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WTC,9/11:Is Newtown,CT's Shari Burton Sandy Hook's Tania Head ?;Anti-Union Glenn Beck plagiarized BusinessWeek Article Re Union Janitor Rick Thorne

 WTC,9/11:Is Newtown,CT's Shari Burton Sandy Hook's Tania Head ?;Anti-Union Glenn Beck plagiarized BusinessWeek Article Re Union Janitor  Rick Thorne


Union Janitor  Rick Thorne:American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1703


9/11,WTC,Tania Head,Rudy Giuliani,Adnan Khashoggi,Bernie Kerik ...
Sep 30, 2007 – Mr.Giuliani never even realised that supposed WTC survivor and activistTania Head was a 9/11 fraud just like himself ! While Tanya Head ...


“We’re his,(janitor Rick Thorne's), family,” Shari said getting choked up. - GLENNBECK.COM

A Faustian Bargain for State Pension Plans
      By  and  on November 29, 2012

Rick Thorne worked as a school custodian in Chelmsford, Mass., for more than two decades, earning $20 an hour cleaning floors, cutting grass, and setting up for assemblies. In June 2011 the 5,500-student school system fired Thorne and other staff and outsourced its custodial work.
In came Aramark, a food-service and facilities-management company based in Philadelphia, to clean the town’s seven schools for $841,000 a year. That’s about one-third less than the lowest offer from Thorne’s union, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 1703. Aramark, which has a long history of battles with organized labor, offered Thorne and other staff their jobs back at an average of $8.50 an hour. They declined. “I was like family. I knew all the kids,” says Thorne, 55, who’s still unemployed and living off his monthly $1,500 pension check. Aramark spokesman Thomas Sueta declined to comment.............

GLENN BECK - Unions have Communist & Racist Roots - YouTube
Jun 23, 2010 - Uploaded by SubpennyStockpicks *** Recorded by: ___ ...


Shari Burton - Healing 4 Newtown (Newtown, CT) - Meetup
Newtown CT - Member
Feb 20, 2013 – My name is Shari Burton, I work as an educational assistant at Sandy Hook School. I am a mother of 2 children. I am currently a senior at UB.


Member since:

February 20, 2013


My name is Shari Burton, I work as an educational assistant at Sandy Hook School. I am a mother of 2 children. I am currently a senior at UB.

What are your roles in our community ? (i.e. parent, teacher, mental health professional, business person, student, first responder, sports coach, PTA member, community organizer, volunteer, clergy, health care worker, etc.?

Educational Assistant and President of SHVF and Rescue Ladies Aux. I am also the co-founder of The Sandy Hook Angel Project.

What are you hoping to learn by being part of this group?

I would like to learn how I can use this information to help in my daily job as well in the community I live in.
Mar 25, 2012 – Tania Head's survival story was made all the more heartbreaking since she ... America took Head into their hearts both as a victim and as the ...


Sandy Hook— 15 March 2013
Shari Burton and the Custodian Frauds
Shari Burton and the Custodian Frauds
Shari Burton is one of the key operatives whose purpose was to give substance to claims of heroism, in this case of a custodian known as Rick Thorne. It was largely her statements that led to the belief that Thorne, in selfless acts of bravery, saved countless lives. Burton claims to have eyeballed him as the custodian that morning. Meanwhile, another government agent, Shari Thornburg, said that a different custodian, Kevin Anzellotti, was also committing heroics. This may, perhaps, be regarded not as two persons but, rather, as a possible as one, Thornburg being an alias for Burton. It seems odd that there would be two people with the first name Shari spelled the same way running cover for the custodian fable. While Burton lionized Thorne, Thornburg praised Anzellotti for purportedly yelling at a gunman inside the school that morning. Regardless, what are the odds that a person with a first name spelled the same way would be two different persons in such a circumscribed environment?
Someone had to tell tall tales for these men. That’s because they were nowhere to be found during the event.
Continuously,the news quoted Thornburg’s high praise for Kevin Anzellotti.” Yet, none of these reports picture her. Nor is she seen commonly on video links. The only one of these “Shari’s” giving interviews is Burton. Here, first, is the common listings for anyone with the name Shari Thornburg:
Apparently, there is no one by that name living in the State of Connecticut. There is an individual, though, with a different spelling, not the one used in the media:
Burton lives three miles from the Thornberg residence; however, as no addresses are given and thus housing has yet to be confirmed.
Both “Shari’s’ tell similar stories, Thornburg and Burton both claiming to be  Sandy Hook Elementary staffers, both giving repeated false witnesses, like when Thornburg claimed to hear what she called a “weird noise.” She thought that the noise was likely coming from a janitor removing risers in the gym and setting up tables. Both claim they heard crying and whimpering in the background over the loudspeaker system, specifically  ”screaming, crying, and whimpering.” It was Thornburg who also spread the tall tale of claiming to hear the janitor tell the “gunman” to put down his gun.
Does this even make any sense with the potential of a looming, deranged gunman in the near vicinity: “We just waited in the closet, saying The Lord’s Prayer out loud over and over again, and praying for all staff members and the children.”
The two Shari’s (or more likely the same person with an alias) gave the essential reports on both purported janitors, since neither of these individuals were anywhere near the facility nor available for any interviews. These were Kevin J. Anzellotti and Rick Thorne.
Here is precisely what Shari Thornburg (coincidence only that the janitor’s name is Thorne???) said about Anzellotti, that he ‘ran through the school halls warning school staff and students, and checking that all the doors were locked from the inside. School staffer Shari Thornburg said that Anzellotti was also heard yelling at a gunman inside the school to “Put the gun down! Put the gun down”
There is circumstantial evidence for this. When the name Shari Thornburg; Sandy Hook; Newtown; School Staffer; is put into the Google search engine, not a single picture of this individual is identified. Yet, when the name Shari Burton is exchanged with it, seven pictures arise, all of them TV screenshots.
The interview
Note: the following is a conglomeration of two different interviews of the individual known as Shari Burton. It is pure fable-telling. Nothing either one of these hucksters says is true.
Arch-liar Glenn Beck starts the interview speaking how Burton, looking up somewhere as he draws for this lines.
Not sure where he is looking for his inspiration. It surely isn’t this individual:
He then claims that Burton told him “about a, ah, a remarkable scene where she’s in the hallway and you see the janitor
and you don’t think that anything is happening. You think that maybe somebody broke the trophy case…”
Note: the following picture was extracted from another video, featuring her and Beck:
In this shot she said she thought that the students broke the glass case in the front of the school. “When the first attack happened, I thought we have a glass case. And as an educational assistant I had flexibility to walk out of the classrooms, sometimes more than the teachers. So, when I heard that noise, my initial reaction was, “Oh my goodness, one of our children broke the glass case in the front of the school:

Editor’s note: pathology, here, including pathological liar. Major whites under the eyes, without photoshopping. This individual lives in contorted thinking. 
Interview #2 (, video embedded in references:
So, I ran out into the hallway. And Rick Thorne, who is our janitor, was on day shift.
I’m sitting on the floor, as close as I can be, and our students are huddled, um, and the shooting wasn’t stopping. The loudspeaker tripped. And I thought I heard Barbara Halstead, our secretary, and I believe what I heard was, “Oh my God” and some crying and then the phone went dead but the loud-speaker was till on. And I could, could hear the shooting from the door but I could hear it from the loud speaker:
you could hear both (over-emphasis)like I don’t know where I was, and it was going on and on…
Current interview, continued:
don’t know it’s a shooter. She (presumably the janitor”s?) picks up his phone about the time you’re picking up your phone (didn’t happen), and something…turned you around.”
Burton: and, uh, I made brief eye contact with him, and
and (more extreme pathology; major whites showing, again)
it’s like that split second decision that you have, and I realized that (she really flagged the lie with that expression)
my responsibility was to my classroom teacher of the students that I assist every day. So, I went in
..the time, I don’t know what I said. Later on, she told me I said, “What’s the procedure?”  And so she then understood what I man. That it wasn’t.
Note: is that the tongue of an asp?
Beck: Did she understand that immediately? What’s the procedure?
Burton (responds immediately): Yes, yes. When I said, “What’s the procedure?”, she then put the pieces together that it was more than glass (juts out jaw; jaw quivers).
Beck: What kind of world do we live in where you can walk into an elementary school–if I would have said it would have been like, “And the birds fly at midnight,” I mean, what kind of strange world do we live in where an elementary school teacher knows “What’s the procedure?” means somebody is hostile…in the school?
Burton: I feel…our school…did a tremendous job
I don’t know a lot of things, but I know like things, like Columbine, a lot of, unfortunately, like you said the type of world we live in,  (juts jaw forward, rolls eyes backward, then back down) it’s sad that as an elementary educational assistant (hard to hear, but there appears to be coaching in the background when she begins this line) you go to work, now,
in fear.
Beck: Tell me a little bit about the janitor, because I think, he, he
Burton:He did amazing, stayed in the hallway.
Beck: Because I think this is really truly one of the amazing people, one of the amazing heroes.
Burton: He went towards the front of the building as I went back in, and my understanding is that he checked everybody’s door and continued to go down the hallway and told people to go into a lockdown, people who had not heard it towards the back of the school. Um, he stayed… in the hallway the entire time, and even was faced with the police, yelling at him and confronting him.
Beck: that he was the potential shooter.
Burton: yea, because they didn’t know, they were doing their job
At precisely the moment she says the following, this is her facial expression:
Burton: ...we could hear that, when the police came into the building,
we could hear the conflict or the yelling, back-and-forth, between Rick and he’s saying, “I’m the janitor,
and meanwhile I’m on the  phone with 911, and they were saying, “Yes, we know. There is a shooter…and, you known,
when I hear “six to 10 minutes,” it felt like it was 20 minutes, it felt like it was never…(Beck adds, “ending”, she confirms, Yea).
Beck: and did you hear him check the door?
Burton (responds quicker than immediately): I did.I did.
Beck: Because there were teachers (who were) saying they thought the killer (was the one who) checked the door. But you now believe…
Burton: I believe it was Rick.
Beck: on all of the doors.
Burton: on that side of the school, yes.
Beck (more crystal ball inanity): Do you think he knew, he was, I mean, he’s on the runway. The killer is going through the hallway.
Burton: I think he protected his job. He, we’re his family. I think he did (fake grief, acts like she’s choking on her emotions) for us, because we’re his family.
It’s amazing. I think a lot of us
feel the same way. Um, and we want to do something special for him,
and he’s quiet and private and we didn’t know what to do, so…one of the staff members initiated a collection.
He has three daughters in college is my understanding. And we purchased a gift certificate from the bookstore for that, because we wanted to give him something that he couldn’t tell us no. We wanted to honor him, and how to you honor someone who, you know, is very private? Um, and, I just, every time I see him in a hall I smile, every day, back to work, I smile. And I thank, I thank him.
Other facial expression telegraphing her lies during the interview:
 Jaw jutting, head in extension
Eye pathology, rolling up before the lie, then down
Self contempt
 Over-reaching, over-emphasis, lip curling 
Who is the janitor, Rick Thorne?
Too secretive to be known or come on TV, to ‘private’ to be interviewed in the news journals, who is he?
One YouTuber did a bit of research. It is certain, regardless, that he is an operative:
The always fraudulent News-Times still runs with the fake story, even though it has been thoroughly refuted by thousands of researchers:
Custodian Thorne ran through the hallways during the shooting, locking open doors and clearing the hallways as Lanza launched his murderous spree, according to multiple accounts.
 Who is Kevin Anzellotti?

This individual was not anywhere near Sandy Hook on the day of the event.
How much was he paid to allow his identity to be used?
He was called the first week after the event by, messages were left: no response.
Sandy Hook school custodian Kevin Anzellotti
As always, when the media is held to account the posts/articles are scrubbed:
“What drew Ms Anzellotti into the behind the scenes work was her husband’s part in the Wizard of Oz production last year, when he played the Wizard’s head.”
out what he witnessed.
One of his Facebook posts; there is great crudity on the site, too vile to post, here, even this doesn’t meet this site’s standards, but it gives a person an idea.
The site is filled with the unspeakable, emphasizing the base and profane.
To be updated, shortly. Please provide any information that will add to this blogpost.
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  • There was no costodian or janitor named Rick Thorne working at Sandy Hook on December 14,2012
    and both Shari Burton and Rupert Murdoch-Fox News' Glenn Beck blatently lied to their TV audience just like Tania Head did about being in the WTC on 9/11/01 aided and abetted in her lies by both ex NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani and later by Mayor and internatiobnal money launderer Michael Bloomberg.

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