Saturday, September 17, 2011

Drugs, Guns and Thugs

Drugs, Guns and Thugs ...

by Tony Ryals
Drugs and money flow to the north,
Banks and businesses launder them for ill that they're worth,
Then the money buys guns that flow back to the south,
While politicians on both sides lie with one mouth,
The generals on both sides are our drug czar
So is it really surprising we're involved in drug war.
Our General McCafferey warns us not to smoke dope,
So spaced out lie gives away classified information to the Mexican drug general who runs guns and coke,
The fact that McCafferey wasn't fired shows there isn't much hope,
Bush and Clinton's Mexican political friends,
The Gortari's dealt in everything until political fighting within,
While banks like Citicorp and Texas Commerce laundered their money with a grin,
If you ask Texas Commerce how it came to launder 9 million dollars from drug czar Massieu,
They'll just say,
They thought he made his money the old-fashioned way,
It really just exposes an American and European tradition,
Of using American and European banks to bribe corrupt
Third World politicians,
Meanwhile Mexican president select Colosio,
Is blown away with a Texas gun smuggled into Mexico,
Latin drugs could never kill,
With the efficiency our guns do and will,
Nicaraguan contras sold cocaine freely in the ghettos of L.A.,
Because they needed to buy American weapons to really slay,
This legacy of violence we still live with today,
Mrs. Clinton poses smiling with a cocaine dealer,
And political contributor,
For a photo-op,
Maybe someone should call a cop,
If drugs were legal it wouldn't be such a pain,
To decide whether or not the president knew about that plane,
That landed in Arkansas with a fresh shipment of cocaine,
Clinton put the joint to his mouth but didn't inhale,
Was he lying or just being a hypocrite who can tell,
But when one asks for ethics he never hears,
He must really have used that joint to plug his ears,
And still has it stuck there after all these years,
Where was our great general drug czar
McCafferey and did he really give a damn,
When dead U.S. soldiers came home
in heroine-filled body bags from Viet Nam,
Probably vacationing in Bangkok courtesy of Uncle Sam,
And what was ex-president Bush thinking as former chief of the CIA,
And Miami DEA,
When the Contras brought that cocaine into L.A.,
If we can't prove our so-called leaders have been compliant,
Then we can only conclude they've been incompetent,
If Mexico is the next Colombia,
Texas can be the new Panama,
Laundering money can be the new Texas commerce,
To make the trade fair Newt Gingrich can sell the Latin generals
Lockheed jet bombers,
If the money is too hot they can wire it to Switzerland,
The Nazis would envy these new world order businessmen,
And if we have to go to war with these Latin drug-pushing fags,
We can send more cocaine home in our soldiers body bags,
But it's the Indians in Peru who grow the leaves to make cocaine,
Their Latin generals will be happy to blow out their brains,
And the military industrial complex will make money just the same,
Drugs, guns and thugs that's the name of this game,
Even in Mexico City Clinton couldn't see through the smoke,
That petroleum traffickers are more dangerous than coke,
On Clinton's visit to Mexico he screamed Drugs,
And sold Mexican bureaucrats more gun-toting thugs,
Are our leaders carrying out valid assignments,
Or are they just hobbling drug and gun advertisements,
It should be a scandal the amount of money the DEA and CIA receive now,
While our cowardly government allows itself to be their cash cow,
We're all petroleum addicts and we're all in denial,
No one will put Ford, General Motors or Big Oil on trial,
And Latin leaders will never stop the flow of weapons that maim and cripple,
Because they're addicted to high tech weapons to subdue their own people,
In a Bolivian jungle another child is blown away,
By a soldier with a gun made in the U.S.A.,
Our American leaders seem to like it that way,
And Texas banks can be administered by the C.I.A.,
They probably already are in part any way,
What the U.S. government refuses to realize,

Is that the CIA'S only expertise is to torture and destabilize,
And a country whose leaders have pushed its poor over the border,
Certainly doesn't need the CIA or the DEA to increase law and disorder,
Maybe that is the idea so regal ,
The drug industry contributes to our politicians to keep drugs illegal,
The CIA and DEA work together to make drugs and violence pay,
Without them the drug barons and DEA would be out of business today,
When the Republicans and Bush had control of Noriega and the DEA,
Cocaine flooded the U.S. market anyway,
And earlier when the CIA helped arm Afghanistan,
It wasn't surprising Afghan hash flooded the U.S. market again,
While the truly corrupt money continues to get through,
Big Brother keeps its eyes on me and you,
The drug-industry keeps its billions flowing with its big business and political disguises,
While government watches a few dollars sent south by poor immigrant laborers using drugs as one of its guises,
While illegal drugs continue to buy more guns for thugs in American streets and ghettos,
Making former prohibition violence seen like sweet mementos,
American politicians have themselves to congratulate,
They've converted the American ideal into a Pan-American police state,
And no drug addict for help will ever ask,
Because a colder crueler government demands they hide behind a mask,
While all funds that might be used for the detox programs,
Are given to the CIA and DEA for their drug pogroms,
The U.S. trades its guns for drugs,
Creating anarchy and arming thugs,
Drugs and money flow north while weapons flow south,
But don't think about it just shut your mouth,
It's supply side economics to an extreme,
So that criminals get rich-things aren't what they seem

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