Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black Muslims

Black Muslims...

by Tony Ryals
Black Muslims they're a coming they're marching in the street,
Farrakhan he's a preaching and they're marching to his beat,
Their women they have left at home,
Because all good Muslims know that's where they belong&
Just like the Christian fundamentalist,
Women's equality is low on their list,
they think to women they're superior,
But don't like that white racists think them inferior,
He grew up in a black man's version of a white man's Christian church,
And rightly rebelled against it because it left him in a lurch
But now he gets his ideas from fundamentalist Muslims - he calls them
on the phone,
I guess it is just as well he has no good ones of his own,
Martin Luther King he's not-he's more like Pat Robertson or Mehir
With his upper-class lifestyle he's become just as vain,
Cultural centric experience has left him quite naive,
For his black brothers and sisters enslaved in Africa he doesn't even
If Mr. Farrakhan is sincere he'd ask his Arab Muslim brothers,
To stop killing yesterday those black African Christian others,
If Arab Muslims enslave black Christians is that right,
Or sequester their children overnight,
Convert them to kill for Mohammed by force,
Do you Mr. Farrakhan approve of this course,
And do you consider that Mohammedan indoctrinations,
Are more important than thousands of blacks assassinations,
Black Americans should this one truth heed
While this black Muslim in America raves blacks in Africa for Mohamed
Muslims have less respect for black African lives,
Than Muslim males have for the equality of their wives,
Farrakhan you've stooped so low so arrogant and mean,
You've started to remind me of that African Muslim Idi Amin,
Who murdered his own people and got rich at the same time,
Then flew off to an Arab Muslim state to live a life sublime,
It's hard to believe you never knew or the truth you never saw,
But in an Islamic holy state slavery is the law.

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