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wtc,9/11:stanley schulman(stock fraud,),menachem atzmon(stock fraud,icts international,9/11) albemarle investments connection? ,gilad atzmon, israeli uk veteranstoday agent provocateur

stanley schulman(stock fraud,),menachem atzmon(stock fraud,icts international,9/11) albemarle investments connection? ,gilad atzmon, israeli uk agent provocateur

The Great American Tax Dodge: How Spiraling Fraud and Avoidance ... - Page 30 - Google Books Result
Donald L. BarlettJames B. Steele - 2002 - Business & Economics
Limited in Ireland. ... In Stanley Schulman's case, Albemarle Investments, his self- described "employer," decided to take a flyer in California real estate late in ...

From German magazine Der Spiegel on sale of German Rostock Port to 9/11 Mass Murderer Israeli Menachem Atzmon and UK Lord David Young of Graffham.Note how 
the corrupt German government,like that of the U.S.,a danger TO ITS OWN CITIZENS,
aloweda shell company in the Solomon Islands controlled by these known securities or stock criominals even before their involvement in the NYC WTC mass murder of 9/9/01:

In November 1997 the company was sold with over 100 hectares leased to port area without a public tender at the Kent investment - one registered in the Pacific Marshall Islands holding company.
Its founder, the Israeli Menachem Atzmon, the Briton Lord David Young of Graffham and the Americans Ezra Harel could indeed boast best political connections, but the Lord and the Israeli did not have the best reputation.
Atzmon was treasurer of the Likud party. In 1996 he was sentenced because of a party funding scandal to 50 000 mark fine, a sentence that he wants to challenge alleged. Lord Young, the former minister of the Thatcher government, was fired in 1995 as head of the British company Cable & Wireless. Reason: lack of success...................... -Der Spiegel

  1. Ehud Olmert's Ties to 9/11 *PIC*;read...
    18 Jun 2006 – This affair culminated in the March 1996 conviction of three other Likudniks, including Menahem Atzmon, the Likud treasurer. Olmert was also ...
  2. Menachem J. Atzmon - Chairman of the board - ICTS International
    CPA (Israel) Menachem J. Atzmon is active in international business and in numerous ventures. He is a controlling shareholder in ICTS International N.V. and ...
  3. Menachem Atzmon: Executive Profile & Biography - Businessweek
    Mr. Menachem J. Atzmon, CPA served as the Managing Director of Albermale Investment Ltd. and Kent Investment Holding Ltd., since 1996. Mr. Atzmon served ...
  4. Logan Airport Boston,9/11,Menachem Atzmon - wolfblitzzer0 - Yes
    30 Aug 2011 – Logan Airport Boston,9/11,Menachem Atzmon,ICTS International,VeteransToday Agent Provocateurs Gilad Atzmon,Alan Sabrosky,Gordon Duff ...
  5. Images for menachem atzmon

     - Report images
  6. A Bigger Scandal: Illegal U.S. Funding of Sharon's Likud
    24 Jan 2003 – Stephen L. Friedman and Menachem Atzmon: partners in Likud money-laundering, with implications in the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
  7. Mossad in Germany and 9-11 Disinformation by Christopher Bollyn
    9 Nov 2009 – ... Targeted Security (ICTS International N.V.), the Israeli company headed by the Mossad veteran Menachem J. Atzmon, owns Huntleigh USA, ...
  8. DER SPIEGEL 42/1998 - Fauler Deal - Translate this page
    Deren Gründer, der Israeli Menachem Atzmon, der Brite Lord David Young of Graffham und der Amerikaner Ezra Harel, konnten zwar mit besten politischen ...

    google translate needs improving :

    Rotten Deal

    Windy investors and autocratic mayor maneuver the port of Rostock near the Ruins.

    His past as a union squad wants Arno Pöker, 39, no longer remembers: "At that time I was a lobbyist," he says, "and the OTV was against privatization."
    As Lord Mayor of Rostock he explained the transfer of the port to private ownership a top priority and pushed through against all odds. Now, does the SPD man "considerable concern", as he admitted last Wednesday before the citizenry.
    For good reason: A week ago, 450 dock workers have been dismissed on the Baltic coast in the short-time work. The envelope dropped in the first half of this year compared to last year by eight percent, the failure of the new terminal operators appears in sight. The planned industrial park in the port area is now only a cloud cuckoo land and will probably remain so.
    Commercial incompetence, an autocratic Wessi mayor, windy investors and helpless spectators forming eastern nation - in Rostock have concentrated all those factors which give rise political disaster site.
    In November 1997 the company was sold with cover 100 hectares leased port area without a public tender at the Kent investment - one registered in the Pacific Marshall Islands holding company.
    Its founder, the Israeli Menachem Atzmon, the Briton Lord David Young of Graffham and the Americans Ezra Harel could indeed boast best political connections, but the Lord and the Israeli did not have the best reputation.
    Atzmon was treasurer of the Likud party. In 1996 he was sentenced because of a party funding scandal to 50 000 mark fine, a sentence that he wants to challenge alleged. Lord Young, the former minister of the Thatcher government, was fired in 1995 as head of the British company Cable & Wireless. Reason: lack of success......................


Forbes seems to have misspelled Albemarle,probably on purpose to protect the guilty
and Ziuonist money laundering criminals Steve Foebes is allied with.:

Menachem Atzmon - Forbes
Menachem J. Atzmon is a CPA (Isr). Since 1996 Mr. Atzmon has been the managing director of Albermale Investment Ltd., an investment company. Since 1998 ...

Menachem J. Atzmon is a CPA (Isr). Since 1996 Mr. Atzmon has been the managing director of Albermale Investment Ltd., an investment company. Since 1998 until 2012 he has served as the chairman of the management board of Seehafen Rostock, Umschlagsgesellschaft mbH and its Holding Company. Mr. Atzmon acts as a member of the board of Capital Points, Ltd. a listed Company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange [...] more

ICTS International NV
Financial data provided by   


LITIGATION RELEASE NO. 16795 / November 8, 2000

  1. [PDF] 

    Albemarle InvestmentsLimited New Life Technologies, Inc. UPA
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    In the Matter of AlbemarleInvestments Limited; New Life. Technologies, Inc.; U. P. A., Inc.;. Alan Sanders; Stanley Schulman; AFFIDAVIT OF MAILING and their ...
  2. Albemarle Investments Limited - › California › Bell Canyon
    Nov 2, 2012 – Albemarle Investments Limited has a location in Bell Canyon, CA. Active officers include Stanley Schulman.
  3. Stanley Schulman - Executive Profile › California › Bell Canyon
    CA - President - Albemarle Investments Limited
    Nov 2, 2012 – Stanley Schulman is associated with Albemarle Investments Limitedwith the role of President. and is located in Bell Canyon, CA.
  4. The Great American Tax Dodge: How Spiraling Fraud and Avoidance ... - Page 30 - Google Books Result
    Donald L. BarlettJames B. Steele - 2002 - Business & Economics
    Limited in Ireland. ... In Stanley Schulman's case, Albemarle Investments, his self- described "employer," decided to take a flyer in California real estate late in ...
  5. Albemarle Investments Limited - California Company Profile (People ...
    Albemarle Investments Limited, Bell Canyon, CA 91307, Corporation, C1725990, Detailed Company Profile, Active Officers, Addresses and Filing Dates.

B. Facts
Steven Eugene Scott is a 51 year old Massachusetts resident who worked as a registered representative for several broker-dealers from 1989 through 1997. Between February 1995 and March 1997 Scott worked for Prudential Securities, Inc., Dean Witter Reynolds, Inc. and Thomas Green Securities, Inc. Scott is currently an officer and director of a holding company which is seeking to acquire other companies.
In 1992 Scott met Stanley Schulman, a 65 year old California promoter of microcap securities with a criminal record for fraud. In 1994 Schulman asked Scott to sell securities on his behalf and Scott agreed.
Between June 1994 and May 1997 Schulman opened eight securities brokerage accounts with Scott using six different nominee corporate names (Schulman used two names twice). These names were: Coubert Dennis, Ltd., Sterling Worth Capital Partners, Ltd., Albemarle Investments, Ltd., Thermonics, Ltd., Allied London Investments, Ltd. and Countrywide Consultants, Ltd. In the account opening documents, signed by Schulman and Scott, the six names used by Schulman are identified as purported "United Kingdom corporations." Schulmanwas listed as the "President" of all six; Schulman was also identified as the "sole officer," "director" and/or the "secretary" of the six "corporations." No other individual was identified as being affiliated in any way with the six accounts. Schulman was theonly person with authority to execute trades in the accounts. Although various addressees in the United Kingdom were given on the Certificates of Foreign Status, an Internal Revenue Service form included in the account opening documents, Schulman's personal residential address in California was the address given for mailing monthly account statements, cash payments and trade confirmations. Certain of the accounts had check writing privileges and Schulman was the only person with check writing authority. No person other than Schulman ever received the benefit of any proceeds from the accounts.
In December 1994 Nemdaco was a public shell with slightly over six million common shares outstanding. The company had previously operated nightclubs but, at that time, it had no revenues, ongoing business operations or significant assets. Nemdaco's then controlling shareholders held over 80 percent of the outstanding stock. Nemdaco is registered with the Commission pursuant to Section 12(g) of the Exchange Act and its stock was listed on the NASDAQ bulletin board. The market for the publicly held shares of Nemdaco was thinly traded. In February 1995 Nemdaco filed a Form 8-K with the Commission stating that "Coubert Dennis, Ltd." had purchased the 80 percent controlling interest in Nemdaco from its former controlling shareholders. In May 1995 "Coubert Dennis, Ltd." filed a Schedule 13-D with the Commission disclosing that it had purchased the controlling interest in the company. Stanley Schulmansigned the Schedule 13-D as "director" of Coubert Dennis, Ltd. Nemdaco's Form 10-KSB, for the period ending June 30, 1996, disclosed that "Coubert Dennis, Ltd.," the largest shareholder in Nemdaco, had the same address as Schulman's personal residence in California and the same address used on the nominee securities brokerage account. At no time from December 1994 to the present has Nemdaco filed a statement with the Commission for the purpose of registering stock for sale to the public, either on behalf of itself or on behalf of selling shareholders.
In February 1995 Nemdaco began issuing a series of press releases announcing Nemdaco's entry into various business deals, including several investments in mainland China, none of which ever came to fruition. The releases coincided with the increase of Nemdaco's stock price from under $.10/share to over $1.50/share by January 1996. The releases also coincided with an increase in the volume of trading in Nemdaco.
After Nemdaco began to issue press releases, Schulman began using the nominee accounts to sell large quantities of Nemdaco stock. Between February 1995 and May 1997 Schulmandeposited over 5 million Nemdaco shares into the nominee accounts. Schulman instructed Scott generally to sell Nemdaco whenever the market "looked good" and Scott complied.Schulman and Scott spoke on the telephone regularly and Scott entered over 400 sell orders for Nemdaco, in amounts ranging from several hundred to several hundred thousand shares. In total, Scott sold 4.7 million shares of Nemdaco out of Schulman's nominee accounts over the two year period. Total proceeds from the sales exceeded $1.4 million. All of the sales were to other broker dealers. Scott sold no shares of Nemdaco to his retail brokerage clients. Outside of selling Nemdaco, and transferring blocks ofNemdaco to other persons as directed by Schulman, no other significant activity took place in the nominee accounts. Scott received his usual commission on all transactions in Nemdaco.2
C. Legal Analysis
Section 5(a) of the Securities Act prohibits any person, directly or indirectly, from selling a security in interstate commerce unless a registration statement is in effect as to the security. Section 5(c) of the Securities Act prohibits the offer to sell a security unless a registration statement has been filed for the security.3 Section 4(1) of the Securities Act exempts from Section 5 transactions by persons other than an issuer, underwriter or dealer. Section 2(11) of the Securities Act defines an "underwriter" to include, "any person who ... offers or sells for an issuer in connection with, the distribution of any security, or participates or has direct or indirect participation in any such undertaking, or participates or has a participation in the direct or indirect underwriting of any such undertaking..." For the purposes of Section 2(11) the term "issuer" includes, "any person directly or indirectly controlling or controlled by the issuer, or any person under direct or indirect common control with the issuer."
Scott violated Sections 5(a) and 5(c) of the Securities Act when he offered and sold 4.7 million shares of Nemdaco from Schulman's nominee accounts in what amounted to a continuous public offering between February 1995 and May 1997. No registration statement was in effect for the securities Scott offered and sold and no exemption from Section 5 was available. Scott was anunderwriter in that he offered and sold Nemdaco for an "issuer," that is, Schulman and his nominees, in connection with a distribution of Nemdaco, and Scott participated directly in that distribution.4
Scott's violations of Sections 5(a) and 5(c) were willful. The Commission has stated on numerous occasions that professionals working in the securities industry must exercise due care to avoid the sale of unregistered securities for which no exemption is available. As stated in Securities Act Release No. 4445 (Feb. 2, 1962):
[A] dealer who offers to sell, or is asked to sell a substantial amount of securities must take whatever steps are necessary to be sure that this is a transaction not involving an issuer, person in a control relationship with an issuer or an underwriter. For this purpose, it is not sufficient for him merely to accept "self-serving statements of his sellers and their counsel without reasonably exploring the possibility of contrary facts."



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View the profiles of professionals with last name Atzmon on LinkedIn. ... TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, Manager at Leedan Investments, Manager Pre/After sale at ... VP Business Development at Pegasus Technologies Ltd. (acquired by Yifang Digital), ... Education:Life University, Brenau University, State University of New York ...


Behind Closed Doors: Israelis Dismissed from 9/11 Trial

June 12, 2011

Court document of 26 May 2011 showing that the Israeli Mossad company that controlled passenger screening operations in Boston on 9/11 has been dismissed from the 9/11 litigation.  Why would Donald Migliori and Mary Schiavo, attorneys for the victim's family, allow this to happen?  How can it be that the company responsible for allowing armed terrorists onto the planes is not held culpable for the losses on 9/11? 

The 9/11 litigation process is incestuous business.  David Werner Sass, a senior partner of the law firm of McLaughlin & Stern (law firm for ICTS), has been a director of ICTS since 2002.  Allowing a Zionist judge to administer "justice" has resulted in gross injustices for the 9/11 relatives and the nation.  This cannot stand. 

Ehud Olmert, the disgraced former prime minister of Israel and mayor of Jerusalem, is currently fighting for his life in an Israeli court.  Olmert, a disciple of the notorious Israeli terrorist Yitzhak Shamir, was in New York City on an unexplained secret visit on 9/11.  Will the Israeli court ask him to explain the purpose of his secret trip?  Olmert, a protege of Shamir, served as minister for minority affairs from 1988-1990 (during the First Intifada) and as Minister of Health during Shamir's regime from 1986-1992. 

Olmert has a long history of criminal activity and indictments in Israel.  He is clearly one of the architects of the false-flag terrorism of 9/11 as can be seen by his secret visit to New York City on September 10-11, 2001.  When will we see U.S. authorities calling for Olmert's arrest, along with the other Zionist masterminds of 9/11?
Sources close to the 9/11 litigation informed me that International Consultants on Targeted Security (ICTS), the Israeli defendant in the 9/11 terrorism case, was dismissed from the lawsuit last week.  This was discussed in a document of 12 May 2011 that indicates that this move was on Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein's agenda for May 16.  The Mossad-linked company ICTS had apparently filed a motion to be dismissed from the lawsuit.  ICTS is the Israeli parent company of Huntleigh USA, the passenger screening outfit that allegedly allowed armed terrorists to board the planes in Boston on 9/11, according to the official version of events. On 26 May 2011, with the assent of attorneys for the plaintiffs, ICTS was dismissed from the 9/11 litigation.  This is completely outrageous, like all the other injustice the 9/11 relatives have suffered in the court of the Orthodox Jew Zionist Alvin K. Hellerstein.

U.S. District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein presides over all 9/11 litigation.  As a devoted Zionist Jew, Hellerstein has a fundamental conflict of interest because the key defendant in the 9/11 trial is ICTS, the Israeli company that allowed the armed terrorists to board the airplanes.  Hellerstein has a second blatant conflict of interest in that his son Joseph is a lawyer in a law firm that represents the owners of ICTS.  Hellerstein has obstructed justice for the relatives and the nation by preventing an open trial to determine who is truly responsible for the terror attacks of 9/11.

The Zionist judge Alvin K. Hellerstein discussed dismissing ICTS, the Israeli defendant in the 9/11 litigation, as this 12 May 2011 court document from the Bavis family case shows.
Judge Hellerstein has a clear conflict of interest in the 9/11 litigation.  His son Joseph is a lawyer in Israel with Amit, Pollak, and Matalon, a law firm which represents the Israeli owners of ICTS and Huntleigh USA.  In 2001, ICTS was run by a team of Israelis including the Harel brothers, Boaz and Ezra, and Menachem Atzmon.  Atzmon is a convicted Israeli criminal who was involved in illegal fund-raising for the Likud party of Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, and Menachem Begin.  Olmert was in New York City on the eve of 9/11 and probably remained to observe the crime.  Ezra Harel "died" at age 53 on a yacht off the coast of Spain in November 2003 after being indicted with his father Aryeh Mualem of serious financial fraud in Israel.  Ezra Harel reportedly owned a 65 percent controlling stake in ICTS when he left the scene.
The St. Louis company Huntleigh USA was a wholly owned subsidiary of ICTS, which had been bought by the Harel brothers, two well known financial fraudsters.  As the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported on 14 September 2001: 
Huntleigh is an odd blend of hometown business ownership and international security expertise. The U.S. subsidiary is owned by ICTS International NV, a publicly held company based in the Netherlands, which trades on the Nasdaq market in the United States. It has contracts in 50 U.S. airports and 30 airports elsewhere....

ICTS had a harder edge from its very beginning. It was founded in 1987 by former security officials of Israel's El Al airlines and bought in 1994 by Leedan, a Dutch investment holding company owned by two brothers, Ezra Harel and Boaz Harel. The former commander in chief of the Israeli air force, Amos Lapidot, is still on the board.
The following list is the directors and executives of ICTS in 2002.  Boaz Harel was Chairman of ICTS USA (1994), Inc. He was Chairman and Member of the Supervisory Board of ICTS International N.V. from March 2004 to August 2004. Prior to this, Boaz Harel was a Member of the Supervisory Board of ICTS from January 1, 1996 to November 12, 2001:
Ezra Harel (supposedly deceased 2003) 52 Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Menachem Atzmon 58 Member of the Supervisory Board
Matthew Albert Nissim 69 Member of the Supervisory Board, Secretary
Elie Housman 63 Member of the Supervisory Board
Moshe Winer 53 Member of the Supervisory Board
David W. Sass 67 Member of the Supervisory Board
Melvin F. Lazar 63 Member of the Supervisory Board and
Chairman of the Audit Committee
Lynda Davey 48 Member of the Supervisory Board
Lior Zouker 54 President and Chief Executive Officer
Joseph Yahav 46 Vice President International
Stefan Vermeulen 32 Chief Financial Officer
Doron Zicher 44 Vice President - Products & Technology
Matthew Albert Nissim was clearly a key elder partner for the Harel brothers at ICTS and before.  He had been Co-Managing Director of Leedan International Holdings and served as President of ICTS-USA (1994) Inc. since January 1994. He was also Secretary of ICTS International since January 1994. From 1994 to 1995, he served as Managing Director of ICTS International B.V.  Nissim served as President of Harel & Partners from 1991 to 1994. He has also a Director with them of Pioneer Commercial Funding Corp. since September 25, 1997. He served as a Director of ICTS International NV and also served as its Member of the Supervisory Board from 2002 to December 6, 2006.
Nissim is not just an older partner with the Harel brothers, he is one of the key players in the 9/11 false-flag terrorism with other members of the Betar (Zionist militia) from China.  Shaul Eisenberg, Mossad's mega-agent in China and Japan, was also involved with the Betar brigades in China in the 1930s and 40s.  Eisenberg is the smoking gun between these Betar Likudniks from China and 9/11.  Eisenberg owned Atwell, a Mossad company that tried to get the security contract for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (World Trade Center, airports, harbors, tunnels, etc.) in 1987.  Rafi Eitan, Shalom Bendor, and Zvi Malkin were involved in this attempt to obtain the security contract for the World Trade Center. Ehud Olmert's father and uncle were founding members of the Betar brigades in Harbin and Shanghai, China.  Matthew Albert Nissim of ICTS was born in Shanghai.  The fact that at least three architectural level players in the 9/11 attacks came from the Zionist communities of China suggests that this may be a key link between the masters of terrorism.  For more on the Mossadniks who controlled security at the World Trade Center see The Architecture of Terror: Mapping the Network Behind 9-11.

There is a saying in U.S. courts that the side that gets the most evidence excluded wins.  In my trial the Zionist judge excluded all evidence that proved a conspiracy by the undercover police to injure me when they invaded my home in August 2006, and he refused to allow my expert witness to testify on the propriety of the actions taken by the police.  The judge's wife, Robin Warman Riebman, is active in the Chicago chapter of ORT America, a Zionist organization in which Stephanie Pritzker is the regional director.  Stephanie is the daughter of Michael L. Pritzker, a Chicago attorney with a documented criminal history.  Prior to becoming a director of ORT, Pritzker was an executive with the Jewish Federation/Jewish United Fund of Chicago.  The Pritzker family, owners of Hyatt Hotels, is a wealthy and powerful Zionist family from Chicago.  It is through Zionist networks like ORT that orders from higher-level Zionists can be passed to the judge through his wife.  This is exactly what happened in my case in the corrupt court of Hyman I. Riebman.

Judge Riebman, for example, did not even sanction the police forintentionally destroying the video evidence they had made of the assault, a clear violation of police regulations.  He then allowed Michael Barber, the Hoffman Estates police officer who worked with the Department of Homeland Security, to testify on the effects and risks of using a TASER, based solely on information he had been given by TASER International.  Furthermore, it was Barber who had tortured me with a TASER while I was handcuffed and pinned to the ground with him on my back and Timothy Stoy kneeling on my temple.  On the stand both Stoy and Barber clearly lied about having given a verbal TASER warning, while none had been given.  Guess who won the battle in Riebman's court of injustice?

Hyman I. Riebman is the corrupt Cook County judge who presided over the seriously flawed Bollyn trial...

and his son Elliott is a defense attorney for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich.  Here Blagojevich defense attorneys Aaron Goldstein, left, and Elliott Riebman are seen leaving court. 
In the trial for the family of Mark Bavis, who died on 9/11, the judge is now seeking to remove from the trial the Israeli company who was responsible for passenger screening on 9/11.  The evidence has already been removed, now Judge Hellerstein wants to remove the culprits.
The only remaining wrongful death case is Mary Bavis vs UAL Corporation, et al.  This case represents the only 9/11 trial that will ever be held and should be of great concern to all Americans.  The flagrant conflict of interest on the part of the judge cannot be ignored.  Judge Hellerstein must be removed from the case and a new process begun for all of the 9/11 families who have not been treated fairly in the tort litigation.
The simplest way to remove Judge Hellerstein is to show that his son's law firm has represented the owners of ICTS and Huntleigh USA. I am doing that with the following documents to show that Amit, Pollak, and Matalon (Joseph Z. Hellerstein is "of counsel" with Amit, Pollak, and Matalon) represents entities that include the owners of ICTS:
Amit, Pollak, and Matalon represents BOS (Better Online Solutions), Cukierman Investments, and Catalyst Fund.  Edouard Cukierman is Chairman of the Board of Directors of BOS, the founder and CEO of Catalyst Funds, and the Chairman of Cukierman & Co Investment House.

Edouard Cukierman (left) is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Funds and Chairman of Cukierman & Co Investment House.  Here he poses with his partners Yair Shamir, son of the notorious Stern Gang terrorist Yitzhak Shamir, and Boaz Harel, owner of ICTS with his brother and other Israeli criminals on 9/11.

Yair Shamir is the son of the notorious terrorist and murderer Yitzhak Shamir of the Stern Gang.  Shamir, born Icchak Jeziernicky in Ruzhany, Russia, served as prime minister of Israel from 1983-1984, and from 1986 to 1992.  It was during Shamir's reign that preparations for 9/11 were being made.  In 1987, for example, a high-level Mossad company owned by Shaul Eisenberg tried to get the security contract for the World Trade Center.  It was rejected when it was discovered that it was headed by known Israeli criminals who had stolen materials to make nuclear bombs from the United States.  Why was ICTS, a company run by convicted Israeli criminals, allowed to provide security services in U.S. airports?
Cukierman is also Chairman of the Board of BOS, a.k.a. Better Online Solutions of Israel.
Boaz Harel, co-owner (with his brother Ezra) and Chairman of ICTS International, is President & Managing Partner at Cukierman Investments.  This fact is often omitted from his biographical data but can be seenhere:

 Source:  Boaz Harel, President & Managing Partner of Catalyst Fund andCukierman Investments
The following two legal documents show that Amit, Pollak, and Matalon of Tel Aviv is on the record as being legal counsel for Cukierman, Catalyst, and BOS.  They include such statements as this, "The validity of the ordinary shares, including the ordinary shares issuable upon conversion of the note and the exercise of the warrants, will be passed upon for us by Amit, Pollak, Matalon & Co., our Israeli counsel."
It should be noted that Edouard Cukierman is also “an officer of the Israel Defense Forces Spokesman Unit”.  This shows his connection to the state of Israel and its military forces.
Edouard Cukierman is the founder and CEO of Catalyst Investments and Chairman of Cukierman & Co. Investment House. He is also on the Board of Sar-El, an Israeli Defense Forces volunteer organization. He serves as an Officer of the IDF Spokesman Unit, and is part of the Hostage & Crisis Negotiation Team (Reserves). 

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