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YaWeh or the highway ?:Why don't genetically inferior modern cohenim not live to 123 today like their mythological ancestor Aaron ?

Ya Weh or the highway ?:Why don't genetically inferior modern cohenim not live to 123 today like their mythological  ancestor Aaron ?Why are most of them as white as Snow White,thus showing signs of ancestral Vitamin D deficiency caused most probably by a low Vitamin D agrarian diet consumed in a cold northerly climate in an area other than the Middle East where all Vitamin D deficiencies would have been solved by the environment where sun reacting with skin would have provided all Vitamin D neccessary ? ?
Huh !?
Could they,the modern 'cohenin', possibly be even dumber and less educated as well than the ancient Jewish priests ?Priests of ALL religions are generally composed of the dumbest most wretched misogenists,perverts and pedophiles of the religion that created them.For example,the Torah or Old Testament is so backwards that it doesn't even have a concept as sophisticated as 'the four elements' - earth,air,water and fire - so the Catholic Church had to translate the Greek works of Aristotle in order to have such a relatively sophisticated pre atom concept that other civilizations such as the Chinese and Aztec and Maya of Meso America apparently shared.The Torah only had 'fire and brimestone',ha.We now know however that the pope and all those white rabbis he lyingly calls 'Semites' like everyone else on the planet,shits approximately a pound and a half  or a bit over half a kilo of phosphates from their bodies per year or earth orbit and that we are depleting our strategic reserves by wasting them and pumping up the human population beyond its means based upon over mining of this strategic resourse.Yes both the pope and his white NOT 'Semitic' rabbi buddies are full of it !

Another question from an inquisitive goy is whether or nor the great Jewish geneticists have discovered the pedophile gene that seems to be so rampant in rabbis or perhaps the mass murder gene of the Zionist fanatics such as the Hungarian Jewish Atzmon family OF 9/11 INFAMY ? Huh ?
As for the 'Dr.'Gil Atzmon who disgraces the name off Albert Einstein by associating his name with Einstein,
maybe he'll isolate the rabbi 'gene' for pedophilia which does indeed to somehow be clustered among the rabbis of the Jewish sub-culture particularly.I f the media weren't controlled and monopolized by white people who erroneously claim to be 'Semites' then perhaps this news would be more publicaly known and widespread and less covered up than it is among the Catholics who have the same problemmalthough perhaps on a smaller scale on the basis of  population.Then again maybe it's not genetic but endemic to religions where its priesty cass is above repute or question thus attracting perverts who wish to prey with unimpeded impunity.I don't think it's that 'cohenim' gene but maybe..........Also I wouldn't give creedence to any 'science' coming out of Technion University in light of the fact that they have allowed their name to be used to promote illegal stock fraud 'pumps and dumps' and money laundering against Americans that they have illegally profited from.The penny stock Pluristem claiming to use stem cells for medicine is just one example and that James Dale Davidson and ex Carlyle President Frank Carlucci were involved in this money laundeing operation show Technion University is pure evil.
Note that Indian scientists use that same gene to track historic easterly migration into India from Africa and the Middle Est but I doubt they are tracking runaway Jewish priests of the 'seed of Aaaron' but instead a larger male group of migrants who have and haqd nothing to do with Judaism or the mythologoical 'Aaron'.Ha.

EgyptSearch Forums: YAPers - (Y Alu polymorphic (YAP) insertion) › ... › Ancient Egypt - Traducir esta página
6 entradas - 3 autores - 6 Jul 2011
This study reports, for the first time, high frequencies (8-65%) of Y Alu polymorphic(YAP) insertion in northeast Indian tribes. All seven Jarawa ...

Hmmmm,Maybe the fraud 'Dr.' Gil Atzmon of Albert Einstein College, being like his mass murdering money laundering relative Menachem Atzmon,from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, is related to Hitler !:

Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show - Telegraph › History › World War Two - Traducir esta página
24 Aug 2010 – Adolf Hitler is likely to have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests ..."This is a surprising result," said Ronny Decorte, a genetic specialist at ...

Common genetic threads link thousands of years of Jewish ancestry - Traducir esta página
4 Jun 2010 – The researchers include Gil Atzmon, Albert Einstein College of Medicine,... indicates the Jewish priesthood, the Cohanim, was established by ...


Good Old-Fashioned “Fire and Brimstone” - Kosher Torah - Traducir esta página
Formato de archivo: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Vista rápida
Good old fashioned “fire and brimstone,” is a promise of Heavenly retribution upon ...ago they have turned against Torah, Judaism and ultimately against G-d, ...


Note that Indian scientists use that same gene to track historic easterly migration into India from Africa and the Middle Est but I doubt they are tracking runaway Jewish priests of the 'seed of Aaaron' but instead a larger male group of migrants who have and haqd nothing to do with Judaism or the mythologoical 'Aaron'.Ha.

EgyptSearch Forums: YAPers - (Y Alu polymorphic (YAP) insertion) › ... › Ancient Egypt - Traducir esta página
6 entradas - 3 autores - 6 Jul 2011
This study reports, for the first time, high frequencies (8-65%) of Y Alu polymorphic(YAP) insertion in northeast Indian tribes. All seven Jarawa ...


So I guess the Jewish Nazis will be claiming the groups below to be  lost Jewish tribes next.Too funny... Don't go gettin' your  Y Alu polymorphic (YAP) all twisted in a knot now fellows,HA,HA.:

2007 Sep-Oct;34(5):582-6.

YAP insertion signature in South Asia.


Anthropological Survey of India, Kolkata-700 016, India.


A total of 2169 samples from 21 tribal populations from different regions of India were scanned for the Y-chromosome Alu polymorphism. This study reports, for the first time, high frequencies (8-65%) of Y Alu polymorphic (YAP) insertion in northeast Indian tribes. All seven Jarawa samples from the Andaman and Nicobar islands had the YAP insertion, in conformity with an earlier study of Andaman Islanders. One isolated case with haplotype E* was found in Dungri Bhill, a western Indian population, while YAP insertion in northeast India and Andaman tribes was found in association with haplotype D* (M168, M174). YAP insertion frequencies reported in the mainland Indian populations are negligible, according to previous studies. Genetic drift may be the causative factor for the variable frequency of the YAP insertion in the mainland populations, while the founder effect may have resulted in the highest incidence of haplotype D among the Andaman Islanders. The results of YAP insertion and the evidence of previous mtDNA studies indicate an early out of Africa migration to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The findings of YAP insertion in northeast Indian tribes are very significant for understanding the evolutionary history of the region.


From 'Aryan Agrarian' by Tony Ryals 1999-2000, and it was never finished because of  stock fraud that ripped me off involving some white scumbags in Israel using the US stock market for money laundering.:

Aryan Agrarian ...
by Tony Ryals

.........And what is modern genetics,
Trying to say,
The conclusion of the more egotist cohenim who,
Upon their privilege trod,
Those who now would,
Use modern genetics to prove,
The other Jews,
Heirs to a lesser god?
Oh, but life is odd,
The Jews called Ashkenazim,
Those of central and eastern,
European origin,
Including those of the cohenim,
Comprise the majority of Jews,
Who are Israeli of American,
And they are genetically unique from,
Those who are Middle Eastern,
Or Spanish Sepharidim,
Not to mention,
Those of Judeo-Ethiopian,
Regardless of those wandering,
But all claim,
Through belief in the same religion,
To comprise the ranks of the chosen,
But then again,
So does the racist European,
Or American,
Christian Indo-Aryan,
Although he stole his religion,
Which is Judeo-Christian,
From them,
Ashkenazim Jews,
Are prey to a unique set of genetic diseases,
Caused by genes that are recessive,
Their traits appear only if,
Two copies of the gene,
One from both egg and sperm,
Are inherited,
One copy of the gene does,
No harm and may do some good,
And would,
Cause natural selection,
To spread the mutation,
Rather than speed its extermination,
Amongst the Ashkenazim,
These genes remain,
The German Jews’ genetic burden,
The infant killing disease called Tay Sachs,
A disease that is hereditary and thus genetic,
Is unique to the German Jews who carry it,
Also to some French Canadians,
But it isn’t carried by Jews who are,
Of Sephardic,
Or Middle Eastern,
And it actually protects adult carriers,
Of the gene from tuberculosis,
A disease that was endemic to,
The Eastern European Jewish ghettos,
Another genetic infirmity,
Called IDT,
Causes muscle contractions that are involuntary,
Is now believed to be the effect,
Of a genetic bottleneck,
A semi-incestuous condition,
Of inbreeding within,
A small culturally,
And genetically,
Isolated population,
The Eastern European Jewish situation,
But inbreeding may also have occurred among the Fins,
Also with a small close-knit population,
As well as the incestuous royalty of the European,
Consider the hemophilia of the last heir to the throne,
Of the Russian,
Yet the marginalized Eastern European Jews,
Had an even greater genetic squeeze,
Which may have amplified genetic diseases,
And for all we know,
Genetic uniqueness,
Also enhancing favorable genetic qualities,
Or so suggest family genealogies,
Inbreeding of course,
Can lead to a superior race horse,
In the 17th century AD,
Social and cultural forces would align to see,
That more affluent Jewish classes,
Community leaders,
Jewish men of business,
As well as scholars and rabbis,
Would out-reproduce the poorer Jewish families,
Poorer families died out,
Less genetic diversity was spread about,
Amplifying good genes,
But unfortunately also bad genes,
Putting genetic diversity to route,
Nature’s cruel yet merciful trick,
The genetic bottleneck,
Yet don’t be too surprised,
Even if hidden between the lines,
Of the mythologies,
Of a religion,
Of a chosen,
That we find,
Even Mr. Jones got his genes,
Mixed in and upon,
Those of the Cohens,
After all even Mr. Jones,
Aspires to keep up with the Cohens,
And occasionally vice-versa,
In the land of the European,
Or Middle Eastern,
Male alpha,
Which may explain why,
In the traditionally,
Male dominated or patriarchal,
Old Testamental,
Or Jewish cultural,
That was pastoral,
Jewish birth rites are passed along lines,
That are matrilineal,
That they may continue to pass on,
The culture and religion,
Of the chosen,
A protection,
Against cultural disintegration,
Should the fate,
That befell the raped,
Sabine women,
Happen to them,
As it surely must have,
In the Eastern European land of the Slav,
Or being left to the mercy,
Of Russia’s Cossack,
Riding into Jewish villages and ghettos on horseback,
To rape,
And ransack,
Keeping law and order,
The Euro-Christian god and the Russian czar,
And then again,
The Eastern European,
Ghetto situation,
Where Jews are fenced in,
While the local European,
Closed in,
There were ghetto raids,
Both before and after the crusades,
And if there were outbreaks of Black Death or other plagues,
Jews were sacrificed on Euro-Christian sword blades,
For centuries Jews were sacrificed,
Upon the Euro-Christian altar,
Long before,
Anyone had heard of the Nazis or Hitler,
They were not seen as the ancestors of Jesus,
But as the killers of Christ,
There was possible,
Genetic mixing,
Due to early proselytism,
But not in the second millennium,
Of the European Christian,
Where both church and state,
Were so firmly aligned against them,
Where Jews had a smaller,
More marginalized population,
The Eastern European Jewish ghetto,
And village situation,
And where Jews increasingly take on,
Genetic traits of the peoples’ who surround them,
A dark history of rape and misogynization,
Nonetheless a history,
Of genetic diversity,
That puts the lie to,
The idea that all Jews are of a genetically,
Stereotypical homogeneity,
Instead they generally,
Show among them a greater genetic diversity,
And a greater genetic similarity,
To the Christians and Moslems,
In whose countries they have lived in,
One might argue that the impact of local genes,
May actually have protected them,
From the dangers of inbreeding,
Within a small population,
Nature’s cruel yet merciful,
Diversification of the gene pool,
The Eastern European Jew,
Before the Holocaust and WWII,
Often had light hair and eyes that were blue,
Showing like their fellow northern European,
A complexion,
Of a lighter shade of melanin,
Than Jews of Middle Eastern,
Or perhaps Spanish or Sepharadim,
Then there is the Lemba,
A tribe of southern Africa,
In Zimbabwe,
The former English colony,
Of Rhodesia,
Who claim their male ancestry,
Descended from,
Fair-haired men,
Who came by way,
Of the sea,
And surprisingly,
Most of the senior Lemba clan,
Also carry,
The Cohen modal halotype,
On their chromosomal YAP,
Although this genetic,
Could conceivebly have occured between,
This black African tribe,
And the Jewish Turkic Khazarian,
Whose Cohenim priesthood,
Could have,
Made this immigration,
The immigrants are believed to have,
Arrived from the direction,
Of Yemen,
But even the Middle Eastern cohenim,
Would have seemed,
To them,
These cohenim may have come,
With the empire of the Sabean,
Around the beginning,
Of the first millennium,
Although specific religious ritual,
Is not genetic,
But learned,
And although their is no rabbi,
Or Torah,
To remind them,
Certain eating traditions,
Associated with Judaism,
Are to this day passed on,
Regardless of modern Christian,
Or Moslem proselytism,
Around them,
As is probably circumcision,
Cutting of the fold of the penis’ skin,
A behavior practiced by all of them,
Although no fundamentalist Jew would call,
Their overall,
Belief system,
The African mother or mothers,
Who provided their eggs,
With their mitrochondrichal genes,
Which is only passed by them,
And is a completely feminine contribution,
Is herself heir to a longer,
Than the male cohenim’s religious privilege,
And after all,
Is probably the mother of us all,
Just as by now the Indian,
Or Persian,
No longer shows the lightness of hair or skin,
Of the original invading Aryans,
Who were probably,
Pallid Slavs or Lithuanians,
When they invaded India around 2000 BC,
They are closer,
 To the color,
Of those surrounding them,
Whether they are now Hindu or Moslem,
Their languages remain Indo-Aryan,
Product of an ancient invasion,
Or invasions,
Product of cultural and genetic collision,
Or collisions,
Even before the Jewish Diaspora,
Or dispersal,
From their pre-Christian era homeland,
In Palestine,
The Holy Land,
Or Jerusalem,
This Semitic Hebrew-speaking linguistic group,
Had long been stirring and mixing their genetic soup,
A Hittite,
Was the mother of King Solomon,
While self-righteous Moses married a Midianite,
The Jewish hero Samson,
Wed a Philistine,
Who treated him mean,
Joseph married Asenath,
Daughter of a priest who was Egyptian,
A Heathen,
The Jewish patriarch,
Or founding father Abraham,
With the godly covenant and its arch,
Who went unto the Egyptian,
Slave girl,
Property of his wife Rachel,
She bore him Ishmael,
Whom he abandoned,
Then the son of Rachel,
Whom he almost killed,
Claiming it god’s will,
All because god gave him a sign,
Religion already getting out of line,


“Is creationism worse than genetic essentialism?”
Jonathan Marks
Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association
Washington, DC
1 December 2005
[Executive Committee Invited Session: Religion and Science Caught between the Past and the Future]

[Slide 14.] Now, mitochondrial Eve existed, in a trivial sense.  She was alive, and our mitochondrial DNA is descended from hers, although quite possibly no other part of our DNA – the 99.999 percent that is not mitochondrial – is hers.
But she didn’t have an identity, aside from having lived many tens of thousands of years ago in Africa – a frustratingly unspecific slab of space and time.  The recent wrinkle on this work involves associating a single branch on the tree with a specific historical personage.  Someone who is
reputed to have been be prolific, so why not?  [Slide 15.] The names that have come up recently are Genghis Khan in the 13th century and a founder of the Manchu dynasty in the 17th century.
Now it needs to be noted that some other scholars have raised questions about time, place, society, behavior, and history that might cast these wild inferences into doubt.  But the schmientific argument is persuasive:  A lot of men have this Y chromosome sequence, this blip of the tree is a few hundred years old, and Genghis Khan lived a few hundred years ago and was known to have had many children.  Schmience now permits us to pay for a genetic test to determine if we are descended from Genghis Khan.  I suspect that will be a profitable venture in Asia.
A trenchant critique of this kind of reasoning was provided last summer in Harper’s
[Slide 16.] by a writer named Jack Hitt, a direct descendant of Charlemagne.  But he cautions that if you infer Charlemagne lived 1200 years ago, and again charitably take 25 years per generation,you can calculate that you had 280 quadrillion ancestors back then.  But there are estimated to have been only about 200 million people alive back then.  How could you have nine orders of magnitude more ancestors than there were people alive at the time?
The paradox is resolved by recognizing that we hold an awful lot of ancestry in common, and there is consequently more than enough room for anybody anywhere to have been a direct descendant of Charlemagne. That is, if you only limit yourself to science.  But if science is unnecessarily restrictive, we can widen our scope with some schmience.
[Slide 17.] Back in 1997, a note was published in Nature, finding a conformation of Y chromosome markers over-represented in people who self-identified as Cohanim, or Jewish priests.  Now of course there are some good reasons to expect such a finding.  Those who self-identify as
priests tend to have similar last names – Cohen or a cognate.  If they have the same last name, they are likely to be a more genetically homogenous,or inbred, sample.  After all, surname analysis has a venerable history in physical anthropology, thanks to the late Gabriel Lasker, as a measure of inbreeding.
There is also some kinship involved.  [Slide 18.] The Cohanim were supposed to have been descended from Aaron, whose last known whereabouts were in the book of Numbers, in which he died at the age of 123, far beyond the mean life expectancy in the Bronze Age, I might add.
Then the authors calculate that their “Cohen modal haplotype” arose a few thousand years ago, and since Aaron lived a few thousand years ago – they specify 106 generations – they believe they have identified the Y chromosome of Aaron. [Slide 18.]  They didn’t specifically mention it, but we may remember that Aaron was overshadowed by his younger brother, who also possessed his Y chromosome.  I wonder whether there might be a market for a test that could tell you if you had Moses Y chromosome.
But Aaron and Moses are bound up in a miracle-ridden origin narrative of the Jews, and the evidence for their existence is in fact no greater than that for the existence of Abraham, or Noah, or Adam.  It is as if you found the common haplotype of all the people named Hood and extrapolated to the genotype of Robin Hood. [Slide 19.]  Sure you could do it, and there is certainly a non-zero probability that you might be right.
But there are a lot of reasons for thinking that the probability is very close to zero, not the least of which is the mythological nature of the subject.
So let’s get back to our calculation of ancestors.  [Slide 20.] 106 generations ago, you had  two to the 106th
power ancestors.  That is 81 decillion.  An imposing number, to say the least.  The problem is that the places of those 81 decillion ancestors that each of us has in 18th dynasty Egypt can only be occupied by the 100 million or so people who were alive at the time.  What this boils down to, is that the most devout Cohen is
about as likely to have the biblical Aaron in his ancestry as anybody else is.  There is that much play in the biology of ancestry when you go that far back.  If you couple that problem with the fact that Aaron is a mythological figure in the first place, and that only real people have Y chromosomes,
you see why this is schmience, not science.  If you’re a Cohen, the sad fact is that you are just no more likely to have the biblical Aaron in your pedigree than Hank Aaron is.  [Slide 20.]  The Y chromosome similarity in Cohanim tells us no more than that they are inbred relative to a sample of non-Cohanim, which should have been self-evident in the first place.
But somehow the whole underpinning of this story, that the book of Exodus can be taken at anything like face value, has escaped critical
notice.  The first textbook in this area [Slide 21.] tells us that this genetic pattern is consistent with the origin myth of the Jews.  It fails to tell us what else this pattern might be consistent with, and it takes for granted that the Bible is some kind of a historical document.
Does this sound like anybody else in the news lately?  It does to me.  Let me interject at this point that my daughter came home from first grade a few weeks ago with a book on Noah’s ark, which we read. [Slide 22.]  At one point it showed a picture of a bunch of different animals getting off the ark on Mount Ararat.  I provocatively asked her how the lemurs could have gotten to Madagascar and the kangaroos to Australia if
they can’t swim.   She replied, Relax, Daddy, it’s just a story.
Now I’ve tried to draw a distinction here between science and its doppelganger, which uses technology, professional expertise, and the authority of the scientific voice in support of goals that are not classically or normatively scientific.  In this sense, then, genetic schmience can be highly meaningful and profitable, in linking people to particular places, individuals, and even socio-political units, with the authority of science, even if not with the authority of reality.
What the Cohanim Y chromosome shows is that Biblical literalism is a red herring.  It is acceptable enough in context.  Creationism is significantly also about relatedness and about the imposition of meaning upon patterns of biological diversity.  That places anthropology in a two front war – the hyper-scientific genetic essentialists on the one end and the anti-scientific creationists on the other.
What is new about intelligent design is very specifically a rejection of rationalism as a necessary component of the origin narrative, something on which science, schmience, anthropology, and my daughter all generally agree.  Intelligent design is from the culture wars of the 17th century.


1 Chronicles 6:1-30 "The sons of Levi; Gershon ... - Bible Study Tools
The sons also of Aaron; Nadab, and Abihu, Eleazar, and Ithamar. 4 Eleazar begatPhinehas, Phinehas begat Abishua, 5 And Abishua begat Bukki, and Bukki ... and NOW we have a
fucking over population crisis !(Is that where Bukki balls came from ?)


Judeo-Christianity and Baby Machines

Judeo-Christianity and Baby Machines...

by Tony Ryals
They killed homosexuals didn't they?,
Or at least that's what the Bible says anyway,
And God it says took Onan's life,
Because he wouldn't have sex with his dead brother's wife,
God being strictly "right to life,
But Lot of Sodom and Gomorrah fame,
At least knew how to play God's game,
While his wife turned to salt as God murdered her friends,
Lot was busy watching his daughters rear ends,
And saying his amens,
The Bible says they got him drunk and raped him,
Thus more babies they did make them,
And that's how God saved him,
We know not exactly what sins against
God the wicked Sodomites had done,
 But to judge from Lot incest wasn't one,
And of course there's wise King Solomon,
Who took numbers of wives to increase his own reproduction,
While to house them he cut the cedars of Lebanon,
So much for wise King Solomon,
Might as well trust in Allah man,
So they took their women to bed,
And to more little tribesmen this surely led,
Who beat other tribesmen over the head,
And then took their women to bed,
Like this the population continued to grow,
While civilizations would come and civilizations would go,
Thanks to Judeo - Christian - Muslim views of life,
Women knew nothing but reproductive strife,
And men knew nothing but killing,
Of which they were so able and willing,
But now our own reproductions,
Threaten the biosphere's functions,
The old ways no longer apply,
We can't even afford an eye for an eye,
Let alone to go out and multiply,
And if we continue to over reproduce as a species - we die,
If the laws of God and the biosphere are one,
Better to read the soil and celebrate the sun,
Than to thump the Bible and defend the gun,
Those who would not in pornography traffic,
Had better take the Bible and pack it
So far that the kiddies can't see it,
Lest there's the danger that they just might read it,


Unholy spat breaks out in Florida over stretch of Highway 98 that was blessed by Christians and then unblessed by atheists



God burns Aaron's sons to death for offering "strange fire"

Here's a nice Bible story for Father's Day. 

“And Nadab and Abihu, the sons of Aaron, took either of them his tenser, and put fire therein, and put incense thereon, and offered strange fire before the Lord, which he commanded them not. And there went out fire from the Lord, and devoured them, and they died before the Lord. Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that the Lord spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified” (Leviticus 10:l-3).

Aaron's sons offered some sort of strange fire to God, and it pissed God off so much that he burned them to death. 

I guess the moral of the story is this: Don't play with fire or God will burn you to death. God fights fire with fire. 

But I like Moses' explanation even better. Here's what he said to Aaron right after God burned Aaron's sons to death. 
Then Moses said unto Aaron, This is it that the LORD spake, saying, I will be sanctified in them that come nigh me, and before all the people I will be glorified. Leviticus 10:3a
God burned Aaron's sons alive so that God would "be sanctified in them" and so that he would "be glorified." 

That helps. 

Moses warned Aaron not to mourn the death of his sons (by uncovering his head or tearing his clothes) or God would kill him too, along with all the people. 
And Moses said unto Aaron, and unto Eleazar and unto Ithamar, his sons, Uncover not your heads, neither rend your clothes; lest ye die, and lest wrath come upon all the people. Leviticus 10:6
So Aaron did as he was told, and watched in silence as his sons were burned to death by God. 
And Aaron held his peace. Leviticus 10:3b
In this story, who the biggest asshole: Moses, Aaron, or God? 

Note: I revised this post to include the bit about Moses forbidding Aaron to mourn the death of his sons. Somehow I missed that, and I thank Wise Foolfor pointing it out in the comments. (If I'd paid more attention to the Brick Testament story, I would have caught that!) 

God's next killing: A blasphemer is stoned to death


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