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Sandy Hook TV Star Lt.Lance:Why Didn't Anyone Hear the Shots that Killed Nancy Lanza

Why Didn't Anyone Hear the Shots that Killed Nancy Lanza

Why Didn't Anyone Hear the Shots that Killed Nancy Lanza


Rosen is also quoted as stating that ''They (the children) said he had a big gun and a little gun.''

Rosen is also quoted as stating that "They [the children] said he had

a big gun and a little gun."  While the article attributing this

statement to Rosen appeared Jan. 15, the Connecticut State Police

released a statement on Jan. 23, describing the guns found inside

the school.  These guns include a Bushmaster .223 caliber model

XM15-E2S rifle (big gun) with high capacity 30 round clips, a

Glock 10-mm handgun and a Sig-Sauer P226 9mm handgun (little

guns).  If the gunman, Adam Lanza, had one of the two handguns

tucked inside his clothing, then this would confirm the story which

Rosen had given to the press.

There is one glaring piece of misinformation, however, that should

not be overlooked.

The New York Daily News claims that Victoria Soto had 16 children in her class .  According to theHartford Courant, six of Soto's students tried to flee but were shot by Lanza.  The story continues:Later, in their search for survivors, police found the remaining seven of Soto's students still hiding in the closet.  This does not add up.

If there were 16 children and six were killed, that would leave ten survivors.  If seven of those survivors were found in a closet, as stated by the police, that means only three children should have appeared on Gene Rosen's driveway- not four as stated by the Huffington Post, and not six as claimed by Mr. Rosen.  If six of Soto's students did show up at Rosen's home, that means only one survivor would have been found in the closet, and not seven as stated by the police.  Let's suppose not all of the sixteen students were in class.  If one was absent, that would leave nine survivors- seven in the closet and two on Gene Rosen's driveway, or that would mean 6 would have gone to Rosen while only three could have been in the closet.  If the police account and Rosen's account were both correct, there would have had to have been 19 students in the class, not 16 as stated by the New York Daily News.

But what if the survivors found in the closet were the same survivors who escaped and made their way to Gene Rosen's home?  This would contradict everyone's story, especially Rosen's, because the statement about the children witnessing the murder of Victoria Soto therefore could not possibly be true.  If so, this would mean that a dead woman put children in a closet.  No matter how you try to add it up, it does not make sense.

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One of the cornerstones of the Sandy Hook Truther movement is the allegation that many of the Newtown residents interviewed by the media were paid actors, perhaps hired by the government in order to sell President Obama's anti-gun agenda.  While definitive evidence proving this claim remains to be seen, it appears that one prominent Newtown figure did in fact pursue an opportunity to appear on network television- as a contestant on a popular reality show.  That man is police spokesperson Lt. J. Paul Vance.

According to a March 9, 2011 article in the Connecticut Post, Vance auditioned for the reality showSurvivor during an open casting call held at the Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket.  TheConnecticut Post states:

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