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Yeshiva,Albert Einstein U.:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Adam Lanza's 'psychiatrist' Rima Laibow,Dr.Carver II BOTH frauds ?

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Adam Lanza's 'psychiatrist' Rima Laibow,Dr.Carver II BOTH frauds ?

Rima E. Laibow, MD | LinkedIn
Newton, New Jersey - Founder and Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation
View Rima E. Laibow, MD's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ... Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University; Temple University ...

  1. I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD - YouTube
    Dec 20, 2012 - Uploaded by NaturalSolutions
    I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD ..... Nancy Lanza Left Shooter Adam Lanza Home ...
  2. I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD - YouTube
    Dec 21, 2012 - Uploaded by ConnectTheBlots
    I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD .... NANCYand ADAM LANZA NOT in SSDI & More ...
  3. I am Adam Lanza's Doctor by Rima E Laibow, MD - YouTube
    Dec 23, 2012 - Uploaded by Rima Laibow Dr. Rima has been a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and ... I am Adam Lanza ...

I had noted that while news reports had nonchalantly claimed that Adam Lanza had AHDH which seemed rather vague and silly pychiatric term to me in fact a dangerous one when the human brain is so cpmplex it defies simplistic analysis and stereotypical definitions anyway and I began to wonder only recently just who the unnamed medical professional was who labeled this mythical character that no one had seen for years as AHDH.On searching te internet for 'adam lanza's psychiatrist' I came across the same person who spamed herself all over the internet as 'I Am Adam Lanza's Doctor' named Rima E. Laibow who posted a long diatribe to youtube claiming she opposed drugging her patients which might be commendable if not for the fact that watching her one begins to think she is heavily dosed, perhaps on LSD.For me it is difficult or boring to watch the whole video but the several minutes I watched it never was confessed by her that she was just pretending and I thought because like Lanza she was on the East Coast and that with all the Lanza
families money laundering activities as high level John Hancock,Ernst and Young and GE Capitial scamsters and international stock fraud money launderers that it was not all unlikely that they hired an eccentric psychiatrist to treat Adam in some way.Well asit turns out it was all a lie or joke disguised as fact and this Albert Einstein University idiot had never had anything whatsoever to do with the Lanza's or with the almost mythological Adam.

Rima E. Laibow, MD | LinkedIn
Newton, New Jersey - Founder and Medical Director, Natural Solutions Foundation
View Rima E. Laibow, MD's professional profile on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the ... Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University; Temple University ...

Paradoxically this 'doctor' must know that she is aiding and abetting the very toxic pharmaceutical industry she claims to be opposed to by pretending to be and confusing herself with the mythological Adam Lanza's psychiatrist because according to the Newtown mythology Adam Lanza committed one of the most efficient and fastest mass murders in history and so her lie about being his psychiatrist and obviously believing her lie then her non drug advocacy is a failure and thus big pharmaceuticals who sher is probably being paid by wins.What a bitch.She did the same thing in another video as a pseudo advocate for 'organic' foods and opposed to Monsanto and she's is such an idiot she makes Monsanto look good coincidentally.Any of a number of real people involved in non spray and non genetically modified foods could put a good orgument and defense  of their beliefs and practices but she makes all real organic and non genetically modified food advocates look bad ! Albert Einstein would e turning in his grave as well knowing this Zionist bitch is using his name !

  1. DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for 'evilgene ...
    DNA of Sandy Hook killer Adam Lanza to be examined for 'evilgene in first study Connecticut Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver who carried out the post ...

    And now the scumbag refuses to even release any of his results on whether or not Adam Lanza's body or brain had drugs in it,which should be a little simpler than his elusive search for Adam's 'evil gene',wouldn't you think ?

    Maybe as soon as Connecticut medical examiner locates Adam Lanza'a 'evil gene' he can find that big fat evil gene in the Atzmon'e particularly that of Israeli ICTS International 9/11 mass murderer Menachem Atzmon's.

I am Adam Lanza's Doctor
 by Rima E Laibow, MD - YouTube
Dec 23, 2012 - Uploaded by Rima Laibow Dr. Rima has been a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist and ...


Note that the Jewish white woman Rima Laibow apparently suffers from a psychiatric disorder herself  induced by  what I term 'cultural malnutrition' of having grown up quite affluently as a white AND NOT 'Semitic' person who has been brainwashed into beleiving she is a 'chosen Semite' besides suffering from a lying disorder perhaps greatly induced by growing up with the erroneous lie that she really is a 'Semite', (ha), she thought nothing of spamming her lie all over the internet that she was the psychiatrist who 'diagnosed' or erroneously labeled Adam Lanza as having 'ADHD' ,whatever that is.Unfortunately in labeling the mythologocal Adam Lanza as an ADHD or Aspergers Syndrome type she and other irresponsonsible Sandy Hook Newtown disinfo liars and fraudulent trust fund raisers have painted  all the young senssitive young people labeled as such probably incorrectly as potentially dangerous or as potential mass murderers.Shame on Barack Obama and his Zionist Homeland Security Bitch Janet Napolitano among others.Shame on those CNN disinfo agents and social partasites Wolf Blitzer and Anerson Cooper as well.

Another real bright bulb at Albert Einstein U with the same last name as Israeli government mass murderer and money launderer Menachem Atzmon  of ICTS International holds to the  theory that something called a 'cohenim gene' exists and has been passed on to all Jewish priests since Methusaleh or something like that but the geneticists of India hold to the fact that Dr.Atzmon is farting against the wind and that long before any Non Semitic Caucasians of his ancestry became white from Vitamin D Deficiency by taking grains from the Tigris Euphrates up north towards the Ukraine,in fact even before the Hebrew priest Aaron's sons  pissed off Gawd and led to Gawd assassinating  his sons,there were groups of male Non Jewish dark complected Caucasians making their way  east from that general area into what would become India who were far from 'Jewish' whether of the original dark Jewish complexion or the later Vitamin D deficiency lighter model,(who were converts and thus never really real  'Jews' in the first place),created by that great northern agrarian migration into  the Ukraine and points further north and west.

The truth is what the egotitistal Jewish Nazi Gil Menachem of Albert Einstein Medical Center identifies as the 'cohenim gene' predates any 'cohenims' ,or Jewish witch doctors,by about 40,000 years !

And of course those whites who later converted to Judaism after getting white from Vitamin D deficiency, such as the mad mass murdering Atzmons, were never Jews in any real since of historic or genetic  lineage but only in their delusions,located in what I term the 'psycho-molecular code',doo,doo,doo,do, dooo,doo, do...

In my opinion neither Albert Einstein U's  'Dr,'Rima E. Laibow nor  Gil Atzmon would qualify for Ronald McDonald's hamburger college and if Gil Atzmon is anything like his Hungarian origened relative, Menachem Atzmon, I'd be afraid any hamburgers he made might end up mixed with human body parts.No Joke !

Common genetic threads link thousands of years of Jewish ancestry
Jun 4, 2010 – ... include Gil AtzmonAlbert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, ... indicates the Jewish priesthood, the Cohanim, was established by ...

The truth is what the egotitistal Jewish Nazi Gil Menachem of Albert Einstein Medical Center identifies as the 'cohenim gene' predates any 'cohenims' ,or Jewish witch doctors,by about 40,000 years !

political and science rhymes: Israel,WTC,9/11,ICTS International ...
Mar 18, 2013 – Israel,WTC,9/11,ICTS International:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. ... Mass murderer and war criminal Menachem Atzmon and his Shin Bet boys still ...

wolfblitzzer0: Logan Airport Boston,9/11,Menachem Atzmon,ICTS ...
Aug 30, 2011 – Gilad Atzmon who has never shown remorse or even criticized his mass murder suspect and stock fraud money laundering relative Menachem ...

  From Rima E. Laibow's own site, in her own words, at the bottom of the page   Note: This video and essay were written in direct response to the brave woman who authored “I am Adam Lanza’s Mother” about her experience with a similar child. Just as she is not literally Adam Lanza’s mother, so I am not claiming to be the physician who treated Adam Lanza. Readers are invited to understand that as a Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist I have treated many patients like Adam Lanza but never met him before his tragic death.

You might want to check up on this duo before you go bashing me for not believing her.

A short piece about Rima Laibow and Albert Stubblebine.

By Robert Singer / May 2nd, 2009

"...The very clear and present danger is that our “unelected representatives” will be forced to sit down and actually read HR 875. But when they do, they won’t find a ban on heirloom seeds, farmers markets or backyard gardening, because it isn’t there. Does anyone think Monsanto would actually put in writing that we are going to arrest Michelle Obama for planting a garden?

If they did, our representatives wouldn’t need a flood of frantic messages hollering that HR 875 is the bill that will “kill all farms and eat your babies.” No, believe it or not, our representatives eat and go to farmers markets just like we do.

So who is behind this disinformation campaign?

The Natural Solutions Foundation (NSF) originated the Linn Cole articles.

The Organic Consumers Association and other legitimate heath advocates have been questioning the NSF for several years, and the criticism is universally the same: Why does the NSF keep turning out factually inaccurate, hysterically grim articles such as Linn Cole’s?

The answers start with the NSF founders, husband-wife team Albert Stubblebine and Rima Laibow. Now, when I accuse these people of being disinformation professionals, let me explain. I’m not saying they’re doing sloppy research, and I’m not saying they’re being overzealous. What I am saying is that they are working, for pay, to spread false information and to make their organization look like a legitimate activist group.

My conclusion is Stubblebine and Laibow are using the Natural Solutions Foundation—and Linn Cole—to undermine the health freedom community by spreading disinformation about HR 875...".


RE: I am Adam Lanza's Doctor - Rima E. Laibow, MD
Laibow's video is allegory. It's also a take-off of the piece written by Liza Long and published in The Blue Review:
I am Adam Lanza’s Mother
It's time to talk about mental illness

The Long piece hit Facebook a few days ago. Certainly someone here saw it.

Laibow's points are strong and valid. As the grandmother of a child who suffers from ADD/ADHD and Asperger's, I have spent a great deal of time and energy gathering information on what the medications do, and on what could cause the problems my grandson suffers. We know that he went into distress at each level of vaccination...he developed fevers, etc., but the worst came about before his second birthday. Could vaccines have caused his other problems? I suspect so, but I don't know.

I'm a strong advocate of NUTRITION, natural foods, and natural healing. I know full well that my grandson suffers food allergies. I tried to convince his custodial parent that he needed organic, fresh foods and that he needed to remove food dyes, additives, preservatives, and a host of other manufactured things from his diet. Her response (knowing that this would require a great deal of effort and concentration) was: "What about MY career?" And so my grandson remains on meds. It is heartbreaking. He can't even attend school unless he takes them (they are required because he had behavioral issues). OMG.

I also have two adult children who are ADD. They were on Ritalin for about a year each, and decided they hated how it made them feel, so they quit. Of my four children, those two suffered high fevers after their vaccinations. Correlation? I don't know. The other two kids didn't get fevers.

Laibow's video is a plus. She's not claiming that she is actually Lanza's doctor any more than Liza Long is claiming that she really is Adam Lanza's mother. Catch up, y'all. It's not as sinister as you'd like to paint this.

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