Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Iraq Terrorist killed/wounded ratio vs. Boston Marathon killed/wounded ratio

Iraq Terrorist killed/wounded ratio vs. Boston Marathon killed/wounded ratio

Another interesting oddity about the Boston Marathon bombing  is the claim that although only 3 people died,well over one hundred were wounded.I am no expert on bombs or guns but it occurs to me that such a small death to wounded ratio in this bombing are as strange as the fact that Adam Lanza killed 100% of his victims and left not a single one wounded.
Recent terrorist bombs in Iraq involving over 25 bombs left 61 dead and 'at least  274 wounded'.

While it may not be the most crucial issue it is certainly interesting that bombs that alegedly wounded well over 100 people,only killed 3.I know that others have pointed out the unusual efficiency of the murdered to wounded ratio in the case of Sandy Hook,Newtown,CT.'s rich child murderer Adam Lanza and the fact that he didn't even one wounded victim alive.And this is  a bombing and not a shooting,but still if you review Iraq terrorist or U.S. NATO terrorist bombings of innocent civilians in Iraq,generally all these bombing atrocities with over 100 wounded leave well over 3 victims dead ! Here's a recent example I came across when searching for terrorist bombs kill wound ratio.It's only concerned with recent bombs that no one takes responsibility meaning it is just as likely that it is pro Israel  Zionist NATO and the U.S. murderers in Iraq who may be doing the 'terrorist' bombings to keep their Islamic fascist clients' in political power there.Note that of 61 killed in bombings there were 274 wounded.Meanibg that if this statistical terrorist bomb average held for the Boston Marathon then many more should have been killed based upon the large amount reported wounded than was the case.:

  1. Mother of Boston bombing suspects slams US over son's death
    NDTV ‎- 4 hours ago
    Dzhokhar has been charged with federal terror offences over the twin blasts on April 15 that killed three and wounded 264 people at theBoston ...

(Actually the ratio of amazingly small number of people reported killed,(3),to the amount listed as wounded is much more extreme than I stated above - i.e. only 3 dead out of 260 to 280 or so wounded depending on what report you read !)


More than 25 bombings across Iraq left at least 61 people dead on Monday, adding uncertainty and instability ahead of the first elections since U.S. troops left the country in December 2011.

No one claimed responsibility for the attacks, which wounded at least 274, but the barrage of mostly car bombings focused on Shia areas, raising suspicions that the increasingly powerful Islamic State of Iraq, the country's al Qaeda franchise, planned the attacks to further inflame sectarian tensions before provincial elections on Saturday.

Monday's attacks are the latest in what appears to be an escalating pattern of al Qaeda-sponsored bombings and assassinations aimed at widening the sectarian divisions that have hung over Iraqi politics since the U.S.-led invasion more than 10 years ago.......


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