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Boston Marathon:CIA,Israel Married To Terrorists They Pretend To Condem ?

Boston Marathon:CIA Married To Terrorists They Pretend To Condem ?

Funny,peculiar not 'ha ha ',that when the mother of the Chechen Tsarnaev brother patsies named by the FBI,CIA, in the Boston Marathon incident in order to take the heat off more likely suspects such as the Craft 'security' terrorists found there in photos with the only back packs that matched perfectly to the ones that were found to contain the exposives,complained about the injustice,all of a sudden the CIA claimed that she had already been entered on their 'terrorist' list a couple of yerars before which was and is probably a lie given the fact that high ranking CIA Graham Fuller's daughter is married to a Tsarnaev as well as the fact that the father in law of one of the accused bommbers has CIA connections as well ! My couldn't they have found or trained American terrorists and married them rather than having to import them from Chechenia ?!

And if that weren't enough the allegedly deceased Boston Marathon terrorist Tamerlin  wife's family is also CIA or financial military industrial elite connected as well !

Tamerlan Tsaraev was married to Katherine Russell whose father Warren Russell lists his high school as the elite New Hampshire boarding school Phillips Exeter Academy and his college as Yale (linked Skull and Bones and the CIA). 
Katherine's mother is Judith Russell.


 From :

"According to documents received by Izvestia a Russian language newspaper, Tamerlan Tsarnaev was recruited by Georgia's Caucasus Fund, an organization run by the Jamestown Foundation. 

"The documents were leaked from the files of Georgia's Ministry of Internal Affairs, Counterintelligence Department.

"Izvestia reports that between January and July of 2012, Tamerlan Tsarnaev the accused bomber of the Boston Marathon attended seminars conducted by the Fund of Caucasus."

Read more:

The Jamestown Foundation is a front for the CIA.


Both the U.S. fascists who terrorize us and steal money from us in stock frauds,drug and arms trafficking and money laundering in Switzerland etc.,are the ones who armed and trained Chenyan Moslems and helped
bring the their worst Al Qaeda agents to that region in an effert to further destabaklize Russia and control oil
and mineral wealtgh in that region as they do for their financial military industrial complex masters around the world.They in no way work for us as Americans but instead terrorize us as well ! If the DOJ wan't part of their corruption and black prostitute Eric Holder and CIA employee Barack Obama not their little black but instead a real African American as for instance Martin Luther King was,they would be in one of the many Guantanamos of their own making rather than the compoletely often innocent people they have filled their torture chambers with by 'accident' while the real terrorists whether Islamic or Jewish or themselves get off scot free and continue to terrorize us with their 'Fast and Furious' murder and terror campaigns.

The US DEA of Michele Leonhart shoukld be in jail for the murder of innocent Hondurans including pregnant women shot  by them from a helicopter the way some decadent millionaire might shoot a caribu from a helicopter in Alaska without ever looking his victim or victims in the eye.And for allowing Russian Jewish mafia operating out of NAZI or National Zionist Mayor Michael Bloomberg's New York as if it were an offshore haven which under him it has become,to freely land in Guantanamo and use it as a trampoline to Colombia to pick up tons of cocaine !The only reason we know this because they plane in their greed was so overloaded with coke or theey were so stoned  that they crashed a plane in Yucatan Mexico in 2007 qwith at least 3.3 TONS OF COCAINE ABOARD !And DEA Michelle Leonhart's cronies at the financial military industrial complex Titan Corp of Level 3 headquartered in San Diego is the gulity party tied to Florida's Skyway Communications PENNY STOCK FRAUD AND MONEY LAUNDERING OPERATION whose DC-9 aircraft was caught by mistake by the Mexican army in Ciudad Del Carmen Mexico in 2006 with 5.5 tons of cocaine aboard! It would appear Michelle Leonhart and many of her DEA employees should be in jail along with Titan execs rather then the deceased Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez she tried to bribe an informant  to implicate in the case !

It is only fact that the financial-military-industrial complex' fascists who took over our government decades ago,perhaps even before WWII,are the very ones who created Al Qaeda to fight the 'gawdless Ruskie commies' in the 1980's and who also placed Saddam Hussein as well as Libya's Moamar Gaddafi as well as Panama's Noriega in power before they 'repented' and then likked hundreds and thouisands and perhaps millions of innocent civilians in those countries to overthrow them ! There will be no jiustice until former Reagan Bush era 'leaders' or terrorists are put on trial and then in jail for life ! They have and continue to endangewr us all.They are like children of the super rich who bullied their peers in school and never grew up but instead inherited rather they earned their social financial and military insdustrIAl positions and wealth
and cynically use the mass media and CNN and Fox amnd CNBC and CBS and Walt Disney's ABC 'Wonderful World of News' to tell us,(lie to us),that  we live  in a - (ha) -'democracy'.Note that although the mythical Peter Lanza of GE Capital and Ernst and Young and John Hancock money laundering fame is according to the U.S. 'government' and mass media itself an employee of the same finanancial military industrial complex that owns CNBC who has fed us so much bs and lies about Sandy Hook,they can't seem to find him for a single interview !

We instead are prisoners of these terrorists whose allies are nothing more than international criminals and drug,arms and money launderers themseles whether in the City of London or South Korea or Switzerland or Saudi Arabia - we or they only put dictators of the most perverse type in power and if for some reason the make a mistake and put someone in power who then decides to help his own people rather than keep threm in terror and poverty they are overthrown no matter how many  citizens of that country or countries need be sacrificed or murdereerd with our bombs and our drones.Although I should say THEIR bombs and drones because I as an American have never had the power to voter them out because there IS NO 'democracy' only hypocrisy of a perverse and sickening kind !

Saturday, April 27, 2013


The CIA's Graham Fuller, "whose daughter married the uncle of the 'Boston Bombers'".
The Boston bombers' uncle married the daughter of Graham Fuller, a top CIA official

Daniel Hopsicker reports that uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, was married to the daughter of former top CIA official Graham Fuller

Samantha Tsarnaev.

Graham Fuller, according to the New York Times, encouraged the Reagan Administration to sell weapons to the Ayatollah Khomeini in Iran.

This was known as the Iran-Contra Affair."[3][4]

Fuller's 'document' suggested that the USA should continue to be friends with Iran, in order to counter Russia.

Ruslan Tsarniknown as Ruslan Tsarnaev, married the daughter of former top CIA officer Graham Fuller who, in 1986, became the Vice-Chairman of the National Intelligence Council, with overall responsibility for national level strategic forecasting.
Ruslan is the uncle of Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the alleged Boston bombers.

Ruslan Tsarnaev met and married Samantha Ankara Fuller sometime in the early 1990’s, while she was a graduate student in North Carolina, and he was in law school at Duke.
The couple divorced sometime before 2004.

On Sibel Edmonds' State Secrets Privilege Gallery, Graham Fuller was listed as one of the American Deep State rogues.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev, who worked for the CIA front known as USAID.

Uncle Ruslan Tsarnaev and the CIA's Graham Fuller may have been in business together.

Ruslan once worked for a Halliburton company "used as a front to obtain oil contracts from the Kazakh State".

Ruslan Tsarni "was implicated in an investigation involving the laundering and theft of $6 billion." 

Good Moslems love to dance.

The ones who hate dancing have all been brainwashed by the CIA's Wahhabi agents.

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