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9/11,WTC, Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Adam/Ryan Lanza One Person ? Peter, Nancy Lanza:GE,Ernst Young,John Hancock Money Launderers ?

9/11,WTC, Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Adam/Ryan Lanza One Person ? Peter, Nancy Lanza:GE,Ernst Young,John Hancock Money Launderers ?

Whether the rumor that Peter Lanza and or Batman Aurora suspect's father were  invited to appear at a Congressional hearing regarding LIBOR or London international banking loan rates or not,it is clear that their positions in the international finance and money laundering schemes of the international military,industrial,
arms war petroleum and drug trafficking elites that thousands of Americans have died for since 9/11/01 are high level positions coincidentally.And it is clear through Peter Lanza's - GE's association with the Israeli finance and war criminals and terrorists of ICTS International  as well as Nancy Lanza's colleagues at the John Hancock group since bought by Canadian Manulife and thus problably Rothschild connercted UK Zionist elites that the same government infiltrated Zionists on both sides of the Atlantic are inv90olved in some way and for some reason the the unexplained and unresolved 'incident' at Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.,
and probably in the  Aurora,Colorado Batman movie shootings as well.

OK,as you can see from note to me by aangirfan.com,they are having reservations about the claim that Ryan and Adam Lanza are one and same person as has been expounded today on godlikeproductions.com.I will leave anngirfan's original post here at least a few more hours and provide link to aangirafan's updated version
whose title has also been changed to,'Visit To Newtown BeeAdam Lanza Mystery'.While I found no mention of Peter and Nancy Lanza's son or sons in the abreviated court record that was provided by a link that you can find at godlikeproductions.com or links to that site below,it is of interest that so far only a birth record for Adam has been located and not one for Adam which for now strengthens the claim for the one son theory as well as a possible name chasnge made by Adam to Ryan some time later perhaps after the 2009 divorce and at the time Adam disappeared to Newtown and neighbors according even to CNN who disputes al 'conspiracy theories' or even asking unanswered questions.Here link to aangirfan's updated version of the 'No Adam Lanza' controversy.As Ive' said I'll remove their original blog, which I still have posted below,later today or evening.:

It seems that Godlike Productions got it wrong.

I've altered the text.

- Aangirfan

 'Visit To Newtown BeeAdam Lanza Mystery'



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Verified: Lanzas only had ONE Son

FROM: Godlike Productions

Verified: The Lanza's had ONE son on the date of their divorce verified by Court Documents.
Not TWO. 
Adam and Ryan would have been minors at the time, but court record shows only one son. 

[link to civilinquiry.jud.ct.gov]

Can't verify the name change yet, but it is suspected the same year 2009, Adam changed his name to "Ryan," and magically "Adam" disappeared.

[link to 4.bp.blogspot.com]

This all fits together as to why Adam Disappeared fell off the face of the Earth in 2009.

Explains why the Shooter Identification was mixed up.

Explains why no one has seen or heard of Adam since 2009.

Explains why "Adam's" body wasn't picked up for a week after the shooting.

Peter Lanza owned two properties on Yogananda Street, apparently.

Sandy Hook Truth tells us about the Interesting Property Records for 36 Yogananda Street where Nancy Lanza lived.

On the above document, Adam Lanza is not listed as a family member. 

link to 4.bp.blogspot.com

If Adam Lanza had Ryan Lanza's ID on him...

The Sandy Hook Tragedy: An Inquisitive Visit to Newtown, Connecticut

Extracts from Text and Photos by Scott DeLarm - Global Research News - January 29, 2013.

We spent January 21 in Newtown visiting the Sandy Hook School and Sandy Hook Volunteer Fire House, Gene Rosen’s residence...

Inside the tent was a chaplain who asked that I not take any photos. There were hundreds of stuffed animals and candles as well as children’s art ....

I asked the chaplain if she had seen any children whom had been impacted. She did not answer.,,,

The front of the school is entirely boarded up

Gene Rosen lives next door to the fire house.

Thus Ms. Victoria Soto’s students that landed on Mr. Rosen’s yard had to come down Dickenson Drive and turn right, passing the fire house, to get to Mr. Rosen’s.

A lady at the Rosen house would not answer the door when I knocked.

We sat at the 100 Church Hill Restaurant for a couple of hours.

My partner and I spoke with a couple in their early twenties for an hour or so. They were life long locals.

Eventually they asked why we were in Newtown and we told them we had heard of their tragedy. They did not comment further and we did not push the issue.

We then went to the offices of The Newtown Bee, the community’s weekly newspaper, where we spoke with the editor, Mr. Curtis Clark.

Mr. Clark did not offer a warm reception.

I told him I was there to follow up on The Bee’s report that stated, in part, “A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.”

I asked who this officer was, and why he was in the woods.

Mr. Clark told me that "Snopes.com debunks many of these conspiracy theories"...

Clark would not address this report and became very agitated with me "interrogating" him.

"I don’t intend to discuss this any further with you," he said... 

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