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Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Robbie Parker Sister,Father Both Say he Lied,Emilie has 'big sisters'

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Robbie Parker Sister,Father Both Say he Lied,EmilIe has 'big sisters'

Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.:Utah Homeland Security Creep Robbie Parker repeats aunt's claim that 'dead' Emily Parker had 'big sisters'

Remember the laughing hyena from a Utah based defense contractor,Robbie Parker,who couldn't stop laughing long enough to grieve for his allegedly dead daughter Emilie who mysteriously appeared at Barack Obama,aka Barry Soetoro's kness shortly after her 'death' ?Well although both his father and sister have aided and abetted the Sandy Hook hoax,(I usually try and be conservative and call it an 'incident'),they actually both separately committed a 'slip of the tongue' and stated that Emilie Parker had 'older sisters' something that was already denied.In fact it was claimed the reason that Emilie's sister looked so much like Emilie in the main stream media photo with Obama or Soetoro was because she was wearing her dead 'older sister' Emilie's used dress !
Since Robbie Parker who appears to be a defense contractor with an interest in the school 'security business' as well as hustling for money from fascist Zionist Janet Napolitano's Homeland Security labyrinth which he never disclosed,and his wife have claimed to have spoken with their pal GE Capital and Ernst and Young and John Hancock,(now Manulife of Canada),although no one else has seen or heard from him.

Jessie Lewis,Emillie Parker: Barack Obama poses with
two 'dead' Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT. child 'actors' ?

Emilie Parker,Jesse Lewis pose smiling with Barack Obama in Newtown,CT.,shortly AFTER their brutal murder by the never heard and never seen mythological Adam Lanza !?



wolfblitzzer0: Robbie Parker,Sandy Hook Newtown CT Fraud:Emilie ...
Feb 6, 2013 – Sandy Hook Aunt Of Emilie Parker Confused? You remember the laughing Mor(m)on Robbie Parker who could barely stop launghing long ...


 Sandy Hook Grandfather Of Emilie Parker Confused? - YouTube
Jan 17, 2013 - Uploaded by NAUresistance
Did Emilie Parker have "Big Sisters"? Does she still help her dad tuck in her sisters at night? According to ...
Did Emilie Parker have "Big Sisters"? Does she still help her dad tuck in her sisters at night? According to Emilie's Aunt and Grandfather, she does. In a couple of recent KSL interviews at Emilie's funeral and at the Grandfathers house, Emilie's Aunt was captured on video stating, "Emilie was an example not only to her BIG sisters but to her family, to all her little friends, and now she has become an example to the world about purity, innocence, tragedy and forgiveness". Those following this case would know by now, Emily only had LITTLE sisters! Her Grandfather states something just as strange, "My son and his daughter are tucking their children into bed, and there's an empty bed. And it breaks my heart,"?

In the articles posted by KSL that accompanies the tribute video and the interview with Randy Parker, the publisher goes ahead and corrects the two mistakes in each of the articles where there statements are being quoted.

Could this just be a simple 'slip of the tongue' by her family members? It's quite possible. However, taking into consideration all of the other strange developments in this story, could this recent statement by Emilie's Aunt be even more insight into the shenanigans surrounding this whole case? (much like the Aurora mass-shooting).

Perhaps more important than the confusing statements made by Emilie's Aunt and Grandfather in their interviews, is the Parker family photo used in the KSL video report. Like several other questionable photographs being passed around by the media, this latest one is now being dubbed as the "Smoking Gun" of the fake photos. When you examine the photo, it really does raise a lot of questions as to its authenticity, It really does appear to be doctored to include Emilie's image into the scene (link to a more in-depth examination of the picture can be found below)..

The 'creep factor' in this case is now registering off the charts!

* SMOKING GUN - New FAKE Parker Family Photo!!!!

To view the original KSL articles, please visit:

*Please do not confuse my questioning of the 'facts' that are being presented by the mainstream media as disrespecting the families and people affected by this! My thoughts and prayers are with them all! If one of my family or friends were murdered, I could only hope that people actually took the time to ask questions and demand answers!

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