Saturday, September 17, 2011

Charles Schwab Blues

Charles Schwab Blues ...

by Tony Ryals
This was written in 2001 before 911 and inspired by Dylan's Tom Thumb's Blues and very bad luck in the pump dump stock market AND IT'S CRASH.
'Just Like Charles Schwab Blues' to the tune of Bob Dylan's 'Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues'
When you're lost in the rain in Antigua and it's Easter time too,
And your gravity fails and negativity won't pull you through,
Don't put on any airs when you're down on Montgomery Avenue,
They've got some hungry computers there and they'll really make a mess out of you,
If you see Al Greenspan then tell him I said thanks a lot,
My spirit is broken and my neurons are all in a knot,
I can't even get up to take another shot,
And my best friend,
A digitalized electron,
Won't even say what it is I've got,
Sweet Charlie Schwab,
The peasants call him the goddess of gloom,
He speaks good English as he invites you up into his virtual inter-net room,
And you're so kind and courteous not to call him on the phone,
As he takes your digitalized money and leaves you howling at the moon,
Upon housing project hill it's neither fortune nor fame,
Wealth only filters up in this legalized pyramid scheme,
And if you're looking to break even,
You'd best go back to from where you came,
Cause the law works for Charlie and that's the name of the game,
The bankers and the brokers they just stand around and boast,
How they bribed the politicians into leaving their posts,
While picking up digitalized campaign contributions from investors who got fleeced upon the coast,
Who were doing fine at first but left looking just like ghosts,
I started out on Heinz catsup stock but soon I hit the harder stuff,
Schwab said in the fine print they'd never stand behind me when the game got rough,
Didn't even teach me how to program a sell on the down and turn my crashing losses off!
Only when my stocks were rising did they cut my trading off!
Going back to San Francisco and tell those inter-net robber barons I've had enough,

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