanford patent.Well at least Stanford and Dr.Cooke and Heeschen made out like bandits on the illegal pumps and dumps and probable money laundering operation.)

So the 'psaunders' on a piece of software proves NOTHING - is that a fair summation ? It is no more valid as a proof that a 'Phil Saunders' was even involved than the other names I use for email accounts because of the 'poor naked short victims' I criticise delete my accounts somehow and threaten my life(do a google search of,'tony guatemala yahoo mafia cabby machete'),are my real names.Correct ?

However the question I would pose to both you and Christopher Byron,whose writing,particularly with regard to SEC's Reg S that allows the penny stock pump dump money laundering to go on in the first place,I greatly admire and respect is - who first began the 'you're being naked shorted so buy a cert' scam in the firsty place ? Was it not Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson along with Canadian fraudsters Brent Pierce and Grant Atkins ?Why have you not interviewed them ? I find that very strange and not very good journalistic investigation.It'a all there,Davidson's claims in Agora Inc. re 'electronic counterfeitting' and 'naked shorting'.Yet you must agree that if Genemax went fom a few hundred thousand shares to tens of millions and Endovasc has gone from a reverse split that should have left fewer than 3 million to way over 100 million now,then 'naked shorting' is not what really happened ,is it ?

So it would appear there is more proof for David Patch,Gary Valinoti(who began the recent buy out 'rumor' that caused a Schwab buying frenzy in the midst of the British bombing),and James Dale Davidson,,to be lying in regards to 'naked shorting' to conceal pump and dump scams than there is of a massive naked shorting
conspiracy among market makers,wouldn't you agree ? Also why don't you ask your employer Rupert Murdoch what he thinks of Mr.Davidson and his honesty ? I would believe it probable that they have met and at least have friends or aquaintances in the same social circles.Now that wouldn't cloud the New York Post's journalistic investigations would it ? Nah.

Also do a google search of,'lycos ragingbull ryals'.Have you ever considered that 'psaunders' Lycoan group may be simply named for Lycos where most of the offshore-onshore pump and dump criminals operate to defraud Americans and retail investors in their scams ? In fact I believe these far right crooks are like spoiled school children of the rich who get away with murder - more a social priviledge of their class than because they are truly clever.James
Dale Davidson's Genemax pump and dump disguised as 'naked shorting' probably is named for his and the Lord Rees-Mogg's's

Anyway the source of your-our 'naked shorting buy a cert' fraud is most likely not California regardless of 'NCANS' San Diego bank account anymore than the state of Washington was the source of NAANSS because it was located in the same Blaine,Washington office where James Dale Davidson's Genemax pump and dump was housed.Agora Inc.'s James Dale Davidson touted the fraudulent 'naked shorting' claim not only through prs and the NAANSS website that they have since 'disappeared' but through Agora Inc.s Vantage Point' and it's all there for you anytime you might decide to do a real journastic investigation.And Bill Bonner and Porter Stansberry await your journalistic investigation and are there for you to interview anytime even though Mr.Davidson has been AWFULLY quiet lately even though he did start some penny stock scam through DUBAI I believe,although Americans were more likely the target of that scam as well.

Also below are links to some of my internet and indymedia musings on this scam.The first,'Senator Bennett:Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a fraud ?' has added commentary mentioning your,or someone posting of Yahoo's NFI board's,'psaunders' theory.Like I said,I acknowledged that idea on immediately several months ago and it didn't make a dent in the Davidson-Agora Inc.history of popularizing and promoting the deceptive fraud since 2002.When do you do a real story on that,or are Agora Inc. and James Dale Davidson untouchable ? I did find an old copy of Christopher Byron's 'Agoraphobia' by the way.Maybe there's still hope.

Tony Ryals

Senator Bennett:Is Patrick Byrne's NCANS a fraud ?

Ralph Lambiase,NASAA : James Dale Davidson invented 'anti-naked shorting' scam

James J. Angel,Georgetown University,lap dancers and cyber fraud mafia

Below from 'Bob O'Brien of at the time of New York Post's 'expose'':


Who's Bob O'Brien/The Easter Bunny Redux
[UPDATE] The reporter, Roddy Boyd, was kind enough to email me and give me a head's up that the article will run Tuesday. I pointed out that I hoped he had contacted all the players in the drama, as that would be basic diligence. I also pointed out that I found the timing wildly coincidental as it sure appeared that this was being done for no other reason than to provide Rocker's attorneys with a pretense to build their case around, given that the WSJ and NY Times have walked away from the story - The Post is not exactly first string of NY

- 'Bob O'Brien' 

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