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WTC,9/11:NY Jewish Terrorists Bomb Plot to Frame Occupy Wall Street

WTC,9/11:NY Jewish Terrorists Bomb  Plot to Frame Occupy Wall Street

Had these scumbags succeeded you would have heard CNN and Anderson Cooper et.al., doing the OWS is a terrorist organization rant.However someone(s) in police investigation need to be thanked for a change in nipping this Zionist terrorist plot in the bud.After all it is precisely the very families of people who produced these Zionist Harvard educated scumbags who benefit from Wall Street and offshore hedge fund stock fraud and money laundering in the first place! It was 'Wall Street' or Israeli and Zionist stock fraud and monry laundering that funded them and their purpose was to defame Wll Street and anti-international stock fraud money laundring protesters !
Note just how connected the Sandy Hook Newtown Connecticut area and residents are connected to Wall Street as well.Both Peter Lanza and his presumed deceased ex wife are also so connected to Wall Street that the medias attept to make Nancy at first out to be just a low level kindergarten assistant teacher is both laughsble and outrageous.Her work with John Hancock put her rightmfar rigt,in the middle of the very financial elite whohelped the Israelis of 9/11- Menachem Atzmon,Ezra Harel,et.al. - to take their stock fraud
and corporate sabotage takeover of Huntleigh airport security and thus control Logan Airport Boston where te two planes that hit the WTC are alleged to have originated from ,'public'on the U.S.stock market !

But of curse you'll never hrar about that on CNN or Peter Lanza's master's. Ge Capital's  CNBC or Zionist Rupert Murdoch's Fox 'News' or ABC Womderful World of Blood and Gore or Al Gore and Al Qaeda's
Al Jazeera !
In one must ask the question of why the Zionist's CNN gay prostitute Anderson Cooper is harrassing some poor professor in Florida for wondering if the incident at Sandy Hook isn't precisely the way CNN makes it out to be when right where he lives such a bizare Zionist plot was being hatched right under his and Wolf Blitzer's nose ! Why doesn't he interview Green's and Gliedman's family and do to them what he plans to do with the poor Florida professor ? After all Gliedman's and Green's family deserve some investigative exposure while the Floridsaprofessor questioning the U.D.government's and CNN's et.al.'s handling and investigation of Sandy Hook doesn't.In fact if anyone should be dismissed from their jobs for fabricating news and telling lies it is our gay fascist Anderson Cooper !He reminds me of the gay fascists who burned the Reichstag and thus brought Hitler to power.

Comments of T. Ryals on S7-19-07

18 Feb 2008 – Affiliation: 9/11:U.S.IRS,SEC,AG Mukasey,Homeland Security ... Note that Inksure is a penny stock that ICTS International is ... to guard Boston's LoganAirport PRE 9/11 And I presume you know the results of that fiasco ...

And before we get into the new Zionist plot to blow up Washington Square and blame it on OWS,
there's this Israeli terrorist cell from a few year back that appears to have been covered upas well:

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And after 3 years look at the sentence handed out to rabbis involved in money laundering for Israel and trafficking in human organs ! This sends a clear message as uisual that if you stesal and launder money or traffick arms,drugs or body parts for the Nazi apartheid state of Israel you may or put probably won't get your hand slap ! Where is CNN's  gay Zionist prostitute Anderson Cooper and his handler the Israeli propagandist  the 'good Jew' ,Wolf Blitzer, NOW WHEN WE NEED THEM !? Ha.Note the major media certainly didn't show any outrage over this  Israeli crime against Americans as usual - but if you question their and the government's cover up of the Sandy Hook,Newtown incident lookout !
In truth, aside from the sick trafficking in human body parts, this is a laughably small case in comparison to what brainwashed Zionist pigs have really done in terms of terrorism and money laundering in America over the past few decades.


TRENTON, New Jersey — The last of a group of rabbis arrested in New Jersey's largest-ever corruption sting was sentenced Thursday, in a case that sent shockwaves through Orthodox Jewish enclaves from the Jersey Shore to Brooklyn.
Lavel Schwartz was one of five rabbis and more than 40 people arrested in July 2009 in a massive money-laundering and political corruption sting that included Jewish leaders, New Jersey politicians and a man convicted of trafficking in human organs.
Schwartz was sentenced Thursday in federal court in Trenton to 12 months and one day in prison.
The 61-year-old Brooklyn, New York, resident pleaded guilty tomoney laundering conspiracy last May, admitting he conspired to launder illegal proceeds through purported religious charities run by his brother, Rabbi Mordchai Fish.
Fish, who was arrested in the same sting, was sentenced in July to nearly four years in federal prison after pleading guilty.
Prosecutors say Fish and Schwartz laundered money for Solomon Dwek, a disgraced real estate and admitted Ponzi schemer who became a government informant in 2006 after his arrest on a $50 million bank fraud. Dwek told Fish, Schwartz and others in the sting that the money he needed laundered was proceeds from the sale of illegal handbags or assets he needed to hide from bankruptcy proceedings.
Fish and Schwartz would take Dwek's checks and deposit them with a religious charity Fish controlled, then give Dwek back cash minus a 10 percent commission, according to court papers.
Schwartz admitted to engaging in ten transactions with Dwek, converting between $200,000 and $400,000 in checks into a similar amount of cash, minus the 10 percent fee.
Dwek is now serving a six year prison term for the bank fraud charge that lead to his becoming a government cooperator.
About three-quarters of the defendants arrested in 2009 have pleaded guilty or been convicted.



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Those Poor Jewish Terrorists!

The Jew terrorists arrested in NYC with a cache of weapons, instruction manuals and HMTD, an explosive used to either set off a bigger bomb or alone, are not listed in theHMTD Wikipedia page, but here are the names of the Judaic Terror Masters Morgan Gliedman, and boyfriend Aaron Greene.

Guess Wiki didn't want to stray from the "Muslims are Terrorists" narrative, since they did list the names of two with Arabic sounding names, Ahmed Ressam and Isa Ibrahim.

What did the NYPD find, or at least what did they let out that was found in these two Jew terrorists apartment?

The criminal complaint filed against Greene and Gliedman says that the cops discovered a plastic container in the living room holding seven grams of a white power that was identified as Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine, or HMTD, an easy-to-make explosive and afavorite of actual terrorists.

The complaint says that police also found the makings for more of the stuff, as well as a sawed-off 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun, a Ruger 12-gauge shotgun, a dozen 12-gauge shotgun shells, 9 high-capacity rifle magazines, and 60 5.56-caliber tracer rounds. There was also a 37mm flare launcher, a replica of a M203 grenade launcher.

The complaint also lists a number of books and manuals said to be found in the apartment:

- The Terrorist’s Encyclopedia V. 1.02
- FM 5-25 Explosives and Demolitions
- FM 5-31 Booby Traps
- Improvised and Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons
- A Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun
- Street Sweeper: A Home Workshop Shotgun
- Building the M11/9: A Guide to Construction and Coercion
- FM 5-25 Explosives and Demolitions
- FM 5-31 Booby Traps
Source: The Ugly Truth

'favorite of actual terrorists.' What do you think they'd be listed as if they were Muslims?

And was the sawed off shotgun within the legal limt?

MOSSAD admits to setting truck bomb in London

Also notice how the Zionist owned MSM deliberately distorts the story by trying to get the viewer's hatred back on focus, by pointing to 'aL CIA Duh?'

Who is Juval Aviv?

A MOSSAD thug, who now runs an Israeli terror outfit called "Interfor."

Aviv 'predicted' the 7/7 London subway bombing, which was another CIA/MOSSAD/MI6 FALSE FLAG.

Another MOSSAD thug, Israeli CRIME MINISTER BETTY NUTTYAHOO,predicted the 9/11 attacks!

Just like the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11, where the identities of the alleged hijackers were broadcast within hours, the 7/7 bombers were also linked to alleged Muslim fanatics within hours.

And just like 9/11, there were numerous 'drills' taking place on 7/7, which involved bombs being used to blow up subways.

On the day of the bombings Peter Power of Visor Consultants gave interviews on BBC Radio 5 Live and ITV saying that he was working on a crisis management simulation drill, in the City of London, "based on simultaneous bombs going off precisely at the railway stations where it happened this morning", when he heard that an attack was going on in real life. He described this as a coincidence. He also gave an interview to the Manchester Evening News where he spoke of "an exercise involving mock broadcasts when it happened for real". After a few days he dismissed it as a "spooky coincidence" on Canadian TV.
And just like the Israeli messaging service ODIGO getting warned prior to the FALSE FLAG/INSIDE JOB of 9/11 that the attacks were about to take place, so did the Israeli Embassy in London get warned that the 7/7 was getting ready to take place.

Boy oh boy, these Kosher Kommandos ought to start up a Psychic Hotline, they're so good at 'predicting' the future.

All those warnings from 'aL CIA Duh' cells to Jews, how odd.



Police arrest (Jewish) activists with cache of weapons

A participant in Occupy Wall Street protest is arrested by police during a rally to mark the one year anniversary of the movement in New York.

ed note–how many others from the non-Jewish variety, be they Muslim, Christian or otherwise, when caught with weapons, bomb-making material and detailed plans on how to put all these things to evil purposes, have such business shrugged off by officials investigating it all as simply a case of ‘junkies’ who are not in their right mind because of their addiction?
We can be rest assured that were these two individuals of the non-Jewish variety and the same parameters existed, the headlines would be something along the lines of MAJOR TERRORIST PLOT THWARTED with no mention whatsoever of any extenuating circumstances.
New York City police claim they found bomb-making materials and a ‘Terrorist Encyclopedia’ at the Greenwich Village home of a young Harvard graduate and his 9-month pregnant girlfriend.
Morgan Gliedman, 27, and boyfriend Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested on a weapons-possession charge after police officers say they found the dangerous materials in the couple’s apartment, the New York Post reported. The officers claim they found 7 grams of HMTD, a highly explosive white powder, as well as an instructional stack of papers titled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia”. 
Police claim that they also discovered a flare launcher that replicates a grenade launcher, a modified 12 gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun, ammunition, and nine high-capacity rifle magazines, unnamed sources told the Post.
The officers obtained a search warrant to enter the apartment stemming from a case of credit card-theft, which Gliedman was allegedly wanted for.
The suspects come from privileged backgrounds that are unusual for suspected terrorists. Gliedman is the daughter of the well-respected Dr. Paul Gliedman, director of radiation oncology at the Beth Israel Hospital, Brooklyn Division, and Susyan Schops Gliedman, a realtor. In 2011, the young woman’s father was listed as one of America’s top doctors in New York Magazine.
Greene received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree from Harvard University and was an Occupy Wall Street activist.
Gliedman and Greene live together in an apartment in Greenwich Village and are expecting a baby. A neighbor who resides in the apartment at 8 West 9thStreet told the Gothamist that they are “hippie types”. The unnamed man said Gliedman is “very friendly, very nice”, whereas Greene is “kind of cold, not the type of person who encouraged politeness.”
Some have begun to question the events of the strange arrest, which were surprising considering the couple’s background. The Post reported the claims made by the New York Police Department, but did not report the defendant’s case.
“The case really does have all the makings of a tabloid reporter’s dream: a super-privileged mom-to-be, living in one of the cushiest neighborhoods in Manhattan, apparently devising bombs with her OWS boyfriend,” writes Alexander Abad-Santos for The Atlantic. “ What Gliedman and Greene were allegedly up to, of course, would be pretty terrifying no matter what neighborhood they were doing it in.”
Authorities allege that Greene has had five run-ins with the police and was previously charged with assault and weapons possession.
Now, the Harvard grad will likely become the father of a newborn while imprisoned. Greene was arraigned Sunday and is being held without bail until his Jan. 4 hearing. Gliedman’s arraignment has been delayed while she is in labor. She is currently in the hospital.
“The whole situation’s sad,” attorney Lisa Pelosi, who is representing Greene, told the Associated Press. She declined to comment about the case any further, leaving the details on the defendant’s side unknown until the case progresses.
NY Couple Not Terrorists, Say Cops, Just Rich Kids With Drug Habits
New York City police have decided that a couple arrested for possession of weapons and explosives don’t appear to be terrorists, just privileged kids with drug habits. By Michael Daly and Lizzie Crocker
The very pregnant rich kid and her Harvard-educated boyfriend arrested on December 29 in New York’s Greenwich Village for possession of explosives and weapons do not appear to be terrorists after all, police say.
Investigators say they believe 27-year-old Morgan Gliedman and 31-year-old Aaron Greene are just two more products of privilege squandering their advantages on drugs.
“It looks like they’re junkies,” a high-level police source says. “Well-to-do junkies, not terrorists.”
Indeed, in the first days of the investigation police reached the tentative conclusion that the explosives and weapons were just part of a drug-fueled, twisted sense of what constitutes cool.
Cops discovered the weapons cache when they executed a search warrant at the couple’s W. 9th Street apartment at 6 a.m. Saturday, acting on a credit-card fraud charge against Gliedman. What they found initially suggested that Gliedman and Greene might be throwbacks to the rich-kid Weatherman radicals who had blown themselves up just two blocks uptown back in 1970.
The added twist was Gliedman’s pregnancy. Not even the most radical radicals of yore had resided amidst explosives while in the ninth month.
Gliedman’s arrest date apparently coincided with her due date and she was taken to a hospital on Saturday while her prospective baby daddy was arraigned on explosives and weapons charges. He entered a not guilty plea and was remanded without bail.
Officials declined to name the hospital where Gliedman had been taken, or to confirm or deny a report that she had given birth. She appears to have no prior arrest record and no previous troubles with the law, beyond the credit-card charge that led to her arrest.
She grew up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side and attended Dalton Academy, a prestigious private school. Her parents, prominent oncologist Dr. Paul Gliedman and realtor Susyn Schops Gliedman, could not be reached for comment. A check of her Facebook friends showed a who’s who of the sons and daughters of some of New York’s richest and most notable families.
According to a neighbor who asked not to be named, a very different Gliedman moved into the apartment seven years ago, when she was an undergraduate at NYU.
“She was seemingly a happy-go-lucky girl,” the neighbor told The Daily Beast.
To cops, Greene appears to be living proof that going to Harvard does not necessarily make you any less a knucklehead. 
After graduating from NYU, Gliedman earned a master’s degree in creative writing at the Art Institute of Chicago, according to her Facebook page. She returned to her apartment two years ago, no longer manifestly happy and not looking so lucky.
“A very changed person,” the neighbor says.
Greene moved in around the same time, according to her neighbor, who describes both Greene and this very different Gliedman as “very unsociable people.”
“They were very insular and seemed kind of in their own world,” the neighbor says.
The neighbor remembers that Gliedman often had friends to the apartment during her NYU days. That changed when Greene took up residence.
“They kept the apartment filthy and they had vermin problems,” the neighbor says.
The neighbor lends credence to the police view when he adds, “There was always a heavy cloud of smoke emanating from the place, and one got the sense that they were both heavily into drugs.”
Green’s personal hygiene, cops say, is what might have been expected of a junkie.
“To be honest, you could smell him before you saw him,” the neighbor says.
The neighbor said that he could not help but be concerned on seeing that Gliedman was pregnant. He reports that Gliedman’s mother had visited often in recent days, as might be expected with the baby’s imminent arrival.
The other visitors were the police. The criminal complaint filed against Greene and Gliedman says that the cops discovered a plastic container in the living room holding seven grams of a white power that was identified as Hexamethylene Triperoxide Diamine, or HMTD, an easy-to-make explosive and a favorite of actual terrorists.
The complaint says that police also found the makings for more of the stuff, as well as a sawed-off 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun, a Ruger 12-gauge shotgun, a dozen 12-gauge shotgun shells, 9 high-capacity rifle magazines, and 60 5.56-caliber tracer rounds. There was also a 37mm flare launcher, a replica of a M203 grenade launcher.
The complaint also lists a number of books and manuals said to be found in the apartment:
- The Terrorist’s Encyclopedia V. 1.02
- FM 5-25 Explosives and Demolitions 
- FM 5-31 Booby Traps
- Improvised and Modified Firearms: Deadly Homemade Weapons
- A Do-It-Yourself Submachine Gun
- Street Sweeper: A Home Workshop Shotgun
- Building the M11/9: A Guide to Construction and Coercion
- FM 5-25 Explosives and Demolitions 
- FM 5-31 Booby Traps


Huntleigh v. USA: (Huntleigh was parent company of ICTS)
Huntleigh USA Corporation (“Huntleigh”) is a corporation in the business of providing passenger and baggage screening services at airports throughout the United States.   During the period between 1989 and early 2002, airlines contracted with Huntleigh in order to meet their responsibilities for passenger and baggage screening under the Air Transportation Security Act of 1974, Pub.L. No. 93-366, 88 Stat. 415 (1974) (“Air Transportation Security Act”) (repealed 1994).

Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, Congress enacted, and the President signed into law, the Aviation and Transportation Security Act, Pub.L. No. 107-171, 115 Stat. 597 (2001) (codified in scattered sections of 5 U.S.C. and 49 U.S.C.) (“ATSA”).  Two of ATSA's provisions are pertinent to this appeal.   The first provision, section 101(g)(1), 49 U.S.C. § 44901 (note) (Supp. I 2001), provided that the Under Secretary of Transportation for Security was to assume all security and screening functions at United States airports.   The second provision, section 101(g)(2), id., provided that the Under Secretary of Transportation could perform those functions by assuming the contracts of private companies that, at the time, provided security and screening functions at airports.   If the government chose to accomplish its security and screening obligations via this route, the statute required that it pay adequate compensation to the private companies whose contracts were assumed.  Id. ATSA's transfer of responsibility for passenger and baggage screening from airlines to the federal government had the effect of bringing to an end Huntleigh's security screening contracts with airlines.

What's interesting about this case is that a criminal founded and headed this company (ICTS is an Israeli company founded by a criminal, Menahem Atzmon) and yet his company was in charge of security at Boston Logan and Newark on 911! (So much for credibility on "screening" for criminals, when their head guy was one!) rolleyes.gif

The question is: Did Congress know this, and strip them of their security contracts to punish them, OR TO PROTECT THEM? Also, the families of 911 victims were not allowed to sue Huntsleigh! WHY? Judge Hellerstein, NYC saw to that!

On pg 328 of Barry Chamish (a Jewish man exposing the corruption in Israel) book "The conPromised Land" says:
Menachem  Atzmon, convicted in Israel, went on to become the founder and head of International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), the parent company of Huntleigh USA, the airport security firm that ran passenger screening operations at the airports of Boston and Newark on 9/11.

Huntleigh USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of an Israeli company called International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS) International N.V., a Netherlands-based aviation and transportation security firm headed by “former [Israeli] military commanding officers and veterans of government intelligence and security agencies.”

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