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Former Deputy Secretary of State Steve Pieczenik says Barack Obama a CIA War Criminal,Sandy Hook False Flag!

Former deputy assistant of State Steve Pieczenik says Sandy Hook was A Total False Flag! Barack Obama a War Criminal !

Dr. Steve Pieczenik: Sandy Hook was A Total False Flag! Barack Obama a War Criminal !

  1. Dr. Steve PieczenikSandy Hook was A Total False Flag! - YouTube

    6 days ago - Uploaded by TheAlexJonesChannel
    Dr. Steve Pieczenik is a critically acclaimed author of psycho-political thrillers and the co-creator of the New ...

    1. Below from Steve Pieczenick himself with link to his blog.:


      TUESDAY, JANUARY 22, 2013

      The Unbearable Lightness of Sandy Hook’s Mourning: Normative, Prescriptive, lots of Public Statements about Gun ControlNO REAL MOURNING ! 
      Bless the Holy Trinity of Obama’s Lies!  His CIA Background; The Killing Of Dead Osama Bin Laden; Benghazi Affair and now Sandy Hook?
      What’s the story, Ritchie? 
      I don’t know about you,  Mr Obama, but I have treated and solaced many civilians and military personnel in and around death, massacres and assassinations. 
        I have witnessed the pain and sorrow of different genocides and have tried to prevent another genocide in Cambodia. 
        Clearly, you personally, have never really understood or experienced the grief of mourning. 
        You were witnessed to real grief in the Aurora massacre.  Did you hear any of the honorable denizens of Colorado implore the US public for gun control? 
       I don’t think so!
        When you went to see what a real massacre was like, random, senseless, committed not by an insane person but someone brilliantly calculating and purposeful, did you hear any psychiatrist come out with the most hollow, pretentious, self-righteous nonsense as Dr John Woodall, a local psychiatrist from Connecticut, who has dealt with trauma [he just caused trauma in me for his senseless, deceitful, manipulative, public statement]:
      “You can’t pull a butterfly out of its cocoon; it has to be its time,” Dr Woodall said, “The nation has an important debate, but these people have much more intimate work to do….” 
      Sooo PROFOUND!
        But Obama, did you hear any statement like Dr Woodall’s comment in Aurora? 
       I don’t think so!  Because real people were killed in a real massacre!
      More importantly, no psychiatrist would be stupid and negligent enough to say anything after the Aurora massacre. 
        Oh, by the way, Obama, You and I Know that there was a GAG ORDER on EVERYONE CONCERNED IN THE AURORA MASSACRE.
        Why was there no gag order on any of the parents, survivors, professionals—policeman, medical examiner, parents, etc. 
      You get the idea!Your script as usual was wanting!
      Your advisors as usual –MESSED UP!
        They wrote the same false, amateurish narrativethat you delivered in the story of your nonexistent irrelevant father and your most relevant CIA mother, CIA maternal grandmother and CIA maternal grandfather. 
        Why did you not write about the real heroes in your family? 
      And the fact that you worked for Peter Geitner—CIA cut-out!
      Lies! Lies ! Lies!
        Then you go into the most nonsensical narrative of hunting and killing an already dead ex-CIA asset—OSAMA BIN LADEN.  Then you had yourChoir Boys go to Hollywood and concoct that movie Dark Zero Thirty and now you are allowingKathryn Bigelow to hang after she was specifically briefed by the CIA. 
      Then Benghazi and Hillary—Bill’s and your’sHARLOT OF LIES!
      Next General Petraeus is compromised!
      Chicago Politics has taught you a lot, Obama. 
        But you are not fortunately as smart as you think.
       In my world of intellect, we would call you FAKT IDIOTEN—a German term for an idiot who can recite the necessary facts but has absolutely no personal JUDGEMENT or STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE or in fact in your case, other than your daughters, EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.
        As for Sandy Hook, I wrote about its internal paradoxes in a previous blog.  The Sandy Hoax videos are all over the net, people aren't that stupid.
        But what is amazing about Sandy Hook is the fact that the MOST IMPORTANT FEMALE AMERICAN WRITER , SUSAN COLLINS of the HUNGER GAMER SERIES who has so much to say about death, dying, and survival said ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!  Even though her residence is listed as the very same Sandy Hook, Conn. Ooops!
        You see, Obama, you were never really too goodon psychology or understanding strategy or tactics.  They did not teach you that at Occidental—with my ex-CIA operatives—Shearer, etc. 
        You just learned by rote and you are a very lazy individual. 
        A thorough mourning process would have a grieving time with silent and anger and rage.  Just like Aurora. 
        Sandy Hook had a REHEARSED, EXCEEDINGLY HISTRIONIC,  SELF-CONSCIOUS element to the whole performance
       Lanza –never existed. You know it, I know it. 
      INTEL tried to tell me BEFOREHAND that he hadASPERGER’S SYNDROME
        BUT YOUR MORONS in the Administration forgot to tell you that it is not a psychiatric diagnosis any more.
        Too bad, Obama!
        I voted for you, for one reason only. 
      I knew that you would mess up your second term—it was inevitable. 
      Now the country would see what I had seen in your sick sociopathic personality---constant, interminable lies and an imperious nature that tolerates no dissension. 
      But fortunately for the nation, you are not quite as clever and resourceful as you may think!
        So Sandy Hook, is probably the beginning, not of gun control…….
      Anyone who grew up in America—Montana—would know that guns are to Americans what tea is to the British.
      You take it away—see what happens!
        But the sickness that allowed you to contrive this Sandy Hook story with all of its drama, histrionics, is insulting to those of us who have lost our comrades in war, in counter-terrorism, in intelligence penetrations, and to innocent civilians whom you and Panetta have killed in dozens and dozens of Drone Attacks. 
        So Sandy Hook, whatever your narrative and collusive allies with whom you may have CONSPIRED WITH IN THE MEDIA--- Please no more Anderson Cooper your CIA Media toolish pimp! —and the others. 
      But, the warning lights out there!
      Sandy Hook was the Paul Revere for our nation of true Americans who understand that Freedom must be fought for in every generation against tyrants as sociopathic as  you or your—“HOUSE NIGGA”–Joseph Biden, VP of nothing but BS.   A moron who said, “FDR delivered a speech on TV about the Depression in 1929”. There was no TV and No FDR. 
      Congratulations on the circle of sociopathy you created around you. 
        I know you were not bright or patient enough to read Plutarch’s “End Of The Republic”. 
      You are on the road to ending this republic. 
        I pray you try to take the guns away.
      Because that will become the beginning of the Second Civil War in America.  State by state will de facto [you understand that term] and then de jure SECEDE as they should with a pathological liar like you at the HELM!
      You and your coterie of sociopathic sycophants have begun the destruction of the Republic.
      Congratulations because our military will not be there to aid you as you were not there to aid them. 
      And as you insulted and demeaned General Petraeus,  Decommissioned fourteen Naval officers, and one naval Rear Admiral. 
      This time the CIA cannot save you or your administration. 
      So just after the inauguration of your second term—welcome to the inevitable end of  your LEGACY!

      I predict because of your incompetency, unrelenting lies, and dysfunctional administration, you will invoke “A STATE OF EMERGENCY”. 
      Just as I a predicted in my novel, “STATE OF EMERGENCY” twenty years ago. 
      You see, Obama, you are nothing more than a fictional character brought to life by insouciance and desperation for a LEADER who could unravel the lies and deceits of past presidents Clinton/Bush.  
      And that was clearly not you!
      You see, Obama, contrary to what you think about yourself.  You are  unbelievably predictable. 
      Did your advisors tell you what happens to all sociopaths?
      Probably not, but I will tell you.
        Sociopaths eventually commit an act that will terminate their behavior! In other words—you, like all sociopaths,  are self-destructive!
       And  you will, somehow, terminate your second term along with J. Biden,  one way or another, just you see! 
      Congratulations on your Inauguration!!
      And congratulations on the narrative of Sandy Hook!
      Quite a dramatic, collusive narrative. 
      But what else is new? 
      So was 9/11!

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