Saturday, September 17, 2011



by Tony Ryals
The L.A. Times reports illegal drugs are causing environmental disaster,
I doubt without them our environmental decline could go much faster,
In fact consumption of cocaine and heroin,
May only be in response to the industrial mess that we all live in,
They say to grow coca the traffickers use the herbicide paraquat,
But it's sold by our corporations whether we like it or not,
It should be no surprise hard drugs proliferate in urban ghettoes that can least afford them,
These people have no hope in cement jungles
Where their government terrorizes or ignores them,
Meanwhile the governments spray the food crops
of rural families in Latin America with impunity,
Bringing death and starvation to their helpless community,
Poisoning village and land with the herbicide gliophosphate,
Because Uncle Sam endorses it to the Latin generals who control this narco-state,
If the L.A. Times is so concerned about the tropical environmental effects of growing drugs it would be a relief,
If they investigated the damage of cutting jungles to grow beef,
And no illegal drugs however rotten,
Could cause more damage than growing plantations of sugar and cotton,
Or consider the advantages of growing hemp to print their own paper,
Their chlorinated wood pulp is a true environment raper,
A reliable news media should not print distorted propaganda from Uncle Sam,
Who sprayed herbicides with impunity all over Vietnam,
Gliophosphate was bought by the Feds when Bush was in control,
That he was a former board member of Eli Lilly of course played no role
And the same concerned government like it or not,
Only a few years ago endorsed the use of paraquat,
To spray upon our soybean crop,
So don't go blaming drugs for herbicides our chemical industries produce,
When our government buys and pushes them then complains about their use,
And the L.A. Times should not be a mouthpiece for government propaganda,
Think twice before you take the party line they hand ya'.

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