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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.: CNN CIA Anderson Cooper,Emillie Parker,Americares,Knights of Malta

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.: CNN CIA Anderson Cooper,Emillie Parker,Americares,Knights of Malta




1. "Rabbi Praver was at the aftermath of the (Sandy Hook) tragedy early on to provide emotional support.

"The Rabbi stoically revived painful memories of arriving at the fire station.

"The station was surrounded by news teams, and within its walls were the CIA, police forces, and despairing parents..."

Newtown Visits for Project 20/20 Siyum

Parker - The Jester.  JUNG, STRAUSS, BATMAN

2. "Anderson Cooper (known by well researched individuals to be a CIAoperative embedded in within the mainstream media) has seemingly been ordered by his masters to launch a massive disinformation campaign (cover-up) of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting."

.... Or are you just pleased to see me?

3. A CIA front organization Americares, renovated a Newtown Parker family home in 2010.

"Reports that members of the clergy and ... some burly-looking nuns (one which appeared to have an AR-15 under her clothing) were on the scene of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut last month has led this reporter to begin looking into the activities of the international aid organization AmeriCares, an organization connected to a powerful and influential 'secret order' linked to the Vatican.

SANDY HOOK: Links to CIA's AmeriCares, Knights of Malta. - Red Dirt Report

Beslan School Shooting. Beslan and the CIA

"The AmeriCares angle was brought to the attention of Red Dirt Report via a comment made by a poster ... on the following story posted at The Intel Hub: 

During my continuing investigations I’ve found that ‘AmeriCares’ paid for the renovations of several homes in Newtown a couple of years back. 

One of these homes just happened to be a ‘Parker’ family home. 

My research indicates they are related to Robbie Parker, who moved there 8 months ago.

Tom Heneghan has alleged that Nancy Lanza, the mother Adam Lanza, "was a CIA P2 analyst working for the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and also for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)." Psyops, Black Ops and Rip Offs

"Indeed, look at this link noting the Newtown Lions Club working with AmeriCares on houses in Newtown. 

"And more interestingly, a 2009 article in theNewtown Bee reports that "AmeriCares Program brings spring renewal to two Sandy Hook homes." 

"A family named Parker does indeed receive some help via AmeriCares. 

"But are those Parkers, and the Parkers who lost their daughter in the Dec. 14, 2012 massacre, related?


Sandy Hook victim Emilie Parker. Reportedly, the CIA uses 'Satanism' as part of mind control.

"Robbie Parker, as readers may recall, was the father of Emilie Parker, the six-year-old girl who died in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting... 

"Parker is originally from Ogden, Utah and has bounced around a bit...

AmeriCare's warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut. "Just down the road from Newtown, the town of New Canaan ­ is headquarters to AmeriCares, which did the gunrunning to the neofascist militias in Croatia during the break-up of Yugoslavia."

"Digging deeper, we discover that Stamford, Conn.-based AmeriCares does indeed have links to Newtown, Conn, as well as to 'a secretive Catholic order called the Knights of Malta.' 

"A 1989 National Catholic Reporter article on the Knights goes into the Catholic order's history and it notes that some Knights, in recent decades, 'have been involved in fascist plots and CIA covert wars'... 

"Founded in 1982 by Robert 'Bob' Macauley, AmeriCares gained attention after Macauley (who attended Yale University and roomed with notorious "Bonesman," former President George H.W. Bush) 'organized shipments of humanitarian aid to Poland at the behest of Pope John Paul II... He  received the coveted Cross of the Commander of the Order of Malta,” as noted at WhoWhatWhy.com...

"Connecticut has been an Agency stronghold since before the CIA came into existence." 

"During this era, AmeriCares brazenly 'took sides' and would offer humanitarian aid only if right-wing forces were in control, often working with the CIA’s infamous Southern Air Transport...

"AmeriCares was noted in the National Catholic Reporter as having 'Close links to right-wing militaries in Central America and for providing medical aid to Nicaraguan contras in Honduras.' 

"The NCR also noted in the 1996 article that 'One of AmeriCares' largest funders has been the Christian Broadcasting Network run by (televangelist) Pat Robertson.' Robertson has been linked to African dictators time and again, also getting caught involved in a shady diamond-mining deal in the 1990's."

Note the Butterfly, the CIA Monarch Brainwashing symbol, used in the above Sandy Hook TV interview.

sandy hook - dylan hockley - butterfly, wizard of oz, purple - Aangirfan

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