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WTC,9/11:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT,Dawn Hochsprung,Veronique Pozner, First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski and his Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC

WTC,9/11:Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT,Dawn Hochsprung,Veronique Pozner,First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski and his Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC

I believe First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski and his Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC is a very interesting detail in all this as well as Veronique Pozner's immediate response direct to White House about putting more funds into a program that would benefit people and companies such as his.
She says the teacher guading her daughters at Sandy Hook  did everything correctly and thus they were saved and yet she is silent on the question of why all of those policies presumably put into action by the Principal Dawn Hochsprung all failed and why, nor does she seem to have any opinion about or interest  in any surveillence cameras and video that might help explain how, why and by whose hands her son died in the first place.She seems more interested in getting money for people such as First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski and his Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC etc. then she is in knowing how and under what circumstances her own son died ! Strange.

As for Zionist or National Zionist (NAZI) Gerald Stomski,he owes his 'security' business to Michael Chertoff
who brought us the Israeli 'Patriot Act' immediately after 9/11 to replace our former U.S.Constitution and who covered up Israeli involvement in  9/11 including that of the Israeli money launderer Menachem Atzmon and deceased Ezra Harel who spent decades robbing and looting Americans through stock frauds ands other financial scams !His andd his Shin Bet connected  ICTS International took over  'security' at Logan Boston using Huntleigh that they btook over with securities fraud on the satock market after incorporating in Joe Biden's state of Delaware in 1999.And just like Sandy Hook Elemerntary whose security Gerald Stomski had some great responsibility for as an advisor official or not to his good friend Principal Dawn Hochsprung,
ICTS International whose security failure at Logan led to 3000 deaths at WTC in NYC on 9/11/01,there does not seem to be any surveillence video available to  explain how and under what circumstances Dawn Hochsprung and teachers and 20 or more children died ! Is this the kind of 'security' system that Gerald Stomski built and if so should he be in the 'security' business at all !?
Interesting too that Nancy Lanza's John Hancock colleagues held large share intersts in the Israeli ICTS International before all heil broke loose on 9/11/01 as well isn't it ?Just a strabnge coincidence I know but it was their failure that led to Zionist scum like Gerald Stomski getting into the 'security' business boom to begin with !

Nancy Lanza, Mother Of Newtown Gunman, A Quiet Woman, 'Guns ...
Dec 16, 2012 – Nancy Lanza had previously worked as a stock broker at John Hancock in Boston and her husband was a successful executive. When the ...

ICTS International NV (ICTSF.OB OTC BB) Insider: David Sass
ICTS International NV executive: David Sass. Insider profile, background ... William Cunningham, JOHN HANCOCK INCOME SECURITIES. null%. Fund Details ...

all the 9-11 airports serviced by one israeli owned company
Then I went back to the first article and its mention that ICTS handled security at LoganInternational Airport, from which two of the 9-11 hijacked planes had ...

Note also that The Newtown Bee after claiming Principal Dawn Hochsprung was alive immediately after the shooting at Nedwtown then removed that stroy and later explained that they did so because some unknown woman or man in drag for all I or apparently they know was disguised as or impersonating Dawn Hochsprung immediately after she was supposedly shot to death   by Adam Lanza ! If Dwn Hochsprung were my friend as  First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski she was his - I would certainly be inquiring at the Newtown Bee and everywhere in Newtown as to who was impersonatuing Principal Dawn Hochsprung minutes after she was allegedly murdered and just why they or she was impersonating her !
And if  First Selectman of Woodbury, Gerald Stomski can't explain why we have not a single video surveillence tape to back up his and the governments side of the story and all he is doing is using the story and his friend Dawn Hochsprung'e alleged dead body to promote his 'security' business then why should we believe a thing he says !?

Sandy Hook - Newtown Bee interviewed (deceased) School ...
Jan 13, 2013 - Uploaded by JrStudi0s
Sandy Hook School Principal Dawn Hochsprung told The Beethat a masked man entered the school with a ...

Dawn Hochsprung: Dead Principal Talk To The Newtown Bee!
Dec 30, 2012 – RE: Dawn Hochsprung: Dead Principal Talk To The Newtown Bee! I live in small-town CT. It is not credible that a reporter on the scene for the ...



Pozner's family has submitted a detailed proposal to a White House task force, recommending a range of legal reforms including federal grants to review security at public schools and requiring gun owners to lock weapons if mentally ill or dangerous people could access them otherwise. - Associated Press

  1. Mourning Noah Pozner, the Jewish boy whose life was taken too ...
    Dec 28, 2012 – Joining the mourning family of Noah Pozner, the Forward brings an exclusive ... Veronique takes the stuffed animal — the family will later name it “Noah ...high school friends of Danielle Vabner, Noah's 18-year-old half sister. ... When his mother, Victoria Haller, told him that they would travel from Seattle to ...


    Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.


    Noah Pozner slain child to be taken to seattle by his mother,
    His mother is Jewish she got a tattoo on her wrist...Tattoo's are not allowed by jewish law.

    [link to

    Veronique Pozner and her daughter both have maiden name as middle name, I have never known a daughter to keep a maiden name and her fathers name. 
    [link to

    [link to (secure)
    [link to (secure)
    [link to (secure)

    Veronique Pozner has a page on
    NOT ONE photo of Noah and his TWIN sister together...Since when do twins not have several photos taken together?

    [link to

    Uncle Aleix Pozner who was interviewed and saying that hew would protect Noah online, neither he nor his wife have ONE picture of Noah on their photo page of FACEBOOK

    [link to (secure)
    [link to (secure)]

    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
    I have read several articles, including in the link on the original post, that says Mrs. Pozner requested that her son's body not have an autopsy. Since when can you just request that a victim of a murder not have an autopsy?

    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
    Her name isn't Danielle Haller Vabner.
    Her name is Diamond M. Vabner.

    [link to]

    Veronique Pozner is an extremely uncommon name.
    And yet "both" the persons named have a relative named
    Len Pozner.

    What are the odds?

    [link to]

    Let's compare the relatives names to those listed in the obit.

    [link to]

    [link to]

    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
    She is one skanky wench, whoever she is.

    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
    Ah yes, the "mother" who, three days after her "son" was "murdered", emerges from his "funeral" and is not bothered by the presence of a camera and in fact


    while showing no stress, lack of sleep on her face, red eyes

    along with all the other people hugging outside the funeral who don't seem the least bit offended by the presence of a camera capturing it all

    ... because they're all actors.

    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.

    Did you see her newly tattooed wrist?
    I'm guessing that's going to be a no.

    Did you see the alleged 'twin' and little "Sophia" clinging to Mommy's knees?

    No? Me neither. Only Danielle Vabner.
    Did you see Lenny anywhere?


    Re: Sandy Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.
    Holy moley, this is pretty damned confusing to me... You're right... What kind of mom posts pictures of just one out of a set of twins??

    What kind of explanation could be used for that!
    Very good research, I'm going to have to save this for the next update in my unanswered questions gatherings:
    Thread: Guide to Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Anomalies

    Re: Sandy 

    Hook Veronique Pozner to take body of Noah Pozner with her.

    Look how happy Vicki Soto's sister is the NIGHT BEFORE HER WAKE:
    [link to]
    No swollen, tear filled eyes there.. Just shameless photo shoots with her friend.

    The other facebook oddities :
    [link to].............................

  2. Sandy hook questions: Veronique Pozner and her Step Daughter ...
    Jan 19, 2013 - Uploaded by lduvelle
    This is a shot from FACEBOOK Veronique Pozner and her Daughter have the hyphenated name Haller. I ...


Dawn Hochsprung Friend, Security Company Owner, Seeks Input On School Safety

January 17, 2013|By DAVE ALTIMARI, daltimar@courant.comThe Hartford Courant

WOODBURY - — Gerald Stomski remembers sitting in principal Dawn Hochsprung's office at the Mitchell Elementary School, discussing the unthinkable.
"We talked several times about what you would do if somehow a shooter got into the school and bullets started flying … The first thing she always said was 'not on my watch'" said Stomski, the town's first selectmen.

On Dec. 14, as he listened to a state police scanner document the shooting at Newtown's Sandy Hook Elementary School, Stomski said he knew exactly what Hochsprung would be doing – trying to stop the shooter from getting to her students.
"As I heard what was going on in Sandy Hook I just wanted to puke,'' Stomski said. "Dawn did everything in her means that day and her actions clearly saved lives. But the devil got in anyway."
Hochsprung had left Mitchell for the principalship at Sandy Hook in 2010. She was one of the first killed during Adam Lanza's shooting spree. As Lanza shot his way into the school through a glass window at the front entrance, Hochsprung came running out of a conference room right into his path.
Lanza killed her and school psychologist Mary Scherlach before walking into two classrooms and gunning down 20 first grade students and their teachers and aides. All told, 26 people were killed within minutes.
Stomski has worked in the security field for 12 years. He owns Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC and has four patents pending regarding access control systems, particularly involving passenger screening for airports. He said he believes that airport security technology can be applied to schools.
He is now hoping to play a role in legislative efforts to improve school safety. Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has formed a committee to make recommendations and legislators are expecting multiple bills to be proposed.
Stomski said he hopes to address legislators if hearings are held and that he is determined to carry on Hochsprung's motto of "not on my watch."
"I hope we are not going to knee jerk our reaction,'' Stomski said. "There is not one thing that will solve this issue."
Stomski said part of the problem is that school's mostly rely on administrators, teachers or other support personnel to develop plans for their schools when they should be relying on security professionals.
"The details of security have to go to people in the field. Each school in each town is uniquely different in its security needs. There are different access points, different designs particularly with older schools,'' Stomski said.

One of his proposals is to create a double entrance with a vestibule protected by bullet proof glass. A school visitor would enter through the first door but have to be buzzed in by office personnel to get through the second. Another is to install real-time video streaming to police headquarters from school parking lots to alert police to suspicious visitors before they enter the school.
Region 14, which includes Woodbury and Bethlehem, is reviewing its security systems and has discovered areas that can be improved.
Stomski said during a recent lockdown drill, school district officials realized that announcements could not be heard in the cafeteria.
"Can you imagine if there was a shooter in the building and no one could hear any announcement that it is a lockdown situation?'' Stomski said.
Before she left for Sandy Hook, Hochsprung was in charge of the Region 14 application to get state funding from a grant established following the Virginia Tech shootings. In 2009, Region 14 received $14,000 from the state to help install a buzzer system at the two elementary schools in the district.
"Dawn was always worried about school security. We talked about it often and then for this to happen at her school." Stomski said. "I wouldn't be honoring her if I didn't try to make our schools safer for the next time the devil tries to get in."


US Fed News Service, Including US State News; June 19, 2007; 700+ words
...Reacta Corporation received $50,000 and will work with ECBC and ARL. * Wallingford, Conn., based Advanced Automated Security Systems received $60,002 and will collaborate with ATC. * Nederland, Colo., based Darkhorse Technologies...
A Guide to the 2003 ASIS Exhibits September 15-18, 2003 New Orleans, Louisiana
Security Management; September 1, 2003; 700+ words
...Technology Inc. 3758 ADC Technologies International PTE LD 3615 ADT Security Services, Inc. 2241 Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC--AASS 151 AES--IntelliNet 3661 Aimgene Technology Co., Ltd. 628 Aiphone Corporation 4135 AlarmSaf...

Automated Security Chambers for Queues ASCQ Homeland ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
ASCQ Homeland Security;. X-ray, Metal, Weapons, & Bomb Detection. Manufacturer. Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC. gs_plant ...
 That town’s first selectman, Gerald Stomski, said road crews were making sure catch basins were clear.

“As far as preparation, we have been monitoring the storm from the Department of Emergency Management Homeland Security [information],” said Mr. Stomski. “We’ll be meeting tomorrow morning to update [plans for] our emergency management operation center with the fire department, police department, ambulance, highway department; just going over the operation plan.
 Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC  Stomski,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=aaf1da3b2eed255b&biw=1024&bih=628

  1. Gerald D. Stomski Republican American
    Oct 25, 2009 – WOODBURY, CT - 13 May 2009 - 051309RH03 - Jerry Stomski, Republican ... Occupation: President, Advanced Automated Security Systems; ...
  2. Dawn Hochsprung Friend, Security Company Owner, Seeks Input
    Jan 17, 2013 – Stomski has worked in the security field for 12 years. He owns Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC and has four patents pending ...
  3. Advanced Automated Security Systems, Llc in Woodbury, CT 06798 ... › ConnecticutWoodbury
    Advanced Automated Security Systems, Llc of Woodbury, Connecticut. Phone number ... For more information contact Gerald Stomski, OWNER. For maps and ...
  5. [PDF] 

    Automated Security Chambers for Queues ASCQ Homeland ...
    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
    Advanced Automated Security Systems,LLC. president, Gerald D. Stomski has announced that two new secu- rity systems, Automated Security Chamber for ...
  6. Advanced Automated Security Systems, Llc. - Connecticut Company ...
    Advanced Automated Security Systems, LLC., Woodbury, CT 06798, Domestic Limited Liability Company, 0759640, Detailed Company Profile, Active Officers, ...
  8. Gerald Stomski - Pipl Directory
    Gerald D. Stomski, AASS President, Conference speaker, addresses ... Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC. President, Gerald Stomski, conference ...
    Public profile for Advanced Automated Security Systems Llc located in Woodbury, CT. Our free company profile includes company reviews, comments and other ...
  10. No Survivor is On Record as Actually Having Seen the Shooter or ... › ForumsCurrent Events
    Jan 20, 2013 – Stomski has worked in the security field for 12 years. He owns Advanced Automated Security Systems LLC and has four patents pending ...

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