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Nancy,Adam Lanza Framed and Defamed by Joe Lieberman,Barack Obama,Janet Napolitano Homeland Security ?

Nancy,Adam Lanza Framed and Defamed by Joe Lieberman,Barack Obama,Janet Napolitano Homeland Security ? 


Update January 16,2012:

I came across this information about the,'off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town'
who was encountered by local Newtown police in the woods in back of SandY HOok Elemetary School,Newton,CT.on December,14,2012 the day of the shooting,from a comment posted on so it is worthwhile checking their site now and then.

A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source. - The Bee,Newtown,Connecticut


Below  from is a link to that provides a link to an interview with Russ Hanomanwho was a close friend of Nancy Lanza and who disputes the defamation of her and incidentally to a great extent of her son Adam as the evil  the U.S. government people the U.S.government natuional media and even local Connecticut media has made them out to be all the while STILL not dealing with the fact that the car in the parking lot WAS NOT that of Nancy Lanza nor the car alleged to have been bought by her for Adam,(although no one has come forth to claim they ever saw him drive it nor whate make or model it is or was).

We now know that another very credible figure, a former professional in charge of Sandy Hook School District security,has already come out before the interview below to state that Adam regardless of all slander and innuendo created by scum like Senator Joe Lieberman who sucks up to his murderous money laundering namesake,Israeli Finance Minister Avigdat Lieberman,who instead of investigating pronounces Adam guilty in the mainstream media  AND THEN 'explains' his guilt or the incriminating 'evidence' is the fact that that Adam Lanza  allegedly plays violent ccomputer games ! Yet Joe Lieberman who has placed himself front and center as a big player in Senate Homeland Security is himself guilty of  covering up Israeli involvement in 9/11 and protecting the Israeli Shin Bet money laundering criminals and terrorist suspects  of ICTS International who coincidentally turn up on documents from hedge funds controlled by John Hancock where Nancy Lanza had been employed previously as well as Ernst and Young of GE,GE Capital and CNBC criminals and Prudential insurance as well ! And the whole community of Newtown and the Sandy Hook School Diostrict was built around and for people of likew association which is why Newtown and Sandy Hook School District has such a high population of Jewish residents !Wouldn't you agree Joe Lieberman !?
And as WWII proved,to Zionists,even Jews particularly seculkar ones,arree expendable far the right cause,
far right cause such as Israel Uber Alles !
We also know that Homeland Security targeted the area as early as 2010 for terrorism 'drills' that were 'coincidentally' occuring on the same day as the terrorist attack occured at the Sandy Hook School !

It was a shared love of live music that sparked a close friendship between Russ Hanoman and Nancy Lanza more than five years ago. Now, in light of the tragedy at Sandy Hook and recent reports suggesting she was a paranoid survivalist, Hanoman is speaking publicly about the woman he knew. As he told PIX 11, “She was a wonderful, beautiful, elegant woman who loved life, and most importantly she loved her son, Adam.”
Another small detail emerged in the course of the interview, this time about Adam Lanza.
Lanza was vegan, according to Hanoman, because he “didn’t want to hurt animals.”
You can watch the full interview below.



Brown eyes or blue?

"Adam Lanza was a vegan because he ‘didn’t want to hurt animals’."

"The Sandy Hook Elementary School was in an up-market area of Connecticut, shown by the large majority of its children being from Jewish families."

JAMES FETZER: Jan 6, 2013...

Obama in mourning in Connecticut after the shootings.

Alleged victims Noah Pozner and Ben Wheeler are Jewish.

Youngest victim in Newtown school massacre, 6-year-old ... - Haaretz

Veronique Pozner at the funeral

Francine Wheeler, September 2012
Steve King, Colorado State Senator.

King is the founder and CEO of American National Protective Services, and the legislator behind Crisis Actors.

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