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Newtown,CT., Catholic Rose of Lima Church Laughing Priest Weiss Managing Suspect $15 million Sandy Hook United Way Fund

Newtown,CT., Catholic Church of Rose Laughing Priest Weiss Managing Suspect $15 million Sandy Hook United Way Fund

No wonder he's laughing........

More Than $15 Million Raised After Sandy Hook, But Keeping Track Of Cash A Challenge
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By DAVE ALTIMARI, The Hartford Courant
6:16 p.m. EDT, March 16, 2013

In the three months following the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, people around the world have raised more than $15 million, spread out over more than 60 funds.
The cash dwarfs fundraising totals that followed last year's movie theatre shooting in Aurora, Colo., where about $5 million was raised, and the Virginia Tech shootings, where more than $8 million was donated.
But the flood of money has authorities concerned about whether there are enough controls in place to ensure that it is properly used.
"There is a lot of money out there coming from a lot of places,'' said William Rubenstein, commissioner of the state Department of Consumer Protection. "Keeping track of all that is virtually impossible.''
Rubenstein said there has been no evidence of scams or complaints from people who lost money. But there is no complete accounting as to how much money has been distributed and for what purposes.
Organizations are supposed to register as charities with the consumer protection agency if they plan to collect money in Connecticut. Since Dec. 14, at least 13 have registered, according to state records. Many more have been established. The town of Newtown's website alone lists 41 organizations that are collecting money. Some are funds set up by victims' families and are not included in The Courant's $15 million estimate.
The largest fund was established through the United Way and contains $10 million, at least a portion of which will be given to the families. A committee has been formed to oversee that fund.

Rev.Weiss is managing the United Way fund.

More about him: (he had his breakfeast 400m away from SHE at 2012-12-14 instead of holding the Mass for his student who where all a St.Rose Church that morning! What a lucjk for him)
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