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Newtown Sandy Hook,CT.,and Catholic Pedophile Priest Connection ?

Newtown Sandy Hook,CT.,and Catholic Pedophile Priest Connection ?

Bala says:
In 2010 Roman Catholic Priest John Castaldo was convicted of child sexual abuse for acts he engaged in during the late 80′s in Bridgeport. After being accused he moved from parish to parish, ending up in Newtown during 1999 at St rose’s. This is reported to be the Lanza family church. Adam graduated 5th grade in 2002. John Castaldo was defrocked in 2001. The trial was finally ended in 2010 because the Diocese refused to hand over hundred of secret documents pertaining to sexual abuse in their parishes.

The above comment  with link to scribd blog  is a recent comment on and the article  that illicited the above  comment is  titled,' How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to Sandy Hook Shootings?',and is posted below with link.

When hinted at a possible pedophile connection to the Sandy Hook massacre or whatever it was or is early on  I was highly skeptical even knowing they were spot on about BBC Zionist pedophile Jimmy Savile and a number of other cases including that of George Herbert Walker Bush White House connections to what was called the Franklin pedophile ring named for a bank in Missouri whose ringmasters did indeed have links and free access to the Catholic Boys Town and its supply of boys.
Now it appears that a known pedophile priest was actually welcomed into the Catholic community in Newtown in 1999 by the Catholic hierarchy there itself and coincidentally this priess short time in Newtown corresponded precisely to the time young and thus manupulable Adam Lanza was attending there !
Apparently there have now been at least two incidents of threats to the Rose of Lima School and Church
since whatever went down in Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School went down on December 14.
Again I owe this bit of info and angle on the Sandy Hook terrorism to who are a bit more professional in their style and investigation than I am who have long lost my patience years ago of both
the U.S.and Israeli government role in both 9/11 and stock fraud against Americans including myself which is what put me out here on the interbet to begin with.However I had learned to be cynical about dogmatic organized or fundamentalist religion long before that.
Also this is just one small variable in this strange terror jigsaw puzzle and a possible distraction from other
known facts such as that of the U.S.government and Homeland Security 'drill' that appears to have been going down on the same day with similar simulated events that were very similar to the ral event that occured.And just who was that woman impersonating the supposedly dead Sandy Hook Scholl Principal Dawn Hochsprung immediately after the alleged massacre and suicide of Adam Lanza who right there in the parking lot I preesume was talking to a The Newtown Bee reporter and easily convincing him or her that she was indeed the Principal and had thus not bee killed but had indeed seen the or a 'masked' gunman !? And just who was the armed tacticle police officer who was from another town who according to The Bee recently who just happened to be strolling in the back of the school in the woods when all heil broke loose on D3ember 14,20012 and was captured and released presumably releaed by the local police before many of them came down with some sort of psychological or stress problems and all took leave from their regular policing jobs in Newtown ?
And as far as religion is concerned indeed the decadent affluence of suburban financiers who seem to inhabit and haunt the area including ex John Hancock corp whore Nancy Lancy herself and her ex husband Peter of GE Capital and Ernst and Young stock fraud,tax dodginbg and money laundering infamy,who had no problems giving her a few hundred thousaqnd a year so she could be a stay at home mom for Adam and NOT as the mass media first reported a working mom teaching or assisting at the kindergarten at Sandy Hook!
Aside from the characters or 'priests' of the Catholic Church we also find that indeed at one point Satanism and the Satan Church which to me should just for ease be seen and classified as one denomination of Christianity,was or still is big among some in Newtown and  let's not forgat the money grubbing fundies such as this Reverend Solomon who also along with his wife worked in the Boston financuial district just like Nancy Lanza whosw John Hancock helped banroll the Israelis of ICTS Ianternational in their takeover of Huntleigh airport rent-a-cops and its convenient contract to preovide 'security' for Logan Airport Boston just before all heil broke loose there on 9/11/01.The Jones I mean Solomon doesn't tell us what financial concern he was employed with before he saw the light and accepted Jesus into his life but aangirfan provides a little insight into his  church's,uh,activities..And owe my we haven't even begun to think about the rabbis inhabiting these environs all generally white folk who think they are Semites and encourage their white 'Semitic' constituents to support and send their share of stolen loot from stock and financial fraud to support their felloe white 'Semites' in IsraHell ,etc.!

Rev Jim Solomon
Born and raised in Providence, Rhode Island, as one of twelve children in a devout Roman Catholic family, Pastor Jim became agnostic before his conversion to Christ in 1989. Anne, Jim’s wife, a native of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, grew up in the Presbyterian Church, USA. They met in Boston at a Congregational Church while working in the financial district. They then moved to California for graduate school/seminary while transitioning from the business world to vocational ministry.

God used a very large non-denominational church in Connecticut to bring Jim and Anne back from California to their beloved New England. Jim served as its first Associate Pastor for several years. After a short assignment away from that church and a change in convictions regarding philosophy of ministry, they planted New Hope Community Church, in Newtown, with only two other couples, yet have enjoyed introducing many people to the love, forgiveness, and guidance of Christ since that decisive day in February of 2005. As accountability and teamwork are important to Jim, the church joined a wonderful, impactful denomination/team of churches existing locally and globally since the 1800s, known as The Alliance,  

In addition to officiating weddings, leading funerals and overseeing the church, Jim enjoys preaching, teaching, counseling and visitation. He especially enjoys recruiting and developing leaders and lay ministers to serve in their realm of giftedness as he believes everyone is great at something.

Jim has written a book, soon to be published, entitled The Living Water which he prays will impact many people for their well-being and Christ's glory. He has spoken at several men’s conferences and has led retreats on both coasts as a consultant to several churches around the nation in the realm of small groups and spiritual formation. 
With plans to begin his Doctoral studies, Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Master of Divinity degree, in addition to other studies, from well-known, nationally accredited universities.
For an inspirational interview by Wanda Law with Pastor Solomon please visit  There Is Hope

As for hobbies, Jim loves reading, writing, running, hiking, playing musical instruments, traveling, and most of all, spending time with his “queen” and “two princesses.”



Pastor Jim Solomon of the CIA?

Jim Solomons is the pastor in the video shown above.

His church in Newtown is part of the C and MA church, Christian and Missionary Alliance church.

Christian and Missionary Alliance

The C and MA has had a problem with child abuse in one of its boarding schools, which may be part of CIA brainwashing.

"In the 1980s, alumni of Mamou Alliance Academy in Guinea West Africa began to write letters to C&MA headquarters informing leadership of systemic child abuse that occurred at the school. Phone calls and letter writing of this nature to the C and MA continued for ten years.[22]

"In 1995, 30 alumni from Mamou reported systemic abuse including psychological abuse, excessive beating, sadistic dental practices, sexual molestation, and rape.[22]"

Prominent members of C and MA include people suspected of working for the CIA and its friends:

Todd BeamerUnited Airlines Flight 93 passenger

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada

Jhan Moskowitz, 1948 – 2012, One of the Founders of Jews for Jesus

Severino R. Bagtasos III, - killed inside the church where he was a pastor [25]


David Berg who founded the Children of God, now known as The Family International

Howard O Jones, Billy Graham's first African-American evangelist.

Billy Graham, evangelist, preached his first sermons as a licensed assistant/youth pastor at the Tampa Gospel Tabernacle of the Christian and Missionary Alliance in 1933-1937.

"Many clergy became direct collaborators with the CIA. One member of the Christian and Missionary Alliance (C&MA) was proud of this collaboration. William Carlsen, a missionary in northeastern Thailand, considered it 'a privilege to share information with responsible agencies of the government...' Carlsen gave an eight-hour briefing to the CIA ... when he returned home for a furlough. Most C&MA missionaries did likewise, according to a CIA source. Most of the information gleaned was about people, their actions, opinions, and grievances."

On The CIA And Christian Missionaries

3B is for BIAS

Historians should be aware of bias, whether within themselves or within their sources.

Some people assume that the ONLY people capable of carrying out an event like Sandy Hook are:

A. Jews


B. People on medication.

Other people assume that the ONLY people capable of carrying out Sandy Hook are:

C. Blacks
D. Catholic fascists
E. The CIA
F. Criminal gangs
G. Moslems

It is worth noting that:

1.It was the US Chiefs of Staff who devised Operation Northwoods - the plan whereby US government agents were to carry out acts of terrorism on US soil.

2. It was the American CIA which was the brains behind Operation Gladio - which killed hundreds of innocent people in terror attacks in Europe (and Turkey, if we include Ergenekon).

3. The CIA is reportedly a partner with drugs gangs, Moslem terrorists, Catholic fascists, Mossad agents and others.


How Are St. Rose Of Lima School And Church Connected to Sandy Hook Shootings?

st. rose of lima schoolI recently came across a short news clip from the afternoon/evening of the Sandy Hook elementary shootings.  News 12 Connecticut aired video of police storming into a school and then captions appeared “shooting in Newtown earlier today”.  The problem is, the school shown in the video was not Sandy Hook elementary.  It was St. Rose of Lima school, about a mile away from Sandy Hook school.  How did this happen?
If you recall, there was a bomb threat at St. Rose of Lima church two days after the Sandytumblr_mf4xwonEo61rjjwcro1_1280Hook shootings.  We didn’t hear many specifics of the reported threat, but I did come across a couple of articles with some interesting details.
I found a blurb about the threat onWikipedia.
On Sunday, 16 December, around noon, someone called the parish office and said, “I’m going to kill everyone there. My friend didn’t finish the job”. Parish officials tried to keep the caller on the line, asking him to repeat himself. He did so, making the same threat in the same words. Churchgoers quickly evacuated church. Police in SWAT gear arrived at the church to check out the area.[6]
I also found this:
It’s not clear whether there actually was a threat or if, like many tragedies, whether it was a hoax or the result of a community on edge.
At least a dozen police in camouflage SWAT gear and carrying guns arrived at the St. Rose of Lima Church. An Associated Press photographer saw police leave carrying something in a red tarp. (???) 
Guns drawn, they searched the church and adjacent buildings. After about an hour, police still kept onlookers back but were no longer carrying drawn guns and appeared much more relaxed than the tense period after their arrival.
There was no official report from police about the threat or evacuation.
Gunman Adam Lanza, his mother and eight of the child victims attended St. Rose of Lima. It is a Roman Catholic Church with an adjacent school, which Lanza attended briefly.
Were they trying to suggest that Lanza had help?  That someone else was continuing to threaten this community?  What is the connection between the video blunder and the “actual” raid of the church that morning?
Monsignor Weiss of St. Rose church was reportedly at the scene of the school shooting almost immediately after shots were fired.
On Friday morning, Weiss was working in his office when he received a call from authorities to lock down the school at St. Rose. There had been a school shooting. Weiss left the rectory and walked 100 yards to the church, where students were gathered for regular Friday morning Mass. Weiss interrupted the priest who was officiating and told him to stop and keep the students inside the church.
When Weiss heard that the shooting had occurred at Sandy Hook, less than a mile away, he grabbed two other priests from St. Rose, and they rode in Weiss’s BMW to the school. Three priests in clergy collars were a welcome sight.
“I’m so glad you’re here,” said the police officer who flagged them through the secured perimeter.
When Weiss pulled up, he saw teachers organizing students into lines in the parking lot. The ­second-grade teacher held up a sign that said two, and the third-grade teacher held up a sign that said three. And the students — who had been told to close their eyes while they evacuated the building to avoid seeing the carnage as they rushed past — obediently began forming lines.
Not every child was there. Some had run into the woods when they heard the shots. A few had run home. And some were inside the school.
Frantic parents were arriving. Children burst from their lines upon seeing their mother or father, while parents ran toward the lines.
Reunion after reunion whittled the lines down, leaving only parents, empty-handed and desperate. They were taken to the nearby firehouse where the Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company operated.
I don’t want to nit-pick but this story (like most pertaining to this event) is contrary to what Monsignor Weiss reported in a separate interview.  He described how he walked into the fire station, the children ran over to him crying and then the teachers lined the kids up to take attendance … there at the fire station, not at the school as described above.

This video contains the news clip described above (with St. Rose school) as well as some footage of the bomb threat.

I continue to find things that just aren’t right about the entire event.  According to Anderson Cooper and other media sources,  it’s normal for there to be contradictions in the stories.  We shouldn’t be questioning what’s reported to us.  How dare we even suggest that this was a hoax?   It’s insulting to me that we’re supposed to just accept the official story as told.  It’s just not going to happen, not when I keep finding things like this.
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  1. Bala says:
    In 2010 Roman Catholic Priest John Castaldo was convicted of child sexual abuse for acts he engaged in during the late 80′s in Bridgeport. After being accused he moved from parish to parish, ending up in Newtown during 1999 at St rose’s. This is reported to be the Lanza family church. Adam graduated 5th grade in 2002. John Castaldo was defrocked in 2001. The trial was finally ended in 2010 because the Diocese refused to hand over hundred of secret documents pertaining to sexual abuse in their parishes.
    • lynne0312 says:
      Very interesting. Thanks, Bala.
      You know what’s odd too? I’ m finding very little information on St. Rose school. I can’t find information on the teachers, principal, photos of the classes, etc.
  2. That’s nice video of the police running into the school! EXCEPT that it’s NOT AT SANDY HOOK!


wolfblitzzer0: Pastor Jim Solomon New Hope Church,Sandy Hook ...

1 Jan 2013 by Tony Ryals
Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio's CFRN Money Launderers,Bud Burrell,. 'Reverend' DeWayne Reeves: New Hope CIA Orphanage Uganda ? Both Newtown ....................... JimSolomons is the pastor in the video shown above. ... systemic abuse including psychological abuse, excessive beating, sadistic dental practices, sexual molestation, and rape.[22]". Prominent members of C and MA include people suspected of working for the CIA and its friends..... -. ...

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