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To sandyhooktruth.com re alias 'apollonian' ,Ludwig Von Mises,Lew Rockwell,Ron Paul,Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,AIG,Agora Inc,Alex Jones,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,

To sandyhooktruth.com re alias  'apollonian' ,Ludwig Von Mises,Lew Rockwell,Ron Paul,Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,AIG,Agora Inc,Alex Jones,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,
'naked short counterfeit' lie,etc.

Below is an email I sent to lynne0312 of sandyhooktruth.com regarding a poster using the alias apollonian who uses her site and blog to post propaganda for Ludwig Von Mises Institute,Lew Rockwell and Ron Paul,
et.al..I'm not sure she realises the implications.The fraudulant 'Austrian economist' and probable Zionist like Ayn Rand,Ludwig Von Mises is a pseudo hero of right wing 'Libertarians' such as Ron Paul and his gold grubbing stock fraud money laundering ilk who spread the rumor that worthless penny stocks and later major financial stocks were victims of 'naked short selling' a term made up and popularized by National Taxpayers Union founder James Dale Davidson and later Geico billionaire's son Patrick Byrne to distract from their illegal but SEC or Securities Exchange Commission  protected penny stock pump and dump scams that sent untold billions or trillions of American dollars to offshore accounts where they remain to this day.Ex SEC Chair and facist Christopher Cox is part of this criminal money laundering activity as well as Bernie Madoff protege and ex SEC Chair Mary Schapiro.It has no doubt been very profitable to Israeli far right who are allowed to use US 'securities' for mnassive money laundering and corporate sabotage as well.
So when I discovered the alias 'apollonion' using the sandyhooktruth,com to promote the above characters and the lie about share 'counterfeting' I knew immediately that he or she was part of the very government protected fascist 'libertarian' money launderers he or she was 'warning' us about' and who like AIG and GE Capital and John Hancock,etc., of Peter and Nancy Lanza,et.al.,  find a safe haven in Joe Biden's  and Gov. Malloy's and Richard Blumenthal's,(who also lied about stocks being 'naked shorted'), Connecticut just as thry use US incorporation for sabotage.

Dear lynne0312,
This is Tony Ryals from the wolfblitzzer0 blog and indymedia posting infamy who has praised your sandyhooktruth site and for that very reason I wanted to comment about anyone on your site who mentions Ludwig Von Mises, Lew Rockwell or Ron Paul for that matter and who decries stock 'counterfeiting' which is another later term for the lie called 'naked shorting' or 'naked short selling' that was started by James Dale Davidson founder of  the National Taxpayers Union,the CIA and I believe Rothschild connected Agora Inc. of Baltimore as well as newsmax.con that also likes to spread such lies.In fact even ex SEC Chair Chris Cox placed the lie on sec.gov THAT should BE AN 'INVESTOR PROTECTION SITE BUT ISN'T.Cox claimed in early 2008 that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and AIG and even HA HA - Goldman Sachs share prices had collapsed due to 'naked short selling' ! Ron Paul is part of this criminal lie and when he declared stock he held interest in in order to qualify for federal campaign funding a penny stock scam called POIG or Petroleum Oil and Gas was a stock he had to declare.I then did a Google  search and found its execs had lied about its worthless shares being victims of 'naked short selling' when in fact it was another penny stock pump and dump.
I think it is 'apollonian' who is doing it and promoting the right wing money laundering fascists on your site.Some of his posts and statements and observations are good which is what makes his comments about 'counterfeiting' all the more outrageous.Geico billionaire Jack Byrne's son is the main scumbag spreading the 'naked short selling' lie since 2005 when probably my comments and posts over the internet shut James Dale Davidson up.
An employee of JD Davidson and Bill Bonner and Lord William Rees-Mogg and Porter Stansberry named Rey Rivera  'fell' to his death from the Belevedere Hotel in Baltimore in 2006 ,only one year after Stansberry tried to talk me into traveling to Baltimore to 'prove' Agora Inc was a legit 'company'.Ha.Also remember the guy John Bedell who was alleged to have attacked the Pentagon with a pistol all by himself ? He was a member of Mises.com and like Jared Loughner a 'gold bug'.If you do a google search of 'pentagon shooter mises aig agora james dale davidson' all the posts below will come up and probably more and they are all mine.So while the poster apollonian is  probably harmless believe me he has given himself away and there is something 'fishy' about him or her.So it is strange that the brother of the Pentagon shooter Bedell and or his father has or had an AIG connection and represented them in California and I believe the brother had a California government position related to stocks or 'securities' in Sacramento.I'd have to go back and read the links I'm providing you to refresh my memory.And just like alleged Giffords shooter Jared Loughner, John Bedell was a gold bug,etc. but his family also has AIG connections which  generally makes them both right wing even though right wing Austin 'conspiracy theorist' and con artist Alex Jones who did the voice for Porter Stansberry's and Agora Inc's endofamerica2011.con that bought advertising time on CNN,Fox, CNBC etc. claimed Loughner was a 'left wing hippie'.Ha.
Tony Ryals


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    Yes truth…, u have a good, sound philosophy. I follow strictly as possible the scientific method, specific, verifiable facts and instances then leading to a conclusion, (a), the (b) conclusion tested for dis-proof, etc.
    So there’s got to be facts, and our scientist editor demands strict evidence, and we see there’s NO EVIDENCE–none–except for the strange circumstances, like Newtown and Conn. being such an alien environment–like USA is getting to be evermore, unfortunately.
    The dis-info agents demand “proof” that there is no evidence, ho ho ho, as we see.
    Note the overall fact is our gov. and society is much controlled by the criminals of US Federal Reserve Bank COUNTERFEITING scam (see RealityZone.com, TomWoods.com, LewRockwell.com, and Mises.org) who own and control practically everything and everybody–even Ron Paul intimidated w assassination if he gets tooo “outspoken” about the COUNTERFEITING scam.
    So, to me, everything about Sandy Hook CONFIRMS the main criminals at the top controlling everything, fm the corrupt “bankers,” to POTUS (Obama), the judge who issued the gag-order, the corrupt cops who refuse to divulge any facts–except the lies that uphold the working “theory” that non-existent Adam Lanza “did it.” And of course we have the mass-corp. “news”-media attacking anyone who does real investigation or criticism, like the Prof. in Fla.


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    Dec 24, 2012 – Joseph Lieberman is the chairman of the Homeland Security Committee and ... of New England gangland boss Whitey Bulger and his CIA controllers." ... force realized the potential threat coming from Blumenthal and the FBI.

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        Mar 23, 2010 – Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera ... Lew Rockwell who presents himself as a peace and love kind of right wingnut .... very Agora Inc that James Dale Davidson founded and has led me to so ... AIG announced that AIG Financial Advisors is being re-branded ...
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        Mar 5, 2010 – Assorted friends of Pentagon shooter John Patrick Bedell: PETA, ... Rockwell is one of the most noted antiwar spokesmen in the country. ... He had a Mises.com domain Email address, and an old blog devoted to Murray Rothbard also. .... James Dale Davidson's and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc. have fraudulent ...
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        Mar 5, 2010 – This is a way of associating the work of Ludwig von Mises with financial value, which may ... He graduated in 2003 and now works for AIG. ... All I know is that, aside from alledged Pentagon shooter John Bedell, ... James Dale Davidson's and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc. have fraudulent business scams around ...
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        Jan 16, 2011 – Paul,et.al. and Pentagon shooter John Bedell and assassin and murderer .... Agora Inc.'s and James Dale Davidson's 'naked short selling' lie who .... on the sec.goc website about Fannie Mae,Freddie Mac,AIG,UBS and even ... Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey ...
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        Mar 5, 2010 – Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera, Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Lila ...


     Pentagon Shooter John Bedell,Mises and Death In Baltimore:Agora Inc.,Rey Rivera,Porter Stansberry,James Dale Davidson,Bill Bonner,Lila Rajiva,SEC Approved Stock Frauds and Murder
    by Tony Ryals

    What does the Pentagon shooter John Bedell have to do with Ron Paul,
    CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen and the con artists and murder suspects
    of Agora Inc penny stock 'holding'(and dumping),'company of Baltimore and
    the world wide internet ?
    They are all connected to and fans of a deceased idiot Austrian 'economist'
    named Ludwig Von Mises.As is women's rights denier Ron Paul's former aid
    Lew Rockwell who presents himself as a peace and love kind of right wingnut
    while hosting the scum of Agora Inc on his 'Misesian' website that values gold far
    above human life.

    John Bedell and Ludwig von Mises

    I certainly feel 'out of the loop' at discovering only now about the
    strange death of Porter Stansberry's 'friend' Rey Rivera that occurred in
    2006.However I did write about the unexplained death of John Berthoud
    who was Davidson's replacement as National Taxpayers Union president
    and who NTU members found 'in peace' at his Beltway home in 2007,about
    the time Davidson began promoting the U.S. incorporated
    Pluristem,(stem cells from placentas),fraud out of the NTU office
    building in 2007.Newsmax was also used to tout this Israeli connected
    stock fraud.
    Also I wrote briefly about the death or Jimmy Hoffa-eque disappearance
    of tax attorney Elizabeth or Liz Calvert and her husband John at
    Hilton Head,North Carolina in an article about James Dale Davidson and
    South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford,(who spent time gallivanting around
    Argentina with a prostitute at South Carolina taxpayers' expense while the Calvert
    murder case went cold),a while back. Hilton Head has a history of hosting sleazy
    characters like Davidson and Bill and his pals Hillary Clinton and other corrupt Beltway
    Lila Rajiva began emailing(stalking to use her term) me sometime after my
    correspondence with Stansberry which occurred shortly before his friend's
    strange death although I only discovered this murder cover up recently.
    The Agora Inc folk left the widow of Rey Rivera with no compensation whatsoever after
    her husband's death mysterious death while in their employ.
    But hey,she's young,just think of all the older retired folk that Agora Inc has looted and raped with
    the U.S. SEC's blessing.Davidson founder of Agora and the National Taxpayers Union of Steve Forbes
    has even gotten hold of AARP or American Association of Retired Persons mailing list who should
    investigated for giving to him,to seek donations and make fraudulent solicitations ! This is the criminal
    scum Steve Forbes and Ron Paul cohort with !
    Lila must know more than she is telling....

    Who killed Rey Rivera?

    "If I were operating some sort of mafia in the United States, I would
    be only too delighted to have the leading voices of the news media
    insist to the public that many of my crimes could never have happened.
    It might even be worth hiring some goofballs to spread preposterous
    theories about nonexistent conspiracies in order to discredit persons
    who might stumble upon evidence of the real thing." — James Dale
    Davidson, Strategic Investment Newsletter, 7/25/95, commenting on the
    Susan Schmidt article in the Washington Post of 7/4/95.

    And so far Google and other search engines as well have given these
    international money launderers,(responsible for sacking and looting of
    the American and other economies and probably of murder as well),front
    page control of Google where they can spam their fraudulent self
    promoting lies and people such as myself who try to scream in part as
    warning and in part for help are indeed helpless because as you
    will find if you investigate they have power and control at the
    highest level from Washington,D.C.politicians to the Securities
    Exchange Commission itself ! If one were trying to do evil and Google's
    motto is 'Do no evil',one could not do more evil than to allow common securities
    or stock criminals (and murder suspects) to control their own Google ranking !
    Even the SEC has lied,both ex Chairman
    Chris Cox and the present Bernie Madoff connected SEC Chair Mary
    Shapiro,appointed by Barack Osama Obama as Cox's replacement, have
    said Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac even Goldamn Sachs shares 'were 'naked
    shorted' or counterfeited - a term Davidson made up - to protect their
    multi billion if not trillion dollar raping and looting of the
    American public!These people certainly make Saddam Hussein appear as a
    saint.......James Dale Davidson is the person who, along with Pennsylvania billionaire
    Richard Mellon Scaife, started the
    'Clinton killed Vince Foster' myth even though he was one of the
    Clinton's biggest bribers ! And the SEC allows Bud Burrell connected
    with them to threaten my life for speaking out !
    Had I taken Davidson's Agora Inc sleazebag Porter Stansberry invite to
    visit his Baltimore office in 2005 I may have met the same fate as
    his 'friend' Rey Rivera
    and found myself dead in Baltimore.........I have also been,and
    continue to be, harassed and lied about by Agora Inc.'s Lila Rajiva
    who wrote the scammy book,'The language of empire : Abu Ghraib and the
    American media' to make herself appear a 'bleeding heart liberal' and
    co-authored,"Mobs, Messiahs, and Markets: Surviving the Public
    Spectacle in Finance and Politics," with Agora Inc.'s Bill Bonner to
    further promote Agora Inc and lure more suckers-victims into their
    trap.(Which may be a death trap).She who first contacted me in 2005
    ,(I've posted our email correspondence that she began) ,like Porter
    Stansberry, to try and stop my complaints and writing,then claims(ha)
    that I 'stalk' her while she posts on deepcapture.com with Bud Burrell
    who writes on thesanitycheck.com website that he would like to torture
    and murder me and knows many others who also would ! And Moron ex Utah
    Governor Jon Huntsman who received $75,000 from Overstock.con's
    Patrick Byrne sponsors the website from where the death threat
    emanates !Barack Osama even appointed him to be Ambassador to China
    where his father has chemical interests at a time when Chinese drywall
    has poisoned Americans and melamine has poisoned American pets and
    over 300,000 poor Chinese !
    -Tony Ryals

    ''Besides Larouche, the person who harps on Rees-Mogg is a minor
    Internet spammer and web-stalker, Tony Ryals, who apparently lost
    money in an investment promoted by Davidson and has spent the last
    five years multiple posting on the company and on anyone connected to
    it, and as I can testify from personal experience, most of his rants
    are exaggerations, distortions, disinformation, and
    "magical" thinking, with occasional much-mangled facts hidden
    somewhere, if you have the patience to unearth them.'' - Lila Rajiva

    ''Never heard that Soros was a friend(of Davidson and Bonner and Agora
    Inc.)....Jim Rogers, Steve Forbes, and Marc Faber are.'' - Lila Rajiva

    Note Steve Forbes gives Agora Inc con artists and in my opinion murder
    suspects forum to promote themselves and their frauds:

    Irrational People
    by William Bonner and Lila Rajiva
     link to www.forbes.com

    Man found dead at Belvedere worked at company that had SEC ...1 Jun
    2006 ... Rivera edited a financial newsletter called The Rebound
    Report that identified the ... The complaint alleges that Frank Porter
    Stansberry, ...
     link to www.examiner.com

    Firm that hired now-deceased financial editor under attack ...2 Jun
    2006 ... The company that hired now-deceased Ray Rivera to edit a
    pricey financial ... and several of its publications after Frank
    Porter Stansberry, ...
     link to www.examiner.com

    From the desk of Porter Stansberry:

    When my best friend, Rey Rivera, disappeared last year, we had to find
    his car (and then his .... Porter Stansberry Baltimore, Maryland
    December 21, 2006 ...

    December 21, 2006

    Porter Comments:The Baltimore sheriff is after me... Another look at
    Regeneron... BUD's huge buyback... "Black" Jack Gifford's reckoning day...
    The Taipan hornet's nest (oh my... )
    Taipan, Agora Financial, The Oxford Club, and Stansberry & Associates
    all have a shareholder in common, Agora Inc., which is the world's
    largest financial newsletter holding company.....


    Suicide Or Murder? Evidence Reviewed
    POSTED: 7:49 pm EDT May 16, 2007
    Whatever the cameras saw -- how and when Rivera entered the building
    and whether or not he was alone -- remain questions without answers...

    A hole in the meeting room roof and Rivera's injuries indicated he had
    probably come off the top of the Belvedere -- 14 stories up -- and
    crashed through the lower roof, officials said.......

    In the fall of 2005, Rivera left Agora full-time and began producing
    videos for the company under contract.

    Long-time friend Porter Stansberry brought Rivera to Agora. Stansberry
    runs one of Agora's newsletter divisions and was mentioned several
    times in Rivera's bizarre note..........

    Miller called to speak with Stansberry. She heard from Agora's lawyer,
    who said the company had asked its employees not to speak with 11 News
    about the subject.

    The police investigation into Rivera's death leans to a theory of
    suicide. But Bealefeld told Miller they hadn't found any history of
    mental health issues or any indication that Rivera had been depressed
    or distraught before his death.

    "But the circumstances and the hard evidence that we have really point
    to this being a suicide," he said.

     link to www.investigativevoice.com

    There is also the question of the mysterious phone call Rey allegedly
    received just before he left the house, another reported fact that
    Allison said is murky. She found nothing unusual on her phone bill for
    that day, only four calls from Stanberry's office, which Allison said
    was probably related to Rey's work....
    One possible clue that friends or relatives said may have been missed
    is the record s of Rey's cell phone. Discovered on the second floor
    roof of the hotel, it is not known if police tracked Rey's location by
    using his cell phone records in the hours prior to his death,...

    " 'You have to get it through your head that your husband jumped off
    the roof himself',' " she recounts of a conversation she had with a
    homicide detective a year after Rey died.

    "That's what I have to deal with."

    Still, Allison Rivera is not the only one who has questions about how
    her 32-year-old husband ended up dead on the floor of an empty office.

    His family, including brother Angel, isn't buying the suicide theory either....



    His decomposing body was found a week later in a locked conference
    room on the lower floors of the Belvedere hotel. Next to him were his
    sandals and his still-working cell phone. Experts don't believe the
    phone would have survived the impact intact.....

    This post has to do with the mysterious death of Agora Inc employee
    Rey Rivera in 2006 who was commiting stock fraud for his own personal
    gain and more so for the profits of his bosses at Agora Inc that
    included his evil 'friend' of years past,Porter Stansberry, as well as
    Bill Bonner,James Dale Davidson and the evil Lord William Rees-Mogg of
    UK who founded or who have been behind Agora Inc stock fraud and money
    laundering operation for decades. .
    These people are in turn are connected at the highest level to the
    U.S. government and
    other governments and international criminals as well including Dubai
    and Israel and the UK as well.IN FACT ANY COUNTRY THAT PROVIDES AN

    Warning the dailyreckoning.con site below is a major part of this
    criminal gangs cyberfraud operations run by Bill Bonner and featuring
    such such well healed criminals and securities fraud liars as Steve
    Forbes,Ron Paul,CIA 'economist' Mark Skousen,etc...

    Why The SEC Sued Me - And Why You Should Care
    8 Mar 2010 by Porter Stansberry
    Porter Stansberry explains his battle with the SEC and why it seems
    the SEC is more worried about protecting their own interests than the
    general public's.

    Their stock frauds and money laundering activities stretch
    across the planet and whoa unto you if you cross their path or get
    tangled in their
    criminal activities either by being lured to employment on their
    behalf or as a naive
    investor as I was was a small inheritance and no investment
    experience.Charles Schwab of
    San Francisco and fraudulent internet stock websites,particularly
    ragingbull and Yahoo! is how I came to cross their path and got rolled
    by them in dark
    corners of the internet
    beginning around 2000.And the stock fraud,death threats against me and
    terrorism continues
    to this day with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission aiding and
    abetting them.

    Paradoxical that I feel some empathy for Rey Rivera who worked at the
    very Agora Inc that James Dale Davidson founded and has led me to so
    much personal grief however perhaps he was lured to Agora Inc by
    Stansberry not only for his own
    personal gain at the expense of others but also was conned by
    Stansberry and Agora like so many defrauded investors were.And soon
    enough he knew too much and the price of leaving was like the price of
    leaving any mafia or criminal organization one gets too deep with -
    his own life...But I note how much both his wife and brother grieve
    his death and
    his friends who grieve as well and the note he left behind bizar and
    incomprehensible as it was and how his mental anguish at time of his
    death seems focused on the evils of human greed of which his phony
    Agora Inc 'friend' and boss
    Porter Stansberry so well typifies.And he was a victim of Agora Inc
    just as I have been and continue to be...

    The names above will mean little to most people but James Dale
    Davidson claims to be an
    Oxford and Rhodes scholar like Bill Clinton.Maybe that is where he
    developed his criminal
    mind or came under the Lord William Rees-Mogg's corrupting
    influence.While he has ties to the
    Reagan and Bush regimes before Clinton and founded the National
    Taxpayers Union in D.C.IN 1969
    AND ACCUSING HIM OF KILLING VINCE FOSTER.He is a crony of Steve Forbes
    and founder of Agora
    Inc penny stock and money laundering operation.He is also founder of
    pro war newsmax.com as well as
    connected to Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell who pretend to be anti-war but
    are definitely pro stock fraud.

    from James Dale Davidson's own newsmax.com:
    Economist: Inflation Rate Is Double Official Number
    Christopher Ruddy and Ryan Troup
    March 14, 2000
    Jan. 20, 1993, and Bill Clinton was not president 24 hours when he saw
    James Dale Davidson at one of several Washington Inaugural Balls.
    Clinton quickly waved past the salutations and congratulations. "Jim,"
    he said, "You may able to help me."
    Davidson, a Clinton campaign donor, a financial writer, then head of
    the National Taxpayers Union and someone who had known Clinton for
    years from annual retreats at the Hilton Head Renaissance weekends,
    nodded with agreement.
    "I think the Bush people were cooking the economic numbers in the
    months before the election," Clinton said, continuing, "Do you think
    you could put together a report for me on how they did it?"
    Davidson agreed but the thought went racing through his mind, "This
    man's not president for one day and he's already trying to figure out
    how to fix the books."

    Aside from alleged Pentagon shooter John Bedell,Ludwig Von Mises'
    biggest fans are fascists indeed such
    as James Dale Davidson founder of Steve Forbes' National Taxpayers Union near
    the SEC headquarters in Alexandria,Virginia as well as newsmax.con
    that includes the British fascist Lord William Rees-Mogg,deceased
    wingnut General Al Haig,et.al. and Agora Inc,Baltimore(and world wide
    internet) penny stock promoting and money laundering scumbags Bill
    Bonner,Lila Rajiva,Porter Stansberry,Lard William Rees-Mogg,and CIA
    'economist' and Columbia University parasite Mark Skousen of the
    Nevada Fraud 'Freedom
    Fest' et.al..Their corrupt group also includes Texas Republican
    wingnut and women's rights denier Ron Paul who lied to the SEC about
    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac AND THEIR SLEEZY PENNY STOCKS being 'naked
    shorted' for them .
    All these Lew RockWell-ian parasites are Misesians which certainly in
    itself doesn't say anything good about Ludwig Von Mises.Maybe Mises
    wasn't a crook,pseudo-intellectual or CIA scumbag but his admirers at
    present certainly are.


    John Bedell and Ludwig von Mises
    By David Weigel 3/5/10 3:39 PM ThinkProgress points to a strange item
    on the Bazpedia page of Pentagon metro shooter John Patrick Bedell,
    buried below the incomprehensible kookery ("I have posted the image to
    the right in order to illustrate the use of cannabis as a monetary
    system using digital financial instruments") and a brief appreciation
    of libertarian economist Ludwig von Mises.


    LewRockwell.comAn anti-state/pro-market site on the net run by the
    president of the Ludwig von Mises Institute. Updated 6 days a week.

    Another interesting relation of John Bedell, or at least of his father
    who has the same name, is the fact that he runs a FINRA approved stock
    dealing company in Hollister called SagePoint.And it appears AIG
    scumbags are now hiding behind that name after having dirtied their


    January 11
    AIGFA to Re-Brand - Will Now be SagePoint

    AIG announced that AIG Financial Advisors is being re-branded
    (changing its name) to SagePoint Financial. Clearly they are trying to
    distance themselves from the negative brand image that the
    mother-ship, AIG, is enjoying at the moment. AIGFA is the second
    largest of the three B/D's in the AIG Advisor Group. The other two
    being Royal Alliance and FSC - who, conveniently, are not tainted at
    the moment with the AIG brand name........

    I don't know either if the father John Bedell of Hollister is related
    to Jeff Bedell of Sacramento but their businesses seem to be similar
    including AIG and it appears SagePoint Financial connections.I wonder
    if they have an Agora Inc connection as well ? James Dale Davidson's
    and Bill Bonner's Agora Inc. have fraudulent business scams around the
    world and California is no exception.After the Goldcor fraud with its
    Costa Rica connections in the 1980's,Goldcor's name was changed to
    Oxford Club under the corporate umbrella of Jim Dale Davidson's and
    Bill Bonner's and Lord William Rees-Mogg's Agora Inc..
    It has been rumored that Agora Inc is involved with U.S.AID in some sort of debt
    swap schemes in Latin America.Is this true or is it another 'Agora'?
    I'm not from the Washington,D.C. area and so not up to the low downs
    and dirties there some of you might be aware of.

    Bedell Financial
    Bedell Financial is not affiliated with SagePoint Financial, Inc. or
    registered as a broker-dealer or investment advisor.

    Sagepoint Financial - California - Hollister - (831) 637-0413 end_of_the_skype_highlighting ...
    Contact info for Sagepoint Financial in Hollister, California. ...
    Bedell John Financl Plnng. 555 East St, Hollister, CA 95023-3906. Dabo
    Mitch Associates ...

    As you can see from the link to baltimore.indymedia.org form 2005
    below or simply by doing a google search 'tony ryals porter
    stansberry',I have been denouncing Agora Inc for years and as you
    can see Rey Rivera's 'friend' and employer Porter Stansberry invited
    me to visit Agora Inc. and Baltimore in 2005.Due to American government's
    protection of criminals with U.S.government connections and the media's
    ties to them as well,the stock crimes of Agora Inc. with its myriad offshore
    or foreign terrorist connections and offshore accounts,is virtually
    never reported and never prosecuted.If you complain to the
    U.S.government and or its Securities Exchange Commission then you are seen
    as a trouble maker .
    I wasn't even aware that an Agora Inc employee had met with an unexplained
    but very mysterious death and that Porter Stansberry who invited me to
    visit Agora Inc. office in Baltimore,Maryland
    Uh,I guess I was wise or lucky to turn down this generous Baltimore
    'hospitality'.I was NOT so lucky as to avoid Jim or James Dale Davidson's
    internet stock fraud however which is how I became involved with them and
    correspond with both Porter Stansberry and Bill Bonner's co-author
    Lila Rajiva in the first place.I have no doubt whatsoever that they
    are SEC and U.S.government connected and protected 'securities' and
    penny stock criminals in the first place and I have suspected worse.
    Another unexplained death at least to me is John Berthoud who was
    James Dale Davidson's and Steve Forbes replacement as president of the
    National Taxpayers Union who the NTU employees found 'in peace' at his
    residence in the Beltway a while back.Davidson 'coincidentally' used
    the NTU office near SEC main headquarters in Alexandria,Virginia
    around the time of Berhoud's death as well as his Fox News connected
    newsmax.con website to promote a fraud called a worthless penny stock
    called Pluristem with both Israeli and Carlyle or Frank Carlucci
    (suspect in death of Patrice Lumumba in the Congo around time
    of Kennedy assassination)connections.That scam claims to use stem
    cells from placentas for medicine but I suspect this fraud that
    launders money through Leumi Bank,Israel funds more devious causes
    with money it bilks mainly from American investors.
    Also I only recently discovered another of Agora Inc.'s,Bill
    Bonner's,James Dale Davidson's,Porter Stansberry's,Lord William
    Rees-Mogg's,Mark Skousen's ,et.al.'s many sham 'companies' called
    Oxford Club was originally called Goldcor and lured potential
    investors-suckers to Costa Rica to defraud them with lies about
    turning black Costa Rican beach sand to gold !

    I briefly quote and provide link from Bill Bonner's Baltimore
    co-author Lila Rajiva herself who wrote an article about her
    employers' Goldcor connection and the strange 'suicide' of Goldcor
    President Richard Brown who was found with a bullet in his head in
    November 1991 as Goldcor began to unravel.


    Agora Inc., Bill Bonner , Porter Stansberry , Jim Davidson and fraud

    * Tony Ryals

    Date Created

    * 03 Nov 2005

    Below is my recent email correspondence with Porter Stansberry of
    Agora Inc.'s Baltimore: headquaters ----- Original Message -----
    From: "Porter Stansberry"
    To: endoscam-AT-lycos.com
    Subject: Jim Davidson
    Date: Mon, 31 Oct 2005 20:06:22 -0600

    Tony --

    A friend recently emailed me a copy of your online tirade against JD.
    I don't know what he did to you...though I can imagine...

    If you would like to know more about Agora (which is a large holding
    company with many operating groups, one of which I control) or more
    about the SEC case I am involved with (which has nothing to do with
    short selling or pumping and dumping) I would be happy to meet with
    you in my office in Baltimore.




     link to mindbodypolitic.com

    The most interesting part of this little history is that the Royal
    Society of Liechtenstein was sold off, changing its name to the Oxford
    Club, which has been since then a part of Agora Inc.

    The Brown death was never seriously investigated, say some SEC
    officials, who believe it was a murder.


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