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WTC,9/11,Hillary Clinton:John Kennedy Jr,Osama bin Laden both 'buried at sea' because they were American heroes or terrorists ?

Hillary Clinton:John Kennedy Jr,Osama bin Laden both buried at sea because they were American heroes or terrorists ?

The following commentary on caught my interest even though it is not new subject matter nor new  news to me.But it is worth recontemplating occassionally and passing on to others who may have missed the paradox or fact that the U.S.military buried both John Kennedy Jr. who in my opinion should have had a memorial but the U.S.military didn't even allow an unmarked grave ! Why ? Did the military and our 'leaders such as his potential political rival Hillary Clinton all want tthe memory of John Jr. wiped from the race of American history just as they hve covered up the assassinations of his father and uncle all the decades ? In my opinion the fact that the politicians allowed this to John Kennedy to be 'buried' at sea,(just like Osama bin Laden who probably wasn't killed and 'buried at sea' at all like Barack Obama,,claim anyway).to be a national digrace and present Sectretary of State John Kerry and like sex pervert Jewish Barney Frank are a shame and disgrace as well as war criminals for covering uop Israeli role of Menachem Atzmon and ICTS International at Logan Airpot Boston on 9/11.John Kerry and Hillary Clinton have been in effect rewarded for treason and collusion with terrorism and murder for their role in covering uyp Israeli involvement in 9/11 at the very least.

Comment on burial at sea of John F. Kennedy, Jr.:  

John F. Kennedy, Jr. (1960-1999)
When John F. Kennedy, Jr. and his girlfriend died in the plane crash, JFK, Jr was also buried at sea by the U.S. military. I don't remember the media ever explaining why the U.S. Navy would bury JFK, Jr. at sea because JFK, Jr. wasn't a military or government official. I don't know if the Kennedy family asked for JFK, Jr. to be buried at sea.

But burial at sea - real deep - is one sure way of hiding evidence. Maybe JFK, Jr. and his girlfriend didn't die in a plane crash. After all, people can survive plane crashes. When it happened, I read that JFK, Jr. was murdered to prevent him from running against Hillary Clinton for the New York Senate and to simply keep him out of politics completely.

Bollyn Responds:  This is a very interesting comment that I received after the mysterious burial at sea of the person said to be Osama Bin Laden.  It should be noted that the location where Osama Bin Laden was said to have been killed is hundreds of miles from the sea.  Why was he so hastily buried at sea?  And why was John F. Kennedy, Jr. also buried at sea very quickly after his body was found?

There is an article from the Washington Post of 23 July 1999 about the burial, which occurred in the morning of July 22, less than 24 hours after the bodies were recovered from the sea floor.  It should be noted that the bodies of Kennedy and the Bessette sisters were cremated.  Their plane went down on July 16 and their bodies were recovered 5 days later on July 21.  I recall hearing that their bodies and the inside of the cockpit had been charred and blackened.  This would certainly explain the need to cremate the bodies -- to hide the real cause of the "crash".

There are two obvious reasons why the Zionist criminal network running the Clinton White House and New York would have wanted to get rid of John Kennedy Jr.  First, there is the fact that he had political aspirations and would have won any race for the U.S. Senate against Hillary Clinton or any other candidate.  Secondly, he was a publisher of a popular magazine,George, that they could not control.  If Kennedy were still alive in 2001 he would have been a powerful voice for 9/11 truth.  Like you, I suspect he was murdered.  

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