Wednesday, March 6, 2013

No Nothing on Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. 'Incident'

No Nothing on Sandy  Hook,Newtown,CT. 'Incident'


No reporters or photographers allowed near the school.

No parents allowed near the school.

No emergency responders allowed near the school.

No witnesses of the actual shooting.

No witness of the actual SHOOTER. 

No vehicle registered to Adam Lanza.

No video surveillance of anything.

No guns registered to Adam Lanza.

No sight or photos of any pistols claimed to have been used.

No sight or photo of the "assault weapon" AR-15 Bushmaster.

No blood, nor photos of blood.

No dead bodies.

No sign of any actual "forensic evidence" what so ever.

What we DO have....

A sheriff that announces to the public to either believe what comes from his microphone or you will be prosecuted by feds.

A state medical examiner that would creep out Alice Cooper.

A state medical examiner that laugh's and make's jokes and says "uhhh...uhhh...uhhh...I DONT KNOW" allot.

A car they claim the suspect drove that is registered to a
Mr. Christopher Rodia.

A car registered to Mr Christopher Rodia, at the scene that has a blown out back window.

A car that we seen a police officer remove a shotgun from the trunk, remove the shells while not wearing any gloves and handling it in a way that would purposely destroy any forensic evidence a "normal" investigation would have.

A man see running through the woods with police and police dog chasing and catching him.

A man on the news describe the man as wearing camo pants and a black coat and so happens to say "I didnt do it" to the witnesses of his arrest.

A man claiming to be Robbie Parker, laughing, smiling, then attempting to hyperventilate seconds before his acting roll on national television. 

A man claiming to be Robbie Parker, explaining to the nation that his friends have already opened a facebook site that has instructions on how to send his dead child money.

A facebook site for Robbie Parker's claimed dead child opened by 10am the same morning with directions on how and where to send the dead child money.

A facebook site for a supposed dead teacher that was opened 4 days prior to this event happening.

A child labeled with a false name, pictured as one of the murdered children whos mother has continued to report is her CHILD and is NOT dead, nor is that her name.

A shit load of fake actors that have been caught changing their story during different "interviews" 

A reported DEAD principle who was quoted the same day in the local new's paper.

A reported busted computer, demolished in a hurry, yet destroyed so well the feds cant restore any information from it. Like the 9/11 black boxes?

A "claimed' dead woman named Nancy Lanza that we never seen removed from the home, no ambulance, nothing, who was shot in the face with a 22 cal bullet.

A original audio of the police scanner where they repeatedly refer to a second person, two shadows, "their coming" "one suspect prone"

A set of "ear plugs"

A person interviewed who claimed the suspect wore a mask.

A person interviewed who claimed the school nurse described the expression on the suspects face? 

A mass media influx of purposely incorrect information, changing stories, caught lying.

A major block buster movie, filmed well in advance that contains a map that was purposely changed to include coincidentally the same school name that this Hollywood set style drama, trauma played out.

A bunch of photo's of different "swat" looking goon's walking in every direction around a FIREHOUSE that is no where near the school.

A governor who goes in front of the nation AFTER this happened who ADMITTED to the world he was warned in advance that this type of thing was going to happen! 

A criminal Eric Holder who single (along with Obama) handily gave out thousands of weapons the Mexican cartel has used to MURDER thousands of people, including Americans, who shows up 2 weeks prior to have a meeting with the Governor of CT.

A criminal Eric Holder who shows up AFTER the event in order to conduct "private" interviews with the supposed dead childrens parents.

A president that makes a grand speech while so obviously cant cry on cue so he wipes away NO tears for the camera.

A president that aided and abetted Eric Holder in the "Fast and furious" scandal aforementioned showing up within 24 hours to preach "gun control" while giving loving photo ops to the "supposed" dead children's smiling parents, all the while even managing to have his photo taken with on of the dead children who looked very alive.

Last but not least.... A nation, left... dangling for an official "investigation conclusion" that will take at LEAST 3 FUCKING MONTHS?

Wow, in spite of allllllll this... WE are the ones Abby Martin has labeled "fear mongering conspiracy theorist" 

"Only in America" 

Damn. Just... Damn.

"Hatred is gained as much by good works as by evil" ~ Machiavelli

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