MONTREAL - The Newtown school massacre has left a grieving Canadian family, with relatives of one murdered teacher denouncing American gun laws as "revolting."
The grief from last week's shooting has particularly affected the Rousseaufamily in Quebec's Eastern Townships, which lost a relative.
Several will be going down to Connecticut for the funeral of Lauren Rousseau, a substitute teacher whose father was born in Quebec.
"The only thing I can express is revulsion and anger," the victim's uncle, FrancoisRousseau, told The Canadian Press in an interview from Disraeli, Que.
"It's revolting how easy it is to obtain firearms — that's what's so infuriating. (The shooter) destroyed so many young lives in just a few minutes."
He and several relatives will be heading down for the funeral of his brother's daughter.
His remarks on gun control echoed those made by the victim's brother, MatthewRousseau, who was quoted in a U.K. news report demanding a change to U.S. laws.
Lauren Rousseau, who died last week at age 30, was born in the U.S.
Her Canadian-born father, GillesRousseau, told Radio-Canada that he wanted to see his daughter's body but was informed by authorities that it would not be possible.
In a tearful interview, he said the rounds used were so powerful that they ripped through the school's walls and left several holes in his daughter's car outside in the parking lot.
"They told me, 'You can't see (the body),'" Gilles Rousseau told Radio-Canada, the French-language CBC. "Because most people he shot, it was two or three shots in the face, point-blank."
U.S. President Barack Obama has signalled that he intends to introduce gun-control measures. But he has not revealed details of his plans yet, and any such measures could face a number of political and legal obstacles.
In an interview with the U.K.'s Daily Mail newspaper, Lauren Rousseau's brother called on the president to ban the sale of so-called assault rifles.
Matthew Rousseau told the newspaper that when his family met Obama during his weekend visit to Newtown, the president told them that there are limits to what gun-control efforts might be achieved and that any effort will wind up butting against a "cultural difference."
While expressing anger about the availability of firearms, some of the relatives are also suggesting they might forgive killer Adam Lanza.
"As my brother (Gilles) said... we need to forgive," Francois Rousseau told The Canadian Press.
"I'd rather be Lauren's father than the killer's father."


And if the Lauren Russeau car story is strange just consider the Nancy and Adam Lanza car story.Adam is supposed to have his own car though no one has ever come forth to say they have seen him drive.But according to the official story he drove his mother's car to the school with her guns inside but that is a lie too !:

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     OBAMA: We're here on behalf of our people. And that means that we conduct ourselves with the utmost dignity and probity, and obviously, what's been reported doesn't match up with those standards. But, again, I think I'll wait until the full investigation is completed before I pass final judgment.


    YELLIN (on-camera): Again, that investigation is ongoing. This is not the first time the secret service has made headlines. In recent years, there was -- in July 26th, when a secret service agent faced public intoxication and other charges after an incident at a bar inWaco, Texas.

    It was this time earlier this year when it took several days after someone fired at the White House to discover that, at least, two bullets had hit the White House, at least, several days before it became public, then there was the case of the party crashers, the Salahis (ph).

    And investigation found the secret service did not follow protocol at a security checkpoint, and the secret service's director told lawmaker about the incident, quote, "This is our fault and our fault alone."

    BLITZER: Yes. All of us remember when the Salahis (ph) managed to get in for that state dinner at the White House. Very, very embarrassing.

Teachers sacrificed themselves to save their pupils

 By  6:35PM GMT 15 Dec 2012

Four teachers murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School all died heroes as they attempted to save their young pupils from a gunman they recognised as the son of one of the school’s kindergarten teachers.


Authorities have identified principal Dawn Hochsprung, 47, school psychologist Mary Sherlach, 56, and 27-year-old Victoria Soto, a young first grade teacher, as three of the eight adults found dead at the Sandy Hook Elementary School on Friday.
A fourth teacher, Lauren Rousseau, 30, a substitute teacher who had been working at the school since October, was also reported to have been killed.
Twenty eight people died in the shooting spree, including 20 young children between the ages of five and ten. Six adults also died in the attack on the school.
It has been reported that Miss Soto sacrificed herself to save her students – throwing her body in front of the young children.
Some of the teachers took cover beneath tables when the murderer, Adam Lanza, opened fire inside the school in suburban Newtown, Connecticut – but the Mrs Hochsprung and Mrs Sherlach didn't hesitate, according to reports.
They ran into the hallway to confront the danger – and were murdered "execution-style" as a result.
It is understood that Lanza forced his way into the school past the newly-installed security system.
It was initially reported that Lanza's mother, Nancy Lanza had been a kindergarten teacher at the school, but staff later said they were not aware she worked there......

Diane Day, a school therapist, told the Wall Street Journal that she and several other teachers were in a meeting with Mrs Hochsprung and Mrs Sherlach when the shooting began.
“We were there for about five minutes chatting and we heard, 'pop pop pop',” she said. “I went under the table.”
But the principal and the school psychologist ran toward the sound of the gunfire with complete disregard for their own safety.
“They didn’t think twice about confronting or seeing what was going on,” Ms Day said.
Rabbi Shaul Praver, who visited the scene, said that Mrs Hochsprung and Mrs Sherlach were killed in an "execution-style" shooting.......................

 Lauren Rousseau, who grew up in the neighbouring town of Danbury, CT, had been due to go see The Hobbit movie on Friday night with her boyfriend Tony Lusardi III before going to a party. She had even made cupcakes with pictures of the actors in the movie attached to the top.
But she never returned from school - it is thought she was one of the teachers looking after the kindergarten classes targetted by Adam Lanza.
Miss Rousseau's mother Teresa, a copy editor at The News-Timesnewspaper. "It was the best year of her life," said Mrs Rousseau, describing her daughters happiness at getting a permanent position at the school this year.
"She had so many interests - music, dance, theatre."
"She was like a kid in many ways," added her father, Gilles Rousseau. "That's why she liked working with kids so much. She died with her little kids.".......
 Abbey Clements, also a teacher at the school, recalled how she thought the loud banging noises were caused by folding chairs falling over but she quickly realized that the sounds being transmitted over the school's PA system were in fact gunshots.....

Kaitlin Roig, another teacher who survived the attack, explained how she kept her class safe by ushering them into a bathroom when she heard shots being fired.
"I said to them, I need you to know that I love you all very much and that it's going to be OK, because I thought that was the last thing they were ever going to hear," she added.
Mary Ann Jacobs, who worked as a clerk in the school library added: "The intercom went off and we could hear a kind of skuffle going in the office. I thought it had been set off by mistake so I called the office and the school secretary answered and said it was a shooting. As far as I am concerned she is a hero as she was right where it was happening.
"I yelled lock down in our room and ran across the hall to tell them to lock down too. We locked all the doors and covered the windows and got all the kids somewhere they cannot be seen. We told them to sit down and be quiet.
"We took them into a storage room at the back of the library where the servers are. We tore up bits of paper and handed out crayons to give the kids something to do.
"We were there for around an hour before people starting banging on the door saying they were the police. We didn't open the door for a while until they put a badge under the door."