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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT,Barack Obama's Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayers,John Bedell, and Francine Wheeler

9/11,Israel,Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT,Barack Obama's Pentagon Bomber Bill Ayers,John Bedell, and Francine Wheeler

Just as Pentagon shooter John Bedell as well as Adam Lanza and the alleged lone gunman at the Aurora Batman movie all came from very elite families with privileged backgrounds,strangely all in finance,so too does Barack Obama's pal the Chicago professor Bill Ayle's and his criminally insane wife Bernadette Dorhn,a good friend of and former law office work  companion of Michelle Obama.In fact I believe Bill Ayles and his wife were part of government terrorists who infiltrated student groups in order to defame the very students they claimed to be in solidarity to and with in order to discredit their peaceful protest of and dissent against the Viet Nam war.And the government terrorism continues.
Francine Wheeler is one of the alleged parents who los a son to Adam Lanza in Newtown,CT..However her background is very fishy as well including links to Bill Ayers and thuas for that reason to Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro as well.
Francine Wheeler is one of the alleged parents who lost a son to Adam Lanza in Newtown,CT..However her background is very fishy as well including links to Bill Ayers and thus, for that reason to Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro as well and thus perhaps to US or foreign national terrorists or psyops groups.

  1. portland imc - 2010.03.23 - Pentagon Shooter John Bedell, Death In ...
    Mar 23, 2010 – Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc. ..... AIG announced that AIG Financial Advisors is being re-branded ...
  2. John Patrick Bedell | We the People of the United States
    Mar 5, 2010 – Report: Pentagon Shooter John Bedell Bought Gun In Sacramento ...Bedell allegedly opened fire on two Pentagon police officers Thursday evening. .....representative who is currently working with Aig Financial Advisors, Inc.

Again I would recommend sandyhooktruth and particularly its for very relevant posts and individuals' investigations being made and posted there.Here's what I found just by visiting them today.I'm glad to say the alias apollonian posting there whose bs I criticised isn't clogging up the blog with his Ludwig Von Mises,Lew Rockwell,Ron Paul BS recently and the good people there are going about their good works as usual.Because I was blogging here about the fact that the Pentagon shooter,John Bedell,has Ludwig Von Mises and right wing Libertarian views,this post below from columjaddica was a bombshell for me.Bill Ayers, the 'great Chicago professor' and friend of Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro as you may remember and his killer bitch wife were the ones that were working with the FBI's Cointelpro  in my opinion to defame and destroy anti-Vit Nam War dissent on campuses in the U.S. by bombing university property and in the end the Pentagon itself,and were and are right wing Zionist fascists NOT 'left wing radicals' !
So in many ways Ayers and his wife as well as the presumably dead Pentagon bomber and Ludwig Von Mises and thus Lew Rockwell-ian and Ron Paul 'Libertarian' John Bedell whose family business in Hollister California was and is linked to AIG or American Insurance Group of Connecticut with its international Zionist financial tentacles around the world and supect in the WTC,Pentagon tragedy of 911.....well needless to say for all these reasons columjaddica's post below has sort of literally blown me away !In fact  Bill Ayers and his sick murdering wife Bernadine Dorhn who worked in the same right wing Zionist Jewish law firm in Chicago together with Michele Obama are and NEVER WERE 'left wing radicals' but instead right wing  Zionist fascists posing as left wing radicals probably in collusion with FBI's CIOINTELPRO in order to defame anti-Viet Nam War protesters.Had Ayers and Dorhn been 'left wing radicals' rather than FBI agent saboteurs and Zionist Fascists they would still be in jail rather than with lucrastive employment in right wing law firms and Zionist universities in Chicago.
And the right wing Zionist law firm Michele Obama and Bernadine Dohrn found lucrative employment in knows that which is why they were well paid VIPS there in the first place !So all this Fox News and CNN  bullshit about Barack Obama or Barry Soetoro being a left wing radical or even a 'liberal' is pure BS - he is a prostitute of internatiuonal Zionist right wing fascist terrorist elites  !:

  • I spent some time looking around about Francine Wheeler and found lots of strange stuff but nothing “smoking gun”.
    This is her on this website:
    The domain was registered by Cori Chertoff (Proud Bill Ayers Supporter)
    She has 8 other domains registered under her name, mostly variations of dreamjam, and another one called
    The only one that actually has a website present is:
    Everybody I look into is Jewish, Liberal, an artist, interested in “social justice” and constantly surrounding themselves with children. Frankly, looking through all of this has made me disgusted and angry, so my thoughts are scattered. Here’s the rest of connections I found.
    Yonni Wattenmaker is found on the dreamjamworld website, and she has several links to various things in Fairfield county. Is related to the other people as well. This site was registered by Sheri Whalen (can’t find any info). Interestingly, the photo gallery has photos with greenscreen.
    Ben Robinson
    Authored book called MagiCIAn (Yes, capitalized like that)
    And finally, is this picture Francine Wheeler?
    I’ve been checking metadata whenever available, that image had the metadata scrubbed.
    Ugh, I’m not sure I can handle this much longer, there needs to be justice. I think this country is beyond the point of no return, best hope is a balkanization so that decent people can seperate themselves from these maniacs on the east coast and elsewhere.

  • And then there is this,meaning legislation based upon the Sandy Hook incident was premeditated and preconceived just as the Israeli American Zionist and war crininal Michael Chertoff  conveniently has his Patriot Act ready to replace our Constitution as quickly or quicker that 9/11 occured !And today as we
    post this blog Barack Obama aka Barry Soetoro is there in Israel giving Netenyahu a blow job and telling him Israel has America's 'undying support'.Someone should tell these degenerate perverts just how many Americans have due to their collusion in terrorism and war crimes and that they along with the W Bush gang deserve what they did to Saddam Hussein and the Iraqi and AMERICAN PEOPLE .Netanyahu and Obama are OUR terrorists !Below BarackObama meant to say Israel has our DYING support !:
    1. Obama promises undying support to Israel
      Reuters ‎- hace 1 hora
      JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Making his first official visit to Israel, U.S. President Barack Obama pledged on Wednesday enduring support for the ...

    The fact is that MANY American familes have died for the war and financial crimes of Israel and lost their dollars to Israeli money laundering in and against Americans in the US
    WHO HAVE BEEN ALLOWED TO COMMIT CORPORATE SABOTAGE AGAINST US UNENDINGLY! If Barack Obama and Michele Obama's daughters were Ethiopian Jews in Israel they would now be being injected with depo-provera to insure that they don't reproduce and if they are anything like their parents Barack and Michele we as Americans are also better off that they never do !
    And when I say I mean the presence of Obamas or Soetoros in American politics is dangerous FOR ALL AMERICANS INCLUDING IF NOT PARTICULARLY FOR AFRICAN AMERICANS I mean it. It has been African Americans as well as whites and Hispanics who have died as a result of Israels role in 9/11 particularly the Israelis of ICTS International who were in control of Logan Airport Boston and Newark on that infamous day!.Maybe if we send W Bush's daughters to Israel we can get their Jewish Nazi doctors to  put them on Depo-Provera as well !However Israels treatment of Ethiopian Jews would not be tolerated anywhere on earth except in Isra-hell ! :

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      The first piece of legislation in response to Sandy Hook was cleared within 72 hours of the event, and was not about guns–it was about federalizing the nation’s response to local incidents.
      On December 17th, 2012, the Senate unanimously passed Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s bill that “authorizes federal law enforcement to assist state and local counterparts in responding to violent crimes in public areas.”
      According to this article, there were over 30 agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms on-scene at Sandy Hook.
      From the Senate website:
      “Monday, December 17, 2012
      Update: House passed the Senate version of this bill on January 1, 2013
      Washington, DC – Today, the United States Senate passed U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse’s (D-RI) Investigative Assistance for Violent Crimes Act of 2012, which authorizes federal law enforcement agencies to assist state and local counterparts in responding to mass shootings or other violent crimes that take place in public areas such as schools, shopping malls, or office buildings. Whitehouse introduced the bill last year, and today the bill passed the Senate unanimously.”


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