The centerpiece of Eretz Hadasha's campaign is a series of YouTube videos, titled "The Method," in which Yaniv, in short interviews in a semi-dark room dishes up dirt on the country's leaders. So far, ten of these videos have gone online and they include dozens of embarrassing and damaging details on a long list of the country's "Power 100."

The series opens with a detailed description of how Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu walks around with wads of unmarked dollar bills in his socks, which he uses to pay for various off-the-book political and personal expenses.
Netanyahu and his wife feature prominently in the videos, in which Yaniv details how Sara Netanyahu sometimes forces her husband to sit outside the prime minister's residence, how she controls his schedule and appointments (he apparently uses his late father's house in Jerusalem for meetings he hides from her) and how she claims to have appointed the new Shin Bet chief.
But the Netanyahus are not Yaniv's only target. He also tells the story of how Avigdor Lieberman corrupted a police officer to bring down the commander in charge of his money-laundering investigation and how he got Yaakov Neeman appointed as justice minister, to bring in a new attorney general, Yehuda Weinstein, who would cancel the indictment against him. (Yaniv calls Weinstein "the Kosher consigliere" in a clip with images and music from "The Godfather" in the background.) In the same video (with an over-18 warning), Yaniv also mentions how Lieberman regularly visits Vienna and goes to the city's finest brothel with his old buddy and casino-owner Martin Schlaff, who has also come under investigation in Israel for his ties to leading politicians.
Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Yaniv's old boss, is another target. At the height of Operation Pillar of Defense, which Yaniv claimed was launched for cynical political purposes, he recounted how, in 2000, when Barak was struggling to remain prime minister, he asked him to check whether assassinating Fatah leader Marwan Barghouti would give him a boost in the polls.
Another favorite target is Ofer Eini, the secretary-general of the Histadrut labor federation who has major influence within Labor and also Likud, and whom Yaniv says is an inveterate poker-player whose gambling debts are paid for by shadowy benefactors.
The videos are wildly popular on the Web but have been downplayed by some of the popular media. Israel's biggest news website, Ynet, and its owner mass tabloid Yedioth Ahronoth, have not mentioned him at all. In the latest video, No. 10, Yaniv explains why: Yedioth's proprietor, Arnon "Noni" Mozes, is terrified that Yaniv is about to reveal how he allegedly controls politicians, law and treasury officials and the owners of Israel's largest banks by threatening negative publicity against them in his media empire.   
What is the veracity of these allegations? Yaniv claims to be speaking from personal knowledge and he has certainly been around the block. Meanwhile, none of his main targets have responded to these allegations or challenged them with libel suits.
Yaniv promises that as MKs, he and his partners would serve as an opposition force and use parliamentary privilege and Knesset committee powers to summon and cross-examine all the links in corrupt networks, and to break the power of money over politics. But so far Eretz Hadasha has failed to make a mark in the polls. (Yaniv probably believes the polling companies are too afraid to include him in their surveys.)
It is impossible to gauge whether the party has any electoral potential and its leaders have promised that, if on the eve of elections, the polls show they have no chance of getting into the next Knesset, they will withdraw, rather than wasting potential opposition votes. But even if it fails at the ballot box, Eretz Hadasha can claim at least one achievement -- leaving many Israelis incapable of looking at their prime minister without thinking of the dollar bills stashed in his socks weighing him down.


Racist Israeli Minister Resigns
By Ralph Forbes
Israeli Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Avigdor Lieberman, a particularly nasty piece of work, was forced to resign on December 18 afterbeing charged with fraud, just weeks before the Israeli elections.
Earlier in the year, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Lieberman had announced the merger of their rival political parties, Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu, to run together on a single ballot in Israel’s upcoming January 22, 2013 general elections.
After 16 years of investigations of accepting bribes, the transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars, money laundering, setting up a network of shell companies, aggravated fraud, graft and witness tampering, Israel’s Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein decided to indict Lieberman only on lesser charges of fraud and breach of trust, which resulted from Lieberman receiving privileged information passed to him by Ze’ev Ben Aryeh, Israel’s ambassador to Belarus in 2008. Ben Aryeh had warned Lieberman that there was a criminal investigation into his business dealings abroad. Lieberman reportedly flushed documents down the toilet and then promoted the ambassador twice.