Saturday, September 17, 2011

William Shockley,Stanford University IQ Test and Dinosaurs

Stanford University  Nobel Prize Winner William Shockley,,Stanford University  IQ Test and Dinosaurs
by Tony Ryals
In the 1970's William Shockley claimed his university's Stanford IQ test,
Proved blacks were inferior and whites were best,
In the 1980's when an Atlanta paper thought he sounded like a Nazi,
He sued them in the name of biology; little biological proof was presented in court,
But he did win a dollar from the paper for his legal tort,
How can a man who challenges the rights of others speech,
Himself be allowed to teach,
Lies about biology,
That puts Stanford on a par with the Church of Scientology,
Nature itself has proven that successful genes don't count on quantity,
Survival is much more dependent on quality,
At a time when dinosaurs and other complex organisms died,
Bacteria with less genes survived and multiplied,
Yes the dinosaurs did have more genes,
But the more adaptable bacteria had the means,
Even Mr. Shockley’s field of electronics that won him a Nobel,
Experienced the same fate as the dinosaurs tale,
His former colleagues at IBM,
Thought Apple and others were just a whim,
And made computers too big to compete with them,
A cell a brain or a computer in operation,
Is no better bigger when it's filled with mis-information,
It's precisely students produced by universities like his,
That has made the world the industrial mess that it is,
Toxic waste dumps lining the nation,
Are greatly a product of Mr. Shockley’s white higher education,
The chlorofluorocarbons colliding with the upper atmosphere's ozone,
Are products of university chemical engineering gone wrong,
Toxic wastes in Silicon Valley,
Are not the products of some drunk in some alley,
Asia has copied the western education of industrialization,
And scoring higher on western IQ tests is the latest sensation,
If Shockley takes his IQ test so seriously,
Asians industrialists are the best men literally,
So Shockley should withdraw the sperm he deposited at the bank,
Thaw it and pour it down the drain until it has sank,
Because in the '80's the Asian industrial man has moved up in rank,
But copying western industrialization by burning more fossil fuels,
Only increases the danger of us all joining the ranks of the fossil fools,
Regardless of or thanks to Stanford-like schools,

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