Saturday, September 17, 2011

Judeo-Christianity and Baby Machines

Judeo-Christianity and Baby Machines...

by Tony Ryals
They killed homosexuals didn't they?,
Or at least that's what the Bible says anyway,
And God it says took Onan's life,
Because he wouldn't have sex with his dead brother's wife,
God being strictly "right to life,
But Lot of Sodom and Gomorrah fame,
At least knew how to play God's game,
While his wife turned to salt as God murdered her friends,
Lot was busy watching his daughters rear ends,
And saying his amens,
The Bible says they got him drunk and raped him,
Thus more babies they did make them,
And that's how God saved him,
We know not exactly what sins against
God the wicked Sodomites had done,
 But to judge from Lot incest wasn't one,
And of course there's wise King Solomon,
Who took numbers of wives to increase his own reproduction,
While to house them he cut the cedars of Lebanon,
So much for wise King Solomon,
Might as well trust in Allah man,
So they took their women to bed,
And to more little tribesmen this surely led,
Who beat other tribesmen over the head,
And then took their women to bed,
Like this the population continued to grow,
While civilizations would come and civilizations would go,
Thanks to Judeo - Christian - Muslim views of life,
Women knew nothing but reproductive strife,
And men knew nothing but killing,
Of which they were so able and willing,
But now our own reproductions,
Threaten the biosphere's functions,
The old ways no longer apply,
We can't even afford an eye for an eye,
Let alone to go out and multiply,
And if we continue to over reproduce as a species - we die,
If the laws of God and the biosphere are one,
Better to read the soil and celebrate the sun,
Than to thump the Bible and defend the gun,
Those who would not in pornography traffic,
Had better take the Bible and pack it
So far that the kiddies can't see it,
Lest there's the danger that they just might read it,

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