Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remains of exploded 'white square' back packs precisely match those of Craft U.S.Government Terrorist -NOT THE ACCUSED CHECHENS

Official: Russia heard Boston suspects' mother 'discussing jihad'

CNN - ‎1 hour ago‎
(CNN) -- Russia intercepted a communication between the mother of the accused Boston Marathon bombers and someone who may have been one of her sons "discussing jihad" in 2011, according to a U.S.

You also look at several photos of the pressure-cooker bomb. In the twisted metal remains, you see discoloration, but no signs the nails or ball bearings in the bomb penetrated the pressure cooker or pitted it or ended up embedded in it.
You look at photos of men standing near the Marathon finish line, the men in identical uniforms, who have variously been described as Navy Seals, Coast Guard, and Craft International security personnel.
What were they doing there? Running a drill? Watching suspects or patsies or bomb-planters? What was going on?
You look at a photo of the younger Tsarnaev brother leaving the scene after the bombs went off. He’s still…wearing his backpack? And another photo, the one of the ripped-apart backpack on the ground. Is that a white square on it? Because one of the Seal-Craft-Coast Guard guys had a white square on his intact backpack…and is that him, leaving the scene of the bombing without that backpack? Hmmm…

 Heather Abbott posing in her birthday suit,the worst scoundrels always hide behind pseudo-patroitism and or religion and the flag of course..........Just call her Aunt Sam

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